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obelisk 1967* 

southern illinois university • carbondale, Illinois 

the year 16 

the university 84 

the activities 192 
the residences... 334 

terry myers 

layout editor 
roland gill 

business manager 
laura chovanec 

associate editors 
rose astorino 
mimi sandifer 
shirley rohr 
gary blackburn 

fiscal sponsor 
w. manion rice 

the new southern . . . 

amalgamation of mortar and bricks . . . 

the growth of the intellect is 
spontaneous in every expansion. 

administration, reserved, heard but not seen 


professors, erudite and 
open collared . . . 

the only opinions that are valid 
come from people who are 
not parochial but touch life 
in many fields, have wide interests 
and manage somehow to retain 
a freshness of expression. 

and beauty seen in dirt 
and trees . . . 

and somewhere god 

, ^*js!^E 1 

:•'. imm I 

m^iw** ' 1 

{ "* '• ■ 

w ^^?"^Rv; ■':■■■■ 

j > " 

":;.;? ./ll^ £*f 

**% w e; 

\ . ■ : ■":'". ■■: s ; ■ 

*vi ■**. 

^ ^^g --* 



, to ' ' ^\ 

. . . and look into space; you shall see him walking 
in the cloud, outstretching his arms in the lightning 
and descending in the rain, you shall see him smiling 
in flowers, then rising and waving his hands in trees. 


where decisions, right decisions, wrong decisions, occur . . . 
where values are ideas subject to change . . . 

artha: truth and illusion; you don't know the difference, 
^orge: no; but we must carry on as though we did . . . 


and the individual can be trained, molded, prepared 

time for you and time for me 

and time yet for a hundred indecisions 

and for a hundred visions and revisions. 

or the individual can rise to new inspirational heights . 

and the individual is a student of . . . 

every life is many days, day after day 

we walk through ourselves, meeting 

robbers, ghosts, giants, old men, young men, 

wives, widows, brothers-in-love, 

but always meeting ourselves. 


the new southern. 

it was the best of times, 
t was the worst of times, 
t was the age of wisdom, 
t was the age of foolishness, 
t was the spring of hope, 
t was the winter of despair . 

the year 

siu picks world fair theme for 1966 spring festival 

Brussels, Seattle and New York have been the 

site of recent world fairs. This year 

SIU transformed its fairgrounds into a 

World's Fair, the theme of the 1966 Spring 

Festival. The Festival, which the Greeks 

could not enter due to the accidental 

destruction of their lumber, opened 

on May 5. Ferris wheel rides, a 

vaudeville booth, and a pie throwing 

booth were featured on the midway. On Sunday 

exhausted students returned to 

their dorms as Southern's World Fair ended. 

Students from University City and 600 Freeman 
combined talents to win the grand trophy. 

The midway at night creates a combination of 
colorful effects as viewed through a camera. 









> ReFresMMCMts) 

Playboy International featuring students from 
Wilson Manor and Forest Hall won first place. 

\ c > 

Students puss through the gate at the annual 
Spring Festival into SIU's "world fairground." 


Feats of strength usually draw male atte: 
lion, hul this coed exhibits her muscle powi 

fraternities and sororities steer clear of midway 

Students joyously yell, clap and grasp each 
other as the trophy winners are announced. 

Part of the weekend's events included horse- 
cart rides for visiting parents on campus. 

Solemn and composed, President Morris leads Standing attentively, each gradual,- awaits 

the administrators to the speaker's stand. his turn to receive his merited certificate. 


2,000 receive degrees 
at 91st commencement 

Under the clouded sky of MeAndrew Stadium the 

91st annual spring commencement took 

place on June 10. The graduates, some tearful, others 

expressionless, marched across the 

stadium to the sound of the "Processional 

March" in the background. In the traditional 

manner President Delyte W. Morris 

conferred some 2.000 degrees. The president 

of the University of Michigan. 

Harlan H. Hatcher, delivered the commencement 

address. The ceremony ended as the 

graduates cleared the stadium, each 

one prepared to enter another phase of life. 

As each graduate accepts his degree, the 
dean of his college congratulates him. 

Graduates and spectators alt stand for the SIU 
Alma Mater as the program comes to a close. 


heat wave in July makes summer school un- pleasant 

As Southern began its fourth year of a full 

length summer quarter there 

were 8,655 students bustling about 

campus. One week in July temperatures 

exceeded 100 degrees each day. 

In addition, a power failure during the 

heat wave made classrooms, 

offices, and campus dorms unbearable. 

A natural escape from the heat was 

the Lake-on-the-Campus, where students 

spent afternoons studying as well as 

relaxing in the sun. Another pastime 

for students was the 

productions by the Summer Music 

Theater presented 

in air-conditioned Muckelroy Auditorium. 


The summer heat did not halt construction of 
new sidewalks around the Old Main huilding. 

One coed has found a cool comfortable place, 
perfect for studying, behind the SIU Arena. 


Saluquarama, an annual event staged during the 
summer quarter, includes a rowboat race. 

»*v «v. , ^ 


- -Z- 

A gushing water sprinkler hinders one student's 
chance of getting to class dry and on time. 

One couple finds being in the cool water is 
much more fun than studying on the beach. 


orientation sessions, social events typify new student week 

Traffic jams, suitcases, new faces and students 
wearing white beanies typified the 
campus scene as new students 
arrived last fall. Once settled in their dorms, 
they were rushed off to the SIU Arena 
for their first mass meeting. 
They were oriented on the events of their 
first college week. Among 
the week's activities were dances, a talent 
show, a watermelon feast and a 
style show. As the week came to an end. the new- 
ness of college life subsided and the class 
of 1970 became a part of the whole student bodv- 

Packing 18 years of accumulated property often is 
the most difficult part of going away to school. 

The traditional green beanie brands all new 
students during lluir first week at Southern. 

Student leader. Bob Carter, found a comfor- 
table place to orient his group of new students. 


new friendships aid student; 

For the past two years the watermelon feast 
has been moved indoors due to bad weather. 

The best way to start a college experience is to 
become familiar with the educational facilities. 


uring first week on campus 

New students soon find that Thompson Woods is a 
convenient spot to stop and talk with friends. 

bonfire kicks off 1966 
homecoming weekend 

"Happiness is . . . , " the 1966 Homecoming theme, 

meant a long awaited football victory 

for SIU, which highlighted the 

week's events. Since the original bonfire 

was touched off by pranksters, 

Homecoming legally started Wednesday 

with a second bonfire. Festivities 

continued with the queen coronation, the 

stage show featuring Harry Belafonte, 

and the annual parade. The three-day 

celebration ended with 

the Homecoming dance in the Ballroom. 

Miss Freshman, Tanya Tan Dhasetti, and Mr. 
Freshman, Steve Parker, light the bonfire. 

With King Menes reigning over the traditional 
ceremony, the 1966 Homecoming queen is crowned. 


W i J 

By ^8^'" , ^A CflMjl 

fipV^J ■■ 

IK 1 

1 M 

^He- ■ 

^B? "^^^^^H^H 

Ik If; ffl 

■ ifl 


^■' HH 

Ik - **- H 

U. Vlf : ; V'^l 

■M jH Bl^H 

l^^wjl ^ IS 

Delta Zeta float entitled "Happiness Is Brewing 
Victory" won first place in women's division. 

"Move the IC Is Happiness" according to Southern 
Acres which took first among organization floats. 

10,500 people filled the SIU Arena to he enter- 
tained by the calypso sound of Harry Belafonte. 

Up in the arms of the President, the tiniest mem- 
ber of the new Saluki family draws adoring smiles. 

victorious salukis envelope siu in "happiness" 


§\eS5 l5 

/ W 


1 .- 




Depicting the pirates on an actual sinking ship, 
the Sig Pi float entry sailed its way to first. 

hm -Sunk 


Campaign posters, placards, and pictures litter 
campus the eve of homecoming royalty elections. 

Joy and pride is reflected in each face as the. 
queen and her court pose to capture the moment. 


Students often call the rainy months of March 

through May, when the campus 

looks like a huge lake, the "monsoon season." 

The rains soon subside foretelling the 

advent of a humid summer. 

As summer comes to a close the windy fall 

months and the crisp cold winter months follow 

in its wake — seasons during which 

students, if they dare venture out, 

are blown across campus or trudge through 

snow and slush to reach their destination. 

Students grip their umbrellas and jump mud pud- 
dles as they hurry to class during the rainy season. 

Morris library is reflected in the pond on a still 
evening during the late winter months. 


students continue college endeavors as seasons change 

Spring quarter finds coeds relaxing and studying in 
the sun in order to acquire a before-the-beach tan. 

As the trees along campus lake blossom stu- 
dents find cool quiet hideaways for studying. 

football game high- 
lights parents' day 

Parents of the Day, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lowe of 

Wilmette and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Watson of 

Jacksonville were honored at SIU's 16th annual 

Parents' Day festivities. To highlight their day, 

they attended a reception at 

President and Mrs. Morris' home. 

The honored parents were presented to 

the crowd at the halftime of the SIU-Ball State 

football game. Other events 

enjoyed by all parents, were the 

Walking tours of campus, a buffet, and a dance. 

Honored parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lowe and 
daughter, Connie, were guests at the Morris home. 

Maps and name tags were distributed to anx- 
ious parents as they register at the Center. 


Parents of the day, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wat- 
son and son Ed, received an engraved silver tray. 

iSfi ■ 


Campus tours, conducted by volunteer stu- 
dents, started at the University Center fountains. 


alpha gams become 1966 teke ole-impic champions 

Dressed in crested sweat shirts and cutoffs, the 

members of Southern's five sororities 

sat on decorated hayracks and were pulled off 

to McAndrew Stadium to compete in the 

annual Teke Ole-Impics. The tug-of-war was 

cancelled when the rope broke, but 

a new attraction, the egg toss took its 

place. Alpha Gamma Delta won the 

coveted winner's trophy while Tri-Sigs won 

honors when sister Maggie Amadon 

was chosen as the 1966 Teke Ole-Impics Queen. 


Weary yet cheerful, the sisters of Alpha Gamma 
Delta head for home with the winner's trophy. 



Out on the field, the Alpha Gams hoist the re- 
ward for their combined efforts and hard work. 

On your mark, get set, go . . . and these sorority 
girls take off on the Ole-Impic tricycle race. 

Tom Orr of Tau Kappa Epsilon watches with egg 
on his face while coaching the egg toss event. 


greeks collect cash, 
soap for servicemen 

The 14 fraternities and sororities collected 1,000 

bars of soap and $400 dollars for servicemen 

in Viet Nam as a community project 

to kick off Greek Week events. For the 

first time a Greek God as well as a Greek 

Goddess was chosen to reign over 

the festivities. Sigma Kappa sorority and Theta 

Xi fraternity took first place in the 

Greek Sing event while Tau Kappa Epsilon's 

"Better Light at Night" 

project won the outstanding campus project award. 













Phil Scheurer addressed fraternity and sorority 
members at the October 1966 Greek banquet. 

Singing their rendition of "Good Day Sunshine," 
sisters of Sigma Kappa sorority won first place. 


9 ® 

;'M r^h 

i i ■/■ ill iii ■ 

""* «M -s i r 

./"*> f 

Theta Xi fraternity won first place for its ren- 
dition of "When Johnny Comes Marching Home." 

Sherry Sutcliffe collects soap and money that 
the Greeks collected as their community project. 

4 1 

yule season celebration includes ice sculpturing contest 

Although snow-covered trees, and buildings were 

missing, the third annual Season 

of Holidays Celebration was held the first 

week in December. A Miss Season 

of Holidays contest, and an ice 

sculpturing contest were new additions to the 

week of events. First on the list 

of activities was a Christmas 

Tree Ornament competition, after which students 

decorated the 40-foot tree in front of 

the University Center. Climaxing the 

celebration was the "Holiday Internationale" dance. 


William George concentrates as he works on his ice 
sculpture called "Ice Man," which won first place. 

Santa and his helper entertained children of 
faculty and staff members at a Christmas party. 

Petite, freckle-faced Susan Freeberg was crowned 
queen of the Season of Holidays Celebration. 

< l 2 

The Military Airlift Band from Scott Air Force 
Base provided entertainment for the ball. 

Flight member, Linda Whiteside, models one of the 
formals loaned by area stores for the style show. 


air society, angels 
plan aerospace ball 

Dressed in formal uniform, honor guardsmen lined 

up along the staircase as guests passed by 

into the decorated ballroom to attend the 

1967 Aerospace Ball. Once known as 

the Military Ball Weekend, the first weekend 

in February has, as of this year, become 

Aerospace Weekend. The event is annually 

sponsored by Arnold Air Society and 

Angel Flight. Hightlight of the ball was 

the announcement of the queen, Miss Karen Bedwell. 

Queen and Court, from left to right: Linda 
Borgen, Susan Farris, Jackie Watkins, Karen Bed- 
well, Pam Reid, Velda Smith, Pam Bridwell. 

Retiring queen Velda Smith helps the new queen 
Miss Karen Bedwell don her cape. 


model un, international night aid u.s. understanding 

Eighty nations and 320 students attended the mock 

United Nations sessions in February. 

Soviet Diplomat Platon Morozov delivered the 

opening speech at the first session of the 

Model UN. Annual International Night events 

were staged that Saturday, winding up 

a weekend designed to better understanding 

between the United States and foreign 

countries. Some 600 foreign students exhibited 

displays and presented dances 

and other customs of their respective countries. 


Deputy representative Platon Morozov delivers his 
keynote speech on the world importance of the UN 

Delegates representing Nigeria, the United States, 
and Latin America meet jointly at model sessions. 










. rrrr 





The highly technical defensive arts of judo are 
displayed by the skilled SIU oriental students. 




«■■■■■' — 


Exotic jewelry and artifacts from countries rep- 
resented at SIU comprise an international display. 

Demonstrations of the native ceremonial and folk 
dances were given at International Night shows. 


Bobby Vinton croons one of his hit songs, 
"Blue Velvet" at a performance in the Arena. 

Wearing a freshman beanie, comedian Nipsey Rus- 
sell did a "take-off" on SIU's new student program. 


al hirt f belafonte 
perform at southern 

Coming from the jazz houses of New Orleans, the 

well-known bearded performer Al Hirt 

appeared at SIU during winter quarter where 

he entertained students with his 

wit as well as with his horn. The calypso-folk 

singing of Harry Belafonte along 

with comedian Nipsey Russell and singer 

Nana Mouskouri were featured for the annual 

Homecoming show. A May, 1966 stage show 

brought rock n' roll singer Bobby Vinton 

and folk artists, The Brothers Four, to Southern. 

Featured with Bobby Vinton, The Brothers Four 
sing an old favorite, "The Rock Island Line." 

Winter quarter was highlighted by the appearance 
of Al Hirt playing his hit songs. 


Nancy Walker, Scott McKay and Donald Hotton 
talk comically on marriage and divorce in "Luv." 

Celebrity Series folk-musical "Porgy and Bess" 
couples a poignant love story and classic melodies. 

"An Evening's Frost" created a drama from the 
poems, conversations, and life of Robert Frost. 

celebrity series offers 
varied entertainment 

A first in Southern's programmed activities, the 
Celebrity Series brought a variety of 
cultural offerings to the campus. Sponsored 
by the Activities Programming Board, the series 
introduced entertainment ranging from 
Broadway musicals to a Cossack dance company to 
the student audience. A Parents' Day 
audience heard the piano wizardry of Ferrante 
and Teicher. Nancy Walker and Scott McKay 
poked fun at the airs and self- 
deceptions of today in the musical comedv "Luv." 
Another presentation of the series, the 
Martha Graham Dance Company, performed 
the modem dance "Garden of Love." "Porgy and Bess, 
brought in full houses and 
was the biggest financial success in the series. 

A selection of musical presentations with comic 
relief delighted Ferrante and Teicher's audiences. 

new theatre, calipre stage used by theatrical groups 

An elaborate, professional-like setting highlighted 

the Opera Workshop performance of Bizet's 

""Carmen," which ran for two nights in February. 

Another theatrical group of students, the 

Southern Players, presented their annual billing 

of five plays, which included 

"Arms and the Man," "Rainbow Terrace," 

"Peter Pan." "Come Blow Your Horn," and 

"The Three Sisters." The cast of "Come Blow 

Your Horn" went on tour to the 

Scandinavian countries prior to their 

performance on campus. Eugene O'Neil's "Long 

Day's Journey Into Night," presented 

in spring was the first play set in the new 

theatre in the Communications 

Building. The Communications Building also houses 

the Calipre Stage, which is used by the 

Interpreters' Theatre, who opened its 

season with "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden." 

The forlorn son watches his dope-addicted mother, 
in O'Neil's "Long Day's Journey Into Night." 


The well-known children's classic, "Peter Pan", 
presented in February, utilized elaborate sets. 

Peter Pan, played by Carol Smith, a junior major- 
ing in speech, lashes out at the villainous captain. 

Falstaff, the jovial Shakespearean character, was 
Michael Flanigan in "Merry Wives of Windsor." 


After stabbing Carmen in a fit of jealousy, Don 
Jose sings of his deep love for the gypsy temptress. 

opera workshop tops 

Don Jose, portrayed by Jerry Dawe, and Michaela, 
played by Linda Sparks, sing an amorous duet. 

Shaw's "Arms And The Man," presented in Octo- 
ber, concerns the romantic ideas man has about war. 

eason with performance of bizet's 'carmen 5 



Donning the stunning bullfighter's costume, 
Escamillo sings to his new lover, Carmen. 

Carmen, portrayed by Karen McConachie, performs 
a gypsy dance for the soldiers and townspeople. 


John Cameron Swayze, well-known news commen- 
tator, spoke at a February convocation. 

Pierre Salinger, press secretary to the late President 
Kennedy, reviews his years in the White House. 

various notables make 
one-day stops at siu 

Politicians, writers, lecturers and news com- 
mentators are among the visitors 
who make one day stops at Southern. Eoin 
O'Mahony, an Irish journalist, 
stopped for a visit at Southern and 
since has become an artist-in-residence, 
working in the Rare Book Room 
of Morris Library. Some of SIU's other 
visitors included John Cameron Swayze, Pierre 
Salinger, Charles Percy, and John Galbraith. 



Charles Percy made a "whistle-stop" at Southern 
while campaigning for a seat in the Senate. 

Eoin O'Mahoney, Irish lawyer, geneologist, 
and journalist, is a visiting professor at SIU. 

Author of "The Affluent Society", John Ken- 
neth Galbraith spoke on civil rights legislation. 


Norm Meyer, a senior from St. Louis, served as 
the master of ceremonies for the Variety Show. 

The Southern Players took first place with 
a parody on Mike Hammer done in epic style. 

Rhythm and blues singers, the "A-Tions", Don 
Wills and Al Timmins won first place in individual. 


.. ••••"••' 


The Phi Sigs and Sig Kaps showed they did "have 
elegance" in this elaborate scene from their act. 

sig kaps, phi sigs win 
champion trophy 

Although the Theta Xi Variety Show lasted four 
hours and included 17 acts, it 
played to a full house at both per- 
formances. Phi Sigma Kappa and Sigma Kappa 
captured the six-foot grand 
champion trophy for the second consecutive 
year with their rendition of 
"Hello Dolly." In addition to the fraternity 
and sorority group acts there were 
several female and male vocalists, folk 
groups, and comedy acts. The 20th 
annual Variety Show was highlighted by the 
humorous non-competitive 
category featuring the Theta Xi pledges 
in their version of "The Lawrence Welk Show." 

The grand champions hug one another exuberantly 
while on stage to claim the winner's trophy. 


service awards given 
at 20th theta xi show 

The carefully planned choreography of the Tri 
Sigs and Phi Taus helped them win a third place. 

Defending champions Moody and Co., folk singers 
with a professional background, took a second. 


Martha Edmison received the Service to Southern 
Award presented by Vice-President Rendleman. 

The vice-president congratulated Paul Schoen 
on receiving the men's Service to Southern Award. 

Folk singers, Jim Johnson and Laurie Frish took 
second place in the individual act category. 61 

Cherry cokes, chocolate malts, and other soda 
fountain delicacies are made by cafeteria workers. 

Manipulating a cash register at the University Book- 
store can be tiring when the lines seem endless. 

During evening hours, when most students are stud- 
ying, janitors can be found sweeping classrooms. 


campus jobs available to over 4,000 students 

Librarians, janitors, secretaries, and news re- 
porters are actually students disguised 
in their student work jobs. 
Many students find it necessary to have 
a parttime job while in college, 
some as a means of paying for 
their college education, and others just to 
have extra money. Whatever the 
reason may be, there are over 4,000 
students now on the SIU payroll. 
Approximately 1000 of these students are 
employed as clerical workers in 
the various departments. To become a student 
worker, one need only apply at the 
Student Work Office. 

Ag student workers plant, water and weed out the 
variety of plants found in the SIU Greenhouse. 

Students employed at the University Center Infor- 
mation desk help visitors find campus buildings. 

queen finalists prepare prior to crowning ceremony 

Finalists await that moment when the winner's 

name is announced, each girl hoping she 

will reign as queen. Prior to this day the. 

girls have spent hours practicing 

for talent competition, preparing formals, 

and selecting the proper hair style 

and make-up. Finally the day arrives, the 

nominees are presented and another 

queen is crowned. Tearful yet smiling 

she graciously accepts the 

dozen roses which mark her new regal status. 

Although not elected a queen, B-Ann Ridgeway 
exemplifies the natural beauty found on campus. 

"Three Faces of Jeanne" was the talent displayed 
by Jeanne Ertel in the Miss Southern contest. 


Poised and anticipatory, the Miss Southern finalists 
line up for judges to view them in formal attire. 

Robert Ketcham presented the queen, Nancy Sun- 
derland, to the student body at Homecoming. 


Linda Thomburg 

Cathy Myers 

Carole Young 

campus beauties exemplify natural radiance 

Homecoming, Spring Festival, and Season of Holi- 
days are events for which students 
select a queen. However, there are several 
girls on campus who, though unknown, 
reflect a facial beauty and 
poise equal to all other reigning queens. 
Captured on these pages is the 
natural radiance of just a few of these beauties. 

Jenny Harroun 

Tanya Tan Dhasetti 


susan green 

miss thompson point 

After a series of interviews, a talent performance, and 

formal and swim suit modeling, Susan 

Kay Green was chosen as Miss Thompson Point of 

1966 by a panel of judges and 

the TP residents. Miss Green is a junior 

majoring in physical education from 

West Frankfort. Serving as president of Steagall 

Hall and as a member of the TP Educational 

Programming Board has kept Miss Green active at TP. 

becky degler 

miss southern acres 

A graduate of cosmetology training at 

SIU's Vocational Training Institute. Becky Degler was 

elected Miss Southern Acres. She was chosen on the 

basis of evening gown and swim suit 

appearance, facial beauty and personal 

interviews. As her talent she danced to 

"The Pink Panther". Miss Degler was 

nominated by the men of Kings Row dormitory. 

Jeanne ertel 
miss southern 

Featured in an original rendition of her life 

story entitled "The Three Faces of Jeanne", 

Jeanne Ertel displayed her talent to 

the judges. The dark, brown-eyed senior of Mendon, 

majoring in physical education 

went on to capture the Miss Southern 

title and the chance to take part in the Miss 

Illinois Pageant. Jeanne is a member of 

Sigma Kappa social sorority and serves as 

the vice-president of the 

Women's Professional Physical Education Club. 

miss southern finalists 

Rebecca Hindma 

Joyce Gemmil 


Susan Green 

Marsha Journey 





nancy sunderland 

homecoming queen 

Elected by the student body. Homecoming Queen 

Nancy Sunderland left the Carbondale 

Campus to attend Southern's 

Edwardsville Campus. Besides changing 

campuses, Miss Sunderland changed her name 

to Mrs. Robert Ketcham. Nancy is a 

senior majoring in elementary 

education. She is a 

member of Sigma Sigma Sigma social sorority. 




homecoming court 

Johnny Belle Blake 

Sandra Stice 


Janice Giachetti 

Sharon Johnson 

Jane Pinkstaff 


Janet Mercer 

homecoming attendants 

Janis Dunham 


marianne buescher 

miss woody 

Presenting a dramatic reading from Tennessee 
Williams' "Suddenly Last Summer" 
in the talent competition clinched the 
Miss Woody title for Marianne 
Buescher. Miss Buescher. a junior 
majoring in speech, has performed in 
plays such as "Rainbow Terrace" 
and a children's show entitled "Mystery 
of Old Fort." She has also been 
active in oral interpretation, having 
attended the Oral Inter- 
pretation Convention in Indiana. 
Miss Buescher lives in Belleville. 



karen bedwell 

aerospace ball queen 

A resident of Carbondale for 13 years, Karen 

Bedwell is quite familiar with SIU 

and the activities on campus. 

Miss Bedwell is now Angel 

Flight Executive Officer, which made 

her eligible as a queen candidate. She 

is a sophomore, majoring in speech. 

Selected by the members of AFROTC, 

Miss Bedwell captured the title from 

a slate of five other Angel Flight members. 

carol mc don aid 

mrs. southern 

An active member of the Graduate Wives Club and 

the Dames Club: Mrs. Carol McDonald was 

crowned in February as Mrs. Southern. 

The wife of Clyde McDonald, a master's degree 

candidate in the School of Business. 

Carol resides at Southern Hills. As a 

momento of her reign, Carol was awarded 

a large silver tray enscribed with her title. 

carolyn speese 

off-campus sweetheart 

A senior in elementary education, Carolyn Speese 

was crowned Off-Campus Sweetheart at the 

February Sweetheart Dance. Carol, 

the daughter of the Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 

James Speese, is from Monmouth. 

She formerly attended Sioux Falls. 

South Dakota, College. The sweetheart resides 

at Saluki Arms and is the successor 

of Margaret Ennis who also lives at Saluki Arms. 



greek royalty 

Although Greeks comprise a minority group of stu- 
dents, they do select their own royalty. Greek 
Royalty is named at two separate events, 
Greek Week at which the God and Goddess are chosen, 
and Teke Ole-Injpics for which a queen is 
crowned. This is the first year that a Greek 
God has been selected. The God and Goddess are 
elected by the sorority and 
fraternity members whereas the Queen is 
voted on only by members of the nine fraternities. 

Sue Loomis — Greek Goddess 
Sigma Sigma Sigma 

Sil Aprati — Greek God 
Sigma Pi 

Maggie Amadon — Teke Ole-Impics Queen 
Sigma Sigma Sigma 



if he is indeed wise 
he does not bid you enter 
the house of his wisdom, 
but rather leads you to the 
threshold of your own mind 

the university 

international roles call 
delyte morris to rome 

Maintaining the correct posture for progress of a 
large university is only a cross-section of the responsi- 
bilities of Delyte Wesley Morris, president of Southern 
Illinois University. For future mobility of activity, Dr. 
Morris strengthened the posture of Southern through 
the international education aspect, as well as through 
national recognition and local campus responsibilities. 
His international interests took him to Rome, Italy, while 
working in reverse, it brought outstanding numbers of 
foreign students to study at Southern's Carbondale 

Expansion has been the key issue during Dr. Morris' 
administration. When he assumed his presidential duties 
in 1948, Southern's enrollment totaled 3.013 students 
compared to the present two-campus university of over 
25,000 students. With his commencement address to the 
first class to start studies at the Edwardsville campus. 
Dr. Morris reinforced his drive for campus coordination 
and a total university. 

Delyte Morris works for unification and expansion 
as president of a growing multi-campus university. 


board of trustees studies athletic program 

Seven members chosen with the governor and the 
state senate's approval comprise the Board of Trus- 
tees for Southern Illinois University. As final 
authority for SIU, the Board approved routine 
matters of appointments and sabbatical leaves at 
its May meeting. It endorsed the addition of 60 
NCAA scholarships without additional student ath- 
letic fees. The Board also appointed a Consultant 
Board to recommend on the University's athletic 
program. In September The Board reinforced its 
policies on housing regulations and motor vehicles. 

Otto Kemer 
Governor of Illinois 

Kenneth L. Davis 
Chairman. Harrisburg 

Melvin C Lockard 
Secretary, Mattoon 

Harold R. Fischer 
Member, Granite City 

F. Guy Hitt 
Member, Benton 

Martin Van Brown 
Member, Carbondale 

Lindell W. Sturgis 
Member, Metropolis 

Ray Page 

State Superintendent 

of Public Instruction 

Arnold H. Maremont 
Member, Winnetka 


rendleman begins third year as vice-president 

John S. Rendleman has served as vice-president 
in charge of business affairs since 1964. Formerly 
he had served as SIU's legal counsel from 1951, 
director of business affairs in 1961, and was ap- 
pointed general counsel and special assistant to 
President Morris in 1963. As vice-president of busi- 
ness affairs. Dr. Rendleman is responsible for busi- 
ness operations and physical development of SIU. 

An active member in many national education 
associations. Dr. Rendleman attended such meetings 
as the American Council on Education in New Or- 
leans and the National Association of State Univer- 
sities and Land Grant Colleges in Washington. D.C. 

John S. Rendleman 
Vice-President for 
Business Affairs 

Robert L. Gallegly 

Paul W. Isbell 
Service Division 

Charles M. Pulley 
University Architect 

Charles E. Peebles 
All University Director 
Fiscal Affairs 

ruffner encourages better campus coordination 

Ralph W. Ruffner serves as the vice-president 
for student and area services. Student welfare and 
coordination of area services fall under his juris- 
diction. Ruffner came to SIU after positions which 
sent him to 45 countries in 10 years. In addition 
to teaching experience. Dr. Ruffner worked with the 
International Cooperation Administration and with 
the Agency for International Development. 

With his home in Edwardsville. Dr. Ruffner takes 
on the challenge of integrating the rural Carbon- 
dale campus and the urban Edwardsville campus so 
they "complement and give strength to each other." 

John 0. Anderson 
Executive Director 
Communications Media Service 

Ralph Windsor Ruffner 
Vice-President for Student 
and Area Services 

Clark Davis 

Special Assistant 

Student and Area Services 

Jack W. Graham 
Dean of Students 

Richard V. Lee 
Executive Director 
Health Service 

Cameron Meredith 
Executive Director 
State. and National 
Public Services Division 

Arthur Grist 
Special Assistant 

William Tudor 
Special Assistant 

macvicar appointed to 
evaluative committee 

Robert W. MacVicar has served as the vice-presi- 
dent in charge of academic affairs for Southern 
Illinois University for three years. Instructional, 
research, and publications programs for the two 
SIU campuses are his general responsibilities in 
this chief role in academic affairs. 

A lieutenant colonel in the Army reserve, Dr. 
MacVicar received his Master of Science degree 
from Oklahoma State University and his doctorate 
degree for the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Mac- 
Vicar is a member of a national evaluative commit- 
tee for accreditation standards sponsored by the 
American Association of Colleges for Teacher Edu- 

Robert William MacVicar 
Vice-President for 
Academic Affairs 

Ralph E. McCoy 
Director of Libraries 

Ferris Randall 
Morris Library 


Willis G. Malone 
Administrative Assistant 

William J. McKeefery 


Academic Affairs 

tenney completes thirty-sixth year at southern 

Charles D. Tenney serves as the vice-president 
in charge of planning and review for both cam- 
puses of Southern Illinois University. Before assum- 
ing his present office in 1964, Dr. Tenney served 
as an administrative assistant to President Morris 
and later as the vice-president of instruction. A 
member of Southern Illinois University's faculty 
since 1931, Dr. Tenney formerly taught at the Uni 
versity of Oregon where he earned his doctorate 

As vice-president of planning and review, Dr 
Tenney is responsible for reviewing proposals deal 
ing with changes in staff and faculty organization 

Charles D. Tenney 
Vice-President for 
Planning and Review 

C. Richard Gruny 
Legal Counsel 

Frank Kirk 
Administrative Assistant 

Charles C. Feirich 
Executive Assistant 

Claude Coleman 

Commission to Study the 
Role of Students in 
University Affairs 

Roland Keene 
Secretary of the Faculty 

Harold Dycus 
Budget Office 

Clifford R. Burger 
Budget Officer 

Edward V. Miles 
Administrative Assistant 

Kenneth R. Miller 
Executive Director 
SIU Foundation 

Louise Morehouse 


Board of Trustees 

low, flowing lines contrast with antique structures 

A University campus is like people . . . people 
surrounded by buildings. SIU's campus is enveloped 
in a myriad of structures, each with an individual 
architectural style yet bonded together with a basic 
likeness of material. The extremes were reached 
through the multi-sided Lawson Hall, the windowless 
Physical Science building, and the sprawling Tech- 
nology complex. Remaining steadfast in this age of 
expansion, however, are turreted Altgeld. pretentious 
Old Main, rambling Wheeler Hall, and antique 
Shryock, Southern's connection with the past. 

Hitting the million mark this year, Morris Li- 
brary is the state's largest open-stacked library. 

Sweeping lines of columns singularize the fa- 
cade of the new Communications Building. 

The patio of the University Center with its 
fountain provides a quiet spot for relaxation. 


general classroom, technology complex near completion 


Octagonal-shaped Lawson Hall contains confer- 
ence rooms as well as fuur large lecture halls. 


Pink magnolias surround Wheeler Hall, home of 
AFROTC and foreign language laboratories. 

Old Main lost some of its traditi 
underwent remodeling to house 

m as portions 
the museum. 

Classes ranging from speech discussions to ag- 
ricultural labs were held in the Ag Building. 


edwardsville adds classrooms, ups enrollment to 7,563 

Beginning its second academic year in operation, 
the Edwardsville campus of Southern Illinois Uni- 
versity expanded its enrollment to 7,563. Construc- 
tion plans and projects were still in full progress on 
the newly developed campus. The 84 million Science 
Building was completed and open to classes in the 
fall. Winter term marked the opening of the new 
Communications Building to classroom activity. 
These buildings with the Lovejoy Memorial Library 
and the J. Mason Peck Classroom Building comprise 
the basic embryo of the expanding SIU campus. 

With teaching centers in Alton and East St. Louis 
since 1957, the Edwardsville division offers bache- 
lor degrees in fine arts, education, business, humani- 
ties and social. It also features a nursing program 
and a small graduate program. 

Built between two lakes, the J. Mason Peck Class- 
room Building houses most of the general classes. 


Entirely a commuters' school, Edwardsville park- 
ing facilities provide space for 7,500 automobiles. 

Reflections of the expanding Edwardsville cam- 
pus are seen in the new Life Science Building. 


Following a pattern set up in 1964, the 1967 
OBELISK staff selected eight of the many excellent 
faculty members on Southern Illinois University's 
faculty roster of over 1500. These people were 
selected, on recommendations from their deans, for 
their contributions to the University, to their 
field and to their specific area of study. 

Through their individual dedication to an en- 
lightenment through knowledge, these educators have 
followed the style of many outstanding educators. 
Their contributions are not limited to research 
and classroom but include impressive lists of honors 
received and organizational leadership. 

Nicholas Vergette, a teacher in Fine Arts, 
came to SIU in 1959. Born in England, he 
had previously studied art at the Chelsea 
School of Art and at London University. 
Among his awards are the Herbert Gordon 
Award for Sculpture and a special award 
from the New York State Architects As- 
sociation for outstanding design. Vergette 
was also elected a fellow of the Royal 
Society of Arts in England. Vergette's 
work has been displayed throughout the 
world, including exhibits in Helsinki. Am- 
sterdam, Sydney, New Zealand, Canada and 
the United States. Vergette is now doing 
research on decorative architectural uses 
of plastics and ceramics at Southern. 

obelisk hails outstanding 

Director of graduate studies in the De- 
partment of Economics, Clark Lee Allen 
has been at Southern since 1958. Formerly 
a visiting professor at Duke University 
where he earned his Ph.D., Dr. Allen has 
written numerous articles and has authored 
six books, three of which are on the price 
theory. Allen has served on the Graduate 
Record Examination Committee and the 
Economic Education Committee for the 
American Economic Association. He has 
also served as editor of the Southern Eco- 
nomic Journal from 1956-1958. In addition 
to these activities, Dr. Allen is a member 
of the Royal Economic Society, the Eco- 
nomic History Association, the American 
Economic Association and Phi Beta Kappa. 

faculty members for 1967 

Herbert Koepp-Baker, professor of speech 
pathology and director of the Cooperative 
Cleft Palate Research Center, has received 
international recognition for pioneer work 
in his field. At Southern, Dr. Koepp-Baker 
teaches a seminar in organic speech prob- 
lems, development orientation in physiol- 
ogy, teratology, surgery, dentistry, and 
neuropathology. Dr. Koepp-Baker was once 
director of speech and hearing rehabilita- 
tion for the U. S. Navy. He is past presi- 
dent of the American Speech and Hearing 
Association and founder and past president 
of the American Cleft Palate Association. 
For his distinguished work in speech 
pathology, Mr. Koepp-Baker received hon- 
ors citations from the American Speech 
and Hearing Association in 1966 and the 
International Cleft Palate Association in 
1967. Koepp-Baker is a world authority on 
the care of cleft-palate children. 

"Teaching that class is so much fun 
that it is almost immoral" are the words 
of Mrs. Joyce Crouse, an instructor in the 
Department of Home and Family. Mrs. 
Crouse is currently a member of the Home 
Economics Anti-Poverty Committee and 
was instrumental in the organization of 
extension classes for case workers for the 
State Department of Public Aid. She also 
belongs to such organizations as the 
American Home Economics Association and 
the American Association of University 
Women. In addition to these activities. Mrs. 
Crouse is chief academic adviser for the 
School of Home Economics. She received 
her bachelor's and master's degrees from 
SIU and was formerly a home economics 
teacher at Elkville High School. 


eight faculty members receive obelisk honors 

Assistant professor of engineering in 
charge of undergraduate and graduate 
study in fluid mechanics, Philip Davis has 
been a member of the faculty since 1964. 
Dr. Davis came to SIU after receiving his 
Ph.d. from the University of Michigan in 
1963 and has in this brief time added cur- 
riculum to support a major in the mechan- 
ics of fluids. Dr. Davis is currently work- 
ing under a National Science Foundation 
Grant on a fluid mechanics behavioral 
problem with numerous utilitarian appli- 
cations. According to Dean Julian Lauch- 
ner, dean of the School of Technology. 
Dr. Davis "will undoubtedly be one of the 
most outstanding individuals in fluid me- 
chanics in the world" if he continues to 
progress in his research as he is now. 

Howard Olson, associate professor of Ani- 
mal Industries, came to Southern in 1954. 
Mr. Olson received his doctorate in dairy 
husbandry from the University of Minne- 
sota in 1952. In addition to teaching, Dr. 
Olson conducts a dairy production and 
feeding research program carried on by 
the Agriculture Department. Dr. Olson, 
(far left), has been secretary of the 
Southern Illinois Dairy Technology Society 
and is a member of the American Dairy 
Science Association and the American So- 
ciety of Animal Science. Currently, he is 
in Cairo, Egypt, lecturing at Ain Shams 
University under a Fulbright Award. His 
lecture assignment is on milk secretion and 
the fundamentals of dairy production. Dr. 
Olson will return from Egypt this June. 

Aileen Parker, experienced in many 
situations of teaching, has gone from teach- 
ing in a one-room rural school to teach- 
ing in the twentieth largest university in 
the nation. Mrs. Parker, who was once 
a teacher at Indiana University, keeps 
busy in her field by publishing research 
results and conducting work shops in guid- 
ance. She came to SIU six years ago to 
work as a research assistant and instructor 
in the Guidance Department. At the pres- 
ent time, she is working for both the De- 
partment of Guidance and Educational Psy- 
chology and the Cooperative Clinical Cen- 
ter. Mrs. Parker is also coordinator of the 
elementary guidance program. 

Claude Coleman came to Southern in 
1946 as an English instructor in the 
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Since 
that time he has served on the committee 
that established the General Studies pro- 
gram in 1960-61 and also directed the 
Plan "A" Curriculum from 1960 to 1965. 
Mr. Coleman is presently chairman of a 
"commission to study the role of the 
university in society and to study the role 
and participation of students in university 
affairs." Among the special honors at- 
tained by Dr. Coleman while at Southern 
were the Faculty Service Award in 1954 
and the Alumni Teacher Award in 1965. 

%gm , 

Y r 

I 01 

school of agriculture sends instructors abroad 

The School of Agriculture placed an extra em- 
phasis on its international activities beyond the 
normal educational and research aspects within 
the school. Summer quarter found twenty-one 
African students on campus representing eleven 
African nations. The students, from nineteen Amer- 
ican universities, remained on campus for nine 
weeks of study and work in all the varied fields 
of agriculture. Four of the agriculture faculty 
members were sent to international teaching and 
research assignments in Mexico, the United Arab 
Republic, Venezuela and Nepal. 

A U. S. Forest Service black walnut timber 
improvement research project was undertaken dur- 
ing the summer with cooperation of many outside 
agencies. The school also expanded through an en- 
rollment increase of two per cent, ranking the 
SIU School of Agriculture twenty-second in en- 
rollment among agriculture schools in the Na- 
tional Association of Universities and Land Grant 
Colleges. Research projects were an integral part 
of all four departments of the school and used forty 
per cent of the allotted '66-'67 budget. 

Students in forestry use intricate machinery in 
the lab sections of wood technology and science. 


Animal Industries students display the results of 
beef cattle projects at the showmanship contest. 

In the office or in agriculture surroundings, Dean 
Wendell Keepper keeps in touch with school activities. 

Steer-riding, a typical rodeo activity, is a 
popular event at Block and Bridle's annual rodeo. 

Ag Industries student James Gulley conducts 
field studies of hay conditioning equipment. 







John Andresen 

John K. Leasure 

Alex Reed 

Walter J. Wills 


Plant Industries 

Animal Industries 


ALLEN, Arthur A.; Forestry, Bunker Hill, 

Forestry Club. 
ANGEL, David L.; Animal Industries, West 

York, Block and Bridle. 
ATCHISON, Terry D.; Agriculture Industries, 

BAYLOR, Larry A.; Plant Industries, Wapella. 
BECKER, Fred H.; Agricultural Economics, 

Johnston City, Agriculture Economics Club. 

BECKER, John; Vocational Agriculture, Hamp- 
shire, Agriculture Economics Club. 

BLICKENSDERFER, Francis W.; Vocational 
Agriculture, Maroa, Block and Bridle. 

BOMKE, Arthur A.; Plant Industries, Pleasant 
Plains, Agriculture Council. 

BOND, James D.; Vocational Agriculture, Galatia 
Future Farmers of America. 

BRITT, Donald R.; General Agriculture, Smith 
boro ; Livestock Judging Team. 

BROHAMMER, Ronald G.; Vocational Agricul 

ture, Coffeen, University Center Programm 

Board, New Student Week Leader. 
BUCKLES, Kenneth A.; Animal Industries, 

Latham, Little Egypt Agricultural Co-Op. 
BUCKLES, Robert L. ; Agriculture Economics, 

Latham, Alpha Zeta, secretary. 
CLARIDA, Kent W.; Forestry, Springfield, SIU 

Forestry Club. 
COX, Gerald B. ; Agriculture Engineering, Omaha. 

Little Egypt Agricultural Co-Op. 

CHESNEK, Frank P.; Forestry, Clinton, Xi 
Sigma Pi, Forestry Club. 

CURETON, Donald W.; Forestry Management 
Harvey, Forestry Club. 

CURRIE, Bruce E.; Plant Industries, Alma 
Plant Industries Club, Soil Judging Team. 

DALLMIER, Donald J.; Plant Industries, New- 
ton, Plant Industries Club, president. 

DEVERMAN, Phillip H.; Agriculture Industries. 

DORN, Oliver H.; Animal Industries, Momence. 

Phi Kappa Tau, Livestock Judging Team. 
ENGELHARDT, James E.; Vocational Agri 

culture, Pinckneyville, Future Farmers of 

America, Alpha Zeta. 
ENSOR, Donald E.; Agriculture Industries, St 

FINDLAY, Joseph E.; Vocational Agriculture. 

GLAZIK, Rudolph P.; Agricultural Engineering 

Services, Ashley, Engineering Club. 

GULLEY, James L. ; Vocational Agriculture, 

GWALTNEY, Vernon P.; Agriculture, Enfield. 
HARRISON, Donald G.; General Agriculture, 

HELMKAMP, Mark J.; Agricultural Economics, 

Bethalto, Gamma Delta, Alpha Zeta. 
HERTER, Albert H.; Vocational Agriculture, 



jp± £*. ^^k jpx 

$~M ^E~ [f^ry- £^d 


Plant Industries students utilize the SIU farm 
facilities for soil and crop testing experiments. 

seniors in agriculture 

^MtfM^Jkt **:,* 



HIGHSMITH, Jerry A.; General Agriculture, 

St. Francisville. 
HOUSEMAN, Donald D.; Forestry, Cobden. 
KERN, Albert D.; Agriculture, West Frankfort, 

Circle K, Plant Industries Club. 
KLATT, Robert S.; Forestry, Lemont, SIU 

Forestry Club. 
KLEIN, Randy; Plant Industries, Sycamore, 

Plant Industries Club. 

LEACH, F. Leon; Forestry, Collinsville, SIU 
Forestry Club. 

LEWIS, Mickey L.; Forestry, Chester, Forestry 
Club, Agriculture Student Advisory Council. 

LITTLE, Dick C. R. ; Forestry, Springfield, For- 
estry Club. 

MARLOW, Robert L.; Forestry, Herrin, Forestry 
Club, Xi Sigma Pi. 

MCGILL, Roger K. ; Animal Industries, West 
Frankfort, Circle K, president. 

MEISMER, Stephen M.; Forestry, Metamora, 

Forestry Club. 
METZ, Richard A.; Animal Science, Peru. 
MOELLER, Everett W.; Animal Industries, 

Crete, Block and Bridle, treasurer. 
MONROE, Charles F.; Plant Industries, Marion, 

TP Social Programming Board. 
MONTE, Frank Jr.; Forestry, Panama, Forestry 


NASH, Donald G. ; Agriculture Economics ind 
Industries, Carbondale, Agriculture Economics 
Club, president, vice-president; Outstanding 
Agriculture Marketing Award of 1966. 

NDOVI, Winfield M.; Forestry, Nthalire-Chitipa, 

NEWBOLD, Ray A.; Forestry, Oblong, Agri- 
culture Council, Forestry Club, Xi Sigma Pi. 

NORDSTROM, Paul J.; Animal Industries, 
Wyanet, Ag Student Advisory Council, presi- 
dent, Block and Bridle. 

OBRECHT, Kenneth B. ; Agriculture Economics, 

PAULSON, Donald L.; Plant Industries, Rock- 
ford, Alpha Zeta, Phi Sigma Kappa. 

PELASTERER, James A.; Vocational Agri- 
culture, Rockwood, Alpha Zeta. 

PERKINS, George R.; Agriculture Engineering, 
Prophetstown, Resident Fellow Program. 

PETTIGREW, James E.; Animal Industries, 
Ellery, Block and Bridle, Alpha Zeta. 

PICKARD, Loyd R.; Agriculture, Benton, Fu- 
ture Farmers of America, reporter. 


PODGORSKI, Arthur M.; Animal Industries 

Bensenville, Block and Bridle Club. 
POE, Roger C.; Forestry, Pinckneyville. 
RADEMACHER, James P.; Agricultural Econom 

ics, Peotone. 
RAINES, Robert A.; Forestry, Carbondale, For 

estry Club, Xi Sigma Pi. 
RANKIN, Dennis W.; Vocational Agriculture 


RASOAENINORO, Lucile; Animal Industries. 

ROSS, Roger R. ; Vocational Agriculture, Free- 
burg, Future Farmers of America, Block and 
Bridle, Singing Squadron. 

SCHILLING, Thomas W.; Soils, Waterloo, Alpha 
Zeta, Plant Industries Club, vice-president; 
Peace Corps Volunteer. 

SEIBERT, David W.; Animal Industries, New 

SMITH, David F.; General Agriculture, Nashville. 

O T^ S 

seniors in agriculture 

Ali Moslemi, a graduate student in agriculture, 
utilizes forestry lab equipment for his research. 



O ft .o o 

SMITH. Lyle W.; General Agriculture, Rinard. 

STODDARD, Charles D.; Agriculture Industries, 
Rochelle, Agriculture Economics Club. 

STORM, Jackie E.; Plant Industries, Shumway. 

SUTTON, John R.; Vocational Agriculture, El- 

THORP, Carl D.; Plant Industries, Clinton, Salu- 
ki Flying Club, president; Resident Fellow. 

TRAMMELL, Hugh V.; Animal Industries, Stone- 

TROTTER, Eugene E. ; Vocational Agriculture, 
Kansas, Little Egypt Agriculture Co-op, scholar- 
ship chairman. 

TRYBA, Michael A.; Agriculture, Benton. 

UPSINGER, Marvin E.; Plant Industries, Avon, 
Alpha Zeta, Plant Industries Club, Dynamic 

WALLACE, Jack D. ; Agriculture Economics, 

WANKEL, Glen R.; Forestry. Hillsboro, Alpha 
Zeta, Xi Sigma Pi, Forestry Club, New Student 
Week Leader. 

WEASEL, Michael L.; Agriculture Economics, 

WHITELOCK, Lindell L.; General Agriculture, 
Karnak, Future Farmers of America, Agri- 
culture Students Advisory Council. 

WIEDMAN, John A.; Plant Industries, Effing- 

WILMERT, John C; Agriculture, Carbondale. 

Field laboratory classes for Animal Industries are 
conducted by Dr. Howard Olson at SIU dairy center. 


Robert Hancock, dean of the School of Business, 
undertook his SIU duties during winter quarter. 

siu school of business 
adds new department 

Transferring from the University of Minnesota, 
Robert S. Hancock assumed the duties of dean 
of the School of Business in January. Dean Han- 
cock headed the five established departments of 
the school, as well as the new Faculty and Finance 

Although an eleven per cent decrease in gradu- 
ating seniors at the all-University level was tabu- 
lated, the School of Business showed a significant 
increase with 1,400 undergraduate students during 
fall quarter. About 115 students were enrolled 
in the School of Business graduate program in 
the fall quarter. The Master of Business Admin- 
istration degree was used for the first time to 
cover the graduate degree for accounting, man- 
agement, marketing, and finance, while a doctorate 
degree is offered in the Department of Economics. 


SSsi: \ % h 


iiivi\ 7:o " rw^° ads 

Visual aids of charts, graphs and tabulations clar- 
ify the normal distribution for economics students. 


To calculate overhead, costs, and deficits, 
business students must know statistical skills. 

Absorbing Dow-Jones averages and the Wall Street 
Journal becomes daily routine for finance students. 


Paul M. Hoffman 

Robert G. Layer 

Harry Bauernfeind 

Claude Shell 

Ralph D. Sw 


J. Van Fenstermaker 



Secretarial and 

Business Education 



Faculty and Finance 

ATKINSON, Dennis R.; Management, Findlay, 
Alpha Kappa Psi, AFROTC. 

BAKER, Gary P.; Marketing, Farmington, Mich. 

BARTMESS, James R.; Marketing and Psycho- 
logy, Melrose Park, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pro- 
gramming Board, 1966 Homecoming Steering 
Committee, New Student Week Leader. 

BASCO, Michael H.; Accounting, Brookfield, 
American Marketing Association. 

BEDNAR, David G.; Accounting, Westville, Phi 
Sigma Kappa, house manager, sentinel. 

BENSON, Ronald V.; Marketing, DuQuoin. 

BERNSTEIN, Marvin N.; Marketing, Asbury 
Park, N.J., Society for the Advancement oi 
Management, American Marketing Association. 

BLOMQUIST, Theodore L.; Management, Oak 
Lawn, Society for the Advancement of Manage- 
ment, vice-president. 

BLYSHAK, Edward S. ; Marketing, Pittsburg, Pa., 
Phi Sigma Kappa, vice-president, president, 
Homecoming Steering Committee. 

BON VILLAIN, Thomas J.; Marketing, New York, 
N.Y., American Marketing Association. 

BOOK, John W. ; Accounting, Fairfield, Society 
for the Advancement of Management. 

BOOTH, Earl F.; Accounting, Wilmington, Young 
Republicans, Off-Campus Presidents Council. 

BRADLEY, Marshall A.; Marketing, Binghamton, 
N.Y., Alpha Kappa Psi. 

BRADY, John W.; Economics, Chicago. 

BURD, Barbara A.; Business Education, Kanka- 
kee, Pi Omega Pi, Woody Hall, vice-president. 

CARNAGHI, John R.; Marketing, Herrin, Alpha 
Kappa Psi, American Marketing Association, 
School of Business Student Council, president. 

CHAMBERLIN, Robert A.; Marketing, Liberty- 
ville, American Marketing Association. 

CHECK, Michael A.; Business Management, 

COFFEY, Bill J. ; Marketing, Centralia, American 
Marketing Association. 

CONTER, Louis L.; Management, Freeport, Sail- 
ing Club, Society for the Advancement of 

COORS, Vince; Management, Berwyn, Alpha Kap- 
pa Psi, vice-president, School of Business Stu- 
dent Council. 

CORRIGAN, John E.; Accounting, Elburn. 

COSGROVE, Michael, A.; Marketing, Champaign. 

COSTELLO, Jack, E.; Marketing, La Salle. 

COURTNEY, James W.; Management, Galatia. 

CRAWFORD, David B.; Business Economics, 

DEGRAZIA, James D.; Marketing, Roselle, Theta 
Xi Variety Show. 

DEPISA, Vincent A.; Personnel Management, 

DEUTSCHMANN, Rudolph W.; Marketing, Lake 
Forest, American Marketing Association, vice- 

DINNERVILLE, Raymond J.; Financial Manage- 
ment, Chicago, Arnold Air Society, Society for 
the Advancement of Management. 

ZJ ^^ 



f "L 

-**• ^ BPS3k •*■ ' 


DISBROW, Robert A.; Accounting, Argenta, 
Little Egypt Agriculture Co-op, treasurer. 

DONNELLY, Daniel, P.; Marketing, Downers 
Grove, Phi Kappa Tau, American Marketing 
Club, Jazz Unlimited Society. 

DOWNS, Brian L.; Management, Belleville, So- 
ciety for the Advancement of Management. 

DZIARNOWSKI, Richard J.; Accounting, Peru, 
Alpha Kappa Psi. 

EBERHARDT, William R.; Marketing Algonquin. 

ELM AN, Lawrence J.; Marketing, Chicago, So- 
ciety for the Advancement of Management, 
American Marketing Association. 

FENDRICH, Jerry; Marketing, Evansville, Ind., 
Alpha Kappa Psi, Intercollegiate Track, cap- 
tain; Resident Fellow. 

FILBEY. Harry B. ; General Management, Casey- 
ville, Arnold Air Society, Alpha Eta Rho. 

FISHER, David K; Economics, Savoy, Theta Xi, 
Inter-Fraternity Council, Advanced AFROTC. 

FLICK, James A.; Marketing, Moline, Theta Xi. 

FLYNN, Robert J.; Marketing, Park Forest, 
Alpha Kappa Psi, American American Associa- 
tion, Society for the Advancement of Manage- 
ment, Southern Illinois Aviation Club. 

FORTSON, Bill; Accounting, Paducah, Kentucky. 

FREED, Gerald M.; Accounting, Chicago, Law 
Club. Accounting Club. 

FULLER, DeLisle E.; Management, Rosiclare. 

GALLIGANI, Leona; Marketing, Cicero, Ameri- 
can Marketing Association. 

GARBACZ, Joseph A.; Marketing. Homewood. 

GERGOVICH, Donald D.; Marketing. La Salle. 
American Marketing Association. 

GILLENBERG, Bonnie S.; Management, Mur- 

GILLIATT, Paul S.; Business Management, Mas- 
coutah, Advanced AFROTC. 

GODLEWSKI, Gerald S.; Marketing, Glenview, 
Alpha Kappa Psi, American Marketing Associa- 
tion. Society for the Advancement of Manage- 

GREEN, John W.; Business Management. Marion. 
GREENBERG, Gerald N.; Marketing, Chicago, 

American Marketing Association. 
GRZESIK, Jacob S.; Management, Harvey, Glee 

GULLEY, Gerald W.; Economics, Carpentersville, 

Society for the Advancement of Management. 
GUSTAFSON, Steven G.; Management, River 

Forest, Alpha Kappa Psi, Sailing Club. 

GUSTAFSON, Terry L.; Personnel Management, 
Rockford, Jazz Venture, Marching Salukis. 

HANNIG, Virgil L.; Accounting, Carlyle. 

HANSEN. Robert T.; Marketing, Skokie, Ameri- 
can Marketing Association, vice-president, 
School of Business Student Council. 

HASSEBROCK, Roland A.; Marketing, Mas- 
coutah, Alpha Kappa Psi, American Marketing 
Association, president; Arnold Air Society. 

HAVLIK, Gregory, C. ; Accounting, North River- 

HEFFINGTON, Donald C; Marketing and Man- 
agement, Mt. Vernon. 

HEIL, Richard D.; Accounting, Marissa, Glee 

HESS, Roy E. ; Accounting, DuQuoin, Alpha 
Kappa Psi. 

HEWES, Robert D.; Economics, Polo, Society for 
the Advancement of Management, Economics 
Club, Omicron Delta Epsilon. 

HICKS, Margaret; Accounting, Batesville, Miss. 

HILL, Charles J.; Personnel and General Manage- 
ment. Marengo. 

HILL, Victor A. ; Economics, Glenview. 

HODOWAL. Frank T. ; Management. Cicero. 

HOFFMAN, Charles 0.; Finance, Chester, Pre- 
Law Club, Society for the Advancement of 

HOFFMAN, Larry D.; Accounting, Sparta, Glee 
Club, Beta Alpha Psi, Society for the Advance- 
ment of Management, Accounting Club. 

seniors in business 


HOLDER, Joseph M. ; Accounting, Pinckneyville, 
Alpha Kappa Psi, treasurer; Accounting Club. 

HOLLIMAN, Donald L.; Management, Roselle, 
Society for the Advancement of Management, 
Alpha Kappa Psi. 

HOLMES, David D.; Marketing, Lockport, Ameri- 
can Marketing Association. 

HOLTZ, Steven G. ; Marketing, Chicago, Society 
for the Advancement of Management. 

HOLUPKOVIC, Ronald J.; Marketing, Chicago, 
Tau Kappa Epsilon. 

HUMPAL, R. Patrick; Management, Rockford, 
Society for the Advancement of Management. 

HUTTI, Martin, A.; Accounting, Carbondale, 
Alpha Kappa Psi, Accounting Club. 

IJAMS, Terry V.; Marketing, Kenney, Delta Chi, 
house manager; New Student Week Leader. 

JANSSENS, Thomas A.; Marketing, Des Plaines. 

JETER, Scott, W.; Marketing, Decatur. 

JOHNSON, Ralph D.; Management, Trenton, In- 
tercollegiate Basketball, Society for the Ad- 
vancement of Management, Arnold Air Society. 

JONES, Robert L., Management, East Moline, Pi 
Sigma Epsilon. 

KAPPIE, Kenneth A.; Management, Spring 

KARNATH, James W.; Marketing, Winona, 
American Marketing Association, president. 

KAUFMAN, Daniel J.; Accounting, El Paso. 

KAESBERG, Jerry F. ; Accounting, Chicago, So- 
ciety for the Advancement of Management. 

KAESTNER, Larry E.; Accounting, Waterloo. 

KENNEDY, Eddie L.; Accounting, Markham. 

KETCHAM, Edward L.; Marketing, Canton. 

KILLION, James H.; Finance and General Man- 
agement, Alton, Advanced AFROTC, Alpha Phi 

KLOSTERMAN, Frank B.; Accounting, Chester, 
Beta Alpha Psi, Society for the Advancement of 
Management, Accounting Club, vice-president. 

KNEEZLE, Anita S.; Personnel Management, 

KOWZAN, Joseph W. ; Accounting, DuQuoin. 

KRASKA, John T. ; Finance, Glen Ellen, Society 
for the Advancement of Management. 

KREBS, Dennis A.; Accounting, Normandy, Ac- 
counting Club. 

KROHN, John G. ; Business Management, Pekin, 
Phi Kappa Tau. 

KUETHE, Wayne E.; Management, Gillespie, So- 
ciety for the Advancement of Management, 
AFROTC Honor Guard, Alpha Kappa Psi. 

KUHLENGEL, Dennis P.; Accounting, Okawville. 

LALE, Glenn S. ; Personnel Management, Chi- 
cago Heights, Alpha Kappa Psi, social chair- 
man; American Marketing Association, So- 
ciety for the Advancement of Management 

LARSEN, James C; Marketing, Oak Park. 

LAYNE, Dennis S.; Marketing, Elmwood Park, 
American Marketing Association, Marching 
Salukis, Alpha Kappa Psi. 

LEITNER, Keith R.; Economics, Wilmette. 

LEONARD, Ronald E.; Marketing, Chicago, In- 
tercollegiate Football, American Marketing As- 

LEWANDOWSKI, Arthur R.; Marketing, Chi- 
cago, Society for the Advancement of Manage- 
ment, American Marketing Association. 

LEWIS, James R.; Marketing, Freeburg, Young 
Republicans, Activities Programming Board, 
chairman; American Marketing Association. 

LIEBERMAN, Ronald M.; Marketing, Chicago, 
American Marketing Association, SIU Theater. 

LIPTON, Ronald C; Accounting, Meadville, Pa., 
Alpha Kappa Psi. 

MARTIN, Robert B.; Marketing, Benton, Ameri- 
can Marketing Association, vice president. 

MASON, Robert L.; Management, Aurora. 

MCCARTHY, Thomas R.; Marketing, Chicago. 

J frj f~* f~* 

& p c r> m 

seniors in business 


MC DONALD, Michael P.; Marketing, San Fran- 
cisco, California, Phi Kappa Tau, Vets Club. 

MC LEAN, Fred A.; Accounting, Peoria, Account- 
ing Club, Society for the Advancement of Man- 

MEARES, James T.; Marketing, Evergreen Park. 

MEHARRY, James W.; Marketing, Danville, So- 
ciety for the Advancement of Management. 

MEIRINK, Jerry' M.; Finance,' Belleville. 

MERANDA, Timothy W.; Marketing, Lombard, 
Law Club, Marketing Club, Action Party. 

MEYER, Terry' L.; Accounting, Hamel, Account- 
ing Club, Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi. 

MILLEDCE. Henry L. : Personnel, • Lebanon. 

MILLER, Donald R.; Marketing, East Moline, 
Cheerleader, Pi Sigma Epsilon, New Student 
Week Leader, American Marketing Association. 

MITCHELL, Stephen K; Management, St. Louis, 
School of Business Student Council, treasurer; 
Alpha Kappa Psi, Kappa Alpha. 

MITERA, Frank L.; Accounting, Cicero. 

MOE, Alan G.; Marketing, Palos Heights. 

MORRISON, Donald A.; Marketing, Waukegan. 

NOWAK, Edward J.; Marketing, Chicago, Pi 
Sigma Epsilon, Society for the Advancement of 
Management, American Marketing Association. 

NUERNBERGER, Daniel J.; Management, New 

ODIN, Howard M. ; Management, Berwyn. 

ORRIE, Wanda L. ; Management, Centralia, 
Women's Recreation Association, Activities Pro- 
gramming Board, vice-president. 

PALUCH, George J.; Financial Management and 
General Management, Chicago, Student Body 
President, Model UN, secretary-general. 

PALUCKI, Lawrence J.; Management, Northlake. 

PARKS, Glenn A.; Management, Crete, Alpha 
Kappa Psi, American Marketing Association. 

PARZ, William J.; Marketing, Westmont. 
PATTON, Roger B.; Accounting, Carbondale. 
PEIRICK John T.: Marketing, Hazel Crest. 
PETERSON, Donald L.; Management, Chicago. 
PIOTROWSKI, Dolores; Marketing, Cicero, New- 
man Club, American Marketing Association. 

POPE, Raymond H.; Management, DuQuoin. 
PORTER, Ross A.; Marketing, Rockford, Alpha 

Kappa Psi, American Marketing Association. 
POWELL, David L.; Management, Springfield. 
PUCCINI, John S.; Accounting, Berwyn. 
PURVIS, Alan C; Management, Arlington 


QUERCIAGROSSA, Ted; Marketing, La Salle, 
Tau Kappa Epsilon, New Student Week Lead- 
er, American Marketing Association. 

QUIGLEY, Charles R.; Cooperative Retailing, 

RAGAN, Randy A.; Accounting, Mt. Vernon, Beta 
Alpha Psi, Society for the Advancement of 

RAMSEY, Ronald K.; Marketing, Herscher, 
American Marketing Association. 

RECKAMP, Thomas C; Accounting, Harvard. 

REED, David A.; Accounting, Tuscola, Society 
for the Advancement of Management. 

RENFROW, Michael R.; Marketing, St. Elmo, 
Alpha Kappa Psi, American Marketing Asso- 
ciation, Residence Halls Council. 

RISTING, Robert P.; Marketing, Wood Dale, 
Alpha Kappa Psi, Society for the Advancement 
of Management, Marketing Association. 

ROGERS, William T.; Business Management, 

ROTHERT, Scott W.; Management, Petersburg, 
Tau Kappa Epsilon, Society for the Advance- 
ment of Management. 

Speed and accuracy drills build typing skills for 
students within the secretarial phase of business. 

ROUSH, John A.; Marketing, Crete, Intramural 

ROWLAND, Ronnie R.; Management, Christopher, 

Alpha Kappa Psi, president; Society for the 

Advancement of Management, vice-president; 

School of Business Council. 
RUBLEN, Robert J.; Marketing, Elmhurst. 
SABELLA, Peter A.; Accounting, Carpenters- 

SALTER, Ronald E. ; Accounting, Chicago, Debate 

Team, Archery Club, Track. 

SAWALICH, Eugene W.; Accounting, Belleville. 

SCHMITZ, Michael J.; Business Management, 
Pana, Society for the Advancement of Manage- 
ment, Newman Club. 

SCHELLHARDT, Thomas G.; Financial Manage- 
ment, Hoopeston, Alpha Kappa Psi, Thompson 
Point Executive Council. 

SCHOEN, Paul G.; Accounting, Carbondale, 
Homecoming Chairman, New Student Week 
Chairman, Delta Chi, Sphinx Club, School of 
Business Student Senator. 

SCHONAUER, David G.; Marketing, Willow 
Springs, Delta Chi. 

SCHULTZ, Barry H.; Financial Management, 

SHEETS, Roger J.; Management, Villa Grove, 
Marching Salukis, SIU Orchestra, Off-Campus 
Housing President's Council. 

SHOLAR, James J.; General Management, New 

SIMONS, Kent F.; Marketing, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

SLORAHN, Roger C; Management, West Chi- 
cago, Society for the Advancement of Manage- 
ment, vice-president; Alpha Kappa Psi, resident 

SLUGA, Dennis J.; Management, Franklin Park, 
Intramural Programming Board, secretary. 

SMITH, Clarence J.; Marketing, Zion, American 
Markeling Association, Alpha Phi Alpha, Inter- 
Collegiate Basketball, Inter-Collegiate Baseball. 

seniors in business 

f^TI $m^J, fe^ fclj C^f 

O 01 O :0 



P f 1 ^ 

SMITH50N, Rodney E.; Marketing, Shelbyville. 

SNAZA, Thomas A.; Accounting, Franklin Park. 

SNYDER, Richard D.; Marketing, Kankakee. 

SPANN, Steve W.; Marketing, Quincy, American 
Marketing Association. 

SPATAFORH, Joseph J.; Marketing, Chicago, 
American Marketing Association. 

SPENCER, Jeff A.; Accounting, Benton. 

STEINCAMP, Ronald T.; Marketing, Highland 
Park, Society for the Advancement of Manage- 
ment, Pi Sigma Epsilon. 

STRONG, Thomas D.; Financial Management 
and General Management, Chicago, Society for 
the Advancement of Management, American 
Marketing Association. 

SULLIVAN, John P.; Marketing, Chicago. 

SWANSON, Roy K.; General Management, Sko- 

TANGORA, Michael C; Marketing, Champaign, 
Society for the Advancement of Management. 

TAYLOR, Garvis W.; Management, Waukegan, 
Society for the Advancement of Management. 

THOMPSON, Everett, D.; Small Business Man- 
agement, Sesser. 

THOMPSON, James R.; General and Personnel 
Management, Decatur, Society for the Ad- 
vancement of Management. 

THOMPSON, Tommy; Marketing, Chicago, Alpha 
Phi Alpha, Intramural Football, Track, Debate 
Club, president ; Audio Visual, assistant. 

TRYBA, Thomas A.; Personnel Management, Chi- 
cago, Alpha Kappa Psi. 

VANDERFORD, Charles R.; Management, Elgin. 

VANDERLEEST, James R.; Marketing, Glen 
Ellyn, American Marketing Association. 

VANDERMEULEN, Darrell S.; Finance, Danville. 

VANZANDT, Robert L.; Marketing, Danville, 
American Marketing Association. 

VOGEL, Charles D.; Financial Management, Free- 

VOJTAS. John A.; Economics, Chicago. 

WAGNER, Ralph H.; Personnel Management, 
Western Springs, Phi Kappa Tau. 

WALBORG, James F.; Management, New Athens, 
Society for the Advancement of Management. 

WALCH, Donald E.; Management, Raymond. 

WALCH, James V.; Management, Raymond, So- 
ciety for the Advancement of Management. 

WATSON, Gary G.; Marketing, Brownstown, 
AFROTC, Society for the Advancement of 
Management, American Marketing Association. 

WEEKS, Wayne E.; Marketing, Golconda. 

WEHRMAN, Keith L.; Accounting; Beecher, 
Alpha Kappa Psi, treasurer; Beta Alpha Psi, 
School of Business Council, Accounting Club. 

WENAAS, Ronald D.; Marketing, Doylestown, 

WEST, Vincent J.; Marketing, Brookfield, Pi 
Sigma Epsilon, vice-president, secretary; So- 
ciety for the Advancement of Management. 

WIDEN, Robert B.; Management, Chicago, So- 
ciety for the Advancement of Management. 

WILCOXEN, Marshall R.; Marketing, Canton, 
American Marketing Association, DAILY EGYP- 
TIAN, advertising manager. 

WILSON, Donald W.; Accounting, Woodlawn, 
Beta Alpha Psi, Society for the Advancement of 

WILSON, Jesse G.; Marketing, Canton, Pi Sigma 
Epsilon, president; American Marketing As- 
sociation, Society for the Advancement of Man- 
agement, School of Business Student Council. 

WINKELER, Leonard J.; Management, Bartelso, 
Alpha Kappa Psi, Society for the Advancement 
of Management. 

WOODS, David R.; Accounting, Shelbyville. 

YOUSSI, James C; Marketing, Earlville, Sigma 

ZAWACKI, Robert L.; Management, Vandergrift, 

ZWEIFEL, James A.; Accounting, Peoria, Ac- 
counting Club, Beta Alpha Psi, Society for the . ■ r 
Advancement of Management, Intramurals. 

communications are 
moved into new home 

The world premiere performance of Mordecai 
Gorelik's production of Rainbow Terrace offered 
the highlight for the formal opening of the School 
of Communications Building in November. The 
Calipre Stage, an experimental theatre designed for 
Interpreters' Theatre, and an anechoic chamber 
used in speech audiology and pathology, were also 
initiated in fall term. 

Around 800 students, including 200 graduate stu- 
dents, were on the communications roster this year, 
a six per cent increase over the 1966 enrollment. 

Visiting professors and instructors came from 
all points to SIU's School of Communications in 
1967. Journalism added Sir William Linton An- 
drews of the "Leeds- Yorkshire Post" in England. 
Samuel Selden, a visiting professor in the theatre 
department, produced the play Peter Pan using an 
all-student cast. The theatre department also wel- 
comed Paul Mann, actor and teacher in the pro- 
fessional theatre, who starred in Rainboiv Terrace. 

Dean C. Horton Talley centered his office in the 
new building, completed only in the first phase. 

Educational programs produced by WSIU-TV are 
televised from the studio in the new building. 

An anechoic chamber duplicates in worlds of 
sound the sensation of darkness in a sight world. 

A major in radio-television interviews basketball 
co-captain Ralph Johnson for WSIU-FM listeners. 


Actual experience in newspaper makeup is avail- 
able from work at the DAILY EGYPTIAN. 

department chairman 

I. P. Brackett 
Speech Audiology 
and Pathology 

Howard R. Long 

Archibald McLeod 

John Mercer 

Ralph A. Micken 

Buren C. Robbins 



Printing and 



seniors in communications 

ANDERSON, Dianne B.; Journalism, Lansing. 
BAHAN, Paul E.; Radio-Television, Jacksonville, 

Phi Sigma Kappa, secretary. 
BERGHANEL, George H.; Speech, Westbury, New 

York; Phi Sigma Kappa. 
BOSCARINE, Leonard G.; Journalism, Eldorado, 

Glee Club, Instructional Materials Club. 
CARLSON, Gary L. ; Theatre, Princeton, Southern 

Players, president; Modern Dance Club. 

CHENOWETH, Carol J.; Theatre, Belleville, 
Southern Players, Interpreter's Theatre, Resi- 
dence Hall Council. 

CLARK, Randy T. ; Journalism, Cahokia, Sigma 
Delta Chi, Journalism Students Association, 
DAILY EGYPTIAN, photographer. 

CLIFFORD, John P.; Journalism, Decatur. 

COLE, John K. ; Journalism, Decatur. 

DAVIDSON, Karen A.; Journalism, Carbondale, 
Delta Zeta, Theta Sigma Phi, New Student 
Week Leader, Model UN, International Rela- 
tions Club. 

DAVIS, Dave E. ; Radio-Television, Morton Grove, 
Sigma Beta Gamma. 

DIKELSKY, Burton E.; Speech-Theatre Educa- 
tion, Evanston, Southern Players, National Col- 
legiate Players, vice-president. 

ELLIS, Linda S. ; Speech Correction, Springfield, 
Sigma Alpha Eta, Resident Fellow. 
118 FAIRMAN, Kenneth M.; Journalism, Chicago. 

a o c |5 

1 A Lfc life It 


FERNEAU, Bonnie K.; Speech Education, Chi- 
cago, Zeta Phi Eta, Interpreter's Theatre. 

GANEY, Kathleen M.; Speech Correction, East 
St. Louis, Delta Zeta, president. 

GARRISON, Teryl C; Speech Correction, Jack- 
sonville, Council for Exceptional Children. 

GAYLO, Thomas J.; Radio-Television, Elmhurst, 
Journalism Students Association. 

GILL, Roland A.; Journalism, Flora, Phi Sigma 
Kappa, Sigma Delta Chi, Journalism Students 
Association, president; OBELISK. 

GOTCH, John R.; Radio-Television, Streator, 


HEIZER, Carolyn R.; Speech Correction, Louis- 
ville, Kentucky. 

HART, Kenneth R.; Radio-Television, Alexis, 

HILL, Stan W.;. Speech, Marion, Baptist Student 
Union, Chapel Singers. 

JONES, Richard A.; Journalism, Cahokia. 

KINDT, William A.; Journalism, Lansing. 

KOBL1TZ, Ronald D.; Radio-Television, Dupo, 
TP POINTER, editor. 

LANDIS, Charlene H.; Speech Correction, Granite 

LASOTA, John T. ; Printing Management, Oak 
Lawn, Tau Kappa Epsilon. 

MALBURG, Carolyn M.; Journalism, Northlake, 
Gamma Beta Phi, Theta Sigma Phi. 

MCCUE, Robert D.; Printing Management, Brook- 

MEYERS, William J.; Radio-Television, Alton, 
WSIU-TV, Sigma Beta Gamma. 

MITCHELL, Dennis E.; Theater, Deerfield. 

PALMER, Georgeann S. ; Journalism, Sparta, 
Theta Sigma Phi, treasurer. 

PETERSON, Arthur G. ; Journalism, Berwyn, 
Information Service, writer. 

PRICE, Vicki L.; Speech Correction, Earlham, 
Iowa; Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Alpha Eta. 

RUSSELL, Dennis E.; Radio-Television, Rockford, 
Amateur Radio Club. 

SAUTTER, John A.; Speech, Highland, New 
Student Week Leader, Campus Judicial Board. 

SCOTT, Sally M.; Speech Education, Metropolis, 
resident fellow, Newman Club. 

SEARCY, Charles W.; Journalism, Carbondale, 
Alpha Delta Sigma. 

SEREG, Ronald E.; Journalism, Rock Island, 
Journalism Students Association. 

SHEA, Lavona; Journalism, Belleville, Sphinx 
Club. Delta Zeta, president; Panhellenic. 

SUTTON, Sandra L.; Speech. Metropolis, Angel 
Flight, Resident Fellow. 

TURNER, James R.; Radio-Television, Macomb, 
Sigma Beta Gamma. 

VOLKHARDT, William E.; Printing Manage- 
ment, Berkeley Heights, New Jersey; Printing 
Management Club, secretary, vice-president. 

VORACEK, David H.; Journalism, Alton, Alpha 
Delta Sigma, American Marketing Association. 

WALDEN, Edward P.; Radio-Television, Chi- 
cago, WSIU, Sigma Beta Gamma. 

WEIL, Carol A.; Speech, O'Fallon, Interpreter's 
Theater, Zeta Phi Eta. 

WEISNICHT, Harold L.; Printing Management, 
Rolling Meadows, Printing Management Club. 

WERTH, Laurel E.; Journalism, Lincoln, Sigma 
Delta Chi, Journalism Students Association. 

WHYTE, Linda L.; Journalism, Mascoutah, Phi 
Theta Kappa, Theta Sigma Phi. 

WILLIAMS, William M.; Printing Management, 
Decatur, Printing Management Club, Felts Hall, 
Outstanding Resident; Felts Hall, president. 

WINQUIST, James C; Printing Management, 
Rockford, Printing Management Club. 

WISZYNSKI, Stanley; Photography, Chicago, 
Men's Glee Club, Saluki Chess Club, president. 

ZIMMANCK, Jack W.; Advertising, Flossmoor, 
Alpha Delta Sigma. 

Elementary education majors revert to construction 
paper and scissors for bulletin boards and displays. 

Physical education classes in judo are centered 
around the art of precision falling and throwing. 

Overseeing all aspects of educational training at 
Southern is Dean of Education, Elmer J. Gark. 


dean dark visits siu teaching teams in viet nam 

The College of Education ranked third in the 
nation and tops in Illinois as a producer of new 
teachers last year. Educating these teachers was 
a student teaching program involving almost 1,000 
prospective teachers. A "mini-school" was initiated 
last summer as a unique laboratory experience 
program for student teachers. It involved elementary 
grade students and prospective teachers. On the 
international scene Dean Elmer J. Clark inspected 
the operations of the teaching team of eight SIU 
instructors in South Viet Nam and visited the 
SIU group in Mali. The College of Education placed 
an accent on the development of training teachers 
for underprivileged children and the training of 
students for teaching in foreign lands for one year. 

Supplementing a child's interest in school work 
with attention is a purpose of student teaching. 


P. Roy Brammell 
Assistant Dean of 
Graduate Studies 
Thomas Jordan 

Troy W. Edwards 
Assistant Dean of 

Jacob 0. Bach 

Donald Boydston 
Health Education 

Dorothy Davies 
Physical Education, 

Kenneth Brunner 
Higher Education 


and Supervision 

James Crowner 
Special Education 

Robert Kibler 

J. Murray Lee 

William Ridinger 
Recreation and 

Margaret Hill 
Reading Center 

Clarence Samford 


Paul R. Wendt 

Charles Neal 
Student Teaching 

Roger Robinson 
University School 


Edward J. Shea 
Physical Education, 


department chairmen 

education initiates new math project 


ABBOTT, BONNIE A.; Special Education, St. 
Louis, Council for Exceptional Children. 

ADLER, Patricia A.; Art Education, Topeka, 
Kansas, Young Republicans. 

AKKERON, Susan J.; Elementary Education, 
Melrose Park. 

ALEXANDER, Karen R.; Mathematics, Carbon- 
dale, Pi Lambda Theta, Pi Mu Epsilon, treas- 
urer; Kappa Delta Pi. 

ALLEN, Linda S.; Elementary Education, Anna. 

ANSELMINI, Richard J.; Physical Education, 

ANTOINE, Jacqueline M.; Speech, Chicago, 
Modern Dance Club, Resident Fellow. 

ARNS, Paula L.; Social Studies Education, Wa- 

ASHMORE, Vicki E.; Physical Education, Gib- 
son City. 

ATCHISON, Mary E.; Physical Education, Fa- 
rina, Women's Recreation Association. 


AUGUSTINE, Carole A.; English, Livingston. 

AURIENE, Michael J.; Biological Sciences, Cic- 
ero, Circle K, Young Democrats. 

BAIRD, James R.; Social Studies, Salem, Resi- 
dent Fellow. 

BALLARD, Kenneth L.; Business Education, 
Princeton, Indiana; Young Republicans, Phi 
Beta Lambda, Action Party. 

BALMES, Susan M.; Elementary Education, 
Evanston, Sigma Sigma Sigma. 

BARNETT, Mary L.; Elementary Education, 
Martinsville, Association for Childhood Educa- 

BARR, William J.; Recreation; West Frank- 
fort, Intercollegiate Football. 

BARTINIKAS, Jerry A.; Social Studies, Cape 
Girardeau, Missouri. 

BECK, Janice D.; Elementary Education, Os- 
wego, Association for Childhood Education. 

BEGOVICH. Michael H.; Physical Education, 
Melrose Park, New Student Week Leader. 

BENEDICT, Frank J.; Institutional Recreation, 
East Moline, Pi Sigma Epsilon. 

BENNETT, J. Phillip; Mathematics, Sumner. 

BENNETT, Thomas M.; Government, Carter- 

BENZIGER, Joan E. ; Elementary Education 
Glenview, Sigma Kappa, Delta Chi Little Sis 
ter, Aquaettes, Resident Fellow. 

BERKHEIMER, Jacqueline S.; Elementary Edu 
cation, Cobden. 

BERNSTEIN, Robert J.; Physical Education. 
Chicago, Intercollegiate Baseball, captain. 

BIELECKI, Alice M.; Elementary Educat 

BILLINGSLEY, Judy Y.; Social Studies, Gore 
ville, Gamma Beta Phi, secretary; Young 
Democrats, Southern Education Association 

BLAKE, Johnny B. ; Elementary Education, Ran 
toul. Marching Salukis, twirler; Angel Flight 

BOGOLJUB, Dimitrijevich; Physical Education 
St. Louis. 

BRE.NNAN, Janice L. ; Elementary Education 
Webster Groves, Missouri ; Association for Child 
hood Education. 

BROCK, Dennis; Special Education, West 

BROWDER, Johnny L.; Special Education, Mt. 
Vernon, Southern Education Association. 

BROWN, Ruth A.; Kindergarten and Primary 
Education, Marion. 

BRUECKNER, Pat L.; Business Education, Per- 
ryville, Missouri. 

Increasing stamina with isometric exercises U 
routine activity for physical education majors. 


BUCZEK, Susan E.; Business Education, Thorn- 

BUGBY, Daniel J.; Recreation, Mascoutah. 

BULAT, William J.; Physical Education, Down- 
ers Grove, Physical Education Club. 

BURG, Patricia J.; Elementary Education; Ro- 
chelle, Oratorio Choir. 

BURGARD, Wanda L.; Elementary Education, 

BURKLOW, Janet E.; Mathematics, Ashland, 
Phi Beta Lambda. 

BURNETT, Nancy C; Home Economics Edu- 
cation, Metropolis, Home Economics Club. 

BUTLER, Joan E.; Health Education, Pulaski. 

CAGLE, Barbara J.; Elementary Education, Car- 
bondale, AFROTC Cadet Ladies Club, vice- 

CAMPBELL, Antoinette E.; Elementary Edu- 
cation, Cobden. 

seniors in education 

CARL, Barbara C. ; Elementary Education, Cen- 

CARLISLE, Clara L. ; Elementary Education, 
Herrin, Association for Childhood Education. 

CARLSON, Joan L.; Speech Education, Glen 

CARLSON, Jon D.; Elementary Education, Elgin, 
Tau Kappa Epsilon, Junior Inter-Greek Coun- 
cil, treasurer. 

CARRON, Sandra A.; Elementary Education, 
East St. Louis. 

CARTER, Charles L. ; Recreation, Carbondale, 
Arnold Air Society, Advanced AFROTC. 

CASH, Charles I.; Elementary Education, Marion, 
Male Glee Club. 

CAULK, William R.; Mathematics, Edwardsville, 
Male Glee Club. 

CERDA, Javier A.; Foreign Language, Spain. 

CHANDLER, Roesch L.; Chemistry, Galesburg, 
Tau Kappa Epsilon. 

CHESTER, Judith A.; Home Economics, Vienna, 
Kappa Omicron Phi, president; Home Eco- 
nomics College Chapter, president. 

CHMIELEWSKI, William E.; Physical Edu- 
cation, Chicago, Varsity Football. 

CISSELL, William B.; Health Education, Red 

CLEVELAND, Claudette S.; Art Education, 
O'Fallon, Activities Programming Board, presi- 

CLINTON, Carol L.; Kindergarten-Primary Edu- 
cation, Murphysboro. 

COLLIER, Ronald T.; Industrial Education. Mt. 
Pulaski, Iota Lambda Sigma. 

COLLIGNON, Pam E.; Elementary Education, 
Evanston, Alpha Gamma Delta, house manager. 

COLVIN, Paula M.; Elementary Education; West 
Frankfort, American Childhood Education As- 
sociation, Indian Students Association. 

CONWAY, James D.; Community Recreation, 
Berwick, Student Christian Foundation. 

COTTON, Charles P.; Physical Education, Ridg- 


COX, Cheryl S.; Business Education, Omaha, Phi 
Beta Lambda, secretary. 

CRANE, Ruth A.; Mathematics, Sandoval. 

CUNNINGHAM. Pamela J.; Elementary Educa- 
tion. Lisle. 

CURTO, Gary J.; Recreation, Raleigh. 

DAILEY, Sherry' L. ; Elementary Education, 
Belleville, Debate Club, Newman Club. 

DANIELS, Gail D.; Elementary Education, Cen- 
tralia. University Park Executive Council. 

DANNHAUSER, Linda J.; Elementary Educa- 
tion, Jericho, New York; Smith Hall, vice- 
president ; Resident Fellow. 

DAUBS. Carol A.; Kindergarten-Primary Educa- 
tion, Mt. Erie. 

DAVID, Malcolm L.; Physical Education, Chi- 
cago, Jewish Student Association, president; 
Mens Physical Education Club, Intramural 
Basketball, Intramural Football. 

DAVIS, Joyce A.; English, Waterloo. 

DEAN, Roberta N.; Elementary Education, Car- 

DEVILLEZ, Carol E.; Biology. Paducah, Ken- 

DICKEY, David W.; Elementarv Education, 

DIRKS. Ruth A.; History, Petersburg. 

DOLACK, Charlotte L.; Social Studies, Spring- 
field, Model UN, New Student Week Leader. 

DONA, John W.; Physical Education, Gillespie. 
DRAPER, Sandra S.; History, Belleville, SIU 

Sailing Club. 
DREW, Melvin D. ; French, Ashton, French Club, 

historian; MarchinE Salukis. 
DUNN, Donald W.; Social Studies, Cypress, 

Model UN, Young Democrats. 
DUNN, Robert W.; Mathematics, Brighton. 

ECKHARDT, John A.; Physical Education, Bara- 
boo. Wisconsin. 

EDMISON. Martha L.; Mathematics, Mt. Vernon, 
Alpha Gamma Delta, president; Angel Flight, 
commander; Pi Mu Epsilon, Cap and Tassel. 

EGGEMEYER, Lois A.; Elementary Education, 
Chester, Association for Childhood Education. 

EGGERJCH, A. Ann; Elementary Education, 

ELLIS, Clarence; History, Alton, Alpha Phi Al- 
pha, corresponding secretary, steward ; Inter- 
Fraternity Council. 

ENGELHART, Patricia A.; Business Education, 
Nokomis, Young Democrats, Phi Beta Lambda. 

ERTEL, Jeanne A.; Physical Education, Mendon, 
Sigma Kappa, Miss Southern, Pro Club, ROTC 
Honor Guard, sponsor. 

ESSENPREIS, Darlene A.; Elementary Educa- 
tion, Breese. 

EVERTZ, Richard J.; Physical Education, St. 

FARIS", Gerald L.; Recreation, Litchfield, Rec- 
reation Club, Activities Programming Board. 


FARR, Alfred J.; Botany, Mundelein, Phi Kappa 
Tau, house manager, historian; Fencing Club, 
New Student Week Leader. 

FEE, Carol J. ; English, Olney. 

FIELDS, Alfreda S.; Kindergarten-Primary Edu- 
cation, Harvey, Association for Childhood Edu- 
cation, vice-president; Women's Recreation As- 
sociation, New Student Week Leader, Student 
Education Association, Egyptian Dorm, vice- 

FISCHER, Carolyn E.; Special Education, Water- 
loo, Gamma Delta, Lutheran Chapel Choir, 
Council for Exceptional Children, Association 
for Childhood Education, Resident Fellow. 

FISHER. Sheila Z.; Elementary Education, Ever- 
green Park, Resident Fellow. 

FLORETH, Janelle A.; Elementary Education, 

FOWLER, Maryann; Recreation, Centralia. 

FRANTZ, Connie J.; English, Harrisburg. 

FRIHART, Maragret F.; Elementary Education, 
Lake Forest. 

FULK Larry L.; Math, Makanda. 

FUNKHOUSER, Annette L.; Physical Education, 
Hermann, Mo. 

GALLES, Sylvia; Elementary Education, Benton, 
Childhood Education Association, Baptist Stu- 
dent Union. Chapel Singers. 

seniors in education 

GAY, Holey; Biological Sciences, Chicago. 
GEMMILL, Joyce S.; Elementary Education. 

GEORGE, Derek R.; 

Dunedin, Florida. 
GERARDI, Brenda M.: 

Elementary Education 

Elementary Education 

O'Fallon, Student Education Association. 
GIBERSON, Patricia A.; Physical Education. 

Centralia, Aquaettes. 
GILBREATH, Donna K; Elementary Education 

Troy, Sigma Kappa. 
GILBREATH, Mary J.; Physical Education, Troy 

Cheerleader, Sigma Kappa. 
GILMORE, Shirley J.; Elementary Education. 

GOIN, Randall D.; Physical Education, Rankin 

Inter-Collegiate Basketball. 
GOIN, Sheila; Elementary Education, Mt. Car- 

mel, Angel Flight, Dames Club. 

GOLDSMITH, Judy A.; Institutional Recreation, 

GOODSON, Darlene J.; Business Education, Har- 
risburg, Phi Beta Lambda, president; Illinois 
State Phi Beta Lambda, secretary. 

GRABERT, Sharon J.; Foreign Languages, Mt. 
Vernon, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta 
Pi, vice-president; Pi Lambda Theta. 

GRAHAM, Linda R.; Elementary Education, 

GRANA, Maria T.; Elementary Education, St. 
Louis, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Lambda Theta. 

GREENWOOD, Gerald L.; Industrial Education, 
Morrisonville, Iota Lambda Sigma. 

GRIECO, William F.; Physical Education, New 
York, New York. 

GROSS, Kathy; Elementary Education, Glen El- 
lyn, Alpha Gamma Delta, altruistic chairman. 

HACKBARTH, Susan M.; Elementary Educa- 
tion, Chicago, Off-Campus Executive Council. 

HACKER, Jeff W.; Physical Education, Free- 
berg, Physical Education Club. 


HAGANS, Evelyn M.; Special Education, St. 

HAKE, June E.; Elementary Education, Hoyle- 

HAMBLY, Marilyn M.; Business Education, Al- 
bion, Symphonic Band, Phi Beta Lambda. 

HANCOCK, Larry S.; Mathematics, Mt. Vernon. 

HANSON, Karen S.; Elementary Education, 
Salem, Cap and Tassel. 

HARRIS. Linda J.; Elementary Education. Ben- 
ton, Delta Zeta, vice-president. Miss Southern 
Committee, New Student Week Leader, Phi 
Sigma Kappa Little Sister. 

HAWN, Jacklyn A.; Elementary Education, Car- 

HEIDELL, Barbara A.; English, St. Louis. 

HEINE, Rita A.; Elementary Education, Sparta, 
Illinois Education Association. 

HELM, Jennifer A.; Elementary Education, Don- 
gola, Chapel Singers, Baptist Student Union, 
Resident Fellow. 

HENNESSY, Mary Lou; Home Economics, Chi- 
cago, Home Economics Club, Newman Club 
Press Representative, Model UN. 

HERTTER, Laura L. ; Education, Vienna. 

HESS, Mary K. ; Special Education, Rocher, As- 
sociation for Childhood Education. 

HILDRETH, Ruth A.; Elementary Education, 
South Holland. 

HILLIARD, Carol J.; Physical Education, Marion. 

HOBBS, John K.; Government, Collinsville, 
Young Republicans Club, Illinois Education 
Association, National Education Association. 

HOG AN, Karen A.; Elementary Education, Red 

HOLLAND, Jacqueline S.; Math, Collinsville. 

HOLMAN, Shirley R.; Business Education, St 
Louis, Thompson Point Executive Council. 

HORTON, Carol L. ; Elementary Education, Jo 

HUDGENS, Sherry A.; Elementary Education 

HUITT, Sue A.; Art Education, Palatine, Stu 
dent Education Association, International Stu 
dent Organization. 

HULLING, Mary K.; Business Education, Free 
burg. Alpha Gamma Delta, Pan-Hellenic Rep 
resentative; Pan-Hellenic Council, secretary. 

ISOE, Susan; Biology, Chicago. 

JACKSON, Thomas E.; History, Chicago, History 
Club, Alpha Phi Omega. 

JEFFRIES, Brenda J.; English, Chicago, Alpha 
Kappa Alpha. English Club, Interpreters Thea- 
ter, New Student Week Leader. 

JENKINS, James T.; Social Studies, Patoka. 

JENNINGS, Pamela K.; Elementary Education, 
Metropolis., Homecoming Attendant, Marching 
Saluki Majorette, Angel Flight, Military Ball 
Queen. Resident Fellow. 

JOHNSON, Ann E.; Special Education, Granite 

JOHNSON, Joycelyn A.; Elementary Education, 

JOHNSON, Paul D.; Biology, Champaign, Ar- 
nold Air Society, Marching Salukis, AFROTC. 

JOHNSON, Warren C; Social Science, Lom- 


Intricacies involved in operating tape recorders 
are studied in Instructional Materials laboratories. 

seniors in education 


JONES, Armal; English, Carmi. 

JONES, Veronica F.; Elementary Education; 

JOURNEY, Marsha L.; Elementary Education, 

Carrollton, Sigma Sigma Sigma, president; 

Sphinx Club, Panhellenic Council, president; 

New Student Week Leader, Miss SIU finalist. 
KAESER, Theresa J.; History, Marion. 
KALINA, Richard J.; Math, North Riverside. 

KANE, Janice R.; Primary Education, LaSalle, 
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Association 
of Childhood Education. 

KARSEL, Arthur W.; Elementary Education, 
Chicago, Association for Childhood Education. 

KASANDA, Judith A.; Elementary Education, 
Des Plaines, Association for Childhood Edu- 

KELLEY, Joann; Elementary Education, Alto 

KENNEDY, Brenda K; Math, Herrin, Pi Mu 

KESSINGER, Susan J.; Elementary Education, 

KILCOYNE, Edward J.; English, Chicago. 

KING, Stephanie; Secondary Education, Crystal 
Lake, Homecoming Steering Committee, New 
Student Week Leader, English Club. 

KOUKL, Jo Ann M. ; Special Education, Chi- 

KNAUER, Patricia A.; Elementary Education, 

LAFOON, Linda B.; Physical Education, Anna, 

Women's Professional Physical Education Club. 
LAMORTE, George W.; Physical Education, Blue 

LARD, Lynn L. ; Recreation, Auburn, Recreation 

Club, Sigma Pi. 
L'ECLUSE, Janis K.; Elementary Education, Ke- 

LEE, Anita G.; Elementary Education, Dana. 

LEE, Sandra K.; History, Mt. Vernon, Student 
Education Association, History' Club, English 
Club, Woodv Hall Judicial Board. 

LITHERLAND, Barbara A.; Physical Education, 
Mt. Carmel, Pro Club, Modern Dance Club. 

LLOYD, Ann E. ; Special Education, Evanston, 

LOGSDON, Harley B.; Spanish, Theatre, Litch- 
field, Southern Players, National Collegiate 

LOHMAN, Claudia G.; Elementary Education, 
Cobden, Gamma Beta Phi, Wilson Manor Judi- 
cial Board. 

LOVERKAMP, Brenda S.; Recreation, Belleville, 
Sigma Sigma Sigma, secretary ; New Student 
Week Steering Committee, Spring Festival 
Steering Committee, Sphinx Club. 

LUNGWITZ, Vicki S.; English, Carbondale, 
Alpha Gamma Delta. 

LUTTRELL, Ramonda M.; Elementary Educa- 
tion, Salem. 

Shadows and sunlight enhance the make-believe 
conjured by a student teacher for her students. 

LYNN, Faye; History, Chicago, Resident Fellow. 

LYTLE, Laura L.; Institutional Recreation, Lake 
Bluff, Resident Fellow. 

MABERY, Terry L.; Mathematics, Flat River, 

MAINTZ, Marlene E.; Kindergarten-Primary Edu- 
cation, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Off-Campus 
Area Programming Board, Resident Fellow. 

MALONE, Larry E.; History, AJma. 
MAPLE, Karl E.; Government, Elkville. 
MARTIN, Gary L.; Special Education, Johnston , 

MARTYN, Gary E.; Social Studies, Rantoul, Phi 

Sigma Kappa. 

MASON, Monalu R. ; Elementary Education, Ro- 

MCCONNELL, Marilyn J.; Elementary Education, 

MCCROREY, Carol A.; Recreation, Peoria, 
Sigma Sigma Sigma, Phi Kappa Tau Sweet- 

MCGUIRE, Ellen J.; English, Mt. Carmel, Angel 
Flight, Alpha Gamma Delta, vice-president; Eng- 
lish Club. 

MCPHERSON, Nancy K.; Elementary Education, 
Herrin, Sigma Kappa, treasurer. 

MEADOR, Janie L.; Elementary Education, Ioka, 
Kappa Phi, corresponding secretary; New Stu- 
dent Week, Association for Childhood Educa- 
tion, Wesley Foundation, Baptist Student 

MEES, Robert L.; Elementary Education, Car- 

MELONE, Peter; Social Science, Chicago, Sailing 
Club, Ski Club, National Education Associa- 
tion, Illinois Education Association. 

MIDDLETON, Donald E.; Recreation, Anna. 
MILEWSKI, Charles F.; Chemistry, Westville, 
Arnold Air Society. 

MILLER, Stephen F. ; Business Education, Chi- 

MINTON, Suzanne V.; Special Education, St. 
Anne, Alpha Gamma Delta, New Student Week 
Leader, Cheerleader. 

seniors in education 

Modern teaching techniques are utilized by a stu- 
dent English teacher with an overhead projector. 



MITCHELL, Daniel E.; Botany, Tilden, Botanv 

MITCHELL, Janet L. ; Special Education, Dart- 
mouth. Massachusetts. 

MITCHELL, Kathleen H. ; Business Education, 

MOODY, James L.; English, Joliet, Southern 
Players, English Club, Campus Folk Art So- 
ciety, president. 

MORGAN, Pamela S.; Business Education, Cairo, 
Phi Beta Lambda, vice-president. 

MORGAN, Sandra L.; Special Education, Chi- 

MORRISON, Patricia A.; Recreation, St. Louis, 
Sigma Sigma Sigma. 

MUELLER, Nancy L.; Social Studies, Waterloo. 

MYERS, Terry E.; English, Peoria, OBELISK 
Editor; Pi Delta Epsilon, secretary-treasurer; 
Resident Fellow. 

NEAL. Freeman A.; Business, Belle Rive. 

NELSON, Sheila M.; Elementary Education, 
Waukegan, Association for Childhood Educa- 

NEVILLE, William R.; Physical Education, Ever- 
green Park. 

NICHOLS, Janice. F. ; Business Education, Wood 

O'CALLAGHAN, Patricia A.; English, Franklin 

OCKERBY, Janice K.; Mathematics, Creve 
Coeur, Homecoming Queen, Cheerleader. 

O'HARE, Michael J.; Biology, Glen Carbon, 
Kappa Delta Pi, Homecoming Steering Com- 
mittee, University Center Programming Board, 
Summer Programming Board. 

OHL, Nancy; Elementary Education, St. Fran- 

OLSON, Sally J.; Elementary Education, Skokie, 

Delta Zeta, Angel Flight, Aquaettes. 
OSMUNDSON, Larry A.; Biology, Serena, Phi 

Sigma Kappa, New Student Week Leader. 
OTRICH, Janet M.; Elementary Education, Jones- 

boro, Association for Childhood Education. 

Student teacher duties include, in addition to 
teaching, observing and analyzing students. 


Completely snowed under with research assign- 
ments, students often take refuge in a deep sleep. 

seniors in education 

PAISLEY, Maryann J.; Physical Education, 
Chicago, Pro Club, Women's Recreation As- 

PAUKETAT, Joyce M.; Business Education, 
Omaha, Phi Beta Lambda. 

PAYNE, Jeanne J.; Elementary Education, Ver- 

PEMBERTON, Robert W.; Government, McLeans- 
boro, Marching Salukis, University Park, presi- 
dent; Resident Fellow. 

PEREZ, Leslie C; Mathematics, Collinsville. 
PEROUTKA, Gerald G.; Physical Education, 

PERRINE, Margo A.; Fine Arts Education, 

PHELPS, Carroll R.; Social Studies, Eldorado. 


ff> ffl 

PHILLIPS, Kathleen E.; Elementary Education, 

PIERCE, Martha J.; Secondary Education, 

PISEL, Patricia A.; Mathematics, Granite City. 
PROVART, Beverly F.; Mathematics, Tamarda. 

QUICK, Marvann; Special Education, Decatur. 
QUILLMAN, Clement R.; Physical Education, 

RANSOM, Roberta S.; Elementary Education, 

Pittsfield, Baptist Student Union, Chapel 

RE, Catherine R.; Mathematics, Dowell. 

REDMAN, Carol A.; Business Education, New- 
ton, Pi Omega Pi, Pi Lambda Theta. 

REDMAN, Leon H. ; Mathematics, Newton. 

REED. Phyllis A.; Biological Sciences, Galesburg, 
Wilson Manor, president. 

REHG, Phyllis L. ; Special Education, Columbia, 
Council of Exceptional Children, Student Edu- 
cation Association. 

REID, Nina L. ; Home Economics Education, 

REYNOLDS, John D.; Biology, Woodlawn. 
RICO, Rosanne C; Elementary Education, Creve 

RICHARDSON, Lillian; Business Education, 

Ullin, New Student Week Leader, Phi Beta 


RILEY. William T.; Biological Sciences, Ava. 

ROBERTS, Karen S.; Elementary Education, 
Cerro Gordo, Association for Childhood Educa- 
tion, secretary-treasurer; Kappa Phi, vice-presi- 
dent; Women's Ensemble, Symphonic Band, 
Neelv Hall President's Council, chairman. 

ROEDL, Dale G.; Mathematics, Teutopolis. 

ROLL, Kenyon B. ; Physical Education, Elgin, 
Sigma Pi, Student Athletic Trainer. 

ROSELLE, Jeanne F. ; Special Education, Knox- 
ville. Council for Exceptional Children. 

ROSSON, Ann M.; English, Carbondale. 

ROTH, Donna K.; English, Jerseyville, English 
Club, Instructional Materials Club, Resident 
Fellow, Thompson Point Executive Council. 

RUBLE, David L.; Social Studies, St. Elmo. 

Coordination and health are necessary to the girl 
who plans to teach PE to active high schoolers. 


RUGA, Marcia A.; Special Education, St. Louis, 
Gamma Delta, Council for Exceptional Children. 

RUSSELL, Steven D.; Biological Sciences, Spar- 
land, New Student Week Leader, University 
Park Executive Council, president. 

RUTTER, Shirley J.; Elementary Education, Mt. 

RYAN, James J.; Business Education, Chicago. 

RYAN, Joan M.; Mathematics, Carbondale, Alpha 

Lambda Delta, Newman Club. 
SAGER, Judith A.; Elementary Education, Col- 

linsville, Pyramid Club, Resident Fellow. 
SANDERS, Sandra S.; Elementary Education, 

Wayne City, Gamma Beta Phi, Association for 

Childhood Education. 
SANDSTEAD, Hollister L.; Physical Education, 

Paris, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Inter-Collegiate 

Baseball, Resident Fellow. 

SAUER, Corliss J.; Elementary Education, Belle- 
ville, Activities Programming Board, New Stu- 
dent Week Steering Committee. 

SCHERRER, Raymond L.; Physical Science, 
Shawneetown, Newman Club, Arnold Air 

SCHIER, Karen A.; Elementary Education, La- 
Salle, Association for Childhood Education. 

SCHMITZER, Dale A.; Recreation, Skokie, Re- 
creation Club, Spring Festival Programming 
Committee, Parents Day Steering Committee. 

SCHNEIDER, Barbara K.; Physical Education, 
St. Louis, Aquaettes, secretary; Women's Rec- 
reation Association, publicity chairman. 

SCHNEIDER, Sharon R.; Special Education, 
Waterloo, Council for Exceptional Children. 

SCHNIEPP, Albert E.; Zoology, Palatine, Wes- 
ley Foundation, Student Education Association, 
Model UN, Interfaith Council. 

SCHULTHEIS, Elaine R.; English, Evansville, 
Indiana; Off-Campus Executive Council. 

SCHWARTZ, Margie F.; Kindergarten-Primary 
Education, Belleville, Association for Childhood 
Education. Pi Lambda Theta, Newman Club. 

SCHWARTZ, Patrick W.; Mathematics, Belle- 
ville, Newman Club. 

SCOTT, Marilyn; Mathematics, Chester, Kappa 
Delta Pi, Pi Lambda Theta. 

SELLEN, Joan L. ; Special Education, Cicero. 

SHAW, James D. ; Elementary Education, Wor- 
cester, Massachusetts. 

SHILLINGER, Carol A.; Elementary Educa- 
tion, Marion, New Student Week Leader, 
Bowyer Hall, secretary. 

SHINTON, Edmund R.; Physical Education, 
Chicago, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Greek Track 
Meet, chairman; Freshman Football. 

SIEBE, Jo A.; Elementary Education, Mascoutah, 
Newman Club, Association for Childhood Edu- 

SIEVEKING, Donald E.; Mathematics, Thompson- 

SIRLES, Janice L.; Business Education, Alto 
Pass, Alpha Gamma Delta, treasurer; Angel 
Flight, area commander; Pi Omega Pi. 

SKIPPER, Linda K.; English, Blue Mound. 

SLISZ, Kathleen M.; Recreation, Lombard, Delta 
Zeta, Model UN Steering Committee, Univer- 
sity Center Programming Board, recreation 
chairman; Southern Illinois Parks and Recrea- 
tion Association. 

seniors in education 


A temporary authority on every subject, a verita- 
ble storehouse of knowledge is the student teacher. 

SMITH. Carolyn A.; Elementary' Education, 
Johnston City. 

SMITH, Linda L. ; Elementary Education, Marion. 

SONGVILAY, Saysana N.; Mathematics, Khong, 
Laos; Visiting International Student Associa- 

SPANN, Jacqueline A.; Elementary Education, 

SPEESE, Carolyn E.; Elementary Education, 
Monmouth, University Choir, Zeta Theta Mu, 
Special Education Club, Swimming Team. 

SPENCE, Oneta R.; Biology, Cairo. 

SPYTEK, Sue A.; French, Belleville, Newman 

STANDBERRY, Herman L.; Secretarial Business 
Education, Chicago, Phi Beta Lambda. 

STEFFES, Paula J.; Elementary Education, Joliet, 
STONE, Carol L. ; Business Education, Pinck- 

neyville, Phi Beta Lambda. 
SURRATT, Sharon K.; History, Sterling, History 

Club. Instructional Materials Club. 
SUTCLIFFE, Sherry D.; Elementary Education, 

Hinsdale, Sigma Kappa. 


Shin guards protect women physical education ma- 
jors from the scrapes and scratches of hockey. 

seniors in education 

SYLER, Earl G. ; Elementary Education, Chicago. 
TABEL, Claire L. ; Elementary Education, Skokie. 

Alpha Gamma Delta, social chairman. 
TALBERT, Janis E. ; Elementary Education, Fair 

field, Mu Phi Epsilon, Symphonic Band. 
TALLY, Mary J.; Kindergarten-Primary Educa 

tion, Carbondale, Alpha Gamma Delta, Ai 

sociation for Childhood Education, president. 
TANNER, Joyce A.; English, Pinckneyville. 

TELLE, Sarmitc; French, Bellwood. 

TEMPLETON, Louis A.; Elementary Education, 
Pickneyville, Pi Lambda Theta, president; As- 
sociation for Childhood Education, program 
chairman, president; Cap and Tassel. 

TESAR, Richard E.; Physical Education, River- 
dale, Tau -Kappa Epsilon, historian. 

THEISS, Maureen A.; Elementary Education, 
Elmwood Park. 

THRELKELD, Brenda M.;- Elementary Educa- 
tion, Benton, Baptist Student Union, Associa- 
tion for Childhood" Education. 

; . \\ 

Jt IL^ 

THURSTON, Gloria E.; Mathematics, Pulaski, 
Alpha Lambda Delta. 

TOENEBOEHN, Judith A.; Physical Education, 
St. Louis, Women's Recreation Association, Pro 

TRAVELSTEAD, Leslie M.; English, Macedonia, 
University Choir. 

TRUCKENBRODT, Phyllis M.; Elementary Edu- 
cation. Elmhurst. 

TUETKEN, Barbara K. ; Home Economics, Alton, 

Home Economics Club. 
UNLAND, Dorothy E.J English, Beardstown. 
VENEGONI, John L.; Mathematics, Christopher, 

Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Mu Epsilon, 

Phi Kappa Phi. 
VERBESKI, Ginny J.; Elementary Education, 


VIGARS, Robert J.; Physical Education, Ontario, 

VOELLINGER, Barbara D.; English, Belleville, 

New Student Week Leader, Young Republicans 

Club, Newman Club, English Club, Neely Hall 

Judicial Board. 
WALKER, Charles A.; Social Studies, Benton. 
WALSH, Yvonne J.; Mathematics, Waterloo, 

Southern Players. 

WARD, Jane C; Elementary Education, Thor- 

WARRICK. Pauline A.; Elementary Education, 
Johnston City, University Center Programming 
Board, Student Education Association, Woody 
Hall Executive Council, secretary. 

WATT, Susan A.; Elementary Education. Tilden. 

WEBER, Lynda H.; Business Education, Sims, 
Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Beta Lambda. 

WHITE, Diane E.; English, Rinard. 

WICHERN, Geraldine J.; Physical Education, 
Uniontown, Missouri; Women's Recreation As- 
sociation, Pro Club. 

WILDE, Nadine E. ; Special Education, Columbia, 
Council for Exceptional Children, Association 
for Childhood Education, membership chair- 
man; Kappa Phi, Student Education Associa- 

WILLIAMS, Phyllis J.; Elementary Education, 
New Haven, Angel Flight, information officer; 
Association for Childhood Education, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, Homecoming Steering Commit- 
tee, Woody Hall, vice-president. 

WILSON, David L; Mathematics, Geff. 

WINFREE, Marcia L.; Elementary Education. 
Carmi, Delta Zeta, New Student Week Leader. 

WOJTALEWICZ, Martin J.; Business Education, 

WOOD, Carolyn A.; Business Education, Carbon- 

WOODRINC, Diann S.; Elementary Education, 
Belleville, Oratorio Choir, Resident Fellow. 

WOODWARD, Constance A.; English. Spring- 
field, Sigma Kappa, University Center Pro- 
gramming Board. 

YOUNG, Beverly J.; Elementary Education, 

ZELLER, Linda K. ; Elementary' Education, Jack- 
sonville, Sigma Kappa, president. 



opera group sings 


An English version of "Carmen" and a produc- 
tion of "Annie Get Your Gun" with the Music and 
Youth at SIU workshop were part of the projects 
undertaken by the Department of Music. Within 
the Department of Art, Mitchell Gallery was filled 
with exhibitions and the New York art critic Law- 
rence Alloway arrived at Southern as the artist in 
residence for 1967. 

An increase in both undergraduate and graduate 
student enrollment were tallied with over 800 un- 
dergraduates and 84 graduate students in Fine Arts. 
The SIU Department of Music awaited the arrival of 
Robert W. House to serve as chairman in fall, 1967. 

Do-it-yourself decorating is the theme for begin- 
ning artists in adorning the ceiling with abstracts. 


All instruments in an orchestra must combine pre- 
cisely measured tones to produce perfect harmony. 

Dean Burnett Shryock has been responsible for 
projects in the School of Fine Arts for 25 years. 

Likenesses in clay and plaster, the culmination 
of the artist's work, await the finishing touches. 


department chairmen 

Herbert L. Fink Harold Grosowsky Davis Pratt 

Art Co-Chairman, Design Co-Chairman, Design 

seniors in fine arts 

DAVIS, Leon; Music Education, Centralia, Phi 

Mu Alpha, Marching Salukis, drum major. 

DEWEY, Theron T.; Art History, Greenville, 

Sigma Phi Sigma, president. 
EDWARDS, Patricia B.; Music Education, Salem, 
Mu Phi Epsilon, Bowyer Hall, president. 

GRAF, Larry W.; Design, Reddick, Marching 

GRAY, William J.; Music, Carbondale, Phi Mu 
Alpha, Music Educators National Conference. 

GRIMMER, Kathryn E.; Applied Music, Belle- 
ville, Resident Fellow, Mu Phi Epsilon, presi- 
dent; Southern Illinois Symphony Orchestra. 

HARI, Ronald W.; Design, Watseka, Phi Kappa 
Tau, Spring Festival. 

HAYES, William R.; Music Education, Carbon- 
dale, Alpha Phi Alpha, president; Phi Mu 
Alpha, president; Music Student Council. 

HENNESSY, Keith R.; Design, Dysart, Iowa; Re- 
sident Fellow, Sigma Tau Gamma. 

HOUGHLAND, Lynda G.; Music Education, 
Carbondale, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mu Phi 
Epsilon, Pi Lambda Theta, University Choir. 

JOHNSON, Mary E.; Art Education, Rockford, 
Aquaettes, Angel Flight. 

JONES, Wanda L. ; Music Education, Richview, 
Mu Phi Epsilon. 

KENNEDY, Pamela B.; Music Education, Ches- 
ter, Mu Phi Epsilon, Southern Illinois Sym- 
phony, Falcon Wing, AFROTC. 

KRAI'S, Charles A.; Sculpture, Chicago. 

KUCHARIK, Thomas G.; Music Education, Ar- 
140 I'ngton Heights, SIU All Stars, Phi Mu Alpha. 

Specializing in pottery and ceramics requires that 
a student take 12 hours in jewelry and metal work. 



MARLOW, Sharon L.; Music Education, Steele- 
ville. Angel Flight, Resident Fellow. 

McCONACHIE, Karen; Music, Steeleville, Uni- 
versity Choir, Chamber Choir, Opera Workshop. 

MEYER, Norma J.; Music Education, Centralia, 
Mu Phi Epsilon, chaplain; Phi Kappa Phi, Pi 
Lambda Theta, Baptist Student Union. 

MURRAY. John R.; Art History, Tampico, Resi- 
dent Fellow, New Student Week Leader. 

NETTLES. Dickie D.; Art, Baton Rouge, Louis- 
iana; Resident Fellow. 

SMITH, Gloria F.; Music, East St. Louis, Mu 
Phi Epsilon, Music Educators National Associa- 
tion, Sigma Gamma Rho, Opera Workshop. 

SPEAR, James E.; Music, Kirkwood, Missouri. 

STEARNS, Claude H.; Art, Makanda, Student 
Council, Fine Arts Senator. 

STRAND, Priscilla F.; Art, Berwyn, Off-Campus 
Liaison Committee, Off-Campus Government. 

YEHLING, Betty A.; Music, Carbondale, Univer- 
sity Choir, Chamber Choir, Summer Opera. 

To gain greater diversification in their field, 
SIU art majors take a sculpturing course. 

Clothing and textiles courses provide basis for 
all sewing aspects from patterns to buttonholes. 

Midst the adult college pace, the small world of 
children and toys is found at the nursery school. 


Food and nutrition courses involve demonstrations 
on proper food preparation for the class benefit. 

home economics dean 
goes on sabbatical 

The School of Home Economics offered degrees 
to 476 undergraduate students in its four depart- 
ments. Home Economics Education, Food and Nu- 
trition, Home and Family, and Clothing and Tex- 
tiles. In the 1967 academic year, new course studies 
were developed in Home and Family and in Food 
and Nutrition Science. 

Grace Henderson served as the acting dean for 
Home Economics while Dean Quigley was on a 
sabbatical leave. Supplementing the school's faculty 
were two visiting professors, Dr. Opal Rhodes in 
Home Economics Education, and Dr. Allice Briant, 
professor in Food and Nutrition, Cornell University. 


Eileen E. Quigley, dean of the School of Home 
Economics, left SIU in December on sabbatical. 


Anna Carol Fults 
Home Economics Education 
Betty Jane Johnston 
Home and Family 
Frank Konishi 
Food and Nutrition 
Rose Padgett 
Clothing and Textiles 

seniors in home economics 

BARKLEY, Herma C. ; Home Economics, Chicago, 
Home Economics College Chapter. 

BARTOLOMUCCI, Carolyn S.; Home Economics 
Education, Mt. Vernon. 

BELECKIS, Margaret A.; Merchandising, Chi- 
cago, Sigma Kappa, head majorette. 

BRUMITT, Linda F. ; Home Economics Educa- 
tion, Wolf Lake. 

BUCKLES, Noretta; Home Economics Education, 
Resident Fellow, AHEA. 

CACIOPPO, 'Charlotte A.; Apparel Design, 

CARSON, C. Jananne; Merchandising and Ap- 
parel Design, Centralia, Sigma Kappa, Delta 
Chi Little Sister, Kappa Omicron Phi. 

CLUTTS, Sheleigh; Home Economics Education, 
Cobden, Home Economics Club. 

COLLINS, Susan P.; Home Economics Education, 
Hinsdale, Sigma Kappa, Home Economics Club. 

COMERFORD, Virginia A.; Home Economics 
Education, Joliet. 

CUMMINGS, Joan R.; Home Economics Educa- 
tion, West Salem, Home Economics Club. 

DINKEL, Lucy M.; Dietetics, Seymour, Wesley 
Foundation, Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship. 

FALLINE, Terry W.; Interior Design, Collins- 
ville, Social Senate, Home Economics College 
Chapter, National Society of Interior Designers. 

GEHRIG, Shirley A.; Home Economics Education, 
Dunlap, Home Economics Club. 

GERARD, Ann M.; Clothing Textiles and Mer- 
chandising, Normal. 

GOODMAN, Anita J.; Home Economics Educa- 
tion, Johnson City, Women's Recreation. 

GUYER, Gale P.; Home Economics Education, 
Kansas, Woody Hall Executive Council. 

HANRAHAN, Norine M.; Merchandising, Lemont, 
Home Economics Club, Newman Club. 

JAMES, Patricia L.; Merchandising, Milwaukee, 

JOHNSON, Betty J.; Dietetics, Chicago, Kappa 
Omicron Phi, Home Economics Club. 

JOHNSON, Stephanie; Home Economics Educa- 
tion, Moline. Home Economics College Chapter. 

KANLLAKAN, D. Jean; Merchandising, Ches- 
terfield, Home Economics College Chapter. 

KELLY, Mary A.; Clothing and Textiles, New 
Athens, New Student Week Leader. 

LUNDSTROM, Charlene J.; Interior Design, Bar- 
rington, Resident Fellow, National Society of 
Interior Designers, president; Home Economics 
Club, Activities Programming Board. 

MASTERSON, Bonita L.; Dietetics and Institu- 
tional Management, Arlington Heights, Food 
and Nutrition Council, secretary, president. 

McLUCKIE, Sandra J.; Foods in Business, Van- 
dalia, Thompson Point Judical Board. 

MEYER, Ruth A.; Home Economics Education, 

MICHEL, Nancy J.; Home Economics Education, 

MIESNER, Ken A.; Interior Design, Perryville, 
Missouri; National Society of Interior Design. 

MILLER, Margaret Y. ; Home Economics Educa- 
tion, Mattoon, Home Economics Club. 


MILLER, Mary-Margaret; Apparel Design, West 
Chicago, Home Economics Club. 

MURDOCK, Lynne D.; Interior Design, Geneva, 
Alpha Gamma Delta, Kappa Omicron Phi, Cap 
and Tassel, Student Government Senator. 

ODUM, Claudette M.; Home Economics Educa- 
tion, Marion, Home Economics Club, Home- 
coming Decorations Co-chairman. 

PAULSON, Margaret A.; Foods in Business, East 
Alton, Home Economics Club, Kappa Omicron 
Phi. treasurer; Food and Nutrition Council. 

PATTON, Rosemary B.; Home Economics Educa- 
tion, Roseclare, Home Economics Club. 

PHILLIPS, Dana C; Home Economics Educa- 
tion, Centralia, Home Economics Club. 

RUSSELL, Helga A.; Interior Design, Rockford, 
Economics Club. 

SCHMISSEUR, Renee M.; Interior Design, East 
St. Loui9, Sigma Kappa, vice-president. 

SELF, Scott C; Merchandising, O'FaJlon, Sigma 
Sigma Sigma, corresponding secretary. 

STOMBAUGH, Sue E.; Home Economics Edu- 
cation, Maeon. Home Economics Club. 

STRINE, Joanne M. ; Home Economics Educa- 
tion, Salem, Kappa Omicron Phi. 

SUMMERS, M. R. ; Home Economics Education, 
Benton, Home Economics College Chapter. 

SUTTON, Beverly L.; Home Economics Educa- 
tion, Omaha, Home Economics College Chapter. 

TEDRICK, Jenna S.; Clothing and Textiles 
Merchandising and Apparel Design, Vandalia, 
Delta Zeta, corresponding secretary, 

THODE, Carolyn J.; Clothing and Textile Mer- 
chandising, Villa Grove, Home Economics Club. 

THORP, Elizabeth A.; Home Economics Educa- 
tion, Clinton, Kappa Omicron Phi. 

TIPPETT, Janice L. ; Merchandising, Vienna. 

TURNER, Olivia C; Home Economics, Villa 
Park, Home Economics Club. 

VOLZ, Joyce L. ; Home Economics, St. Louis, 
Home Economics Club. 

WHISENANT, Barbara S.; Home Economics Edu- 
cation, Sunset Hills, Missouri. 

WILEY, Dorleska L. ; Home Economics Educa- 
tion, Carbondale, Home Economics College 
Chapter, Chapel Singers, Baptist Foundation. 

WILSON, Jeanne K. ; Dietetics, Alton, Home Eco- 
nomics College Chapter. 

WITTERS, Sally J. ; Home Economics Education, 

WOLF. Robert L.; Interior Design. Joliet. 

YOUNG, Janice F.; Interior Design, Kankakee, 
National Society of Interior Designers. 

On-the-job training is the best teacher for students 
living in the Home and Management apartment. 

J 45 

Smojii q I 

Roger E. Beyler described his first year of duties 
as the dean of Liberal Arts as very "challenging." 

Obtuse angles coupled with crooked necks and 
bubbling mixtures, typify chemistry lab activities. 


Liberal Arts and Sciences offers the opportunity 
to investigate the disciplines in any society. 

beyler moves from chemistry to la&s dean 

Expansion was the key to the activities of the 
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in 1967. The 
physical sciences building neared completion, while 
plans were laid for the construction of a humanities 
and social studies building in the future. 

Faculty additions also complemented the expan- 
sion for LA&S as over 100 new faculty members 
were added to the faculty roster, including a new 
assistant dean, David Christensen, who deals 
basically, with undergraduate student affairs. 

Dean Roger Beyler entered his first year as dean 
of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in 
1966. Having formerly served as chairman for 
the Department of Chemistry. Dean Beyler found 
his position both "interesting and challenging." 

A student sets up technical equipment used 
in a geography experiment in a climatology lab. 

Graduate student Willie Bowers prepares several 
samples of material in a microbiology laboratory. 


Geography majors are required to prepare detailed 
and arduous map drawings in laboratory classes. 

A steady hand and a sense of accurate measure- 
ment are essentials to the chemistry major. 

100 new faculty members added to la&s roster 

Biology instructors work closely with students 
by utilizing diagrammatic examples in lectures. 

Probing into the realms of the microscopic world 
is the task given to this student in biology lab. 

George W. Adams 


Orville Alexander 


James BeMiller 


J. Cary Davis 

Foreign Languages 

David Ehrenfreund 


Robert D. Faner 


Harvey I. Fisher 


Harold M. Kaplan 


Charles Lange 


Daniel Miller 


Robert Mohlenbrock 


Willis Moore 


Maurice Ogur 


John M. Olmstead 


Charles R. Snyder 


Frank H. Thomas 


department chairmen 

John Zimmerman 

la&s inducts four new department heads 

seniors in liberal arts 

ARMS, Barbara S.; Philosophy, Cahokia, Off- 
Campus Housing Senator, Resident Fellow, Off- 
Campus Executive Council, Off-Campus Judicial 
Board, chairman. 

ARNOLD, Sybil C; English, Barrington, Angel 
Flight, New Student Week Leader. 

ASKEW, Larry R.; Psychology, Champaign, Bap- 
tist Student Union, Chapel Singers, president; 
Doyle Dorm, president. 

ATHERTON, Robert B.; English, Pana, Phi Sigma 
Kappa, rush chairman; Greek Week, treasurer; 
New Student Week Leader, Intramural Tennis 

BALDRIDGE, David R.; Sociology, Centralia, 
Wesley Foundation. 

BAKER, Randy K; Psychology, Allcrton. 

BALLANCE, Mary W.; History, Carbondale. 

BARGHOTHI, Sharon S.; Government, Carbon- 
dale, Arab Student Association, International 
Relations Club. 

BARRETT, Richard E.; Government, Belleville, 
Society for the Advancement of Management, 
Off-Campus Executive Council, treasurer; 
Pyramids Executive Council, chairman. 

BARTH, Patricia M.; English, Normal, Angel 
Flight, administrative services officer. 

BECKENBAUGH, Robert K.; Russian, McHenry. 
Resident Fellow. 

BELAUS, Steven; Government, Chicago. 

BENNETT, Charles M.; Zoology, Oak Park, New- 
man Club. Resident Fellow. 

BERNSTEIN, Lori R.; Sociology, Palos Heights. 

BLACKMAN, William J.; Government, Stone 
Fort, AFROTC. 

BLAIR. Nancv E.; English, Salem. 

BLAKE, Susan, Social Work, Homewood, Sigma 
Sigma Sigma, corresponding secretary, Cap and 
Tassel, president. 

BOATRIGHT, Harry L. ; Government, Marion. 

BORK, Albert G.; French, Carbondale, Circle K, 
vice-president; Latin American Organization, 
treasurer; Canterbury Club, French Club, presi- 

BOSCHERT, Terry C; Mathematics, Carlyle, Pi 
Mu Epsilon. 

BOSWORTH, Ann M.; Mathematics, Belleville, 

Student Body vice-president, Resident Fellow, 

Pi Mu Epsilon. 
BRADEN, Glenn A.; History, Neoga, History 

BRODDE, Eckhard R.; German, Carbondale. 
BROWN, Darryl; Mathematics, Jonesboro, Phi 

Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi. 

BROWN, G. Michael; Zoology, Carbondale, Phi 

Eta Sigma, president; Delta Chi, Circle K, 

Campus Community Chest. 
BROWN, Stephan P.; Government, Arlington 

Heights, Tau Kappa Epsilon, historian; Pre- 

Law Club. 
BRUNS, Linda M.; English, Carterville, English 

Club, Instructional Materials Club. 
BRUNTY, Joe K.; Anthropology, Carbondale. 

BRUNTY, Sheila; English, Carbondale. 

BULMER. B. June; Mathematics, DuQuoin, Pi 
Mu Epsilon, secretary; Resident Fellow. 

BURSON, George; Geography, Aurora. 

CARPENTIERI, Dominick N.; Government, Car- 

CARRON, Terry W.; Biology, Perry ville, Missouri. 
CASPER, Thomas Q.; Mathematics, Anna. 
CASTEEL, Barbara E.; Social Work, Ava. 
CATULLO, Anthony G.; Government, Chicago 
Heights, Pre-Law Club. 

CAVITT, James D.; History, Creal Springs, Ac- 
tivities Programming Board, president; New 
Student Week Leader, Parent's Day Steering 
Committee, Alpha Phi Omega. 

CARTER, Bernard D.; Geography, Rockton, Alpha 
Phi Omega, Judo Club, Activities Programming 

CHILDERS, Terry L.; Psychology, GoreviUe. 

CHOVANEC, Laura J.; Mathematics, Henderson, 
Kentucky; Sigma Sigma Sigma, treasurer; Pi 
Delta Epsilon, president; OBELISK, associate 
editor; New Student Week Leader. 

CIMBERG, Robert L.; Zoology, Malverne, New 
York; Intramural Athletic Council, Varsity 
Swimming, New Student Week Leader. 

CLARK, Gary G. ; Zoology, Marion. 

CLARKE, Robert P.; Zoology, Springfield, Edu- 
cational and Cultural Committee. 

COLEMAN, Ronald D.; Mathematics, Centralia, 
Alpha Phi Alpha, Baptist Student Union, Glee 

COOK, Daniel W.; Psychology, Dixon. 

CORRIE, Chris E. ; Government, Bridgeport. 

COTTER, William E.; Zoology, West Frankfort, 
Pre-medical and Pre-dental Society. 

COUNTE, Michael A.; Government, Harvey, Stu- 
dent Senator, Model UN, Young Democrats, 
Midwest Model UN. 

COURTNEY, Brian T.; Zoology, Mount Vernon, 
Dean's Advisory Committee. 

COX, Edith M.; Zoology, Carlinville, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi. 

CRAVEN, Lowell R.; Health Science, Rock 

CULBERSON, Dennis D.; Mathematics, Litch- 
field, Advanced AFROTC, AFROTC Honor 

Guard, Arnold Air Society. 
DAHM, Emelle J.; English, Belleville. 
DANIELEWICZ, Judy L.; English, Chicago, 

Young Republicans, corresponding secretary; 

Newman Club, Resident Fellow. 
DANIELS, Richard E.; Government, Warson 

Woods, Missouri; Young Republicans, Saluki 

Flying Club. 

DAVIS, John K.; English, Mount Carmel. 
DAVIS, Robert H.; English, Morton Grove. 
DERRY, Ronald L.; History, Mount Vernon, 

Baptist Student Union. 
DUKE, Ellery H.; Philosophy, Cisne, Wesley 

EAKIN, Judith A.; Chemistry, Vandalia, Alpha 

Lambda Delta, Chemeka, Resident Fellow. 

Psychology majors use white rates to conduct ex- 
periments on behavior and habit development. 


EDWARDS, Ann M.; History, Mount Vernon, 
Alpha Kappa Alpha, New Student Week Lead- 
er, Outstanding Service Award. 

EHRLICH, Norman A.; Mathematics, Chicago, 
Student Senator, New Student Week Leader, 
Model UN, Action Party, executive board. 

ENGLEMAN, David R.; Biological Sciences 

FARR, Franklin R., Philosophy, Mundelein, Phi 
Kappa Tau, Greek Week Steering Committee, 
SIU Speleology Society. 

FOSTER, Stephen L.; Chemistry, Elkville. 
FRANKLAND, Earl G.; Government, Albion. 
FRIBBS, Gary W.; Zoology, Ottawa, Resident Fel- 
GARD, Carol J.; Economics, Troy. 

GATZ, Inge; Sociology, Chicago. 

GEBHARDT, Barbara A.; Zoology, Rock Falls. 

GOLDENBERG, Edward E.; Psychology, Glen- 

coe, Phi Sigma Delta, Ivy Hall president. 
GOSSAGE, Robert S.; English, Eddyville. 

GOURLEY, Carolyn B. ; Sociology, Fairmount. 

GRAVES, Robert F.; Government, Tilden. 

GUETTER, Paul M.; Sociology, Pre-Law, Chi- 
cago, Activities Programming Board, public 
relations director; New Student Week Leader, 
Sigma Pi, Model UN, chairman. 

GURLEY, Jesse P.; Chemistry, East St. Louis, 
Alpha Phi Alpha, Inter-Fraternity Council, 
Symphonic Band, Chemeka. 

HABERMAN, Mary L.; History, Mascoutah, Resi- 
dent Fellow, Oratorio Choir. 

HALLOCK, Thomas C. ; Government, Rockford, 
Model UN Steering Committee, Student Gov- 
ernment, Judo Club, Intramural Swim Cham- 

HAMILTON, Janet E.; Zoologv, Mokena. 

HAMILTON, John P.; Zoology, Mokena, Judo 
Club, Skiing Club, SIU Sport Parachute Club, 
Pre-Med Society, Newman Club. 

HANFLAND, Lawrence W.; Health Science, 
Yonkers, New York; New Student Week Lead- 
er, Advanced AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, 
Jacques DeMolay Club. 

HANKINS, Alex D.; Economics, Waukegan, In- 
tramural Track, Intramural Football, Intramural 

HANSON, Paul J.; Psychology, Kinmundy. 

HARLOW, Jerry B.; Mathematics, Mount Vernon. 

HARRIS, Jeffrey M.; History, Evanston, New Stu- 
dent Week Leader, Pre-Law Club, Young Demo- 

HELD, Virginia M.; History, Peoria, Young 
Democrats, secretary; History Club. 

HELM, India; Sociology, Chicago. 

HELMUS, John W.; Psychology, Oak Park. 

HENSEL, William C; Psychology, Jacksonville, 
Male Glee Club, Oratorio Choir, Phi Kappa 
Phi. F 

HERIDER, Michael R.; English, Atlantic Beach, 
Florida; Arnold Air Society. 

HERRIN, Snyder E.; Government, Pre-Law, Her- 
rin, Tau Kappa Epsilon, pledge trainer; Greek 
Week Steering Committee, Pre-Law Club, presi- 
dent; New Student Week Leader, Greek Week 
Projects, co-chairman. 

HEUER, Steven R.; Chemistry, Chester, Delta 
Chi, Football, Track. 


HICKEY, Terr)- L.; Psychology, Harrisburg. 
HIGGERSON, Richard G.; Mathematics, West 

Frankfort, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi. 
HIGHLAND, Gary A.: Government, Carbon- 
HILLIARD, Cora L. ; Government, Centralia, 
Sigma Kappa, Sphinx Club, Parents' Day Com- 
mittee, chairman; Pan-Hellenic Council, Resi- 
dent Fellow. 

HINES, Joseph F. ; Zoology, Florissant, Missouri; 
Newman Club, chairman. 

HITCHENS, Ralph M.; Government, Arlington, 
Virginia; Swimming Team. 

HOLFORD, David M.; History, Columbus, Ohio; 
History Club, program chairman. 

HOYLE, Audrey W.; Government, Chicago, Mod- 
ern Dance Club, Reader's Theatre. 

HUMPHREY, Steve A.; Zoology, St. David. 
IHNE. Douglas J.; Sociology, Rockford. 
JEAN, David R.; Philosophy, Chicago. 
JENNINGS, Carl A.; Chemistry, Equality, Che- 
meka, Newman Club. 

JENNINGS, Michael E.; Mathematics, Metro- 

JESTADT, James H.; Government, Elk Grove 

JOHNSON, Rita A.; Psychology, Chicago, Wom- 
en's Ensemble. 

JONES, Mary E.; Psychology, Carbondale. 

JURJEVICH, Charles A.; Government, South 
Roxana, Marching Salukis, Phi Mu Alpha, Sin- 
fonia. Jazz Venture, Pershing Rifles. 

KANCIUS, Dennis C. ; History', Government, 
Matteson, International Relations Club, Intra- 

KASAATO-KAGGWA, Firemon; Geology, Kam- 
pala, Uganda. 

KATSIGIANNIS, Mike V.; Government, Chicago. 

KAYS, John H.; Government, Lawrenccville. 
KEHLENBACH, Richard W.; Geology, Lockport, 

Tau Kappa Epsilon, Geology Club. 
KELLY, Thomas P.; Zoology, Decatur, Model 

UN, Newman Center Chairman. 
KETTENHOFEN, Sharon A.; English, Troy. 

KIRSCHNER, Sheldon G.; Psychology, Chicago. 
KITOWSKI, Theodore L.; Zoology, Nashville. 
KLEIN, Marilyn R.; French, Belleville, French 

Club, Dean's List. 
KNABEL, Ronald G.; Sociology, Alhambra. 

KONCEL, Marlene E.; Sociology, Chicago. 

KRUMP, Donald L.; Mathematics, Lebanon, 
Arnold Air Society, Commander, Resident Fel- 
low, Distinguished Military Cadet. 

KURZ, Donald R.; Zoology, Springfield. 

KUSMANOFF, Antone L.; Mathematics, Wood 
River, Arnold Air Society, Varsity Wrestling, 
New Student Week Leader, Off-campus Execu- 
tive Board, vice-president. 

<t £ 9 



LAMBERT, Dwight L.; Sociology, Springfield, 
Oral Interpretation, Singing Squadron, Resident 
Fellow, Intramural Athletics. 

LANDRETH. Gary L.; History, Poplar Bluff, 

LANGE, Eric C; History, Des Plaines. 

LEDERMAN, Mary A.; English, Wheaton. 

LEEDS, Karma J.; Sociology, Moraga, California. 

LEONARD, Robert J.; Pre-Law, History, Sparta, 
New Jersey; Pre-Law Club, Alpha Phi Omega, 
Phi Sigma Kappa, Young Democrats, Model 
UN Steering Committee. 

LEONARD, William P.; Physiology, Brooklyn, 
New York. 

LESINGER, Jennifer C; English, Redbud. 

LEWIS, Percy L.; Math, Chicago. 

LINDLEY, Mary J.; Sociology, Carbondale. 

LOBENSTEIN, Thomas C; Government, Carbon- 

dale. International Relations Club. 
LOCKWOOD, Robin R.; Government, Olney. 
LOGAN, Bobby L.; Philosophy, Waltonville 
LOVELAND, Charles S.; Mathematics, La Crosse, 

Wisconsin; Campus Senate, Pyramid Club, 

Thompson Point Executive Council, LIniversity 

Student Council. 
LEUCHTEFELD, Connie A.; Spanish, Marissa, 

Latin American Organization. 

MAHRENHOLZ, Helen K.; Geography, Lawrence- 

MARTH, Mary E.; Sociology, Evergreen Park. 
MARTI, Dick; Zoology, Edwardsville, Chess Club, 

International Relations Club, Geology Club, 

Spelunking Club. 
MASON, Elizabeth R.; English, Olmsted. 
MAZANDER, James L.; Mathematics, Coulter- 


McCONATHY, James R.; Zoology, Alton, Phi 

Sigma Kappa, Marching Salukis, Intramural 

McCOWEN, Hamilton J.; History, Mt. Vernon, 

History Club, vice-president. 
McDANNEL. Francis I.; Mathematics, Geff, Pi 

Mu Epsilon. Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda 

McDOWELL, Glenn R.; Zoology, Kings Park, 

New York; Soccer Club, Pre-Medical Club. 
McGUIRE, Peter J.; Government, Chicago, Young 


A flick of the master switch brings the flow of 
foreign words into the ears of language students. 


McINTYRE, Richard L. ; Government, Sparta. 

McKOWN, Philip L.; History, Palatine, Chapel 
Singers, Oratorio Choir. 

McREAKEN, Alice D.; English, West Frankfort, 
English Club, Chapel Singers, Homecoming 
Parade Committee. 

MENESTRINA, Robert W.; Economics, West- 
ville, Thompson Point Social Programming 
Board, chairman; Arnold Air Society, adminis- 
trative officer; Marching Salukis, Brown Hall, 

MEYER, Fred M.; Psychology, Chicago. 

MONROE, Martin G.; Zoology, Benton. 

MUNDY, Nona M.; Chemistry, St. Louis, Modern 
Dance Club, vice-president, president; American 
Chemical Society, secretary-treasurer; Resident 

MURPHY, Gayle E.; Sociology, Miami, Florida; 
,WRA Tennis Team, Off-Campus Senator, 
Photography Club, Model UN representative. 

MURPHY, James P.; Zoology, Chicago Heights. 

NAMMINGA, Sam E.; German, Marion. 

NETTLETON, Gary F.; Philosophy, Edwardsville, 
Thompson Point Social Programming Board, 
Wesley Foundation Council, New Student Week 

NEWLAND, Kathleen J.; Psychology, Chicago. 

NEWSOM, Clifton E.; Physics, Carterville. 
O'CONNELL, Kathleen L.; Government, St. 

Louis, Pi Kappa Delta, Debate Team, New 

Student Week Leader, International Relations 

OGDEN, Jane A.; English, Zeigler. 
OKSTEL, Edmund J.; Sociology, Staten Island, 

New York. 

OSTENDORF, Donald G.; Sociology, Addieville, 

Marching Salukis. 
OZBURN, Mary L.; Mathematics, Pinckneyville, 

Baptist Student Union. 
PAKULA, Sandy Y.; Sociology, Suffern, New 

PATTERSON, Mary P.; History, Salem. 

PEKOZ, Charlene; Sociology, Calumet City, 
Thompson Point Judicial Board. 

PERDIUE, Robert L.; Physiology, Muncie, In- 

PETER, Bernard J.; Government, Mount Carmel, 
University City Judicial Board. 

PETERSON, James M.; Geography, Chicago, 
Judo Club. 

PETTY, Joseph B.; Zoology, Roselle, Alpha Phi 

PHEMISTER, Thurman L.; Pre-Medicine, Her- 

PHOMMASOUVANH, Bounlieng; English, Laos. 
POPE, James P.; Biological Sciences, Lawrence- 

ville, Marching Salukis. 

PROCTER, Harvey T.; Government, Chicago, 
Alpha Phi Alpha, treasurer, president; Inter- 
Fraternity Council, Activities Programming 

RATHUEN, Lillian; English, Clayton, Missouri; 
Gamma Delta, English Club. 

RAIDT, Martha C; Microbiology, Ferguson, Mis- 

REAMES, John A.; English, Murphysboro. 


Activities of the fruit fly are often the subject 
of study for experiments in zoology laboratories. 

© 05 ft 

REED, Raymond L. ; Chemistry, Chatham, Arnold 
Air Society, AFROTC Honor Guard. 

REISS, John L.; History, Effingham, Theta Xi, 
Young Democrats, Theta Xi Variety Show, pub- 
licity chairman. New Student Week Leader, 
History Club. 

RETSKY, Herbert E.; Psychology, Chicago, Glee 
Club, Model UN, New Student Week Leader. 

RICHARDS, George D.; Mathematics, Pleasant 
Plains, Phi Eta Sigma. 

RITTENHOUSE, Sheldon A.; Government, Ches- 
ter, Advanced AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, 
Young Republicans, International Relations 

ROBINSON, Adeline M.; English, Mathematics, 
East St. Louis. 

ROPP, Thomas J.; Philosophy, Skokie, Resident 

ROSE, John M.; Philosophy, Park Forest, Off- 
Campus President's Council, treasurer. 

ROSS, Ellen J.; English, Chicago. 

RUCKES, Dorothy J.; English, Urbana. 

RUCKS, Lonnie; French, Urbana, Alpha Phi 

RUSSELL, John A.; Economics, Elizabethtown. 

SAPP, Robert E.; Chemistry, Kankakee, Ameri- 
can Chemical Society, student president. 

SATTERLEE, Mark L.; Government, Glen Ellyn. 

SAXE, Larry N.; Government, Benton, Delta 
Chi, pledge counselor. 

SCHMIDT, Frederick H.; Zoology, Closter, New 

Jersey; Gamma Delta, Resident Fellow. 
SCHMITZ, John L-; History, Effingham. 
SCHUFFERT, Michael J.; Biological Sciences, 

Chicago, Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Society. 
SCOTT, Bonnie B.; Mathematics, Rockford, Alpha 

Phi Alpha. 
SHAFER, Ronald K.; Government, Geography, 


SHELLBERG, Howard S.; Biological Sciences, 

SHIPMAN, Cheryl K.; History, Rockford. 

SIEGEL. Ronald; Mathematics, Pre-Medical, Chi- 
cago, Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Society. 

SIMPSON, Thomas G.; Social Work, Peoria. 

SLOTNESS, Philip J.; Philosophy, Oak Park. 
SMITH, David W.; Psychology, Mount Vernon, 

New Student Week Leader, Resident Fellow, 

Phi Eta Sigma, president, senior advisor. 
SMITH, Douglas B.; English, Riverdale, English 

SMITH, Marsha R.; French, Deerfield, Sailing 

Club, Young Republicans, Dynamic Party, 

French Club. 

SNYDER, Richard S.; Government, Fort Wayne, 
Indiana; Student Government. 

SOMNER, Arthur; Mathematics, Hollis, New 
York; Varsity Track Team, German Club, Var- 
sity Cross Country Team. 

SPRINGER, William L.; Mathematics, Carbon- 

STAFFORD, John M.; Government, Carbondale, 
Delta Chi, Inter-Fraternity Council. 

STARKS, Aubrie N.; Chemistry, Norris City, Phi 
Eta Sigma, Chemeka, American Chemical So- 
ciety, student affiliate. 

STOKES, Gerald; Chemistry, Summit. 

STRASSMAN, Robert A.; Philosophy, New 
Athens, Southern Players, AFROTC Band, Phi- 
losophy Club, Marching Salukis, Symphonic 

STRECKENBACH, Donna R.; Sociology, Chi- 
cago, Resident Fellow. 

SVEJACAR, John T.; Zoology, Berwyn. 

TANAKA, Jack; Psychology, Chicago. 

TERRY, Janet J.; Mathematics, Pinckneyville, 
University Center Programming Board, service 
committee; Residence Halls Council, Woody 
Hall Executive Council. 

THIEDA, Shirley A.; Geology, Stickney. 

TIGHE, Deborah S. ; Government, Aledo, Bat 
Girl, Resident Fellow, Mock Political Con- 
vention Steering Committee. 

TITSWORTH, Ronald A.; Biological Science, 
Chicago, Alpha Phi Alpha. 

TIVERS, Jerry M. ; Sociology, Chicago. 

TODD, William A.; Government, Belleville. 

TOMLIN, William M.; Zoology, Galesburg, Delta 
Chi, Inter-Fraternity Council, Activities Pro- 
gramming Board. 

TRIPLETT, Robert W.; Sociology, Chicago, 
Alpha Phi Alpha. 

TUCKER, John L.; Mathematics, Benton. 

TURBIVILLE, Graham H.; Russian, Fort Lee, 

USBORNE, Charles F. ; Economics, Lombard, New 
Student Week Leader, Season of Holidays, co- 
chairman, Activities Programming Board, Spe- 
cial Events Committee. 

VERIVE, Joseph A.; Anthropology, Melrose Park. 

WELLER, Barbara L.; English, Batavia. 

WHEAT, Kenneth R.; Zoology, Benton, Arnold 
Air Society, area controller. 


■Q <ft ^ 

WHITE. Kristine Y.; Mathematics, Springfield, 
Baptist Student Union. 

WILLIAMS, Carey S.; History, Montgomery, Off- 
campus Dormitory Senator. 

WILLIAMS, Francis R.; Physiology, Georgetown, 
Guyana; Visiting International Students As- 
sociation, president; Cricket Club, captain. 

WILLIAMS, Karen L.; Government, Nokomis, 
Young Democrats, International Relations Club. 

WILLIS, Darrell D.; Psychology, Decatur, Phi 
Eta Sigma, Gamma Beta Phi. 

WILSON, Alan P.; Chemistry, Mathematics, 
Salem, Amateur Radio Society. 

WILSON, Evelyn A.; Social Work, Mount Ver- 

WILSON, Linda J.; English, Canton, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, vice-president; Phi Kappa Phi, 
Outstanding Resident of Steagall Hall. 

WINTERS, Donna K.; English, Enfield. 

WITTE, Gary D.; Sociology, South Beloit, Alpha 
Sigma Phi. 

WITTERS, Charles M. ; Economics, Accounting, 

WUNDERLICH, Thomas F.; Psychology, Har- 
risburg. Circle K, president, lieutenant gover- 
nor; Intramural Athletic Board, Thompson 
Point Executive Council, Pyramid Club. 

YATES. Michael L.; Government, Cairo, Delta 
Chi, Phi Kappa Phi, Resident Fellow, Kappa 
Delta Pi, Liberal Arts and Sciences Honor So- 

ZACHA, Nancy J.; English, Teutopolis, Newman 
Club, English Club, University Center Pro- 
gramming Board. 

ZAHNEN, John N.; Government, Aurora, Alpha 
Eta Rho, Saluki Flying Club. 

ZAREMBKA, Cheryl A.; English, Posen. 

ZBOYOVSKI, Joseph; Zoology, Benld. 

ZEFF, Jack M.; Government, Chicago, Resident 
Fellow, Jewish Student Association. 

ZETTERGREN, Leslie D.; Biological Sciences, 
Joliet, Educational Programming Board. 

ZMUDA. Carol A.; Psychology, Chicago. 

seniors in la&s 

Algae specimens provide experimentation facili- 
ties in biology labs supplementing lecture classes. 


technology move 

Massive joints, threads, and bolts combine to 
accomplish even the simplest mechanical task. 

Machine laboratories in technology provide ad- 
vanced facilities for machine instruction. 

Backed by its scaffolding, Dean Julian Lauchner 
witnesses technology move into its new complex. 

part to new headquarters 

Cutting into the skyline of Southern in 1967 was 
another construction in the final stages, the tech- 
nology building complex. The School of Technology 
moved into the three completed phases of the 
proposed four stage building group. In his five 
years as the dean, Dean Lauchner has seen the 
facilities moved from the barracks into the most 
modern accommodations and has watched the en- 
rollment grow to almost 1,000 undergraduates. 

Technology offers degrees in Engineering Science, 
Engineering, Engineering and Industrial Technology, 
and Technical and Industrial Education. Within 
these programs and on the graduate level, research 
is a constant factor. Dr. Eldred Hough, assistant 
dean, began a new field of research with the U.S. 
Army Engineers on underground vehicles. 


Even the most minute detail of the machine tool 
cannot pass without experienced inspection. 


ABU-HANTASH, Mohammad I.; Civil Engineer- 
ing, Nablus, Jordan; Engineering Club. Arab 
Student Organization, Engineering Professional 

ARAZAN, George A.; Industrial Education, Chi- 
cago, Industrial Education Club. 

BARBER, Thomas L. ; Industrial Technology, 
Joliet, Phi Mu Alpha, Bailey Hall, president; 
Thompson Point, communications chairman; 
Marching Salukis, TP Pointer, associate edi- 

BARTINIKAS, Thomas E. ; Civil Engineering, 
Cape Girardeau, Engineering Club, social 
chairman ; Veterans Club. 

BEAMAN, Anthony L.; Industrial Technology, 
Palmer, Industrial Technology Club, treasurer. 

BOBEK, Norman, Industrial Education, Chicago. 

BOONE. James; Industrial Education, Springfield. 

BURBA, Francis R.; Engineering Technology, 
Bulpitt, Engineering Club, Newman Club. 

CARY, Walter C; Engineering Technology, 
Springfield, Engineering Club, Illinois So- 
ciety of Professional Engineers. 

CHADRA, David P.; Engineering, Mt. Carmel. 

COLCLASURE, Douglas 0.; Mechanical Engi- 
neering, Mason, Engineering Club. 

DEATON, Larry W.; Engineering Technology, 

ELIAS, David L. ; Engineering Technology, 

FARMER, Michael; Engineering, Mattoon, Engi- 
neering Club, Sailing Club, Illinois Society 
of Professional Engineers. 

FOLLAS, John C; Engineering, Sylvania, Ohio. 

FORBES, Harold L. ; Engineering Technology, 
Fairfield, AFROTC Honor Guard, Engineering 
Club, Illinois Society of Professional Engineers. 

FRANCOIS, Dean E. ; Engineering, Centralia. 

GROSS, Henry J.J Industrial Technology, Shaw- 
neetown, Industrial Technology Club. 

HAMPLEMAN, Gerald W.; Engineering Tech- 
nology, Tamaroa. 

HENDERSON, John C; Engineering Technology, 

HERBST, John M.; Personnel Supervision, Con- 
vent Station, New Jersey. 

HILEMAN, Terry H.; Engineering Technology, 

HONEY, Jack E. ; Engineering, Ullin, Engineer- 
ing Club, president. 

HONEY, Lorn R.; Engineering Technology, 

HORSTMAN, Gaylord N.; Industrial Technology, 

ll WfkiFw tiik 

seniors in technology 


Engineering and aerospace exhibits were displayed 
for the dedication of the Technology complex. 

9 ^ O 



HUNTER, Michael L.; Industrial Education, 
Wheaton, Phi Sigma Kappa, Industrial Educa- 
tion Club. 

JOHNSON, Steven J,; Engineering, Evanston, Tau 
Kappa Epsilon, Engineering Club. 

KADANS, Alan S.; Industrial Technology, Chi- 
cago, Alpha Phi Omega, University Center 
Programming Board, chairman; Industrial 
Technology Club, Homecoming Committee. 

KENNEDY, George M. ; Engineering, Eldorado, 
Brown Hall, athletic chairman, floor secretary; 
Engineering Club. 

KLINGE, Gehl D.; Industrial Education, Vernon, 

Industrial Education Club. 
KRAGNESS, Charles D.; Engineering, Marion. 
LOSACCO, Donald L.; Industrial Technology, 

Chicago, Iota Lambda Sigma, Industrial Tech- 

nologv Club. 
MARTIN, Gordon E.; Industrial Arts, Fairfield. 

MARTLING. James B.; Industrial Technology, 

Oak Park. 
MEDRANO, Carlos M.; Industrial Arts, Blue 

Island, Industrial Arts Club, Newman Club. 
MURRAY, Thomas J.; Engineering, Chicago, 

Tau Kappa Epsilon, Engineering Club. 
NUHN, Larry E.; Industrial Technology, Ses- 

ser, Arnold Air Society, Advanced AFROTC. 

OLESON, Kenneth A.; Engineering, Chicago. 

OLSON, James R.; Engineering Technology, Chi- 
cago, Tau Kappa Epsilon. 

PATE, Bruce M.; Mechanical Engineering, 
Peoria, Engineering Club, Illinois Society of 
Professional Engineers. 

RANDRIA, Hugues A., Engineering, Madagascar. 

RICHARDSON, Lloyd C, Engineering, Grand 
Chain, Engineering Club. 

RIEPE, Robert C, Engineering, Vienna. 

ROBINSON, Earl G., Industrial Education, New- 
burgh, Indiana. 

ROCHE, Thomas P.. Jr., Engineering, Rock 

RUF, John P., Industrial Technology, Chicago. 

SCHEIMAN, Bruce G., Engineering, Beecher, 
Engineering Club, recording secretary. 

SNODGRASS, Michael R., Engineering, Gales- 
burg, Engineering Club, Delta Chi, Resident 

SPECKMAN, Richard 0.. Industrial Technology, 
Decatur, Technology Club, Iota Lambda Sigma. 

STONE, Robert A., Technology, Crete. 

TESKE, Robert K., Engineering, Beecher, En- 
gineering Club, secretary. 

TILLMAN, Sheadrick A., Industrial Education, 
Chicago, Kappa Alpha Psi, social chairman; In- 
dustrial Education Club, Inter-Fraternity Coun- 
cil, Judicial Board, chairman. 

ULIVI, William A.; Engineering Technology, 
Coal City. 

WALL, James R.; Engineering, Mathematics, 

Marion, Engineering Club. 
WEBB, Jerry L. ; Industrial Education, Sterling. 
ZANZOLA, Albert J.; Engineering Technology, 

Lockport, Engineering Club. 
ZUMWALT, George E. ; Engineering Technology, 

Paxton, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society. 


For fourteen years, Dean Ernest Simon has served 
as head of Technical and Adult Education. 

vti aviation program 
expands options 

Vocational Technical Institute and Adult Edu- 
cation comprise the two main study areas of the 
Division of Technology and Adult Education. Thirty 
southern Illinois counties were serviced by the 
Adult Education program. It offered courses in 
business, art interest areas, and other technical 
skills. Beyond normal classroom activities, Adult 
Education held workshops and conferences through- 
out the year, including the thirteenth annual meet- 
ing on advanced cosmetology and a junior bank 
executives workshop. 

Aviation Technology at VTI broadened its pro- 
gram with a study in professional pilot avionics. 
The two year studies at the Vocational Technical 
Institute encompassed areas from mortuary science 
to data processing and from legal secretary to 
merchandising, cosmetology, and commercial art. 

Internal organs of the human body are part of 
the study area for Mortuary Science students. 


Printing technology students at VTI develop the 
skills of operating complicated linotype machines. 

A surplus U.S. Air Force jet is a "guinea pig" 
for students in the VTI two-year aviation program. 


ABBOTT, Sharon L. ; Dental Hygiene, Arlington 
Heights, Saluki Arms, secretary-treasurer. 

AICHELE, Nancy K.; Medical Secretary, Shelby- 
ville, Future Business Leaders of America. 

ALBON, Jeanne; Data Processing, DuQuoin, 
Delta Phi Kappa, Pyramids, social chairman. 

ANSLEY, Marsha J.; Legal Secretary, Mt. Ver- 
non, Future Business Leaders of America. 

ARCHER, Cathy L.; Dental Hygiene, Benton, 

BAER, Steve C. ; Commercial Art, Tuscola. 
BARNS, Eugene B.; Forest Products Technology, 

BAXTER, Cheryl L. ; Retailing, Mulkeytown. 

BOWMAN, Steven P.; Building Construction, 

BRICKER, James T. ; Commercial Art, Carbon- 

BROWN, Stephen W.; Commercial Art, Carmi. 

BUCKLES, Jerry L.; Data Processing, Mt. 

CARLYLE, Richard C. ; Electronics, Bethany, 
Electronics Club. 

CASTRO, Alfonso B.; Architecture, Lima, Peru. 

CHAMBERS, Thomas G.; Printing, Decatur. 

CHRISTIANSON, Beverly A.; Executive Secre- 
tary, Evergreen Park, Phi Beta Lambda. 

CLARK, Clarence E. ; Electronics, Beardstown, 
VTI Electronics Association, president; Walkers 
Dorm, president. 

CLEGG, James R. ; Electronics, Hazel Crest. 

CLENDENNING, Cathy S.; Dental Hygiene, 
Wheaton, Sigma Kappa. 

CLER, Michael J.; Architecture, Penfield. 

COERS, Stanley A.; Data Processing, New Hol- 

COLBY, Donald E.; Data Processing, Henepin, 
Delta Phi Kappa. 

CONARD, Gayle W.; Executive Secretary, Ot- 
tawa, Phi Beta Lambda. 

COOMBS, Ronald C; Architecture, Arthur, El 
Mahal, vice-president, social board. 

COONS, Claudette C; Stenography, Dana. 
COOPER, Terry L. ; Commercial Art, Urbana. 
CORN WELL, Michael D.; Commercial Art, New- 
man, VTI Executive Council. 
COX, Larry R. ; Architecture, Carterville. 

second year vti students 


£it isL iufc 


CRAMER, Cathleen M. ; Medical Secretary, Stick- 

DeBOER, James A.; Architecture, Frankfort. 
DEERE. James A.; Co-operative Retailing, Pana, 

SAMRH, vice-president; VTI Student Center 

Programming Board, president. 
DERENZIS, Ronald S.; Printing Technology, 

Franklin Park. 

DOOLEY, Cynthia M.; Secretarial, Herrin. 
DUDENBOSTEL, Myron D.; Welding, New 

Athens, Student Advisory Council. 
DURKEE, Linda K.; Dental Hygiene, Chester. 
EASTON, Roberta M.; Legal Secretary, Murphys- 


EISFELDER, Frances M.; Medical Secretary, 

FERRARINI, Barb M.; Executive Secretary, 

Glenview, Business Club, Art Club, Drama 

FITZS1MMONS, David C; Printing Technology, 


FORAL, Judith A.; Dental Hygiene, Homewood. 

FOWLER, Richard L.; Machine Drafting, Bloom- 

FRY, Martha J.; Commercial Art, Mt. Sterling. 
FLLLERTON, Joyce K.; Bookkeeping, Sparta, 

VTT Student Advisory Council, secretary; Phi 

Beta Lambda. 
GALLUP, Carol J.; Retailing. Oxford. New 


GARRETT, Lary R. ; Commercial Art, Kewanee, 
SAMRH, president; Executive Council, 
SAMRH Social Board, president. 

GODARE, Sharon L.; Retailing, St. Louis, Mis- 

GRAY, Martha A.; Executive Secretary, Fairfield. 

GREEN, Robert E.; Woodworking, Dalton City. 

HAARS, Gary L. ; Data Processing, Geneseo, Data 
Processing Club, Accounting Club. 

HANSON, Mary Ann; Dental Hygiene, Des 
Plaines, Junior American Dental Hygienists 

HARMS, Edward J.; Dentistry, Sterling. 

HARPER, Carl E.; Accounting, Patoka. 

HARRE, Dennis D.; Data Processing, Nashville. 
HEILIG, Naficy L.; Retailing, Arlington Heights. 
HEMPSTEAD, Gail L.; Retailing, Bloomington. 
HENLEY, Janice L. ; Medical Secretary, Dan- 


HENRY, Diane L. ; Executive Secretary, Rock 

HERN, Willis J.; Electronics Technology, Colum- 
bia, VTI Electronics Club, Kappa Epsilon. 

HINZ, Frank A.; Architectural Design, Rantoul. 

HUDSON, Ruth E.; Legal Secretary, West Frank- 

JACOBSEN, Pauline C; Medical Secretary, 
Yonkers, New York. 

second year vti students 

VTI students learn to operate the Data Processing 
machines as part of their training program. 



J$ a * 9 

f»\ f+\ m>\ j fe 

s» *^> m 

JANES, Don C. ; Auto Technology, Mattoon. 

JEFFREY, Linda S.; Legal Secretary, Pana, 
Future Business Leaders of America. 

JENSEN, Larry D.; Dental Technology, Wauke- 

JOHNSON, Cheri K.; Medical Secretary, Dan- 
ville, Sigma Kappa. Phi Beta Lambda. 

KALINA, Timothy W.; Commercial Art, Chi- 

KELLY, Stephen V.; Auto Technology, Spring- 

KETTELKAMP, Michael P.; Architecture. No- 
komis, SAMRH, president; Executive Council. 

KING, Glenda J.; Executive Secretary, Fairfield. 

KIRKLAND, Sandy K.; Legal Secretary, Cen- 

tralia, Sigma Kappa, Phi Beta Lambda, New 

Student Week Leader. 
KNOX. Harold R.; Printing, Peoria. 
LARSON, Jeffrey D.; Commercial Art, Gales- 

burg, Alky Hall, president. 
LASLIE, John A.; Electronics, Alton, Electronics 


LEACH, Larry F.; Electronics, Collinsville, VTI 
Social Board, VTI Programming Board, Elec- 
tronics Association. 

LENERTZ, Frank P.; Woodworking Technology, 

LEONARD, Teresa J.; Medical Secretary, Streat- 
or, WRA, Neely Hall, floor vice-president. 

LOGSDON, David D.; Commercial Art, Litch- 

MANGAN, Mel J.; Data Processing, Chicago, 
Delta Phi Kappa, treasurer; SIU Sailing Club. 

MARCHIANDO, David J.; Auto Technology, 
Downers Grove. 

MEEKER, Diane L.; Legal Secretary, Strasburg, 
Phi Beta Lambda. 

MEYER, Beverly, H.; Dental Hygiene Chicago, 
Junior American Dental Hygienists Associa- 

MILLER, Donn W.'; Machine Design, Burlington. 

MILLER. Gregory P.; Dental Technology, Chi- 

MCCLURE, Gary L.; Mortuary Science, Chester, 
Sigma Phi Sigma. 

MCEACHRON, Elaine K.; Retailing, Downers 
Grove, Southern Acres Judicial Board, South- 
ern Acres Student Center Programming Board. 

MCGEE, Jerry A.; Auto Technology, Longview. 

MCWILLIAMS, Linda J.; Dental Hygiene, 
Novate, California. 

MELANDER, Sheryl J.; Accounting, Des Plaines, 
Phi Beta Lambda, treasurer; Accounting Club, 
Delta Phi Kappa. 

MOON, Mary Jane; Executive Secretary, Anna- 
wan, Phi Beta Lambda. 


MOULTRIE, Arlene; Stenographer, Carbondale. 
MUELLER, Glen A.; Machine Drafting, Des 

Plaines, American Institute for Design and 

MURPHY, William H.; Architecture, Marshall, 

Epsilon Tau Sigma, vice-president, VTI Student 

MYLER, Jane M.; Stenographic, Sidney. 

NANCE, Carole J.; Commercial Art, Tayloi-ville. 
NEILSON, Charlene A.; Legal Secretary-, Sparta, 

Phi Beta Lambda. 
NEIMAN, Frank J.; Co-operative Retailing, 

Wheaton, New Student Week Leader. 
NEWELL, Sharon K.; Dental Hygiene, Laura. 

second year vti students 

Automotive technology courses provide laboratory 
classes to aid students with mechanical problems. 


NEWTON, Rita A.; Executive Secretary, Anna, 
Future Business Leaders of America, Southern 
Acres Social Board, Southern Acres Student 
Programming Board, Women's Co-ops, vice- 

NORMS, Alice J.; Medical Secretary, Streator. 

NORTON, J. Michael; Machine Tools, Peoria, 
VT1 Senator, Resident Fellow. 

OSBY, Harold W.; Dental Technology, Aurora. 

PARTRIDGE, Robert F.; Electronics, Rantoul. 
PASSE, James E. ; Machine Design, Chillicothe, 

American Institute for Design and Drafting, 

PETERSON, Maxcia M.; Executive Secretary, 

PETTY, Terry D. ; Mortuary Science, Forest City, 

Sigma Phi Sigma. 

PHILLIPPE, David P.; Machine Drafting. 

Champaign, American Institute for Design and 

Drafting, treasurer. 
QUIRAM, Michael C; Data Processing, Benson. 
REZNER. Sue E.; Dental Hygiene, Arlington 

RICHARDS. Mary J.; Dental Hygiene, Roekford, 

Junior Dental Hygienists Association. 

RIGG, Linda K. ; Executive Secretary, Mineral. 

ROMEO, Carman J.; Architecture, Elmhurst. 

ROSE, Gary L. ; Data Processing, Benton, Ac- 
counting Club, Delta Phi Kappa, president; 
Warren Hall, floor treasurer. 

ROSENTRETER, Richard C; Commercial Art, 

ROYSTON, Judith A.; Data Processing, St. 

Charles, Missouri; Delta Phi Kappa, secretary. 
RUHS, Karen E.; Commercial Art, Basco. 
SASS, Beverly A.; Data Processing, Hinsdale. 
SETTLE, Lawrence E. ; Electronics Technology, 


SEXTON, Judith E. ; Executive Secretary, Can- 

SHASHACK, Willard F.; Forest Products Tech- 
nology, Edwardsville. 

SMITH. Candace L. ; Electronic Data Processing, 
Springfield, Ohio 

SMITH, Floyd E.; Electronics, Tolono, VTI Elec- 
tronics Club, Southern Acres Education Board, 
Little Egypt Student Grotto. 


As the final gesture of the year, a dental hygiene 
graduate receives her cap in the spring ceremony. 


SMITH, Susan R.; Retailing, Chicago, Spring 
Festival Steering Committee. 

SMITH, Sylvia K.; Business Data Processing, 
Princeton, Delta Phi Kappa, VTI Student Ad- 
visory' Council. 

SOPRYCH, John J.; Electronics, Lombard. 

SOTER, Ruth L.; Medical Secretary, Glenview. 

SPANGLER, Linda K. ; Executive Secretary, 

SPIVEY, Linda L.; Executive Secretary, Eliza- 

SQUIRES, Leonard F.; Data Processing, Carter- 

ville. Data Processing Club. 
STASER, Janis S. ; Legal Secretary, Salem, Sigma 


STEFFEN, Russell N.; Forest Products Tech- 
nology, Altamont. 

STOUT, Judith A.; Business Data Processing, 

STROLE, Glenna J.; Legal Secretary, Newton, 
Sigma Kappa. 

SULLIVAN, Richard M.; Data Processing, 
Minonk, Data Processing Club. 

TARRO, Nancy M.; Legal Secretary, Elgin. 
THORNTON, Judy K.; Executive Secretary, 

URISH, John C. ; Electronics, Green Valley. 
WALTHES, Dan W.; Woodworking Technology, 


WEBSTER, Rosemary; Dental Hygiene, Hillside. 

WEIHMAN, Sharon A.; Dental Hygiene, Aurora, 
Freshman Class president, Graduating Class 
president; Junior Dental Hygienists Associa- 
tion, president. 

WEPPRECHT, Sharon E.; Cosmetology, Essex. 

WOOD, Willard G.; Electronics, Fairfield, 
Electronics Club. 

WRIGHT, James H.; Data Processing, Marengo, 
Data Processing Club. 

WRIGHT, Richard 0.; Electronics Technology, 

ZMUDA, Frank L.; Printing Technology, Chi- 

ZURKAMMER, Janet S.; Business Data Process- 
ing, Lincoln, Data Processing Club. 

second year vti students 


james neckers named great teacher at alumni banquet 

Wallace Pulliam, son of the late President Pul- 
liam, unveiled the portrait of his father. 

Celebrating its 70th anniversary, the Alumni 
Association met on June 11. The day began with 
coffee in Muckelroy Auditorium. Throughout the 
day, returning alumni registered and toured the 
campus. At 2 p.m., special dedication ceremonies 
were held for Pulliam Hall, the new name for Uni- 
versity School. The day proceeded with a luncheon 
and coffee hour. The highlight of the day, however, 
was the Alumni Banquet at which James Neckers, 
chairman of the Department of Chemistry for 36 
years prior to his resignation, received the Great 
Teacher Award which consists in part of a $1,000 
check. Maurice Clark, graduate of 1938, assumed 
the presidency of the Association. 

Chemistry professor James Neckers was awarded 
the Great Teacher Award, a $1,000 check. 

The widow of President Pulliam, Mrs. Mabel 
Sattgast, addressed guests during the afternoon 






Alumni returning for the reunion and banquet 
sat at tables denoting their graduation date. 

In installation ceremonies at the banquet, Maurice 
Clark assumed the presidency of the Association. 


graduate school adds 7 doctoral program 

Fall quarter revealed an enrollment of 2,400 stu- 
dents in the SIU Graduate School. In order to 
provide the vital study areas of the necessary high- 
er education and specializations, the Graduate School 
kept pace with the trends of increased graduate 
studies by furnishing better facilities and adding 
several programs. In keeping with this expansion, 
seven new doctoral departments were initiated with 
the National Defense Education Act. 

To encourage students to complete their educa- 
tion in the Graduate School after the standard four- 
year program, the Graduate School offered various 
forms of financial assistance. Graduate fellowships 
were competed for, while teaching assistantships, 
graduate assistantships and research assistantships 
were incorporated into the student's aid program. 

In his second year as dean, William E. Simeone 
heads the Graduate School on both SIU campuses. 


Surrounded by the equipment of his profession. 
Tommy Yau pursues work in microbiology. 


Graduate students is psychology utilize lab exper- 
iments to observe behavior and reaction patterns. 

Plant survival in a growth chamber is a field of 
study for graduate students in Plant Industries. 

Crime and Correction students investigate lay-out 
possibilities available to correctional libraries. 


nasa and nsf provide 
added research funds 

Through the dynamic growth of Southern Il- 
linois University, the Office of Research and Proj- 
ects has expanded yearly to keep in stride with 
the overall need for higher education through all 
phases of research. Every university department 
entered into some type of project or research 
through this office. Some projects were financed 
through the University or through the Southern 
Illinois University Foundation. However, 103 re- 
search projects were supported by funds up to $6 
million granted to the university by outside agencies 
in the past year. 

The Office of Research and Projects, together 
with the SIU Foundation, published the Research 
and Projects Review magazine. This Review is 
issued periodically to report on new developments 
in established projects and to inform the university 
on the background of new research areas. 

Dr. Philip Davis and assistant William McMahan adjust the 
tiltable turntable apparatus of Davis' research on the Study of 
Motion of Solid Centric Bodies in Viscous Fluid, a two-year 
study with a $9,500 grant from the National Science Foundation. 

Statistics and tabulations are compiled in the multi-county district 
study of Little Egypt by Dr. Donald Perry of the Business Research 
Bureau and Harlan Davis, graduate student in marketing. 

Dr. Ronald Hansen began his second year as the 
administrative director of Research and Projects. 

Dr. Jacob Verduin and a research assistant inspect an anemometer, 
a portion of equipment used in research on aquatic environment. 

Supported by a grant by the National Aeronautics and Space 
Administration, Dr. George Gass and Assistant Michael Nudd experi- 
ment with white rats in Dr. Gass's research of gastrointestinal tracts. | 79 

* i a 

Through outside grants, the Animal Industries Department of the 
School of Agriculture continues studies in swine and dairy nutrition. 

With a grant of $70,000, Dorothy Higgenbotham is pursuing an 
extensive study of the speech habits of Negro children. 

Under the directorship of Dr. Jo Ann Boydston, a research and pub- 
lication project on the total works of John Dewey, American philo- 
sopher-educator, is conducted with the help of the Hinman Collating 
Machine which detects text mistakes. 


every university department engages in research 

Graduate assistant Paul Robinson displays electronic scales and Philip J. Dark, professor of anthropology, left the SIU campus for 

model atomic structures used in Dr. Fang's mineral research. New Guinea to further his studies into the New Guinean cultures. 


rote lines up 500 
prospective officers 

Maintaining the average of graduating 40 sec- 
ond lieutenants per year, the Air Force Reserve 
Officers Training Corps held its enrollment to 500 
prospective officers. In its second year of voluntary 
programming, ROTC provided one quarter hour 
credit for an academic quarter of ROTC air sci- 
ence studies. 

Serving his first year at the head of ROTC was 
Colonel Edward C. Murphy, professor of aerospace 
studies. Under his direction, AFROTC continued 
to prepare men for service in the United States 
Air Force as commissioned officers. In the ROTC 
program, male students can become active members 
of the Arnold Air Society and be eligible for the 
Honor Guard, a cadet unit which serves at Univer- 
sity functions and gives performances. 

Classes in military science prepare men enrolled 
in the ROTC program to be commissioned officers. 

Precision alignment and faultless drilling are 
the results of hours of practice for the AFROTC. 


Laboratory tape facilities offer beginning French 
students a required refuge from classroom drills. 

8,500 enroll in general 
studies in fall quarter 

The General Studies program at SIU entered its 
third complete year of operation in 1966. Planned 
to provide students with a broad general informa- 
tion area as a base for a college degree, the Gen- 
eral Studies program requires ninety-six hours of 
general courses for undergraduates to supplement 
their major courses. Course studies ranged from 
biological sciences to music appreciation to phys- 
ical fitness. 

Enrollment in the GS area reached 8,500 during 
fall quarter. To handle the increasing number of 
students, thirty-four advisers were needed to counsel 
for program schedules while sectioning center was 
streamlined and mechanized for fast processing. 

Dean John W. Voigt and assistants Andrew Vaughan 
and Amos Black oversee General Studies systems. 

Serious contemplation on the night-or-Saturday de- 
cision faces the student at the sectioner's table. 


An artist's sketch represents the external view of 
an Interfaith Center scheduled for 1969 completion. 

siu foundation plans religion center 

Chartered by the State of Illinois in 1942, the 
Southern Illinois University Foundation served as 
a non-profit organization authorized to solicit and 
receive gifts to SIU for the advancement of scien- 
tific, literary and educational purposes. 

The Foundation sponsored twenty research pro- 
jects ranging from a Swine-O-Meter to an Isometric 
Exercise Series. The Foundation also works closely 
with the University Scholarship and Loans Com- 
mittee in the search for talented and needy stu- 
dents eligible for financial assistance. 

In the plans for the future, SIU Foundation 
projects the construction in 1969 of an Interfaith 
Center to cover all religions represented by SIU 
students. The SIU Foundation also continually 
works on the expansion of a permanent SIU art 
collection and additional traveling art exhibitions. 

Janet McCarthy of the Foundation Student Advisory Board 
reviews plans with Director Kenneth L. Miller. 


extension division serves area adult education 

The Extension Division based its year's activities 
on its two main functions: offering credit courses 
in towns and institutions in the Southern Illinois 
area and bearing the responsibility of the details 
involved in conducting all the workshops and con- 
ferences given bv academic departments at SIU. 

Teachers are sent over half the state area from 
Springfield to the southern state line offering 
classes for college credit. The division has pro- 
vided instructors for Menard State Penitentiary 
for ten years and offers prisoners a two-year col- 
lege program. The Extension Division plans all 
details for anv academic department scheduling 
conferences at SIU. The Extension Division super- 
vises the activities of 50,000 people at 300 meet- 
ings per vear. Andrew Marcec replaced Benson 
Poirier this year while Dr. Poirier is in Vietnam. 

Organizing campus conventions into efficient meet- 
ings is part of Extension Division's responsibility. 

Raymond H. Dey, dean of the division, offers the 
leadership for all the Extension's commitments. 

Former SIU Vice-President John Grinnell leads a Great Books 
class at Menard in an Extension Division service. 




begins the sixth year of course study 

Small classes and relaxed, informal discussion 
characterize the general outline for the four-year 
study in Plan "A". Students receive academic credit 
for participation in the Plan "A" curriculum. 

About 70 students were enrolled in the Plan "A" 
study area, which began in 1960. The students meet 
once a week to investigate many course areas 
planned to supplement the General Studies require- 

Freshmen study "The Nature of Man's Ethical 
Decisions," "Social Problems in America," and "The 
Nature of Science." In the sophomore year, students 
study Hebrew, Greek, and Roman culture. A look 
at the contemporary non-Western cultures is the 
program for the junior year, while seniors delve 
into the problems of a culture in transition. 

Penetrating discussions on assigned research and 
reading projects are held for Plan "A" students. 

A course study on "Man and Society" was pursued 
on the initial level of the Plan "A" curriculum. 


Suntan lotion is sprayed in quantities as protec- 
tion for children at Little Grassy summer camps. 

siu students counsel 
at little grassy camps 

Acres of densely wooded areas, open grassy 
fields, and a clear sparkling lake provide the setting 
for a summer of recreational therapy for many 
children at the 3,500 acres of outdoor laboratory 
at Little Grassy Camp. Normal children and mental- 
ly and physically handicapped children enjoy a 
summer residence program at Grassy which is 
divided into two camping areas. Little Giant Camp 
offers a six-week stay for children in the speech 
and hearing program. 

Supported by the United States Vocational Re- 
habilitation Administration, the National Informa- 
tion Center for Recreation for the Handicapped 
centers its headquarters on the Little Grassy grounds. 
The Center sponsors the Monthly News Ladder, a 
publication of 3.500 copies circulating the country 
that deals with recreation for the handicapped. 

A child's fascination in a leaf whistle exempli- 
fies capacities and interests of the retarded child. 

A tiring day ends with a reward for the counselor 
of the handicapped and retarded children's camps. 


international services launches program in nepal 

The International Services Division served for 
the fifth year in the technological training for the 
underdeveloped and underprivileged people in 
areas ranging from South Viet Nam to Africa to 
Afghanistan. Team teaching was set up by the 
International Services representatives, and schools 
and workshops were instituted for study and re- 

The Peace Corps contacted the International Serv- 
ices Division in 1965 for help in training people to 
serve in Southeast Asia. Training began then for 
additional volunteers in Guinea, and the University 
will soon have trained approximately 450 volunteers 
for educational service in the Peace Corps. 

The International Services program is under the 
new leadership of Director Oliver Caldwell. It has 
served as an effective intermediary in University 
relations to student foreign exchange programs. 

SIU education reaches throughout the world as Ni- 
gerian students return home as English teachers. 

An auto-shop class at the Afghanistan Institute of 
Technology is John Comer's SIU team assignment. 

Anthony W. Blass 

A. Frank Bridges 

Warren E. Buffum 

Clarence G. 

Frank J. Dusek 

Oliver K. Halderson 






University Staff 

Physical Plant 

Civil Defense 

Accounting Officer 

University Center 



coordinators carry out university policies 

William C. Hart 

Bill D. Hudgens 

R. Dean Isbell 





Services Division 


Dwight L. Kort Thomas L. Leffle 

Accounting Officer Security Officer 

William V. O'ConnelJ 
University Purchas- 
ing Officer 

Carlton F. Rasche 

R. Earl Tally 

Jack E. Simmons 

George A. Toberman 

Gene C. Turner 

Thomas J. Watson 




Purchasing Officer 

Civil Service 


Enterprises Man- 

Officer (Carbon- 

Personnel Director 




James A. Aaron 

Frank C. Adams 

Ralph R. Bedwell 

Albert W. Bork 

Rove R. Br>'ant 


Programs Director 




Safety Center 

Student Work and 

Small Business 

Latin American 

Placement Service 

Financial Assistance 



siu directors supervise 
institutes and services 

Walter H. Clarke 
Health Service 


H. Gene Dybvig 
University Broad- 
casting Services 

Charles Matthews 

Center for Crime 
and Correction 

Alden M. Hall 
Clinical Center 

John M. McDormolt 


Labor Institute 

William I). Jus 

SIU Arena 

Robert A. 

Registrar and 
Director of 

John C. Kelley 




Robert J. Kibler 
Head, Educational 
Research Bureau 

Robert Odaneill 
Alumni Service 

William Lyons 
Information Service 

Loretta K. Ott 
Assistant to Dean 
Student Affairs 

> "N 

^B***-" ; . 

Frank R. Paine 
Program Director 
Film Productions 

Gene Parkhill 


Central Publications 

Carl M. Planinc 
Instructional Television 

Thomas D. Purcell 


Data Processing and 

Computer Center 

Guy Renzaglia 

Samuel Rinella 
Coordinator, Housing 
Business Services 

C. Gene Siebert 
Airport Manager 

Vernon Sternberg 
University Press 

Robert W. Stokes 
Division Chief 
Photographic Service 

Richard Thomas 





Marion B. Treece 
Student Work and 
Financial Assistance 

Joseph F. Zaleski 
Assistant, Dean 
of Students 

An infallible check on working hours, a time clock 
is a parting gesture of the student worker's day. 

nothing great was ever 

achieved without 


the way of life is 

wonderful; it 

is by abandonment. 

the activities 



John Vernon, new SIU record holder in the triple 
jump, was also a point getter in the broad jump. 


thinclads tromp kansas 
for biggest siu victory 

Coach Lew Hartzog termed the 1966 track team 
"the best one Southern's ever had." Led by such 
standouts as Oscar Moore, George Woods, and John 
Vernon the Saluki tracksters overpowered Kansas, 
a major track power, in a dual meet and dominated 
the Florida Relays. Although team totals were not 
kept, the team made good showings in the Kansas 
and Drake Relays. Southern swept over Florida 
State and Murray State, losing only to Florida, 74 
to 71, in dual meets. Hartzog believed that except 
for injuries to Moore and Vernon SIU might have 
taken second in the NCAA championship but wound 
up 16th. Team tri-captains for 1966 were Gary 
Carr. Tom Ashman, and Jerry Fendrich. 

Olympic runner Oscar Moore broke three existing 
SIU long distance marks in the 1966 season. 

The mile relay team composed of Robin Coventry, Ross MacKenzie, 
Jerry Fendrich and Gary Carr ran a 3:09.4 for its best time. 


FRONT ROW: Darrell Stein. John Trowbridge, Oscar Moore, Al Ackman, Frank Whitman, 

Rich Ellison, Jeff Duxbury. 

SECOND ROW: Lew Hartzog, coach; Robin Coventry, Gary Carr, Jerry Fendrich, Dale 

Gardner, John Vernon, John Celuch, Joe Beachell, Bill Cornel], assistant coach. 

THIRD ROW: George Woods, Mitch Livingston, Tom Ashman, Joe Janezic, Jack Leydig, 

Ian Sharpe, Ross McKenzie, Ron Ross. 

1966 Track Results 

Tom Ashman 
Joe Beachell 
Gary Carr 
Mitch Livingston 
Ross MacKenzie 
Oscar Moore 

Ian Sharpe 
John Vernon 
George Woods 

Best Performance of Season 
6'8%" high jump* 
214'5" javelin* 

:45.9 leg of mile relay 
6'8" high jump 

:47.4 leg of mile relay 

4:03.8 mile 
8:41.9 two mile* 
13. 29.8 three mile* 
28:26.1 six mile* 

23'8 1 / 4" long jump 

51'7" triple jump* 

62'2%" shot put* 
161'5" discus* 

new SIU record 

The drive and determination of Coach Lew Hartzog 
have given SIU many successful track campaigns. 


cross-country gains seventh in national meet 


"The '66 team is the best cross-country team 
we've ever had here," said Coach Lew Hartzog as 
he summed up the season. Although the 3-3-1 dual 
meet record is rather unimpressive the Saluki show- 
ing of seventh in the NCAA Championships and 
fourth in the USTFF Championships points out a 
really strong team. A first place finish over seven 
schools in the Kansas Invitational and fourth in 
the Central Collegiates also tells an impressive story. 

One disappointing loss was to Kansas when a mix 
up as to the location of the finish led to a one- 
point defeat. Olympian Oscar Moore led the team 
composed of Jeff Duxbury, Al Ackman, Dave Chis- 
holm, Jim Charvat, and Rich Blatchford. 

Runners Jeff Duxbury and Dave Chisholm provided 
some good depth for Coach Lew Hartzog's '66 team. 

1 966 Season Record 

S1U Opp. 

24 Miami of Ohio 33 

28 DePaul 28 

23 Kansas State 32 

28 Kansas 29 

47 Southeast Missouri 19 

34 University of Illinois 21 

Two-man Ten-mile Relay win over Kentucky 

Kansas Invitational 1st 

Central Collegiates 4th 

NCAA Championships 7th 

USTFF Championships 4th 

(Record 3-3-1) 

Oscar Moore exchanges the baton with AI Ackman in 
SIU's Two-man Ten-mile Relay victory from Kentucky. 

Russ Keene, subbing for the regular first baseman 
Hollister Sandstead, stretches for a close call. 



lutz injects sparkle into saluki baseball 

Under the leadership of new varsity - baseball 
coach, Joe Lutz, Southern added an innovation to 
college baseball. Seven pretty coeds called Batgirls 
publicized and popularized the Saluki diamond 
squad. On their early spring trip South, the Salukis 
were 5 won and 8 lost. Leading the team on to a 
27-19 season were top hitters Rich Collins at .343 
and Jerry Evans with .298. Don Kirkland with a 
7-3 record and a 3.33 ERA as well as Jim Panther 
with a 6-3 record and a 1.18 ERA were the top 
hurlers. Most valuable player Kirkland was drafted 
by the Giants and Panther went to the Athletics. 
Captain for the Salukis was senior Bob Bernstein. 
In the University Division of the NCAA Southern 
was defeated by Western Michigan and Valparaiso 
eliminating SIU from the playoffs. It was the first 
year for SIU in the L-niversity Division. During 
the summer. Southern's team, composed of mostly 
underclassmen, compiled a 10-9 record. 

Coach Joe Lutz instructs Batgirls Jean Rainwater, 
Donna Friebase, Debbie Teigh, and Kate Henschen. 

Captain Bob Bernstein smashes in top hurler Don 
Kirkland from third when another run was needed. 


siu diamond squad totals 27-19 season record 

Shortstop Steve Krelle connects with a line shot 
to left and one more hit toward a .226 average. 


FRONT ROW: George Toler. Wayne Sramek, Robert Warren, Robert Bandor, Robert Bernstein, 
Don Kirkland, Richard Collins, Larry Schaake, Jerry Evans, Gene Hanson. 

SECOND ROW : Joe Lutz, coach ; Howard Nickason, James Panther, Paul Pavesich, Ed Driscoll, 
George Poe, Hollaster Sandstead, Russel Keene, Bill Liskey, John Lyle, John Finney, Steve 
Krelle, Gene Weber. 




1966 Season Record 

Opp. SIU 

St. Edwards University 5 

Sul Ross College 5 11 

Randolph AFB 7 5 

Pan American 6 5 

Fort Sam Houston 6 

Randolph AFB 7 2 

Trinity University 2 3 

Sam Houston State 7 11 

Baylor 8 7 

St. Mary's 1 5 

Texas Lutheran 5 7 

Fort Sam Houston 2 3 

Fort Sam Houston 1 2 

Memphis State 3 8 

Memphis State 2 

Central Michigan 17 4 

Central Michigan 

Tulsa 2 



Moorhead 1 

St. Joseph's 1 





(Record 27-19) 


Arkansas State 1 

Arkansas State 3 

Quincy College 

Central Missouri State 1 

Central Missouri State 2 

Southeast Missouri State 3 

Southeast Missouri State 2 


Arkansas .' 

Kentucky Wesleyan 10 

Kentucky Wesleyan 

St. Louis University 

St. Louis University 4 

Illinois College 3 

Parsons College 4 

Parsons College 8 

Parsons College 4 

University of Illinois 4 

University of Pittsburgh 1 

University of Pittsburgh 


Western Michigan 18 

Valparaiso 4 


FRONT ROW: L. E. Holder, coach; Tom Muehleman, captain; Jack Downey, Phil Stamison, 
Gary Robinson, Stephen Heckel. 

SECOND ROW: David Wargo, Dennis Kortkamp, Stephen Soldwedel, Terry Rohlfing, Robert 
Armour, Jim Schonoff, John White, Stephen Coale. 

1966 Season Record 

SIU Opp. 

123/, Tulane 131/, 

lll/o Tulane 15% 

8% Southern Mississippi 18% 

12% Southern Mississippi 14% 

12% Murray State 14% 

16 Washington (St. Louis) 2 

8% Southeast Missouri 9% 

14% St. Louis University 3% 

812 Wisconsin 754 

Illinois 799 

13% Southeast Missouri 9% 

306 Washington (St. Louis) 314 

William Jewell 331 

18 St. Louis University 6 

756 Notre Dame 734 

Toledo 756 

Central Michigan 797 

Springfield (Mo.) Collegiate Invitational 

606 Murray State 607 

Southwestern 614 

Lincoln 615 

Southwest Missouri 615 

Central Missouri 636 

William Jewell 655 

(Record 13-9-1) 

Gary Robinson shows the form that gave him the 
most valuable player award with a 13-8-1 record. 


siu linksmen chalk up 
a 13-9-1 season tally 

The high point of the 1966 SIU golf season was 
the winning of the Springfield (Missouri) Collegiate 
Invitational Tournament. Coach L. E. Holder was 
proud of his "young underclass team" as it defeated 
many of the good Midwest golf teams in the tourna- 
ment. Southern also faced such big powers as Wis- 
consin, Illinois, and Notre Dame in recording a 
13-9-1 season. The home course record since 1956 
is an impressive 63-3-1. Most valuable player Gary 
Robinson led the team with a 72.2 stroke average. 
Jim Schonoff also shot a 72.2 followed by Tom 
Muehleman and Jack Downey with 74.4 averages. 
Steve Heckel (77.6) and Steve Coale (78.8) rounded 
out the six-member team and helped produce a 
solid average score for the year. 

Walking to his next iron shot is Jim Schonoff who 
had a 15-8 persona] record, one of the team's best. 

Tom Muehhnan, 1966 team captain, blasts down 
the fairway towards the green and a 10-8-3 record. 


Number two man Jose Villarete from the Philippines 
powers another blazing serve to ace his opponent. 

siu netmen bag 1 7-4 
record with big wins 

Southern dropped two tennis matches early in 
the season on the spring tour through the South. 
Both losses came as SIU was just getting in shape 
for the coming season. The Saluki netmen went on 
to post a 17-4 season record. Many of the wins 
were over Big Ten schools such as Northwestern, 
Indiana, and Wisconsin. Other important victories 
came over Yale and Missouri Valley champ, Wichita 
State. Mike Sprengelmeyer filled the number one 
position followed by Thad Ferguson and Jose Vil- 
larete. Other members included Al Pena, John Yang, 
and Lothar Hansen who took Joe Brandi's place in 
mid-season. A three-way tie with Notre Dame and 
Brigham Young in the NCAA championships gave 
the SIU netmen a piece of 15th place in 1966. 

Left to right: Jose Villarete, That) Ferguson, Mike Sprengel- 
meyer, Coach John Lefevre, Al Pena, Joe Brandi, John Yang. 


Mike Sprengelmeyer shows the fierce concentration 
and determination that earned him a 13-8 record. 

1966 Season Record 





U. of South 1 

Georgia Tech 7 

Yale University 4 

Miami (Flai) 7 



Murray State 4 

Wisconsin State 


Indiana 1 

Northwestern 2 


Minnesota 3 

Notre Dame 6 

Depauw 3 

Arkansas 1 

Western Michigan 3 

Oklahoma State 3 

Bradley 1 

Wichita State 1 

Notre Dame 5 

(Record 17-4) 

Singles Won 

Mike Sprengelmeyer 13 

Jose Villarete 18 

Al Pena 19 

Thad Ferguson 14 

John Yang 19 

Lothar Hansen 

Joe Brandi 7 

Doubles Won 

Sprengelmeyer- Villarete 15 

Pena-Ferguson 7 

Yang-Ferguson 8 

Pena-Brandi 8 










athletic department men give a little extra 

Robert "Doc" Spackman is a pioneer in the field 
of isometric exercise machines. Along with the help 
of Marvin Johnson, assistant professor of technol- 
ogy, they have invented and patented seven isomet- 
ric devices. One of these devices is an isometric leg 
exerciser which is designed for more than 30 exer- 
cises. This leg exerciser, along with Spackman's 
other inventions, is used in every sport at SIU for 
the conditioning and rehabilitation of athletes. In 
addition to these inventions, "Doc" Spackman has 
written several books including Tivo Man Isometric 
Exercises for the Whole Body. 

Spackman and his four student assistants take 
care of all injuries received during games and prac- 
tice sessions for all SIU athletic teams. Spackman 
considers working with young people rewarding 
as they "bounce back" quickly from injuries. 

Glenn "Abe" Martin, head of Southern's intra- 
mural sports program, was named to the National 
Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Baseball Hall 
of Fame in 1966. In 1958 he was named to the 
NAIA's Baseball Hall of Fame and is one of a few 
coaches in the country to belong to more than one 
hall of fame. "Abe" was coach of the Saluki dia- 
mond squad for over 27 years. Martin started as 
football coach in 1938 only to follow this by be- 
coming head basketball coach from 1943-46. The 
1946 team was NAIA champion. While coaching 
basketball, and until 1953, Martin was Southern's 
athletic director. When a student at Southern, 
Martin, as captain of his football team, led 
the team to an undefeated season in 1930. He 
went on to play halfback for the Chicago Cardinals, 
then in Chicago. Presently the direction of campus 
recreation facilities and the vast intramural sports 
program call on Martin's broad background. 


rainsberger's first year brings 4-5-1 season 

New this year at Southern is head football coach 
Ellis Rainsberger. An East Alton native, he was 
defensive coach for the University of Kansas in 
1965 after three years as head coach at Washburn 
University in Topeka, Kansas. A graduate of Kansas 
State, Rainsberger was an All-Big Eight guard there 
in 1956 and 1957. Further honors include being 
named to the Academic All-American football squad. 

A strong Saluki defense helped give the visitors 
from Wichita State a shocker of defeat 17 to 7. 


1966 Season Record 

SW Opp. 

17 Wichita State 7 

7 Louisville 16 

7 Drake 30 

21 Youngstown 21 

30 State College of Iowa 7 

6 North Texas 53 

31 East Carolina 13 

Northern Michigan 34 

14 Ball State 15 

19 Southwest Missouri 

Record 1-5-1 

Defensive standout Carl Mauck holds on as mighty 
Willie Wilkerson charges in to put the clamps on. 


Charging Roger Kuba is spilled by the front 
wall of East Carolina in a thrilling 31-13 SIU 


Fullback Hill Williams is upended as he gains 
some of the yards that put him second rusher. 


Tom Massey, who caught 27 passes for 350 yards, 
battles in the Shrine Game against Louisville. 

grid gang turns in good 
record while rebuilding 

What had been figured to be a rebuilding year 
for Saluki football turned into a surprising season. 
After two disappointing 2-8 seasons for the Salukis, 
new SIU coach Ellis Rainsberger stepped in and 
guided the gridiron gang to a 1-5-1 season. The 
home opener was an exciting win over Wichita 
State 17-7. The lights went out on McAndrew Sta- 
dium and on the Salukis as they lost to Louisville 
16-7 and then to Drake 30-7 at Des Moines. South- 
ern fought back to tie Youngstown 21-21 and won 
on the road against State College of Iowa 30-7. 
The Salukis dragged humbly home after a 53-6 
rout by North Texas. 

Happiness was a thrilling trounce of East Caro- 
lina 31-13 to crown Homecoming weekend and 
give Southern its first Homecoming win since 196-1. 
It was a cold dav in the North, however, when 
SIU was snowed under by Northern Michigan 34-0. 
Proud parents were on hand to watch Ball State 
squeak out a 15-14 Parents' Day win. The season 
ended in fine style as the Salukis blanked the 
Southwest Missouri Bears by a 19-0 margin amid 
cheers of "We've got a football team!" 


■'f : ' 




V • 6 U M 1 

FRONT ROW: Chip Marlow, Bobby Roberto, Isaac Brigham, John 
Ference, Willie Wilkerson, Charles Koressel, Larry Wolfe, Ralph 
Galloway, Dave Cronin, Bill Hohs, Terry Cotham, Gus Heath. 
SECOND ROW: Graduate Assistants, Bob Noblitt and Larry Blixt; 
Larry Cox, Bill Blanchard, Larry Handy, Carl Mauck, Sam Holden, 
Craig Whitlock, Gerry Geisel, Tom Kobza, Ted Schooch, Rich Joyce, 
Greg Johnson, Jim Anderson, Charles Pemberton, Head Coach, Ellis 

Rainsberger. THIRD ROW: Graduate Assistants, Laurel Gannan 
and Bernie Schnitt; Bill Buzard, Hill Williams, Norm Johnson, Doug 
Mougey, Wayne Thames, Wally Agnew, Gene Pace, John Eliasik, 
Eddie Richards, Keith Leigh, Roger Kuba, Tim Kelley, Tom Wirth, 
Bill Sarders, Jim Cordill, Barcley Allen, Bruce Rowe, Joe Bunge, 
Frosh Coach, Joe Lutz, Line Coach, Pat Naughton, Backfield Coach, 
Dick Towers. 

final statistics show balanced attack 

SIU's leading rusher, halfback Charles Pemberton, 
recorded a final average of 4.6 yards per carry. 


Roger Kuba not only was a leading rusher with 336 
yards but he also caught 18 passes for 196 yards. 

In the final statistics department quarterback 
Wally Agnew passed for 620 yards and three TD's. 
After Agnew was injured. Doug Mougey threw 
for 387 yards and two touchdowns. Charles Pent- 
berton led scoring with 36 points and was leading 
rusher with 647 yards. John Ference and Tom Mas- 
sey each caught 27 passes. Barcley Allen was an 
outstanding punter with a 38.9 yard average. 

Injuries plagued Southern's 1966 season and 
Rainsberger was forced to rely heavily on under- 
classmen. Final statistics do not tell how these un- 
tested players performed like veterans on the field. 

Sophomore defensive back Larry Cox charges in to 
smear Ball State's Amos VanPelt on Parents' Day. 


Cheerleader Janice Ockerby and human Saluki 
John Rush concentrate on the No. 1 Salukis. 

southern spirit mixes 
tradition and vitality 

Southern spirit is a spirit that is full of the 
tradition of yesterday but spiced with the forward- 
looking enthusiasm of a small college transformed 
into an expanding university. To further this spirit 
the maroon and white clad cheerleaders lead SIU's 
athletic teams on to the success they enjoy. "We're 
number one" seems to be a popular cheerleader 

The Saluki dog, SIU's mascot, is a descendant 
of an Egyptian bred dog renowned for its speed and 
endurance. It is the oldest pure breed in the world 
dating back to 3600 B.C. Present at most athletic 
contests the regal Salukis provide much of the 
tradition of Southern's spirit. 

The human Saluki. John Rush, brings the house 
down with his antics and acrobatics. Whether it's 
conning the refs or teasing the band, John adds an- 
other push to Southern's spirit and success. 

SIU CHEERLEADERS: left to right, Skip Ray, Janice Ockerby, 
Mary Jack Gilbreath, Beverly Karraker, Don Miller Gayle Nielsen, 
Bonnie Becks, Yolonda Kneeland, John Kaforski. 


Southern's two Saluki dogs exchange a few words 
of encouragement in their native Egyptian tongue. 

The forward look of the Saluki combines with its 
long lineage to create a distinctive, regal mascot. 


saluki bandsmen travel 
to amuse pigskin fans 

In a blaze of red, black, and scotch plaid SIU's 
ultra-modern version of gridiron entertainers snap 
into their half-time stage show with a Latin beat. 
The Marching Salukis gained national recognition 
with their intricate routines and catchy arrangements 
in the fall when they performed before a crowd 
of 50,000 and millions more on coast-to-coast TV 
at the Chicago Bear-St. Louis Cardinal game in St. 
Louis. The sparkling performance of the girl twirl- 
ers added a certain flair to the all male aggregation. 
Nine hours a day at band camp before school starts 
are spent preparing for the season. Touring with 
the football team, the band played at the South- 
west Missouri-SIU game. The Marching Salukis 
appeared as a guest exhibition band at the Vin- 
cennes University Band Festival. The "walking 
musicians" selected a mascot this year — a dog, 
which the band aptly named Beethoven. 

In brilliant scotch plaid the percussion section Appearing in the new Busch Memorial Stadium the 

on wheels adds a unique beat to any arrangement. band received raves from throughout the country. 


SALUKI TWIRLERS: Cheryl Mifflin, Dee Park, 
Johnny Belle Blake, Marge Beleckis, head twirler; 
Lynda Von Kriegsfield. Cindy Nolen. 

The black dinner-jacketed section of the Marching 
Salukis marks time during a dazzling performance. 


intramural program strives for varied recreation 

Intramural bowling leagues are organized every 
quarter utilizing the University Center lanes. 

Southern not only has a famed intercollegiate 
sports program but it also has an active and 
growing intramural athletic program. The program, 
headed by Glenn "Abe" Martin, provides the rec- 
reation necessary for good health and companion- 
ship for close to 8.500 men students. With an esti- 
mated 5% increase in participation this year the 
overall program includes about 1800 in flag foot- 
ball and nearlv 2000 in the basketball league. New 
to the 17-sport program this year, with the addition 
of the outside handball courts, is competition in 
handball. Last spring the Persian Eagles of the In- 
dependent League won the volleyball title while 
a team from University Park edged the track and 
field title. The 12" Softball title went to the Alkies 
and the 16" champs were the Dephers both of 
the Independent League. The Rejects won flag 
football and Phi Kappa Tau gained the wrestling 
title. The badminton tourney was won by Robert 
Smith and C. P. Harding swept the hole-in-one golf. 


A red-dog attack used like pro teams leaves this high 
throwing intramural passer with a forced sling. 

Weight lifting, on both the individual and team 
level, is a powerful, strenuous spring activity. 


articipation shoots to 8500 

■ i* » " 

In the spring at SIU a young man's fancy turns to 
baseball in 12 and 16-inch Softball league play. 

Badminton totaled 35 participants this year and 
is another of the 17 sports in the varied program. 


An intramural swimming meet in January pitted 
student swimmers and divers against one another. 

The most popular student sport at Southern is the 
quick and demanding play of intramural basketball. 


AU-Amercian Walt Frazier and Saluki center Ralph 
Johnson battle on the boards against Louisville. 

Southern's Chuck Benson tries in vain to block 
the shot of Kentucky Wesleyan's Sam Smith. 


cagers conquer many major, highly rated opponents 

Butch Wade of Indiana State grabs one of the few 
rebounds not pulled in by Frazier or Benson. 

Sophomore forward Dick Garrett had a sharp eye 
for the bucket with poise and hounding defense. 

The Saluki cage squad was the conqueror of 
many basketball powers this season. The St. Louis 
Billikins were the first to succumb to Southern's 
sticky defense. Balanced scoring saw the Salukis 
win, going away with a 69-59 victory. SIU traveled 
to Louisville to challenge the No. 2 ranked 
Cardinals. Walt Frazier dumped in 26 points and 
defender, renowned Clarence Smith, held highly 
rated Butch Beard to 9 points, but SIU lost in a 
heart-breaking double overtime. Southern handled 
State College of Iowa. Kansas State at Emporia 
and Augustana in fine fashion before going to the 
Sun Bowl Tourney during Christmas break. The 
Salukis outmaneuvered the 1966 major college 
champ. Texas Western, with the help of Johnson's 
22 points but were edged by the hot Mustangs of 
Southern Methodist who won the tourney. Next 
came Indiana State at home and arch rival Evans- 
ville was easy prey as the Aces went down 55 to 
H in Roberts Stadium in Evansville. 

Sophomore jumping ace, Chuck Benson of Atlanta, 
Ga., out-positions Augustana Viking center. 


FRONT ROW: Ed Zastrow, Craig Taylor, Willie Griffin, Rich 
Brueckner, Chuck Benson, Roger Bechtold, Creston Whitaker, Bobby 
Jackson. SECOND ROW: Jack Hartman, coach; George Iubelt, as- 
sistant; Walt Frazier, Jay Westcott, Ralph Johnson, Rick Millis, 
Clarence Smith, Dick Garrett, Joe Ramsey, freshman assistant; Jim 
Smelser, freshman coach. 

salukis win 1 5 in row; 
29 straight in arena 

The 1967 Saluki basketball team won 15 con- 
secutive games in regular season play to set a new 
school record. The previous high was 12 set in 
1917-18. It was the third consecutive season that 
Coach Hartman's team has won 20 or more games. 
In the Arena the basketball Salukis have run up 
a tally of 29 successive wins, losing only one 
at home. This year the team averaged 70.7 points 
per game while limiting opponents to a mere 57.3 
average. The 1967 regular season's record of 20-2 
— the best in history — was marred by a two-point 
loss to Southern Methodist and 70-66 double over- 
time defeat by Louisville later avenged. 

Coach Jack Hartman applauds and 

tough defense while guiding the team with firm hands 


siu cagers shoot down 
giants for 20-2 mark 

Leap frog? No! Lost the ball? No! Where's Ralph 
Johnson's contact lens? Finders keepers, Ralph! 

Scrappy guard Ed Zastrow reaches in to help Walt 
as the "Big C" is poised to spring in if needed. 


"Jack's Giant Killers" swept through the second 
half of the season plunging many highly-rated 
teams down the drain. A packed Arena saw a 
thrilling 53-50 Saluki victory over the nation's 
second ranked team, Louisville. Little Ail-American 
Walt Frazier sparkled with clutch play in the clos- 
ing minutes as Louisville succumbed and the fans 
went wild. Frazier's heroics pulled the Salukis out 
of the fire against SW Missouri to preserve a one- 
point victory. A squeaker over Kentucky Wesleyan 
put the Salukis in an undisputed lead in small col- 
lege polls in January. Romping victories came 
over teams like Wichita, Washington and Evans- 
ville before the Kentucky Weslevan Panthers went 
down in the Arena, 52 to 46, to a sellout crowd. SIU 
proved its prowess at home over SW Missouri with 
a 93-66 win. Ending with a 20-2 record and lead- 
ing in both wire service college polls the Salukis 
accepted a bid to the NIT in New York. 

Defensive pillar Clar 
backboard while driv 

"C" Smith climbs the 
in hard for the lay-up. 

The two Saluki captains, Frazier and Johnson, get 
good position as they team to snare the rebound. 

1967 Season Record 

S1U Opp. 

93 State College of Iowa 58 

69 St. Louis University 59 

66 Louisville (2-OT) 70 

85 Kansas State of Emporia 57 

80 Augustana 64 

72 Indiana State 69 

55 Evansville 41 

53 Louisville 50 

50 Southwest Missouri 49 

52 Kentucky Wesleyan 51 

77 Wichita State 55 

58 Abilene Christian 55 

77 Steubenville 46 

79 Chattanooga 56 

79 Centenary 63 

79 Washington (St. L.) 68 

85 Northern Michigan 64 

80 Evansville 53 

52 Kentucky Wesleyan 46 

93 Southwest Missouri 66 

Sun Bowl Tourney 

59 Texas Western 54 

64 Southern Methodist 66 

/ R„„ — A oa q \ 


Captains Johnson and Frazier show the NIT trophy, 
the result of coaching, coolness and capability. 

cagers cop nit classic 
proving their prowess 

The Saluki cagers passed up a probable NCAA 
small college title in 1967 to venture into the big- 
time world of the National Invitational Tourney. 
The Salukis, virtually unheard of in the East, made 
their presence immediately felt as they smothered 
St. Peter's, 103-58, in their debut. It was the widest 
winning margin in the 30-year history of the NIT 
as Dick Garrett (28 points) and fabulous Walt 
Frazier led the team and all players saw action. 
SIU continued its winning ways as it downed dan- 
gerous Duke. 72-63. Neither team could control a 
lead until after the early stages of the second half 
when the Salukis shook the Blue Devils' composure. 
Balanced scoring came from Ralph Johnson, Frazier 
and Garrett. 

To gain the finals SIU had to overcome a hot 
Rutgers first half. Rutgers shot 60 per cent and took 
a 44-36 lead to the dressing room. Discipline and 
desire brought Southern back to earn a 79-70 going- 
away victory. Southern met Marquette in the NIT 
finals as many SIU students watched on national 
TV. The dark defeat clouds surrounded SIU as 
Marquette held a 34-23 cushion at intermission. 
Southern came back with a demanding defense and 
most valuable tourney player. Walt Frazier, to blow 
out Marquette, 71-56. No more are the Salukis 
killers of giants. They're giants themselves, 

Clarence Smith shows his moves in the finals of 
the NIT as the Marquette players stare in pain. 

Two outstanding freshman players, Bruce Butchko 
and Juarez Rosborough, hit the boards fiercely. 

frosh cagers 1 0-6; 
produce future talents 

The Saluki frosh cut down a few giants of their 
own as they recorded a 10-6 year and produced the 
talent that SIU depends on for future success. Most 
outstanding was 6'7" Bruce Butchko who broke 
Walt Frazier"s freshman scoring record. Other 
future talent can be found in Juarez Rosborough. a 
prolific rebounder. and Rex Barker the team's court 
general and outside shooter. Bill Steppe. Mike Dix- 
on and Charlie Hughes also gained some college 
experience. Impressive victories were chalked up 
over Louisville. Washington University. Bradley 
and St. Louis Baptist. 

1967 Season Record 

SIU Opp. 

65 St. Louis University 78 

60 Louisville 58 

92 Belleville JC 73 

61 St. Louis Baptist 57 

58 Evansville 76 

94 Louisville 68 

46 Kentucky Wesleyan 48 

58 Mineral Area JC 72 

89 Tennessee (Martin Branch) 79 

77 Mt. Vernon JC (OT) 71 

81 Washington University 54 

74 Meramec JC 65 

70 Evansville 74 

100 Bradley 73 

65 Kentucky Wesleyan 56 

65 St. Louis University 78 

(record 10-6) 

FRONT ROW: Gary Johnson, Buster Chumbley, Mike Dixon. Rex 
Barker, Frank Johnson, Ken Gregory. SECOND ROW: Jim Smelser, 
coach; Tom Anderson, Juarez Rosborough, Butch Butchko, Bill 
Steppe, Art Ferguson, Joe Ramsey, assistant coach. 


SIU's proud and happy team climbs to the winner's 
blocks to reign as 1967 NCAA gymnastics champs. 

Ron Harstad works on the parallel bars in which 
he took fifth place in the NCAA individual class. 


saluki gymnasts sweep second straight ncaa title 

SIU is the basketball capital of the nation! No, 
SIU is the gymnastic capital of the nation! Stop! 
You're both right. SIU is two capitals in one. With 
the winning of the second consecutive men's NCAA 
gymnastic title and the third in four years South- 
ern can qualify for the gymnastic capital. Scoring 
180.55 points the Salukis edged out Michigan with 
187. 10 and Iowa with 186.90. The only individual 
title went to Paul Mayer in the long horse. Mayer 
also sparked the comeback effort that enabled the 
Salukis to take the team title with much help from 
teammates Fred Dennis. Rick Tucker. Joe Poliz- 
zano. and Larry Lindauer. Ron Harstad earned 
a fifth in the parallel bars and Tucker placed fifth 
in the high bar. The team sorely missed team lead- 
er Frank Schmitz who was killed in a plane wreck 
last summer. SIL's gymnasts recorded 59 consecu- 
tive dual wins while completing their fifth straight 
undefeated season for 1966-67. 

Paul Mayer copped individual honors in the long 
horse and helped to spark a NCAA team victory. 

Caught perpendicular during a routine in floor 
exercise is Saluki co-captain Steve Whitlock. 



FRONT ROW: (kneeling) Rick Tucker, co-captain; Bill 
Meade, coach; Steve Whitlock, co-captain. SECOND 
ROW: (standing) Dale Hardt, Mike Boegler, Ron Harstad, 
Joe Dupree, Jim Gibson, Wayne Borkowski, Paul Mayer, 
Hutch Dvorak, Tom Seward, Allen Alexander, Larry Lin- 
dauer, Fred Dennis, Pete Hemmerling, Skip Ray, Joe Poliz- 
zano, Gene Kelber, Jack Hultz. 

1967 Season Record 

SlU Opp. 

188.30 Iowa 184.60 

190.30 Iowa State 188.50 

190.90 Michigan State .' 190.25 

180.55 Mankato State 160.05 

192.75 Colorado 178.40 

189.30 Arizona 186.20 

195.20 Arizona State 184.10 

190.40 Louisiana State 166.90 

189.85 Oklahoma '. . 148.75 

188.85 Air Force Academy 177.45 

192.85 Indiana State 138.80 

Midwest Open — 13 qualifiers, 1 first, 2 seconds; 
Colorado Invitational — won with six firsts; Iowa 
Invitational — no team points recorded. 
(Record 11-0) 

Coach Bill Meade plays humorist-announcer at 
home events while producing champion teams. 


balance and depth 
men's gymnastics tops 

A camera in the top of the Arena catches SIU's 
Rick Tucker in the midst of a trampoline routine. 

Strength with grace and skill make gymnast Fred 
Dennis a valuable performer in the still rings. 


women gymnasts win title undefeated 

A team loaded with All-Americans gave South- 
ern its fourth consecutive women's gymnastics 
championship this year. Prior to winning the Col- 
legiate Championship in the Arena in April the 
girl gymnasts recorded another undefeated season 
to up their total mark to 39-0. Southern sent indi- 
viduals to the North American Championships and 
the Pan American Games tryouts. This year the 
toughest competition came from last year's collegiate 
runners-up, Centenarv, and the Oklahoma twisters. 
The team also conducted a gymnastic clinic in 
Colorado during a trip westward. 

All-American gymnast Man- Ellen Toth, a junior, 
leaps high during a free exercise competition. 

1967 Season Record 

S1U Opp. 

144.78 Oklahoma Twisters 137.29 

141.46 Centenary 139.895 

145.06 Phillips '66 138.76 

142.23 Oklahoma Twisters 139.10 

202.25 New Mexico 86.45 

202.25 Washington 187.45 

1967 Collegiate Champions 

National AAl Champions 

Kent Open — won by 67 points 

Flint National Invitational — won by 55 

World trampoline champ Judy Wills and runnerup 
Nancy Smith give a synchronized exhibition. 

Canadian Gail Daley makes a good comebaek effort 
in the uneven parallel bars after a knee injury". 

Coach Herb Vogel gives constructive criticism to 
veteran Janis Dunham and sophomore Linda Scott. 

Honorary team captain Donna Schaenzer flys off 
the spring board to make a vault off the horse. 


SIU's wrestling mentor, Jim Wilkinson, booms 
a word of powerful advice during a meet. 

At 167 pounds Joe Domko had 18 big wins and 
was named to the East team of the All-Stars. 

matmen record 1 2-5; 
strong team effort 

Coach Jim Wilkinson was "quite proud of the 
team effort" put forth by the wrestling squad. The 
team had 12 wins against 5 losses in dual meets with 
some of the nation's top teams. Al Bulow posted 
a 13-7-1 record while grabbing a fifth place in the 
NCAA tourney at 177 pounds. Dave Pforr (15-9-2) 
at 145 pounds and heavyweight Rich Seelover 
(14-5-2) were also point getters in the NCAA. 
Joe Domko was a big winner with a 184-2 mark 
and was named to the East team of the 1967 
East-West All-Star Meet. Sidelined with a broken 
thumb after a 11-3 season was 130-pounder Larry 
Baron. Terry Magoon in the 115-pound class re- 
corded a 16-6 mark; 191-pound Buck DeadrichlO-1-1. 


FRONT ROW: Dan Ross, Dave Pforr, Al Lipper, Joe Domko, Aaron SECOND ROW: Jim Wilkinson, coach; Steve Sarossy, Jack Finchai 

Bulow, Buck Deadrich, Allen Bulow, Terry Appleton, Keith Wadell, Doug Mohr, Herb Sheer, Richard Seloover, Dean Ohl, Tony Rubian 

Larry Baron, Terry Magoon. Joe Schunk, manager. 


1967 Season Record 

SIU o P p. 

28 Bloomsburg State 9 

24 Adams State 13 

10 Oklahoma State 28 

88 Indiana State 79 

Miami (Ohio) 56 

Ashland 36 

41 Parsons 

27 Northwest Missouri 7 

32 Southwest Missouri H 

35 Fort Hays State 

35 Central Missouri ■. 6 

17 Moorhead 12 

13 Oklahoma State 27 

34 Southeast Missouri 3 

Oklahoma 31 

15 Iowa State 22 

12 Indiana State 15 

Illinois Invitational — six individual titles 
5th in Midwest Open 
NCAA — 7 pts. to finish in upper *4 
(Record 12-5) 

Al Bulow, the only wrestler from SIU to place in 
the NCAA tourney, muscles his opponent. 


Powerful Ed Mossotti holds SIU school records in 
the 50 and 100-yard freestyle swimming races. 

1967 Season Record 

SIU Opp. 

59 Iowa State 45 

45 Oklahoma 59 

48 Cincinnati 56 

35 Indiana 69 

64 Evansville 40 

66 Nebraska 33 

71 Indiana State 35 

4th in Big Eight Relays 
18th in NCAA Finals 

(Record 4-3) 

Senior Kimo Miles took 17th in the NCAA's in 
his specialty, the 200-yard butterfly, with a 1:58.5. 

The freestyle relay team: Ed Mossotti, Don Schaf- 
fer, Reinhardt Westenreider, and Scott Conkel. 


good results in ncaa's 
show swimming power 

After recording a 4 to 3 season the Saluki swim- 
mers came back to show their true power with the 
capture of the 18th place in the NCAA finals. In 
doing so several school records were broken. Ed 
Mossotti set a record in the 100-yard freestyle of 
47.5 seconds while gaining a close fourth in the 
50-yard freestyle during the finals. The freestyle 
relay team of Reinhardt Westenreider, Don Schaf- 
fer, Ed Mossotti, and Scott Conkel copped a new 
school mark in the finals. Conkel also broke the 
school record with a 47.5 in the first leg of the 
relay. The 100-yard breaststroke mark fell with 
the powerful stroke of Gerry Pearson. In Coach 
Ray Essick's first year at SIU the tankmen met 
stiff competition including Indiana who finished 
third in the NCAA national meet. 

Gerry Pearson readies himself for the 100-yard 
breaststroke in which he broke the SIU record. 

FRONT ROW: Ron Coghill, Marco Bonne, Mike Morrisy, Reinhard 
Westenreider, Jerry Hutton, Wayne Gersch, Shaun McNally, Wally 
Van Dyke. SECOND ROW: Ray Essick, coach; Bruce Jacobson, 
Ed Mossotti, Wayne Thomas, Kimo Miles, Phil Tracy, Bob Angstadt, 

Tim Borchert, Tim Anderson, manager; THIRD ROW: Eric Jones, 
John Lonergan, Rich Evertz, John Holben, Mike Miles, Herb 
Marquedant, Don Shaffer, Gerry Pearson, Scott Conkel. 


wro round bailers tally 
17-1 record for year 

A program devised for "sportswomen," WRA 
offers about 12 major sports in which anyone may 
participate. Girls get an opportunity to prove' 
their athletic prowess by competing in events 
such as the basketball sectional, volleyball and 
tennis tournaments, the field hockey sectional and 
Sports Day, an invitational meet to which several 
schools are invited. The WRA basketballers spent 
the winter tallying up a 17-1 record, losing only 
to Principia. In intramural basketball, the Off- 
Campus Independents beat out 17 teams to take 
the trophy. Major spring events were the Aquaettes 
Show, the Modern Dance Concert and the triangular 
track and field meet in which the frirls took second. 

At hockey practice, members of WRA exhibit the 
skill needed to place in the spring sectional. 

Pat Giberson and Julie Wilheim display the per- 
fect form in doing the double "ballet leg." 


&fr. Ok 

Exhibiting grace achieved through long hours of 
practice, two WRA members do a series of leaps. 

Involved in a volleyball game, six members of WRA 
stop to plan the strategy for their next play. 


numerous organizations 
typify campus activity 

Campus organizations stem into various fields 
such as communications, student government, dra- 
matics and music. Three publications, DAILY 
EGYPTIAN, OBELISK and KA attempt to cover 
all news and activities on campus during the year. 
In the area of music. Southern has several choirs, 
such as Oratorio, University, and Male Glee Club, 
and also the Opera Workshop and the Symphony 
Orchestra which present concerts. Southern Players 
feature various productions throughout the year 
to enable students in drama to gain experience. 

Thompson, Theresa Steingmby, Maureen Tefft, MaryAnn Jones, 
Cathy Ashley. 
SECOND ROW: Dave Anderson, Marv Edwards, Craig Walters, 

Bill Potter. 

THIRD ROW: Bob Carter, Sam Baker, William Stacy, adviser; 

James Piatt, Mike Norton, Mike Unruh, Bob Akman. 

dynamic party 

action party 

Course and teacher evaluation programs to im- 
prove Southern's curriculum and a tentative plan 
to help students and local people shop at the cheaper 
stores were two operations undertaken by the Dy- 
namic Party during the year. The party, which 
formed in 1966. functions towards integrating the 
University and local community; developing more 
personalized living units; and examining content 
and aims of the General Studies program. 

The Action Party, formed in 1965, now holds 
12 of the 20 senate seats. This fall the Action 
Party supported student desire for a return of 
vehicle rights and students' right to determine 
where they shall live. Last spring the Party spon- 
sored a stage show featuring the New Christy Min- 
strels. In spring of 1967, the Party plans to sponsor 
another stage show, tentatively presenting folk 
singers Peter, Paul and Mary in concert. 

Bockman, Bob Serieg, Bill Perardi, Butch Carr, AI Purvis, Randy 
Kahn, Don Hide, adviser; Larry Smothers. 

SECOND ROW: Laurie Phillips, Karen Lindner, Lynne Atkinson, 
Chuck Svihlik, Larry Busch, Bob Wenc, Carolyn Gardner, Suzanne 


Bob Drinan, a senior from Chicago majoring in 
design, was elected president in the spring. 

drinan rebellion drives senate through eventful year 

Receiving 2.117 votes of 4,129, votes cast. Bob 
Drinan clinched the spring election for the presi- 
dent of the student body. Running for vice-presi- 
dent. Ann Bosworth polled 4,113 votes. Both candi- 
dates ran unaffiliated to defeat Bard Grosse of the 
Action Party and Tom Johnson of the Dynamic 
Party. Their popularity was due greatly to an 
organized campaign known as the Drinari Rebellion. 
The Drinan-Bosworth ticket cited lack of student- 
administration communication, called for published 
statements on student fee spending and asked for 
more students' rights on changes in vehicle codes. 

Drinan's running mate, Ann Bosworth, a sen- 
ior majoring in math, acts as vice-president. 


FRONT ROW: Staff Loveland, Larry Busch, Gene Clark, Bob 

Drinan, Ann Bosworth, Campbell McHugh, Richard Karr, Larry 


SECOND ROW: Bob Saig, Bill Potter, Barbara Arms, Hedayat 

Aminarsala, Sam Baker, Bob Carter, David Wilson, John Belt, Mike 
Norton, Tim Rhine, Howard Layfer, Theresa Steingraby, Jill Ward, 
Lynn Murdock. 

campus senate 

campus judicial board 

Free school, composed of a group of students 
who attend classes taught by other students in a 
particular field such as folk arts or the history 
of civil rights, was initiated by the Campus Senate 
this year. The Senate also submitted a plan of alter- 
nate proposals to improve the motorcycle and 
housing problem. The 31 members of the Senate 
are elected from living areas on and off campus. 

Plans have been made by the Campus Judicial 
Board to set up a communications system between 
all living-area Judicial Boards. Instead of function- 
ing as separate groups the Boards will be able to 
inform each other of all campus activities. The 
nine members of the Campus Judicial Board are 
appointed by the president of the Senate to two 
year offices served in staggered shifts. 

FRONT ROW: Jodi Boals, Bruce Henning, Sue McGough. 
SECOND ROW: Ron Self, John Sautter, Kurt McKenzie, Rich Gragg. 


apb holds six series; 
several special events 

Activities Programming Board, a group of 
students who planned educational and social events 
for students and faculty, sponsored six weekly 
programs during the year. Programs from the Bell 
Telephone Hour were seen on the weekly Probe 
series. Another series, Savant, featured films based 
on works of literature. A children's program, us- 
ually a movie, was given each Saturday. Besides its 
regularly scheduled programs, APB sponsored spe- 
cial events, such as Southern Follies in the summer 
and Season of Holidays in December. 

Rob Zepeda performed at the Southern Follies 
talent show sponsored by APB in the summer. 

FRONT ROW: Wanda Orric, Paul Guetter, Kevin Merek, Karen SECOND ROW: Terry Falline, Ken Miesner, Gary' Herlieb, Jim 

Krueger, Sally Fox. Sherbarth, Wendell Stevens, Tom Bennett. 


committee leaders plan 
annual campus activities 

Each year outstanding students are chosen and 
elected to plan annual events held during the year. 
The activities include Greek Week, Parents' Day, 
Homecoming, and Spring Festival. Chairmen for 
Homecoming and Spring Festival are elected by 
the student body, while the others are appointed by 
the Activities Office. Chuck Edelhofer, (not shown), 
served as co-chairman of Spring Festival. 

Brenda Loverkamp 

Spring Festival Co-Chairman 

Marge Beleckis — Ken Adams 
Homecoming Chairmen 


Jan Sirles — Paul Schoen 
New Student Week Chairmen 

Judy Carter — Ron Holde 
Greek Week Chairmen 

Bill Care] — Marcia Berk 
Parents' Day Chairmen 

John matheson takes position of managing editor 

Journalism majors work shoulder to shoulder 
with students in various other fields striving to 
produce the DAILY EGYPTIAN, which is offered 
free of charge to all members of the University 
community. The newspaper, published under the 
direction of the Department of Journalism, prints 
all news on campus and important world issues. 
This year John Matheson served as the managing 
editor. For the second consecutive year Bill Epper- 
heimer held the position of business manager. In 
1966 circulation increased to 14,000. 

With the departure of Barnard Leiter, the 
managing editor's job went to John Matheson. 


At 10 p.m. the news room is closed, make-ups 
are completed and the newspaper goes to press. 

Anderson, Maggie Perez, John Epperheimer, Kevin Cole. 
SECOND ROW: William Kindt, Tom Wood, Mike Schwebel, Mike 
Nauer, Laurel Werth, Tim Ayers. 

Checking copy and correcting headlines is 
the job of John Fought, the copy editor. 


daily egyptian circulation reaches 14,000 daily 

Kevin Cole concentrates on one of the many 
stories he must write as a student reporter. 

The Headliner machine operated by one of the 
Jones, twins turns out headlines for all editions. 


Patience and accuracy are necessary in page 
make-up as shown by Myra Dye, studenl worker. 

Tom Dawes shouldered the responsibility and 
pressures of editing KA during the year. 

Bard Grosse, associate editor, found himself 
assisting in writing and laying out pages. 

ka stresses student vehicle, housing privileges 

Students who like to write have an opportunity 
to submit their articles to KA, a two-page insert 
published in the DAILY EGYPTIAN each week. KA 
is dedicated to the free, written expression of stu- 
dent opinion on matters of concern to the University 
community. This fall KA stressed student rights on 
motor vehicles and housing privileges. 

Selecting stories and laying out the pages was 
the job of managing editor Larry Busch. 


W. Manion Rice, journalism professor, has acted 
as OBELISK fiscal sponsor for eight years. 

For the past three years the OBELISK has been 
rated All-American by the Associated Collegiate 
Press. The staff consists of an editor-in-chief, six 
associate editors and several volunteer workers. This 
fall five editors and W. Manion Rice, fiscal sponsor, 
attended the national convention of college editors 
in Philadelphia. Taylor Publishing Company printed 
the 1967 OBELISK for the first time and so invited 
two members of the staff to Dallas, Texas, in August 
to see how the OBELISK would be printed. 

As a staff member for three years, Terry Myers, 
a senior from Peoria, edited the '67 OBELISK. 


obelisk takes third consecutive all-american award 

Laura Chovanec, an OBELISK editor for three years, 
served as business manager of the '67 OBELISK. 

Past reporter at the DAILY EGYPTIAN. 
Roland Gill did layouts for the OBELISK. 


staff attends annual convention 

Associate editor of organizations, Shirley Rohr, 
a sophomore from Flora, is a journalism major. 

As a staff member for three years, Rose Astorino 
served as associate editor of activities. 


Mimi Sandifer, a sophomore from Greenville, 
was responsible for the academics section. 

Norma Grogan, Dana Reed, and Maries Reichert 
did volunteer work for the '67 OBELISK. 

Selecting pictures was often the task of 
staffers Terry Hendericks and Cathy Ashley. 

During his first year on the OBELISK staff, Gary 
Blackburn, a sophomore, edited the sports pages. 


Women's Ensemble is a newly formed choral 
group under the direction of Robert Kingsbury. 

30 girls organize women's ensemble 

For the first time this year a group of 30 girls 
have formed a choral group known as the Women's 
Ensemble. This group performed for Parents' Day, 
Homecoming and for area high schools. Other 
choirs on campus include the University Choir and 
Oratorio Choir. Both groups sang the Messiah at 
the Christmas Concert. The Chamber Choir, con- 
sisting of 20 members, carols for President and Mrs. 
Morris during Season of Holidays. 

University Choir and Oratorio Choir combined 
talent to perform at the Christmas Concert. 


male glee club sings 
for new student week 

"There is nothing like a dame" is a well-known 
song presented at the opening of New Student Week 
by the Male Glee Club each year. The Glee Club 
consists of 50 students under the direction of Robert 
Kingsbury. Each quarter they travel to nearby uni- 
versities and colleges to perform. They also per- 
form at Homecoming, Christmas Convocation, and 
Harmony Weekend. During each program they 
present both classical and light music. 

The Male Glee Club, dressed in formal 
attire, sang for a faculty women's tea. 


OPERA WORKSHOP, FRONT ROW: Nellie Webb, Bobrann 
Spencer, Karen McConachie, Andrea Shields, Linda Schwieter, 
Pamela Sanabria, Gloria Barringer, Willie Hart, Peggy Parkinson. 
SECOND ROW: Hazel Scott, Rosalyn Smith, Marilyn Nix, Bill 
McHughes, Ronald Rendleman, Jeffrey Troxler, Tony Semenerio, 

Vincenzo Benestante, James Cavatorio, Albert Hapke, Susan Triplett, 
Beatrice Hines. 

THIRD ROW: Page Nealy, Glen Bater, Roland Gill, Maik Perl- 
mutter, Jere Dawe. 

opera workshop 

southern players 

Under the direction of Miss Marjorie Lawrence, 
the 40 members of the Opera Workshop present 
an opera excerpt concert each fall and spring. 
During the winter quarter the Workshop presented 
the opera Carmen. There is also a summer ex- 
tension of the Workshop at Harmony Hills Ranch in 
Hot Springs, Arkansas, where two programs are 
featured in the six weeks training period. This is 
the tenth year that the course has been offered. 

Each year Southern Players presents five full 
length plays, three plays for children, and three 
one-acts. The physical plant now facilitates the 
technical work of the Touring Theatre group, which 
carries an adult play and children's play to 20 
Illinois cities. For the Illinois Sesquicentennial 
Celebration, Southern Players, the Abe Lincoln As- 
sociation, and the Illinois Art Council sponsored a 
competition for original plays on Lincoln. 

SOUTHERN PLAYERS, FRONT ROW: Kathleen Buchanan, secre- 
tary; Archibald McLeod, Gary Carlson, president; Charles Zoeckler, 
adviser; Christian Moe, Peter Magee, treasurer. 
SECOND ROW: Marcia Gilles, George Kane, Tadd Waggoner, 

James Weicker, Tena Gautreaux, Yvonne Walsh. 

THIRD ROW: William Wildrick, Thomas Norton, John Callahan, 

Charlottee Owens, James Moody, Margie Watson, Rita Vereb. 


University Symphony Orchestra, consisting of 50 
members, is directed by Herbert L. Levinson. This 
group of students plays for Opera Workshop pro- 
ductions as well as for separate concerts each 
quarter. In October the orchestra presented a chil- 
dren's concert in Carbondale. The Southern Illinois 
Symphony directed by Warren Van Bronkhorst 
includes students, faculty members, and com- 
munity people. This group plays for Homecoming. 

Informal rehearsals are held each week for the 
members of the University Symphony Orchestra. 

university orchestra, siu symphony play at convocation 

Under the direction of Dr. Van Bronkhorst the 
Southern Illinois Symphony give Sunday recitals. 


GEORGE LAMARCA: Phi Kappa Tau, vice-president, president .. 
Student Council, senator . . . SIU Foundation, student adviser . . 
New Student Week Leader . . . Parents' Day Steering Committee . . 
Inter-Fraternity Council, representative . . . Spirit Council. 

KATHY GANEY: Delta Zeta, president ... New Student Week 
Leader ... Angel Flight ... Homecoming Steering Committee... 
Parents Day Steering Committee . . . Spring Festival . . . Dean's 
List . . . Sigma Alpha Eta . . . Theta Sigma Phi, outstanding 
achievement award. 

JUDY CARTER: Sigma Kappa, recording secretary ... Panhellenic 
Council . . . Greek Week, chairman . . . Homecoming, parade chair- 
man . . . Zeta Phi Eta . . . New Student Week Leader . . . Interna- 
tional " Night Steering Committee . . . Interpreters Theater . . . 
U.C.P.B. ... Theta Xi Variety Show, directory chairman. 


CORKY HILLIARD: Sigma Kappa, rush chairman ... Panhellenic 
Council, secretary, rush chairman . . . Inter-Greek Council, secre- 
tary . . . Homecoming Steering Committee . . . Spring Festival 
Steering Committee . . . International Night Steering Committee . . . 
U.C.P.B. . . . Parents' Day, chairman . . . Resident Fellow . . . Presi- 
dential Committee . . . Sphinx Club, co-chairman . . . Judicial Board. 

BRENT WILLIAMS: Phi Kappa Tau, rush chairman, social chair- 
man . . . New Student Week Leader . . . Homecoming Steering 
Committee . . . Parents Day Steering Committee . . . Inter-Fra- 
ternity Council . . . Mr. Woody . . . Sphinx Club, co-chairman . . . 
Resident Fellow . . . Varsity Gymnastics, most valuable gymnast . . . 
Spirit Council, vice president. 

sphinx club sponsors 
who's who program 

As their project for the year, members of Sphinx 
Club are initiating a program known as Who's Who 
in American Colleges and Universities to be set up 
on this campus next year. The members of Sphinx 
Club are chosen on the basis of "genuine, and 
unselfish" service to Southern. These services in- 
clude leadership and cooperative participation in 
living areas, student government, campus-wide ac- 
tivities and special interest organizations. 

MARGE BELECKIS: Sigma Kappa ... Marching Saluki Band, 
Head Majorette . . . Homecoming, co-chairman . . . Miss Southern 
Finalist . . . Parents' Day, tours co-chairman, parade co-chairman 
. . . Home Economics College Chapter, vice-president . . . Pan- 
hellenic Council, representative . . . Miss Woody Hall finalist. 

BRENDA LOVERKAMP: Sigma Sigma Sigma, secretary ... New 
Student Week Steering Committee . . . Homecoming Steering Com- 
mittee . . . Spring Festival Steering Committee . . . U.C.P.B. 

CARL ADKINS: Theta Xi, vice president, corresponding secretary 
. . . Theta Xi Variety Show, co-chairman . . . U.C.P.B. . . . New 
Student Week Leader . . . WSIU-FM, Student Publicity Director . . . 
Sigma Beta Gamma . . . Young Democrats. 


LARRY McDONALD: Theta Xi . . . Southern Players ... Service 
to Southern Award Committee, chairman . . . Annual Sensitivity 
Training Lab, chairman. 

MARTHA EDMISON: Alpha Gamma Delta, treasurer, president 

. . . Alpha Lambda Delta ... Pi Mu Epsilon . . . Angel Flight, 

commander . . . Miss Southern Finalist . . . Model UN Delegation, 
chairman . . . Cap and Tassel. 

MARSHA JOURNEY: Sigma Sigma Sigma, president 
Council, president . . . New Student Week Leader . 
ern Finalist. 

. Panhellenic 
Miss South- 

LAVONA SHEA: Delta Zeta, president ... Pan-Hellenic Council 
. . . Inter-Greek Council . . . New Student Week Steering Commit- 
tee ... UCPB . . . Journalism Students Association . . . Off-Campus 
Sweetheart, finalist . . . Homecoming Queen, finalist . . . National 
Illinois College Queen . . . Student Council, secretary . . . Student 
Government, secretary. 

I jj —i 

■ BUS 


lamaM ■■■aa 


BILL MOORE: Action Party ... Commuter Senator ... History 
Club, vice-president . . . Gamma Beta Phi . . . New Student Week 
Leader . . . Student Council ... Pi Sigma Alpha. 

JOHN PAUL DAVIS: Student Body vice-president ... Student Coun- 
cil, chairman . . . Phi Eta Sigma . . . resident fellow . . . Circle K, 
president . . . President of Commission to Study Student Rights and 



MIKE PECK: Thompson Point, president ... Young Democrats ... 
Educational Programming Board . . . International Relations Club. 

DOUG KOPECKY: Parents' Day Steering Committee 
New Student Week Leader . . . Recreation Club . 
Board, chairman. 

UCPB ... 


MARILYN MAIBES: resident fellow ... Thompson Point Judicial 
Board, chairman . . . New Student Week Leader . . . National As- 
sociation of College and University Residence Halls, executive 
secretary, chairman . . . Fall Leadership Camp . . . Homecoming 
Steering Committee . . . Outstanding Resident Award, Thomp- 
son Point, 


GEORGE PALUCH: Student Body President ... UCPB ... New 
Student Week Leader . . . Plan A ... International Relations Club 
. . . Dean's List . . . Model UN . . . Society for Advancement of 
Management . . . Service to Southern, finalist. 

PAUL SCHOEN: Delta Chi ... Business Senator . Homecoming, 
chairman . . . New Student Week, chairman . . . Commencement 
Platform Marshall . . . Governor's Council on Literacy and Learning 
...Beta Alpha Psi ... Beta Gamma Sigma ... Phi Eta Sigma ... 
Academic Honors Day . . . Activities Honors Day . . . New Student 
Week Leader . . . AFROTC Singing Squadron, executive commander. 

JAN SIRLES: Alpha Gamma Delta, treasurer . Most Valuable 
Sophomore in Activities and Scholarship . . . Angel Flight . . . Alpha 
Lambda Delta ... Pi Omega Pi . . . New Student Week, co-chairman 
. . . Spring Festival Steering Committee . . . Military Ball Queen, 
finalist . . . Delta Chi Sweetheart . . . Carbondale City Pan-Hellenic 
Award for Scholarship . . . Delta Chi Little Sister . . . Recognition 
on Honors Day . . . Order of Scroll, Thompson Point. 


BILL CAREL: Delta Chi ... Freshman Class president ... General 
Studies Senator . . . Education Senator . . . Student Council . . . New 
Student Week Leader . . . Homecoming Steering Committee . . . 
Parents' Day, co-chairman . . . Spring Festival Steering Committee 
. . . UCPB . Greek Week Steering Committee . . . International 
Night, co-chairman . . . Arnold Air Society. 

RICH GRAGG: Theta Xi, treasurer, vice-president, president ... 
Inter-Fraternity Council, vice-president . . . National Inter-Fraternity 
Council Delegate . . . New Student Week Steering Committee . . . 
Judicial Board, chairman . . . Homecoming Steering Committee. 


organizations recognize 
achievements, interests 

Citing achievement and interest in particular 
areas. SIU's honorary and departmental organiza- 
tions acknowledge the special interests of students. 
The 43 honoraries and 91 departmental organiza- 
tions are devoted to a series of subjects extending 
from dental hygiene to interior designing. A gen- 
eral interest in a field of study is the only require- 
ment for most departmental clubs. Although it is 
not necessarily a prerequisite for all, most of the 
honoraries require a certain grade point average 
before admittance to the organization. Initiations 
for the clubs range from candlelight ceremonies to 
social teas to early morning "tappings." 

An honorary for freshmen women, Alpha Lambda Delta 
sponsors an annual tea for women honor students. 



Boosting the Salukis at the NIT, Alpha Kappa 
Psi asked students to help by signing their names. 

honorary organizations 
act in campus events 

Phi Mu Alpha, honorary men's music fraternity, 
took second place at the Theta Xi Variety Show. 

A familiar sight at sporting events is the Alpha 
Phi Omegas walking their charges, the Salukis. 



ALPHA DELTA SIGMA, FRONT ROW: Bob Taylor, William Ep- 
perheimer, Jack Zimmanck, vice-president; Robert Quaglia, presi- 
dent; Richard Modzelewski, secretary-treasurer; Gary Coll, William 
Searcy. SECOND ROW: Tom McAlevey, Michael Smiley, Michael 

Netznik, William Lemos, Tom Anton, Kel Ballantyne, Donald Hile- 
man, adviser. THIRD ROW: Del Tucker, David Voracek, Richard 
Rush, William Smith, Willie Wilkerson, Joe Beltrame, Walt Waschick, 
Dennis Schick, adviser. 

alpha delta sigma 

Alpha Delta Sigma, honorary advertising club, 
featured Daniel Kelley, vice-president of Foote, 
Cone & Belding, of Chicago at its annual ADS 
Founders Day Dinner. The Larry Mann Adver- 
tising Scholarship, given to the advertising junior 
with the highest average at the end of winter term, 
was awarded to Bill Searcy, while the Mike Carson 
Service Award, which goes to the person making 
the best contribution to professional advertising, 
went to Robert Quaglia last April. 

On a field trip to Nashville, Tennessee, ADS -mem- 
bers watched commercials played back on tape. 


ALPHA ETA RHO, FRONT ROW: Ronald "Kelly, Joe Schafer, E. A. 
DaRosa, adviser; Gary Conway, Denny Boudreau, secretary; Joe 
Cooley, vice-president; Michael Adams, president; Thomas Kuch- 
man, treasurer; James Binneboese, David Zupancic, social chairman. 
SECOND ROW: Tom Reed, Terry Poneleit, Steve Weid, Rich Al- 

bright, Kim Osmus, Ken Lipski, Chris Pesavento, John McAleer, 
James DaRosa, James Samsula. THIRD ROW: David Massey, James 
England, George Albright, James Cowie, Herb Schulz, John Murphy, 
Gary Bromann, Bill Boughter, Larry Staples, Mike Ketring, Terry 

alpha eta rho 

Second place in the 1966 Spring Festival was 
awarded to Alpha Eta Rho, SIU aviation fraternity. 
In November, the fraternity held its second annual 
banquet. Harold Wood, national secretary of Alpha 
Eta Rho, Capt. Lou Meredith of American Airlines, 
and Glen Cowart, technical director for Delta Air- 
lines, were among the club's guest speakers. Along 
with the Saluki Flying Club, Alpha Eta Rho was 
host for the National Inter-collegiate Association. 

A dart throwing stand at Spring Festival brought 
Alpha Eta Rho fraternity a second place trophy. 


t f t t t 

) * t t 

ACCOUNTING CLUB, FIRST ROW: Danial Kaufman, Larry Hoff- 
man, Frank Klosterman, Ronald Kozoman, adviser; Edward Schmed- 
lein, Adviser; Denise Zaboth, Larry Norkiewicz, Bill Gobbel, Eugene 
Sawalich. SECOND ROW: Malcom Cochran, John Collard, Dennis 
Wilke, Tom Corbett, Ron Kahn, Gerald Freed, Kenneth Snieder; 
Dennis Kuhlengel, Doug Erwin, Jim Mumniert. THIRD ROW: Joseph 

Leach, Richard Simmons, Adviser; Ed Martin, Thomas Snaza, Thomas 
Reckamp, Allan Dryden, Terry Meyer, Richard Djenowski, Keith 
Weiman. FOURTH ROW: Peter Sabella, Jim Zweifel, J. F. Koes- 
burg, Mark Anderson, Charles Browning, Bill Harris, Dick Dahl, 
Roger Lorton, Randy Reagen, Jin Nelson. 


accounting club 

Affiliated with the School of Business, the Ac- 
counting Club is open to any student completing 
Accounting 251a and 251b. Besides holding seven 
meetings during the year, the club sponsored a 
picnic for members and guests during spring 
quarter. Guest speakers featured by the organization 
included a representative from the Internal Revenue 
Service and a certified public accountant. Each 
speaker lectured about accounting in his field of 
specialized occupational work. 

ALPHA KAPPA PSI, FRONT ROW: Joseph Galetto, Thomas Barry, 
George Clark, David Bateman, adviser; Glenn Heller, Rex Rowland, 
president; Roland Hassebrock, Vince Coors, vice-president; Joseph 
Holder, treasurer; James Wilson, Stephen Gregory, Thomas Tryba. 
SECOND ROW: Martin Hutti, Anthero Bloem, William Parz, Ronald 
Lipton, Stephen Mitchell, Ross Porter, Glenn Lale, social chairman; 
Keith Wehrman, John Collins, Douglas Irwin, Glenn Parks, Steven 
Gustafson. THIRD ROW: John Carnaghi, Donald Hawn, Michael 


alpha kappa psi 

SIU's chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi was dis- 
tinguished this year by receiving the Outstanding 
Chapter Award for the Midwest region. The club's 
Outstanding Active Award was given to member 
Gary Lindsay. Being given the opportunity to 
play host to the 1968 Midwest Region Convention, 
SIU's chapter accepted the job. One of the organiza- 
tion's guest speakers during the year was Chris- 
topher Macy who talked to the actives on the 
glacier theory of personnel management. 

Renfrow, William Schimpf, Marshall Bradley, Dale Greenlee, Jerry 
Godlewski, Terry Meyer, Dennis Atkinson, Martin Refka, Wayne 
Kuethe, Don Parson, Richard Dizamowski. FOURTH ROW: Frank 
Duda, Ken Schlitz, Don Holliman, Roger Schultz, Thomas Schell- 
hardt, Roy Hess, Jerry Fendrich, Dennis Bauman, Thomas Hardesty, 
James Vanderhye, Stephen Jegel, Len Winkeler, Larry Nordiewicz, 
Roger Slorahn. 

o t f « i t f t 

Laura Link, treasurer; Linda Obrecht, president; Mrs. Mary Simon, 
adviser; Kathy McCormick, vice-president; Kathy Boeving, Kathy 
Kammler, Judy Stahlberg. SECOND ROW: Corinne Anderson, Denise 

Watkins, Sharon Gale, Paula Smith, Kathryn Hayes, Carol Mentzer, 
Deanna Noel, Sue Carruthers. THIRD ROW: Kerry Gray, Donata 
Defilippi, Karen Lue-lir, Rozila Dhalla, Barb Jackson, Linda Spear, 
Janice Sirles, Bonnie Opp, Patricia Rawson. 

alpha lambda delta 

alpha zeta 

All Illinois State Scholarship winners were guests 
of Alpha Lambda Delta at a September picnic at 
Lake-on-the-Campus. Phi Eta Sigma and Alpha 
Lambda Delta jointly attended the annual tea at 
President Morris' home during winter quarter. The 
organization, a scholastic honorary for women with 
a 4.5 overall grade average in their freshman year, 
sponsors four national graduate fellowships to 
women demonstrating outstanding abilities with 
their academic fields. 

A year of discussion-filled meetings with various 
speakers was brought to a close for the Beta chapter 
of Alpha Zeta with the annual spring banquet 
featuring Steven Middaugh, the high chronicler of 
Alpha Zeta, as guest speaker. Brian Bremer was 
the recipient of the Alpha Zeta award to the senior 
club member with the highest grade point average. 
A scholastic honorary- in agriculture, the organiza- 
tion offers membership to sophomore ag majors 
with a 4.0 overall scholastic average. 

ALPHA ZETA, FIRST ROW: Hal Brunaugh, Terry Clark, Mark 
Helkamp, treasurer, James Gulley, John Houghton, Robert Buckles, 
James Pettigrew, Jr., Roger Ginder, Ray Defenbaugh. SECOND 

ROW: Tom Melvin, Arlyn Musselman, John Hill, William Bradley, 
Marvin Utsinger, Tom Schilling, Robert Miller, Ronnie Throne- 
burg, Edward Musselman, Jim Engelhardt. 



If fit. I 


ALPHA PHI OMEGA, FRONT ROW: Herb Shear, D. J. Olson, 
Jim Cunningham, Don Gutzler, secretary; Jack Yueill, vice-president; 
Andrew Bodenbender, president; Tim Merriman, Jim Fumer, Loz 
Schmidt, Edward Gearhart, treasurer; Kenneth Peterson. SECOND 
ROW: Dave Karr, George Johnson, William Sehie, Butch O'Neal, 
Jim Cahill, Richard Bendorf, Michael Garlinghouse, Dick Little, 
Thomas Leidenheimer, Ronald Leban, Frank Schevab, Tom Guenne- 

wig. THIRD ROW: Martin Pflunz, Jess Thompson, John Pierson, 
John Bumside, Stanley Kopecky, Walter Halama, Donald Lee, Frank 
Damiano, Timothy Gorman, Gene Freund, Darrell Pollock, Leonard 
Maggio, Jim Book. FOURTH ROW: Douglas Thompson, John Sum- 
mers, James Nicholas, John Hoban, Ed Trzaskus, Dave Walfrum, Ken 
Webster, Bill Holmes, Tom Lenart, Tom Bennett, Tom Klein. 

alpha phi omega 

A major project winter term for the service 
fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, was a fund drive for 
the Ugly Man on Campus Award. Dave Keene 
of Keene Transfer and Storage Company talked to 
the club about his participation in activities for 
underprivileged children. Alpha Phi Omega mem- 
bers attended the national convention in Minneap- 
olis, Minnesota, and a sectional conference during 
fall at Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Alpha Phi Omega 
also keeps Southern's mascots, the Saluki dogs. 


Jennie Harroun and Tom Rogiewicz won the 
Beauty and (he Beast Contest sponsored by APO. 

BETA ALPHA PSI, FRONT ROW: Roland Wright, Jim Zweifel, treasurer; Paul Schoen, president; Mary Noel Bar- 
ron, Dennis Kimmell, vice-president. SECOND ROW: Edward Schmidlein, Frank Klostermann, Keith Wehrman, Rich- 
ard Dziarnowski, Richard Simmons, Ralph Swick. THIRD ROW: Terry Meyer, Larry Hoffman, Richard Dahl, Donald 
Wilson, Randy Ragan. 

beta alpha psi 

An honorary for accounting majors. Beta Alpha 
Psi sponsored eight meetings this year, four of 
which featured guest speakers such as Herman 
Clomubo of the Interna] Revenue Service, and Sid- 
ney Schoen. branch manager of Orvis Bros. Other 
meetings consisted of seminar discussions on con- 
troversial accounting topics. An initiation banquet 
in November and a meeting with the National As- 
sociation of Accountants in January were the 
high points of the year for the organization. 

Beta Alpha Psi member, Ralph Swick, and Leon 
E. Hay look at Southern's chapter scroll. 


president; Harold Little, adviser; Paul Lougeay, adviser; 
Joseph Lete, adviser; William Murphy, vice-president. 

SECOND ROW: Alfonso Castro, secretary; Rodney Wieden- 
keller, Mike Kettelkamp, Wayne Russell, Daniel Crain, 
Frank Ahinz, treasurer. 

epsilon tau sigma iota lambda sigma 

To further understanding in the field of archi- 
tecture. Epsilon Tau Sigma requires that its mem- 
bers have a major of architecture or building 
construction. At a pledge banquet in December, 
Elmer Kellerman, a Peace Corps volunteer, showed 
the organization some slides on South America. 
Dr. Keith Humble, VTI director, spoke at the 
spring banquet. The highlight of this year's ac- 
tivities was a field trip to the Laclede Steel Com- 
pany in Alton. The 14 members meet twice monthly. 

Meeting academic and personal standards are 
the requirements for membership into Iota Lambda 
Sigma, a national professional industrial education 
fraternity. Lucian Lombardi, chief of Technical 
Institutes for the state of Connecticut, and V. E. 
Burgener. chief research and statistics director 
for the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, 
were the organization's featured guest speakers. An 
annual picnic during spring quarter was one 
of the club's social events. 

IOTA LAMBDA SIGMA, FRONT ROW: Richard Speckman, John 
Pollock, Al Andrews, president; Jim Harmon, secretary-treasurer; 


Clifford Hilliard, Wayne Ramp. SECOND ROW: Keith Bicker, 
Gerald Greenwood, Douglas Morr, Fred Lloyd, George Kunce. 

KAPPA OMICRON PHI, FRONT ROW: Mrs. Alice Koenick, ad- 
viser; Margret Paulson, treasurer; Shirley Rowland, Nina Reid, 
vice-president; Cheryl McBride, president; Pam Mulholland, Mary 

Abell, Lynne Murdock, secretary; Carol Mentzer. SECOND ROW: 
Susan Hunter, Shirley Wall, Rozilia Dhalla, Paula Smith, Janise 
Donnell, Brenda Sehnert, Marcia McGuire, Jananne Carson. 

kappa omicron phi mu phi epsilon 

Kappa Omicron Phi. an honorary home economics 
club, was host to a regional conference for par- 
ticipants from Alabama, Kentucky, and Missouri. 
In November, club members were addressed by 
Katherine Hart, president of the American Dietetic 
Association, and in May by Margaret Hickey, 
chairman of the President's Commission on the 
Status of Women. Outstanding seniors in the 
honorary organization were Judy Wade and Al- 
berta Zink, now both alumnae of Southern. 

An honorary women's music fraternity, Mu Phi 
Epsilon sponsored its annual Mu Phi Epsilon week 
in November. Co-sponsoring the Jazz Venture with 
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia was one of the club's spring 
activities. The Sterling Achievement Award, given 
to the outstanding senior, went to Cheryl Biscontini, 
and the Freshman Achievement Award was given to 
Jean Wharton. The club takes frequent trips to 
Anna State Hospital to utilize its music therapy 
studies and resources. 

MU PHI EPSILON, FRONT ROW: Lynda Houghland, 
Christine Carpenter, Kathryn Grimmer, president; Connie 
Hinton, Marilyn McBride. SECOND ROW: Jean Anne 

McRoy, Gloria Smith, Pam Kennedy, Martha Harpstrite, 
Sharon Marlow. THIRD ROW: Reatta Samford, Karen Elgert, 
Janis Talbert, Judy Ellsworth, Carolyn Webb. 


f • i 

PHI BETA LAMBDA, FRONT ROW: Pat Ferrari, Juanita Lemmon, 
Judy Williams, treasurer; Conrad Kracht, adviser; Cathy Shelton, 
president; Cheryl Cox, secretary; Ken Ballard. SECOND ROW: 
Mary Ann Hull, Denise Zaboth, Elsie Kirsch, Marilyn Hambly, 

Leuna Bagwell, Lillian Richardson, Janet Burklow, Joyce Pauketat. 
THIRD ROW: Barbara Zumwalt, Carolyn Wood, Ronald KeUer, 
Patricia Pisel, Janet Hoppa, Linda Weber. 

phi beta lambda 

Herald Largent of the SIU Placement Service 
spoke to the members of Phi Beta Lambda on the 
topic of "Job Interviewing." The business honorary 
also sponsored the sale of mums for Homecoming 
and Parents' Day. During winter quarter, members 
took a field trip to Union Carbide in Paducah, 
Kentucky. Other excursions included a trip to 
Springfield for the state convention and to San 
Francisco spring term for the Phi Beta Lambda 
annual national convention. 

PHI BETA LAMBDA, VTI, FIRST ROW: Glenna Strole, Nancy 
Tarro, Beverly Christianson, secretary; Fran Eisfelder, president; 
Margaret Garrison, sponsor; Roger Benedict, vice-president; Sheryl 
Melander, treasurer; Barb Ferrarini, Roseann Morgando. SECOND 
ROW: Joy Simmons, Suzanne Sturgeon, Linda Jeffrey, Janet Aitken, 

phi beta lambda, vti 

Guest speakers for VTPs Phi Beta Lambda busi- 
ness fraternity included Steve Richardson of the 
Placement Service and a representative of the Bell 
Telephone Company. A panel discussion was also 
held between several VTI graduates, a personnel 
director, and a certified professional secretary. The 
program for the February meeting was a mock-up of 
the annual convention attended in Springfield dur- 
ing spring quarter. A banquet was given in May 
for the graduating seniors. 

Judy Sunderman, Susan Chemey, Sandy Kirkland, Cathy Sutton. 
THIRD ROW: Bonnie Mayberry, Becky Miller, Charlene Neilson, 
Barbara Pruett. Carl Harper, Ronald Asche, Vickie Graham, Diane 
Meeker, Cheri Johnson. 


<L&& AAJi 

H/.M 1 f * f t'f* 

uwj 4. t^^k ^K ^^fc¥ ^^ — — *^ ^W. . 

PHI ETA SIGMA, FRONT ROW: James Mummert, Gerald Worms, 
Aubrie Starks, William Potter, vice-president; Lawrence Bassuk, 
president; I. W. Adams, adviser; Michael Brown, Paul Schoen, David 
Lewis, Thomas Murphy. SECOND ROW: David Smith, Michael Die- 
sen, Jerry Finney, Ling Wah Wong, Tai Po Tschang, John Hargraves, 

Kenneth Markwell, John Silvester, Terry Pitchford, Ronald Novak, 
Bill Rudert. THIRD ROW: Ray Wheatley, Jack Hungerford, Steven 
Andes, Bob Schnoor. Robert Miller, Roger Bishop, Dennis Douglas, 
Ed Murphy, Robert Hall, David Husted, James Cobb. 

phi eta sigma 

Phi Eta Sigma, a national scholastic honorary 
fraternity, along with Alpha Lambda Delta, spon- 
sored a picnic during New Student Week for 
Illinois State Scholarship winners. Speaking at the 
club's initiation ceremonies this year were Dean 
Amos Black of General Studies and Dean Ralph 
Prusok. dean of students on the Carbondale 
Campus. The fraternity annually awards ten $300 
scholarships to graduating senior members for 
their first year of graduate study. 

phi mu alpha 

Highlighting this year's activities for Phi Mu 
Alpha, an honorary men's music fraternity, was the 
regional convention in Terre Haute, Indiana. Wil- 
liam Taylor, director of the Summer Music Theater, 
spoke at one of the club's meetings this year. The 
fraternity sponsored a jazz concert in Shryock 
Auditorium in the spring and also a Phi Mu Alpha 
regional award. A noted achievement of the fra- 
ternity was winning the Homecoming second-place 
organizational Stunt Award. 

PHI MU ALPHA, FRONT ROW: Michael Muzzy, Leon Davis, 
Charles Trentham, Albert Hapke, president; Michael Hanes, adviser; 
Thomas Barber, vice-president; Robert Bleomaker, David Harris, 
Norbert Krausz. SECOND ROW: Alan Fagan, Alan Beorman, Wil- 
liam Hayes, Greg Westhoff, Gary Chott, Lon Cruse, Brian Barber, 

Harry Sheridan, J. Hamilton Douglas, Mike Emmerich, Thomas 
Blondi. THIRD ROW: Kerry Stiman, Leonard Hollman, Terry Gus- 
tafson, Charles Jerjevich, Lawrence Braniff, Gary Burke, Russell 
Riepe, Donald Kragness, Robert Greenberg. 


PI DELTA EPSILON, FRONT ROW: Walt Waschick, Margaret 
Perez, secretary-treasurer; Laurie Chovanec, president; W. Manion 
Rice, adviser; Tim Ayers, vice-president; John Epperheimer. SEC- 

OND ROW: Jo Ann Fischel, Robert Taylo 
Werth, Terry Myers. 

John Goodrich. Laurel 

pi delta epsilon 

pi lambda theta 

Award-winning pictures appearing in a national 
newspaper snapshot contest were shown to the 
members of Pi Delta Epsilon by Dr. C. William 
Horrell. The Medal of Merit, awarded to the out- 
standing senior in publication work, was given to 
Ric Cox during spring term. The purpose of the 
fraternity is to bring together into one group all 
the people who work on publications. The organi- 
zation holds one meeting per quarter and initiations 
for new members bi-annuallv. 

Dean Elmer Clark. Dean William Simeone, and 
Dr. Willis Malone were guest speakers for Pi Lamb- 
da Theta during the year. The organization's "Ex- 
periment in International Living" award was won 
by Maria Grava, who spent the summer of 1966 
with a family in Switzerland. Club members attended 
a regional conference in May. and a biennial con- 
ference in August. A field trip was taken by mem- 
bers to the Outdoor Education Center at Little 
Grassy Lake, ten miles from the SIV campus. 

PI LAMBDA THETA, FRONT ROW: Vadine Goodman, Joyce 
Gemmill, Marilyn Scott, Janice Beck, secretary; Louise Templeton, 
president; Berniece Seiferth, adviser; Maria Grana, vice-president; 
Rachel Wendt, treasurer; Margie Schwaatz, Roberta Ransom. SEC- 
OND ROW: Lynne Murdock, Gloria Thurston, Inez Blessing, Kath- 

leen Kammler, Janice Sides, Teryl Pigott, Phyllis Williams, Janice 
Jacobs, Janet Hoppa, Cathy Conti. THIRD ROW: Marcia Orlowski, 
Barbara Kovera, Toni Smith, Victoria Mizerski, Patsy Russell, Alice 
Muckler. Laurie Newman, Rita Ziegler, Donna Radakovich, Frances 
Arnold, Karen Alexander. 


PI MU EPSILON, FRONT ROW: Linda Pappas, Barbara Kovera, 
Karen Alexander, treasurer; Catherine Re, vice-president; Gloria 
Thurston, Marilyn Scott, June Bulmer, secretary; Frances McDan- 
nel. SECOND ROW: Rodney Oldehoeft, Dale Roedl, Johnny Brown, 

Carl Townsend, adviser; Lynn Ripper, Aalt Dijksma. THIRD ROW: 
Terry Boschert, John Wendling, John Crede, John Graef, Norman 
Pence, president; Jean-Marie Alehi. 

pi mu epsilon 

pi omega pi 

Organized for the purpose of promoting achieve- 
ment and inciting academic interest in mathematics, 
Pi Mu Epsilon. honorary mathematics organization, 
sponsored a National Science Foundation Study 
Grant which was available to all members. The 
club also gave several awards during the year, one 
of which was the outstanding senior in mathematics 
award given to Bill Wright. The annual Pi Mu 
Epsilon picnic was enjoyed at Giant City State 
Park during fall quarter. 

A business education honorary. Pi Omega Pi 
highlighted the year's activities by sending rep- 
resentatives to the national convention in Chicago 
from December 28-30. Besides holding initiation 
ceremonies during fall quarter, the club also featured 
Dr. J. Frank Dame, a visiting professor at SIU, 
and William McKeefery, acting dean, School of 
Business as guest speakers. Pi Omega Pi also held 
a typewriting contest for area high school students 
during spring quarter. 

PI OMEGA PI. FRONT ROW: Roger Sunnquist, Karyn Tuxhom, 
secretary -treasurer; Janet Hoppa, president; Lenell Slaten, adviser; 
Barbara Larry, vice-president; Janice Sirles, Conrad Kracht. SEC- 

OND ROW: Karen Knight, Carol Redman, Dona Eagles, J. Frank 
Dame, Barbara Burd, Sue Bucyek, Joyce Paukatet. 


f t t t 

PI SIGMA EPSILON, FRONT ROW: Donald Miller, Ronald Stein- 
camp, Fred Graening, Glenn Wilson, president; Raymond La Garce, 
Paul Hoffman, John Wattler, William Haas, Edward Ketcham, secre- 
tary; Vince West, Thomas McCarthy, treasurer. SECOND ROW: 
Donnell Culley, John Youngblood, Jerry Schill, Bob Drews, Tom 
Janssens, Bob Rindt, Ron Holupkovie, Michael Gibbons, Robb 

Schwartz, Lenny Partyka, Robert Jones. THIRD ROW: Robert Do- 
retti, Michael King, Charles Jackson, Ken Lemkall, John Morris, 
John Puccini, William Ring, Jay Shoemaker, Larry Elman, Bart 
Coulter, Keith Camarato. FOURTH ROW: William Vanick, Bob 
Newberry, Frank Benedict, Tom Orr, Jeffrey Jeffris, Thomas Flint, 
Gary Hoffman, Warren Casey, Edward Nowak. 

pi sigma epsilon 

Ben Smith, a professional speaker for the Gen- 
eral Telephone Company, was the guest lecturer at 
one of the Pi Sigma Epsilon meetings. The fraternity, 
which tries to stimulate interest in marketing, sales, 
and management is making plans to be host to 
the organization's 1967 national convention. Club 
members attended the Sales and Marketing Execu- 
tives of St. Louis Speech Contest during the fall 
quarter. A 3.0 overall average is required. 

sigma alpha eta 

A Careers Day on April 1 was the highlight of 
the year's activities for Sigma Alpha Eta, a pro- 
fessional honorary for speech pathology and audi- 
ology majors. Besides regular meetings and the 
initiation of the new members in February, the 
club also featured several speakers. Robert Jenner 
of the Bowen's Children Center for speech correction 
told of the facilities at the center and Joan Choat 
le.ctured about "Hearing Conversation in Illinois." 

SIGMA ALPHA ETA, FRONT ROW: Mary Latta, Mary Whitman, 
president; Alfred Copeland, adviser; Ann Carey, Sister Marie 

Damien. SECOND ROW: Vicki Price, Dwayne Carter, Dick Areitio, 
Linda Ellis. 


Garry Willis, C. P. Harding. SECOND ROW: William 

Meyers, secretary; Bruce Converse, treasurer; John Loyd, 
president; Fred Harms, vice-president. 

sigma beta gamma sigma delta chi 

Trips to St. Louis radio and television stations 
were taken during winter quarter by Sigma Beta 
Gamma, a fraternity for students interested in 
broadcasting. Club members contribute over 30 
hours per week to broadcasting at Southern and at 
local stations. Monthly seminars are arranged with 
faculty members and local broadcasters to discuss 
important broadcasting matters. Two banquets were 
sponsored by the organization. 

Sigma Delta Chi passed its tenth birthday as an 
SIU honorary fraternity for journalism men in 
February. Three "Meet the Press" type conferences 
were staged during the year. One in February pre- 
ceded the Carbondale primary election and featured 
candidates for mayor. John Gardner, editor of the 
Southern Illinoisan, discussed effects of the local 
newspaper strike at one meeting. Three members 
went to the national convention in Pittsburgh. 

SIGMA DELTA CHI, FRONT ROW: Randy Clark, John Epper- 
heimer, vice-president; Charles Clayton, adviser; Wade Roop, 
president; John Goodrich, secretary. SECOND ROW: Tom Wood, 

Tom Gaylo, William Kindt, George Knemeyer, Robert Eisen, Jack 
Sampier, Ron Sereg. 


SIGMA PI SIGMA, FRONT ROW: Richard Oehlberg; James 
Harbison; Khalil As-Saadi, Otis Young, adviser;. Mahmood 
Imami. SECOND ROW: Martin An in, William Nickel!. 

Amos Black, Ronald Walker, Carl Kwadrat, Ward Riley, Jr. 
THIRD ROW: Richard Watson, Walter Henneberger, Gerald 
Alldredge, Kenneth Van Lente, Stephen Gierach. 

sigma pi sigma 

theta sigma phi 

In November, Sigma Pi Sigma heard Professor 
Saphro Schenko speak on "The Mobility of Carbon 
and Oxygen Molecules." Bringing recognition to an 
American dentist, Dr. Wahlon Loomis, for the dis- 
covery and invention of radio in 1864. was the 
main activity of the club this year. Students with 
a grade point average of 4.0 who have 25 hours 
in physics may join the organization, whose main 
objective is to encourage interest in matters of a 
scientific nature. 

A women's honorary journalism society, Theta 
Sigma Phi sponsored Mississippi editor. Hazel 
Brannon Smith, at its Matrix Table during fall 
quarter. Awards given by the organization included 
outstanding sophomore woman journalist to Mimi 
Sandifer, outstanding juniors to Nancy Baker and 
Margaret Perez, and outstanding senior to Tina 
Nelson. Nancy Baker, president of the club, attended 
the national convention in Dallas, Texas, in August. 

THETA SIGMA PHI, FRONT ROW: Mrs. James Ford, adviser; 
Nancy Baker, president; Georgann Palmer, treasurer; Rose Astorino, 

secretary; Sally Veiland, Carolyn Malburg. SECOND ROW: Cathy 
Lavin, Dianne Anderson, Tina Nelson, Maggie Perez, JoAnn Fischel. 


XI SIGMA PI, FRONT ROW: Ray Newbold, John Teply, John 
Andersen, adviser; Robert Raines, Ernest Kurmes. SECOND ROW: 

Roger Nacker. F. Philip Neumann, Clifford Hickman, Robert Mar- 
low, Frank Chesmer, G. R. Wankel. 

xi sigma pi 

zeta phi eta 

The annual Forestry Club-Xi Sigma Pi banquet 
was the center of activity for this year's members 
of Xi Sigma Pi. The professional forestry frater- 
nity's membership requirements include classification 
as a junior, a forestry major, 110 quarter hours 
with 15 completed hours in forestry, and a rank 
in the upper 25 percent of his class. The objective 
of the organization is to maintain high scholarship 
in the forestry profession. 

The members of the Zeta Phi Eta were visited 
this vear by Mrs. Lee Mitchell, first vice-president 
of the National Council of Zeta Phi Eta. She was 
the guest speaker at the organization's Founder's 
Day on October 8. The club's major activity for 
the 1966-1967 school year was the national con- 
vention in Washington. D.C.. in August. SIU's 
Zeta chapter was represented by the chapter presi- 
dent at the convention. A major or minor interest 
in speech is the only requirement for membership. 

ZETA PHI ETA, FRONT ROW: Beverly Parsch Goodiel, 
adviser, Carol Ann Weil, vice-president; Sue Ann Cattani, 
president; Bonnie Ferneau, Dorothy Higginbotham. SECOND 

ROW: Nancy Gher, Donna McBride, Judy Carter, Sally 
Scott, secretary; Carolyn Quinn, treasurer. 


departmental organizations supplement academic stud 1 

AFROTC initiates carry bright yellow buckets 
around campus as evidence of their pledging. 



Sponsored by the Latin American Organization, 
Pan American Festival features entertainment. 

Taking advantage of a good wind, the SIU Sail- 
ing Club gets together at Crab Orchard Lake. 


ACCOUNTING CLUB, FRONT ROW: Roger Benedict, presi- 
dent; Sheryl Melander, Becky Miller, treasurer; Carol Vidmar, 

secretary; Richard Kotek. SECOND ROW: E. T. Seely, Carl 
Harper, J. K. Markwell, J. W. Cundiff. John Kurve. 

accounting club, vti advertising club 

At monthly club meetings the members of the 
VTI Accounting Club listened to such speakers as 
Herman Colombo from the Internal Revenue Serv- 
ice and E. Steve Richardson from the Placement 
Service. The only requirement for membership in 
the club is that a student be a accounting major in 
good standing. Other activities of the club included 
a spring picnic at Crab Orchard and a field trip 
with Phi Beta Lambda to the Ralston Purina Com- 
pany of St. Louis, Missouri. 

Open to students majoring in advertising or any 
interested persons, the Advertising Club is the sales 
arm of the OBELISK, as it annually sells the year- 
book to students. Highlights of the past year in- 
cluded a St. Louis trip to the Association of In- 
dustrial Advertisers, "Red Carpet" Day, and Ad- 
vertising Recognition Week in February complete 
with trips to Nashville ad agencies. Members Ron 
Geskey and Mike Rambo were selected outstanding 
graduates in advertising work. 

Eppcrheimer, J. W. Zimmanek, vice-president; Rohert Quaglia, presi- 
dent; Richard Modzeleski, secretary-treasurer; Charles Searey, Don- 
ald Hileman, co-adviser. SECOND ROW: Bill Lemos, Tom McAlevey, 
Kel Ballantyne, Michael Smiley, Michael Netznik, Tom Anton, Tom 

O'Rourke. THIRD ROW: Gary Coll, Tom Miller. Doug Baniqued, 
William Smith, Richard Rush, Joe Beltrame, Willie Wilkerson. 
FOURTH ROW: Bruce Neudecker, Del Tucker, David Voracek, 
James Vann, Walt Waschick, Bob Taylor, C. Dennis Schick, co- 


Q o 





Museka, James Gichangi, Amy Shanu-Wilson, Onyango Gabriel, 
vice-president; Ashvin Naik, president; Fola Fadase, Abdullah Aliyu, 

secretary; Michael Ojol. SECOND ROW: Sandra Museka, Lakew 
Bebeyehou, Isaac Aluba, Ikpr Udofia, Matthew Apolola, Siraj Mo- 
hammad, Male Nelson, Alhaji Bukar, Chriotabel Manana. 

african students 

International Night and participation in the 
Model United Nations are highlights of the year 
for the African Students Association. Regular 
club meetings include debates and social hours. 
Projected plans for April were a trip to another 
university and a presentation of a speaker from one 
of the African embassies for their annual African 
Day. Davi Kireju received an award of 8200 out 
of private funds available to the club. The club is 
open to any interested Southern students. 

economics club 

Tours of the Mikco Grain Company in Cairo 
and the Ralston Purina Company in St. Louis 
gave members of the Agriculture Economics Club 
a look at the actual world of food manufacturing. 
During spring quarter, the club was host to the 
Midwest Regional Conference. Several members 
attended the American Farm Economic Association 
Convention which took place in Canada during 
fall term. Highlighting one of the meetings was 
speaker Dr. Don Parlburg of Purdue University. 

kamp, Kenneth Obrecht, Cecil Stralow, secretary-treasurer; Don 
Nash, president; David Armstrong, adviser; Charles Stoddard, vice- 
president; Marvin Riepe, Edmund Sheehy. SECOND ROW: Marvin 

Siefker, Rodger Florreich. Robyn Knox, Robert Buckles, John Kil- 
lian, Delbert Soltwedel, Phil Devemian, Robert Miller. THIRD 
ROW: Bill Forrest, Bruce Stikkers, Jack Wallace, Fred Becker, Duane 
Sackson, Kenneth Buckles, Howard Keating, Kenneth Larson. 


Herbert Portz, adviser; Don Nash, Don Dallmier, secretary- 
treasurer; Kent Saxe, president; Mickey Lewis, Dan Koons. 
SECOND ROW: Glenn Campbell, Jim Engelhardt, Ron 

Throneburg, James Bond, Ronald Brohammer, Eugene 
Trotter. THIRD ROW: Ralph Bower, Lawrence Handy, 
Max Borah, Lewis Osterman, Art Bomke, Garry Morrison. 

agriculture student 
advisory council 

Through elections of the various agriculture clubs 
students become members of the Agriculture Student 
Advisory Council. Speaking at the All-Ag Banquet 
in February was Charles Shuman. president of the 
American Farm Bureau Federation. An All-Ag 
Sports Day was staged during spring quarter. 
McDonald College in Ontario, Canada will be the 
site of the Sixth International Student Council 
Convention which the council plans to attend. 

american marketing 

Meeting -monthly for discussions and speeches by 
local businessmen, the American Marketing Associ- 
ation is open to anyone interested in marketing. 
Members of the club visited several firms through- 
out th'e year. In February they traveled to St. Louis 
to meet with the St. Louis chapter of AMA, the 
second largest in the state. The annual AMA banquet 
was held in May. At the banquet Jerry Carpenter 
was awarded the Outstanding Marketing Award. 


,MjkJk& %Qk 

„1 i_J L 


%%rWn lr *1&lri 

f/^^^k" ^^^^11 






Orr, Robert Cholewick, Dennis Layne, Robert Martin, James Kar- 
nath, Rudy Deutschmann, Robert Hansen, John Powell, Gary Weis, 
Jimmy Ellis. SECOND ROW: Patricia Browning, Delbert Frailey, 
Bill Coffey, Henry Watkins, Sandra Colvin, Glenn Parks, Dolores 
Piotrowski, Jon Vrabel, David Westin, James Lowenstein. THIRD 
ROW: David Voracek, David Holmes, Alen Moe, Marvin Bernstein, 

Robert VanZandt, Norman Clavio, Arthur Lewandowski, Michael 
King, Ron Smith, Mike Weasel, Robert Chamberlin, Richard Randel, 
Jerry Godlewski. FOURTH ROW: Robert Flynn, Jean-Pierre van der 
Plancke, Edward Nowak, Donald Miller, John England, Dan Kelly, 
Clarence Smith, Gary Trimmell, J. M. Wolfson, John Morris, Steven 
Gulon, Ted Owerciagrossa, John Carnaghi. 

ANGEL FLIGHT, FRONT ROW: Pamela Hudgens, Jackie Watkins, 
Susan Meyer, Jane Finnigum, Sandy Stice, Linda Bray, Karen Bed- 
well, Velda Smith, commander; Susan Pearce, Cathy Myers, Bert Lip- 
sok, Pamela Reid, Rita Stoffel, Beverly Todd, Sherry Hudgens. SEC- 
OND ROW: Jennifer Hutton, Susan Hunter, Sondra Richey, Barbara 
Osterhage, Carole DeVasto, Beverly Barkman, Mairann Berry, Lynne 
Gollus, Arlette Alexander, Jan Sirles, Susan Farris, Phyllis Williams, 
Jessica Jemison, Linda Whiteside, Starr Davies, Vicki Powell, Vicki 
Smith, Captain Edward Corich, adviser. THIRD ROW: Marj Free- 

man, Marsha Hopkins, Kathy McCormick, Rachael Bach, Kaye 
George, Pat Rich. Jeani Rush, Mary Anne Cleveland, Sandra Col- 
vin, Pam Barth, Rita Kueker, Marilyn Chamness, Mary-Catherine An- 
derson, Paula Waile, Jacqueline Casper, Mary Kay Moore, Kerry 
Gray. FOURTH ROW: Judy Smith, Sherry Browning, Pam Bridwell, 
Sharon Marlow, Janice Seibert, Carol Arne, Carolyn Rohde, Joanne 
Toldness, Barbara Yopp, Robyn Benton, Linda Borger, Carol Harper, 
Linda Garulski, Sallie Slowik, Cheryl Bailey. 

angel flight 

Outstanding Angel of the Year Award was given 
to Angel Flight member Velda Smith. In addition 
to ushering at campus activities, Angel Flight girls 
sang and danced at Parents' Day, Shriner's Day, 
and on television in Paducah. Area conventional 
conclaves were attended at Bradley University and 
the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. The 
Angel Flight also helped prepare for the February 
Aerospace Ball over which Queen Karen Bedwell 
reigned after being crowned at the ball. 

hours of strenuous practice make the Angel- 
one of the best singing groups on campus. 




mat Odeh, treasurer; Ali Shukair, president; Afra Fakhry, 
Melvin Brooks, Nawaz Qawar, secretary; Khalil As-Saadi, 
vice-president. SECOND ROW: Shucri Sahuri, Mohamed 

Rahma, Tawfig Halawa, Mohammad Abu-Hantash, Saad 
Eddin Eways, Nayif Shaker, Hussam Sirxi. THIRD ROW: 
Samir Tahmas, Salih Elarifi, Walied Diefall, Ibrahim Ko- 
brossi, Nabil Halaby, Adrian Kurdi. 

arab student 

Composed of 35 members, the Arab Student As- 
sociation meets once a month to talk about how 
to increase friendship among Arabs and Americans. 
Members participated in the Model UN and in the 
spring arranged a seminar on the place of the Arab 
in the outside world. Social activities included 
October and January receptions, a February ban- 
quet, and a spring picnic. In August, two of the 
members attended the national convention of the 
Arab Students in Boulder. Colorado. 

association of 
childhood education 

A field trip to Washington, D.C., to the Associa- 
tion of Childhood Education International Study 
Conference was a portion of the year's agenda for 
SIU's chapter of the Assocation of Childhood Edu- 
cation. Faculty member Dr. Rebecca Baker presided 
as state president at the Association's State Confer- 
ence at the University of Illinois. The association 
held a picnic and an outdoor education period with 
children from Southern Illinois Children's Center 
during spring quarter of 1966. 

Nadine Wilde, Louise Templeton, Alfreda Fields, vice-president; 
Mary Jane Tally, president; Karen Roberts, secretary-treasurer; 
Robert Mees, Mrs. L. E. Bradfield, adviser; L. E. Bradfield, adviser. 
SECOND ROW: Karen Hogan, Sally Fox, Lydia Elam, Nancy 
Weems, Clara Carlisle, Jan Brennan, Jeanine Dusek, Susan Mc- 



Donald, Janice Beck. THIRD ROW: Mary Ann Rubemeyer, Sherry 
Hudgens, Kathleen Kammler, Janie Meades, Karyn Pitts, Carol 
Fischer, Sally Joy Olson, Lynda Zink, JaneUe Floreth. FOURTH 
ROW: Margie Schwartz, Connie Teesdale. Mary Lou Bamett, Carole- 
Lee Thompson, Sheila Nelson, Jeanne Jerrell, Dorothy Wells, Sharon 


9 4 t *»«'t X • 

Kenny Robinson, Dan Campbell, Col. Edward Murphy, Robert 
Stevens. William Pearson, Duane Bowling. SECOND ROW: 
Stephen Ebbs, William Sexton, Michael Tweedy, Dennis 

Culberson, Emmet Roth. Gary Clevenger. THIRD ROW: 
Robert Loltus, William Cunningham, Michael Kosteczko, 
Bernard Carpenter. Wayne Balthun, Robert Wilson. 

ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY, FRONT ROW: Kenneth Wheat, Rayburn 
Dudenbostel, Daniel Bagby, Paul Johnson, Randall Hill, squadron 
commander; Edward Murphy, Joe Johnson, Don Bowring, Henry' 
Milledge, William Perkins, Lindell Mabus. SECOND ROW: Thomas 
Anton, Dennis Douglas, Jon Doss, Michael Tymowicz, Robert Loftus, 
Larry Wolle, Gene Welborn, Ron Runkel, Lawrence Hanfland, David 

Massey. THIRD ROW: Larry Nuhn, Thomas Lane, Sherrill Frees- 
meyer, Sheldon Ritterhouse, Roland Hassebruck, Ralph Johnson, 
Harry Filbey, Michael Herider, Thomas Taylor, Dale Yaeger. 
FOURTH ROW: Jim Sholar, Charles Milewski, Raymond Reed, 
Don Krump. Andrew Agoan, John Finnicum, Antone Kusmanoff. 

Along with interest in a career in the Air Force 
a member of the Arnold Air Society must maintain 
a 3.3 overall grade average with a 3.75 in aerospace 
studies. This year the society traveled to a fall 
conclave at Bradley University. A spring conclave 
at the University of Tennessee and the National 
Conclave in Miami were spring highlights. The 
initiation of pledges was held every quarter at a 
formal "dining in". The society also sponsored 
service projects around the area. 

arnold air society 


BLOCK AND BRIDLE, FRONT ROW: Robert Francis, Dan Koons, president; David Angel, secretary; Don Britt, Reb- 
becca Harness, Nancy Hefter, Julie Drinkwine, Bonnie Kinney, Everett Moeller, treasurer; William Jobnson, vice-presi- 
dent; John Bangert. SECOND ROW: Jim Pettigrew, Dave Hunt, Mervin Dammerman, Larry Boggs, David Mills, Ted 
Richardson, Bud Blickensderfer, Gary Appel, Steve Martin, Marvin Siefker. THIRD ROW: Lawrence Hurley, Gerald 
Henry, James Buzzard, Gary Shellhause, Ronald Brohammer, Phil Lawrence, Kent Saxe, Arthur Podgorski, Dean Wether- 
ell. FOURTH ROW: Richard Metz, William McGuire, Duane Kief, Roger Ross, William McKinney, Charles McGuire, 
Gregory Crawford, Garry Morrison, Marvin Cambell, Mike Kleen. 

Participating in the rodeo, a Block and Bridle 
member tries to stay on the steer. 

block and bridle 

The activities roster for Block and Bridle was 
extensive, including a barbecue for the agriculture 
alumni, the annual fall rodeo, a lunch for Swine 
and Dairy Day participants, and a barn-warming 
party in the winter. Other events were the annual 
Showmanship Contest and Awards Banquet in the 
spring. Ralph Dodson, fieldman for the American 
Hereford Association and a representative of Swift 
& Company were among the yearly speakers. 


1 f 1 t 


CHEMEKA, FRONT ROW: Aubrie Starks, David Lewis, Robert 
Sapp, president; D. W. Sloeum, adviser; Scott Hinners, vice-presi- 
dent; Carl Jennings, Douglas Wells. SECOND ROW: Mar)' Hamil- 

ton, Jerrill Driver, James Zid, Bruce MacCallum, Glenn Ashley, 
Mark DiPietro, Jesse Gurley, Judith Eakin. 


A student affiliate chapter of the American 
Chemical Society. Chemeka sent two members to the 
national meeting of the society in Miami Beach, 
Florida. The April convention wound up a year 
which included an annual dinner in February at 
Grand Tower and a spring picnic. An outstanding 
senior in chemistry award was presented to Robert 
Hanzlik. The award is based on grade average, de- 
partmental activities and a research project. 

council for 
exceptional children 

Delegates from the SIU chapter were sent to the 
Illinois Council for Exceptional Children meeting 
in the fall and the National Council for Excep- 
tional Children in St. Louis in the spring. Guest 
speakers at the monthly meetings included Dr. 
William Morse from the University of Michigan 
whose topic was "The Emotionally Disturbed 
Child." SIU faculty members Dr. Herbert Koepp- 
Baker and Dr. Loren Taylor spoke on their fields. 

land Neely. Dianna Voss. Maggie Kellerstrass, secretary; Frank Zap- 
pa, vice-president; Joy Carter, adviser; Rosemary Utterback, presi- 
dent; Cathie Boyne, treasurer; Carol Vemetti, David Cooper, Dar- 
lene Scott. SECOND ROW: Sharon Schneider, Carmeline Jones, 
Sally Davis, Carolyn Speese, Marcia Ruga, Cyndi Davis, Eloise 

Bennett, Jan Seals, JoEllen Sefried, Joanne Sgotta. THIRD ROW: 
Carol Fischer, Joan Sellen, Teryl Garrison, John Washburn, Ronelle 
Allen, Dennis Brock, Nadine Wilde, Jeanne Roselle, Mary Rubemeyer. 
FOURTH ROW: Phyllis Rehg, Dorothy Dodd, Camiell Thompson, 
Steve Prater, Gary Martin, Joan Carlson, Carol Hillis, Jo Ann Kould, 
Evelyn Hagans. 

1,1 t :| f f'JLt 

t # tf 



r i 

f * f ' . 

Chien-Cherng Chan, Hin-Yee Hung, Te-Lai Chan, Yin-Po 
Lee, Jen-Ho Fang, adviser; George Chen, Chun-Hsun Rin, 
Pui-Hung Wong, Yiu Kwong Ho. SECOND ROW: Yung- 
Ying Lee, Wai-Chi Kwok, Bing-Lun Lau, Jiun Tan Tsao, 

George Hsu, Esther Ling-Ling Fung, Victor Fong, Tai Po 
Tschang, Esther Chow. THIRD ROW: Chen-Hau Chu, Peter 
Fung Pui-Tak, SingLien Chemg, Fred Chu Huag Goon, 
Lee An Kao, Julian Fung, Hiram Gu, Junn Kuo Tenget, 
Chi Yan Li. 

Mao, Hai-Chow Kao, Ronald Lee, president; Juh Wah Chen, adviser; 
Ruth Lin Chu, treasurer; Wong-Fai Woo, William Lui. SECOND 
ROW: Joseph Wai, Christopher Cheung, Lee Cho Yau, Alice Wai- 

Lee Chin, Wai-Pingluk, Wou Wei, Floyd Chan, Ka Chai Ho. THIRD 
ROW: Chee Ming Chi, Wilfred Che, Sing Wong, Horace Yao, Min- 
Hney Tseng, Peter Yin-Wah Leung, Cheng-Ming Chang. 

Chinese students 

Starting off the year's activities, the Chinese 
students held a welcome picnic at Evergreen Park 
in October. Other activities included a Christmas 
Party and a Chinese Movie Night in January. In 
addition to having meetings and hearing guest 
speakers, the club sponsored a Chinese Folk Song 
Chorus which performed several times for the Ro- 
tary Club and the Lions Club. Any Chinese student 
or faculty member may join the organization. 


CRICKET CLUB, FRONT ROW: Frank Laumsden, Francis Williams, captain; Ian Staff, adviser; Ashvin Naik, captain; Ma- 
hesh Podar. SECOND ROW: Arif Husain, Alton Davis, Dickie Coke, Lockhart Hines, Orrin Benn. 

cricket club 

dames club 

To become a member of the Cricket Club a stu- 
dent must be interested in the game. The club 
sponsors a series of cricket matches with other 
universities beginning spring quarter. This summer 
the club played the St. Louis Club losing by only 
seven runs. The club has been host to such people 
as William Tatlock, the vice-president of the U.S. 
Crickett Association. The organization is open to 
both foreign and American SIU students. 

The apex of the year for the Dames Club was 
the crowning of Mrs. Southern. The 1967 title 
holder was Mrs. Carol McDonald. The winner was 
announced at a dance on February 24. The wives 
also sponsor a spring dance and banquet. In Oc- 
tober, the Dames modeled clothes from area stores 
at an annual style show. Meeting monthly, they 
give bridge lessons and also organize pinochle 
games. Among various speakers was Norman Slack 
who lectured on interior design. 

DAMES CLUB, FRONT ROW: Barbara Reiser, treasurer; Jean Woods, vice president; Carol Kuethe, president; Alice Camp- 
bell, secretary; Linda Schiller. SECOND ROW: Sheila Goin, Judy Hittsman, Ann Wise, adviser; Laurie Leitner. 


! ! t if 1 1 

? f t f 

Stoever, Robert Teske, Jackie Honey, president; Richard Howe, 
Peter Lenzini, vice-president; Bruce Scheiman, Bruce Pate, treasurer; 
Buster Hyman. SECOND ROW: Carl Ecklund, Odhavji Lavani, Gen- 
eral King, Rahmat Alyeshmerni, John Henderson, Don Karr, Yiu Ho, 
Todd Wuellner, Ronald Carr, Ronald Shook, Lloyd Richardson. 



THIRD ROW: Massood Hakim, Harold Forbes, Richard Murray, 
Craig Thiele, Ron Ross, Stephen Riggio, Mike Snodgrass, Charles 
Martschinke, Tom Bartinikas, Rudolph Glazik, Monty Wilson. 
FOURTH ROW: Steven Johnson, Ronald Kinder, Michael Fanner, 
Scott Thatcher, Douglas Colclasure, Charles Trover, David Chadra, 
Jim Mann, Murl Teske, John Follas, Leroy Eilering. 

a ^HL-, 0/r MR jflBr ~m 1W 

Kobrossi, Francois Dean, Carroll Seibert, David Eddingfield, adviser; 
Philip Davis, adviser; John Floquet, James Simpson, James Trogolo. 
SECOND ROW: Kristina Massey, Herb Goering, Cyrus Shokouch, 
Margaret Conci, Richard Dolbeare, George Kennedy, John Warmelink, 
Ed Watson, Walter Cary, Kacaai Ho. THIRD ROW: Dean Banhart, 
Curtis Alexander, Martin Bonsignore, Kenneth Oleson, Albert Zan- 
zola, Errol McCollum, Lorn Honey, Mohammad Barhemmat, Francis 
Burba, William Ulivi. 

engineering club 

Field trips to McDonnell Aircraft, General Motors, 
and U.S. Steel in the St. Louis area were the fore- 
most Engineering Club activities for 1966-67. Guest 
speakers at regular meetings included Robert Mac- 
Vicar, vice-president of SIU, and Arnold Maremont, 
a member of the SIU Board of Trustees. In winter 
quarter, the club acted as host to several profes- 
sional organizations, including the Illinois Society 
of Professional Engineers, at a banquet for National 
Engineers Week, which began February 20. 





JJ.Bf lit 

UNIVERSITY FFA, FIRST ROW: Marvin Campbell, Jerry Hugh 
smith, treasurer; Tom Nikrant, secretary; Edward Musselman, presi 
dent; Eugene Wood, Ralph Benton, adviser; Charles Niksch, vice 
president; Roger Ross, John Bangert. SECOND ROW: Gary Appel. 
Jim Engelhardt, Sidney Haney, William Bradley, James Bond 

Lawrence Handy, James Davis, James Richison, Paul Kreher, Ron 
Throneberg. THIRD ROW: Bill Vaughan, Bob Kiesecoms, Lindell 
Whitelock, Max Borah, John Edwards, Vernon Gwaltney, Jim Raben, 
George Blankenship, Tony Marten. 

university ffa 

With an emphasis on developing leadership train- 
ing in agriculture education, the University Future 
Farmers of America centered its programs around 
guest lecturers. John Sweeney, Illinois State Super- 
visor of Agricultural Education, spoke on "Oppor- 
tunities in Agriculture Education." Three members 
of the University Future Farmers of America re- 
ceived the Chapter Farmer Degree, the highest 
honorary recognition given to members by the local 
FFA chapter at Southern. 

forestry club 

Getting blood donations to send to Viet Nam 
was a major project for the Forestry Club. Members 
supplemented club meetings by attending local and 
national conventions, including the Mid-Western 
Foresters Conclave at Ann Arbor, Michigan, in Oc- 
tober, and the Forestry Jubilee at Little Grassy in 
spring quarter. Outstanding senior, freshman, and 
club member awards were also presented at the 
annual joint Forestry Club-Xi Sigma Pi Banquet 
during spring quarter. 

FORESTRY CLUB, FIRST ROW: Thomas Wacker, Pat Cowan, Glen 
Martin, Robert Bowlby, John Dickson, secretary; Glenn Campbell, 
president; Rick Moore, vice-president; Ralph Bower, Leon Leach, 
Randy Konkel, Duane Dipert. SECOND ROW: Mickey Lewis, Robert 
Klatt, Ray Newbold, Arthur Allen, Tim Ephgrave, E. Ronald Miller, 
Richard McAllister, Gordon Von Qualen, Walter Wood, Jack Downs, 
Charles Rush, Robert Underwood, Clement Vericker. THIRD ROW: 



Roland Barkow, Dale Baer, Dick Little, Dennis Garrett, Frank Monte, 
Dave Sparks, Don Cureton, Bruce Nelson, Larry Jarvinen, John Cline, 
John Carr, Rich Collins, Eric Larson, David Schuler. FOURTH 
ROW: Carr Smith, Richard Peterson, Michael Miller, Joe Ewan, 
Sam Resor, Frank Chesnek, Mike Malnar, Ed DeYoung, Tim Van 
Note, Kent Clarida, G. R. Wankel. 


tM If 




I '"41 

8 © 



V 7 J 



■ 1^1 -> ^1 ^K. -' 11 


m iti i ! j 

GEOLOGY CLUB, FRONT ROW: Ron Forrest, John Gamer, John 
Vinson, vice-president; George Fraunfelter, adviser; Bill Troutt, 
president; Richard Kehlenbach, Vemer Johnson. SECOND ROW: 

Sandra Beranich, Paul Shukis, Terry Dyroff, John Randall, Tom 
Roush, Dwight Flowers, Charles Levine, Ron Yesley. 

geology club 

assistants in p.e. 

First place prize was awarded to the Geology 
Club for the "Happiness is Being Top Dog" stunt 
in the 1966 Homecoming Parade. Club activities at 
an academic level included field trips in spring 
term to the Mississippi River delta and the Pan 
American Petroleum Corporation. Winter quarter 
the club visited the Illinois Geological Survey in 
Urbana. Charles Walker was presented with the 
Rock Hammer Award for his service to the Geology 
Club throughout the past year. 

Formed this year by Dr. Edward Shea, the Grad- 
uate Assistants in P.E. have bi-monthly meetings at 
which they discuss the problems and innovations in 
their field. In addition to serious meetings, the 
group has sponsored two sports nights in the Arena 
at which members challenge each other in a chosen 
sport. In October the club went to Giant City 
on a picnic outing and in November several mem- 
bers attended the Illinois Physical Education Meet- 
ing in Peoria. 







^^i^B l^lr ^H^Bf* 




Wilkinson, adviser; Lawrence Preo, Christopher Patterson, 
Ron Kiersch, Jim McDonald, Bill Cornwell, Edward Shea, 
adviser. SECOND ROW: Michael Steer, James Bath, Gar 

Garman, Richard Gallina, Skip Glikerson. THIRD ROW: 
Ken Suchy, Skip Rohde, Jim Hanley, Allyn Miller, Chuck 


HOME ECONOMICS CLUB. FRONT ROW: Norman Slack, adviser; 
Sue Ridley, adviser; Sharon Kramer, Sue Redding, treasurer; Ranelle 
Summers, Jeanne Wilson, Jean Kanallakan, Kathy Hartsock, secre- 
tary; Janice Crowell, Bonnie Masterson, president; Margaret Beleckis, 
vice-president; Sandra Cripe, Carol Mentzer, Dorleska Wiley, Brenda 
Sehnert, Cheryl McBride, Margaret Paulson, Paula Smith, Martha 
Beggs. SECOND ROW: Terry Falline, Virginia Comerford, Margaret 
Couser, Martha Wiyatt, Marcia McGuire, Phyllis Saurer, Judy 
Klavck, Doris Ellis, Patty Kersch, Elaine Wilson, Mary Abell, Ruth 
Thomas, Mary Hull, Carolyn Thode, Neen Hanrahan, Nancy Scalise, 

Sara Kiss, 'Hernia Barclay, Brenda Abell, Carole Clanton, Jan Don- 
nell. THIRD ROW: Donald Gates, Pam Gurskis, Nancy Burnett, 
Patricia Stolz, Bonnie Du Montelle, Mary Popp, Phyllis Bochtler, 
Vickie Wiseman, Patricia James, Laura Melvin, Shirley Wall, Linda 
Rowland, Beverly Vaninger, Josephine Hamilton, Shirley Rowland, 
Jananne Carson, Susan Hunter, Sandra Rosenlieb. FOURTH ROW: 
Karen Metzroth, Irene Huch, Vivian Turner, Karen Schrader, Nina 
Reid, Vicki Mizeoski, Nancy Vander Vere, Rozila Dhalla, Carla 
Wilkins, Karen Cochran, Marty Swinnen, Susan Hauptmann, Judith 
Jackowski, Joy Jackson. 

home economics club honor guard 

The SIU College Chapter of the American Home 
Economics Association presented its Outstanding 
Freshman Service award to Brenda Sehmert in the 
spring. Prominent guest speakers included Kath- 
erine Hart, president of the American Dietetics 
Association, and Margaret Hickey. chairman of 
the President's Council for Status of Women. 
Members of the Home Economics College Chapter 
attended the state convention in Springfield and 
the national meetins in Dallas, Texas. 

Honor Guard membership is open to all students 
participating in AFROTC and wanting to drill. 
The Honor Guard attended the Heart of the Nation 
Drill Meet at Bradley University, Peoria, during 
winter quarter. In addition to two banquets in winter 
and spring. Honor Guard members performed at 
the annual Deer Festival Parade in Golconda, the 
Pershing Rifles Drill Meet at the University of 
Kentucky at Lexington. They also performed at 
many activities on the campus. 

HONOR GUARD, FRONT ROW: Jon Ross, Gary Goldstein, Richard 
Wells, Mark Meyer, Harry Houser, Dennis Culberson, commander; 
Steven Perry, William Schaefer, Phillip Werkmeister, William Mc- 
Cord, James Teague. SECOND ROW: G. W. King, Jim Lukowski, 
David Dillard, Alan Steigelman, Dave Szoke, John McAleer, Ronald 
Renman, Jack Wesley, Robert Littlehale, Frank Holt. THIRD ROW: 

Arthur Morgan, Rick Umbaugh, Bill Sevcik, Steven Underwood, Tom 
Lane, Robert Stamps, John Crum, Dave Dodson, Steve Sumner. 
FOURTH ROW: Gene Welborn. Sherrill Freesmeyer, Alonza Brown, 
David Hart, Larry Jennings, William Fitzgerald Jr.. Michael Smith, 
Duane Thien, Sam Dillingham. 


Nebel, Cathy Archer, Heidi McWilKams, Barbara Davis, vice-presi- 
dent; Sharon Weinman, president; Betty Lacy, treasurer; Margaret 
Tate, secretary; Ellen Haderly, Beth Nixion, Sharon Newell. SEC- 
OND ROW: Pat Stann, Carol Mobley, Cathy Clendenning, Dale 
Hoopmann, Linda Durkee, Sharon Abbott, Judy Foral, Mary Richards, 
Rosemary Webster, Pat Jensen, Beverly Meyer, Mary Ann Hanson, 
Sue Rezner, Marj Freeman. THIRD ROW: Elizabeth Boyd, Debbie 

Line, Jan Dix, Sharon Nurnberg, Donna Dutko, Linda Milner, Kathy 
O'Daniel, Marjorie Prost, Susan Kirkpatrick, Peggy Latz, Joyce 
Nelson, Kathy Beatzel, Jeri Murphy, Beverly Grief. FOURTH ROW: 
Julienne Millheam, Diana Chandler. Carol Cummisky, Marcia Tomac, 
Elizabeth Stewart, Gail Fiala, Linda Harvey, Holly McMillian, Louise 
Donnelly, Sandy Wetzstein, Jane Garab, Lorraine Torrisi, Trudy Mc- 

ill. junior dental 
hygenists association 

indian students assoc. 

The Illinois Junior American Dental Hygienists 
Association began its activities with the annual 
picnic. Dr. Arthur Lenzini, practicing dentist in 
Herrin. spoke at a monthly meeting on "dentistry 
in Guatemala." while Carbondale dentist George 
Karnes' topic was "Peridontics." Spring quarter 
brought the annual Dental Hygienists banquet and 
later the capping ceremony. An award was given to 
Donna Kotarek who maintained a 4.0 grade average. 

Activities beyond the normal monthly meetings 
were prevalent within the Indian Students Associa- 
tion. A Dinwali Celebration was arranged in No- 
vember at the home of their adviser, Professor 
Everette Hong. Members also celebrated Indian Re- 
public Day in January. The Indian Students As- 
sociation took an active part in the planning and 
operations of the Model United Nations and In- 
ternational Night, which were held at Southern. 

Mrs. J. P. Deleoda, Helen Mahrenholz, M. Madaiah, secretary'; Rekha 
Raje, president; Dr. E. N. Hong, adviser; Arif Husain, Pratima 
Desai, Hedayat Aminarsala. SECOND ROW: G. N. Kundavgi, Saeed 

Ahmad Nizami, C. Kumararatnam, Kananur Chandra, Dilip Desai, 
N. Prabhuswamy. THIRD ROW: Odhavji Lavani, F. P. Delgoda, 
Barbara Bernhart, Mohd Razaul Haque, A. P. Bhattacharjee. 



ft * ft 

INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION CLUB, FRONT ROW: George Tate, Carlos Medrano, treasurer; Cliff Roberts, president; 
John Pollock, adviser; Kurt Mowrer, secretary; Michael Hunter, vice president; Donald Gustin. SECOND ROW: Rich- 
ard Weishaar, Stanley Randolph, Henry Schleuning, Gehl Klinge, Delbert Jackson. THIRD ROW: Fritz Krause, Denny 
Corbell, Ronald Bustin, Earl Robinson, Thomas Newlin. 

education club 

Lecturing on his work in Hawaii, Dr. Charles 
Bunten of the School of Technology headed the 
list of speakers for the Industrial Education Club. 
The group attended a workshop on federal aid to 
industrial arts in the fall. A field trip to Evansville, 
Indiana in winter term enabled members to get a 
look at the inside workings of the Alcoa Aluminum 
plant. Exhibiting individual projects in the Uni- 
versity Center was an IEC spring activity. 

materials club 

An organization of approximately 20 members, 
the Instructional Materials Club is open to all 
SIU students. The focal point of the year was a 
lecture in February by J. Epstein, the author who 
wrote the introduction to Lord of the Flies. In April 
the IMC held a meeting for high school students 
featuring a speaker from the library to recruit 
prospective members. The organization's annual 
picnic was at Giant City Park during May. 

INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS CLUB, FRONT ROW: Thomas Anliker, president; Nancy Fligor, vice-president; Bob 
Thomas, treasurer; Jacalyn Greer, secretary; Nick Ciulla. SECOND ROW: Irene Molitor, Marilyn Schroeder, Kath- 
leen Fletcher, Thelma Renshaw, Ann Rosson, Joyce Rechtin, Sharon Surratt. THIRD ROW: Brenda Jeffries, William 
Lohman, Zantigiu Fraore, Haruo Kawai, Hin-Yee Hung, Marilyn Nelson. 


INTERPRETERS' THEATRE, FRONT ROW: Nancy Roeckeman, Steven Horwitz, Carol Smith, president; Carol Ann Weil, 
vice-president; Guy Howard Klopp, Richard Carter. SECOND ROW: Angela Flowers, Russell Miner, Brenda Jeffries, Al Nelson, 
Audrey Hoyle, Vicki Frenkel, Margaret Hicks. 

interpreters' theatre 


Members of the Interpreters' Theatre expanded 
their facilities with the construction of a new 
theatre, the Calipre Stage, in the Communications 
Building. Productions for the year included "In 
White America" and "I Never Promised You a Rose 
Garden". Mr. and Mrs. David Hedges conducted 
workshops for the theatre during winter term. Five 
members of the theatre earned superior ratings at 
the Ozarks Interpretation Festival held in Spring- 
field, Missouri, in February. 

The Interprofessional Council, also known as 
the School of Business Student Council, is com- 
posed of 18 members, nine representing business 
clubs and nine elected at large. The Council serves 
as coordinator of activities for the business organi- 
zations and hosted such events as the Dean's Tea for 
honor students and the Midwest regional meeting 
of the American Association of College Schools of 
Business. Members of the council work to improve 
student-faculty relations. 

INTERPROFESSIONAL COUNCIL, FIRST ROW: Jim Wilson, vice-president; George Clark, treasurer; David Bateman, fac- 
ulty adviser; John Camaghi, president; Dennis Layne, secretary; Rex Rowland. SECOND ROW: Keith Wehrman, William 
Haas, Roy Hess, James Wilson, Dennis Bauman. THIRD ROW: Vince Coors, Ted Blomquist, Roger Sunnquist, Dale Greenlee, 
Robert Hansen. 





fe^A ^^ 

i V 

n? «•'] 

L J 


r i , 




Rose Mary Waicukauski, Richard Zody, president; Frank Klingberg, 
adviser; Dennis Jordan, vice-president; Mahesh Podar, secretary; 

Larry Cobb. SECOND ROW : Adrienne Bills, Abdullah Aliyu, Michael 
Ojo, D. Emery Halmagyi, Bill Ball, Gladys Douglas. 

relations club 

iranian students 

Yasuhiko Nara. consul general of Japan, spoke to 
the International Relations Club on "Japanese- 
United States Relations" in fall term. The club 
sponsored conferences on Communist China and 
NATO as well as a student panel on "Student Dis- 
sent in Foreign Lands". Representatives from SIU's 
chapter traveled to New York City to attend the 
Association of International Relations Club's Con- 
vention and the national meeting of the Collegiate 
Council for the United Nations. 

Having been inactive at Southern for the past 
two years, the Iranian Students Association is now 
in the process of revising its constitution. Because 
it has just been re-established, activities of the 
organization are few. The ISA did display a booth 
at this year's International Night and also took 
part in the talent show. The club also sponsored 
an Iranian New Year's Party on March 21. The 
68-membered organization meets twice a month. 

lek Madani, Faramarz Shahbazian, Kamran Aghili, Homa Shokoun, 
Peter Notaras, adviser; Hooshi Bagberi, Bahman Djahed, Iraj Davani- 

pour, Morteza Pourmomtaz. SECOND ROW: Farhad Rahimi, Iraj 
Moghaddam, Cyrus Shokouh. Mohammad Rohaghy, Mohammad 
Barhemmat, Mahmood Imami, Nasrin Zarafshan. 

Jacques de molay club 

A hypnotist show featuring Wayne Green, a third 
degree Mason, was sponsored by the Jacques De- 
Molay Club with the proceeds going to the Shriners' 
Crippled Children's Hospital in St. Louis. A South- 
ern Illinois Jurisdictional DeMolay bowling tourn- 
ament was held by the SIU chapter with three-foot 
trophies awarded to winning teams from Belleville, 
Chandlerville and Mount Vernon, Illinois. The 
Jacques DeMolay Club held picnics and study 
sessions throughout the year. 

JACQUES DE MOLAY CLUB, FRONT ROW: James Suttie, III, president; William 
Hall, adviser, John Zink, director. SECOND ROW: John Hargraves, vice-president; 
Samuel Robb, secretary-treasurer. 

job's daughters 

Members of Job's Daughters and Rainbow Girls 
sponsored bowling parties, pizza parties, and picnics 
throughout the school year. Classified as a service 
organization, the girls assist with campus and city 
elections. White Shrine charity fund drives, and 
Eastern Star functions. The club requires that 
members have a previous membership in Job's 
Daughters and Rainbow Girls or in other Masonic 
organization. Members of the group often meet 
sociallv with the DeMolays. 

Nadine Wilde, vice-president; Margaret Sneddon, president; R. Maureen Warner, secre- 
tary. SECOND ROW: Lee Ann Scheuerman, Evelyn Bates, Karen Zink. 


Lee, Byling Soo Park, Holim Kim, Kee Lee, vice-president; Sanjeen 
Choe, president; Sarah Kim, Young-Ae Kim. Tae Guic Kim, Sallie 

Kim, Mark Lee. SECOND ROW: Tack Yong Kim, Hyun Park, 
Hong Dong Kyu, Dong Hwau Park, Chan Kyoo Choi, Byong Soo 
Hwang, secretary; Sung Bok Ahn, Unyong Kim, Kwang-In Lee. 

korean student 

Striving to get the Korean newspaper delivered 
to the SIU Library occupied members of the Korean 
Student Association. The 28-membered organization 
sponsored a picnic in September and in January 
celebrated New Year's. Two of the club members 
are working on their theses in government and in 
journalism. In spring the club plans to contact a 
Korean professor teaching in the U.S. and request 
that he speak at a future meeting. 

modern dance club 

A major performance at Shryock Auditorium was 
given by the Modern Dance Club during spring 
term. In addition, members of the club performed 
their dance routines at high schools in the Southern 
Illinois area and at the Edwardsville campus. Other 
organizations at Southern often request the club 
to give a dance concert as entertainment at their 
meetings. Any prospective member of the Modern 
Dance Club must serve as an apprentice. 

MODERN DANCE CLUB. FRONT ROW: Laurine Balsevicis, Jan 
Davis, treasurer; Sue DIuehosh, Suzanne Oliver, president; Phyllis 
Milldrum, Jan Walker. SECOND ROW: Anita Coronel. Barbara 

Lithcrland, Carolyn Moll, Sarah Jay, Gwen Jones, Jami Sheihan. 
THIRD ROW: Catherine Wanaski, Marvelle Morgan, Nell Wash- 
ington, Toni Roan, Sandi Nugen, Kathleen Mahurin, Sandra Golden. 



i it 

ROW: Norman Slack, adviser; Linda Dodwell, Patricia Goetsch, 
Arlene Jardschik, secretary ; Terry Falline, president ; Pamela Zauss, 
vice-president; Lucy Stewart, adviser; Stan Phillips, adviser. SEC- 
OND ROW: Kerry Gray, Janice Young, Phyllis Maschoff, Linda 

Remias, Helga Russell, Renee Schmisseur, Frederica Logsdon, Donna 
Harlow, Char Lundstrom. THIRD ROW: Douglas Renfrew, Nosra- 
tollah Khalaj, Donald Gates, Edward Zgonina, David Benner, Ken 
Miesner, Charles Pavelonis. 

american institute of interior designers 




^K . 









f - 



FRONT ROW: Char Lundstrom, president; S. Phillips, adviser; 
Lucy Stewart, adviser; Norman Slack, adviser; Helga Russell. SEC- 

OND ROW: Donna Harlow, social chairman; Nosratollah Khalaj, 
social chairman; Renee Schmisseur, secretary; David Benner, Arlene 
Jaroschik, Ken Miesner, Frederica Logdon, treasurer. 

officers of national society of interior designers 

The American Institute of Interior Designer's SIU 
Chapter was formed winter term and with its 83 
members is one of the largest chapters in the Mid- 
west. Since chapter installation in December the 
designers have taken field trips to St. Louis and 
Cape Girardeau. There members visited several 
restored homes and several furniture stores. Harry 
Rust of Rust and Martin Furniture of Cape Girar- 
deau was speaker at one of the bi-monthly meetings. 


Edward Zgonina, Pamela Zauss, Charles Pavelonis, Stanley Phillips, 
adviser; Norman Slack, adviser; Jerry Eccher, Jackie Nemec, Terry 
Falline. SECOND ROW: Linda Remias, Kerry Gray, Linda Day, 

Helga Russell. Janise Donnell, Diane Schnaufer, Bebe Hanes, Lynne 
Murdock. THIRD ROW: Janice Young, Phyllis Maschhoff, Dana 
Moller, Donald Gates, Robert Wolf, Marsha Hursey, Linda Dodwell. 

national society 

of interior designers 

Supplementing the regular club meetings, mem- 
bers of the National Society of Interior Designers 
took field trips to Louisville. Kentucky, and Cape 
Girardeau. Missouri, to tour furniture and interior 
design firms. Among the guest speakers at NSID's 
meetings was Peter MacDonald, president of the 
Kentucky chapter of NSID, who spoke on "Pro- 
fessional Solutions to Interior Design Problems." 
During winter quarter, NSID held an antique show. 

nigerian students 

During the past year the Nigerian Students As- 
sociation sponsored a phone-in program on WSIU- 
TV called "Ask Me About Nigeria." A trip to the 
Nigerian Students convention in Montreal, Canada 
gave SIU Nigerian students a chance to meet other 
Nigerians studying in America. Nigerian Independ- 
ence Anniversary was celebrated October 1. Speakers 
were recruited throughout the year to lecture on the 
educational and political developments of Nigeria. 

Daniel Edem, Michael Ojo, president; Abdullah Aliyu, secretary; 
Clifford Ozaudu Aki, Matthew Apolola. SECOND ROW: Christopher 

Chukwurah, Mohammad Sirajo, Oladejo Akinkunle, Ibrahim Mukh- 
tar, Alhaji Bukar. 

ji. jLt-ifJliLiii "«, 

? f W W f 

PLANT INDUSTRIES CLUB, FRONT ROW: Gerald Rottmann. John Houghton, treasurer; Bruce Currie, secretary; 
Donald Dallmier, president; Joe Jones, adviser; James Tweedy, adviser; Thomas Schilling, vice-president; Al Kern, 
Edward Casey. SECOND ROW: Marlyn Alward, Don Paulson, Kent Wilson, Rudolph Glazik, Carl Thorp, Kenneth 
Mammer, Jack Storm, Iraj Moghaddam. THIRD ROW : Fred Monroe, James Bond, Marvin Utsinger, John Wiedman, 
George Newell, Harrie Kirk, Max Borah, Gene Mathews. FOURTH ROW: Richard Medsker, Jim Dertz, George 
Knight, Lewis Osterman, Andy Cerven, R. Dale Beck, Norman Kilpatrick, Art Bomke, John Wilmert. 

plant industries club 

Through the Plant Industries Club, the American 
Society of Agronomy awarded an outstanding senior 
award to Thomas Schilling. The club participated 
in the AU-Ag Banquet during winter quarter and 
sponsored a turkey shoot before Thanksgiving. 
Members attended the American Society of Agron- 
omy meeting at Oklahoma State University in Still- 
water, in August and a Soil Judging Contest at the 
University of Wisconsin at Madison in October. 

pre-dental society 

Formed in fall quarter, the Pre-Medical and Pre- 
Dental Society is open to SIU students in good 
standing with interests in these fields of profession. 
Bi-monthly meetings featured guest speakers in- 
cluding Dr. Wilson Scott, staff radiologist, and Dr. 
C. E. Fildes, staff surgeon for Doctors Hospital in 
Carbondale. The Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Society 
visited the Life Science Building in the spring to 
view a human dissection demonstration. 

PRE-MEDICAL AND PRE-DENTAL SOCIETY, FRONT ROW: Frederick Schmidt, treasurer; Franklin Phillips, presi- 
dent; Barbara Gebhardt, William Leonard, vice-president. SECOND ROW: Serrano Francisco, Bill Baker, Michael Ho, 
Tai Po Tschang, John Silvester, Ronald Siegel, Michael Richter. THIRD ROW: Ronald Smith, Travis Martin, Donald 
Guest, William Cotter, Leonard Ray, James Raben, Glen McDowell. 

^ ^ D 

9 Q 


PRINTING MANAGEMENT CLUB, FRONT ROW: Russell Selmer, James Skogseth, Dave Karr, secretary; Bill Volk- 
hardt, vice-president; James Winquist, president; William Hall, adviser; George Brown, adviser. SECOND ROW: 
Robert Franzke, Michael Williams, Dennis Freeman, Jack Westerman, John Foffel, Robert McCue. THIRD ROW: 
Dwight Stiehl, Wayne Hotko, Dale Miholic, Tom Murphy, Gene Freund, Ed Murphy, James Hernandez. 

management club 

pyramid club 

Chicago, St. Louis, and Evansville, were among 
the cities visited by the Printing Management Club 
to acquaint members with large printing facilities. 
National Printing Week was promoted in January 
by the club through radio, television, displays, and 
the printed materials media, as well as by a club 
banquet. Completion of one printing management 
course or a major in printing management is the 
membership requirement for the organization. 

Pyramid Club is an honor organization founded 
to recognize individuals of the Thompson Point 
living area. Students are elected to the Pyramid 
Club during spring quarter by the members on the 
basis of their active contributions. The election is 
a recognition and an appreciation of their outstand- 
ing service to the Thompson Point living area. The 
Pyramid Club is similar to the all-university organi- 
zation. Sphinx Club, but membership is by election. 

PYRAMID CLUB, FRONT ROW: Kenneth Wolfson, Jim Worobey, Staff Loveland, 
president. SECOND ROW: Judy Sager, Mary Anne Porter. 


is, president; Susan Roe, secretary-treasurer; Jerry Zeikel, 
vice-president; Dale Schmitzer, social chairman. SECOND 

ROW: Ted Flickinger, Carol Ame, Maryann Fowler, Nancy 
Smith, Larry Schaake. THIRD ROW: Meredith Arnold, Bill 
Carel, Lyle Hicks, Dick Loy, Jim Davis. 

recreation club 

saluki flying club 

The second place trophy was the Recreation Club's 
reward for participation in the 1966 Spring Festival. 
The club worked closely with the SIU Cavalcade of 
fun mobile recreation units aiding in the set up of 
the facilities and helping civic groups organize 
their programs. Field trips provided an integral 
part of the year's program as members observed 
the recreational facilities in Oak Park, Decatur and 
Evansville, Indiana. The group is a service club. 

The Saluki Flying Club was awarded the honor 
of being host to the National Intercollegiate Flying 
Association Air Meet in May with 400 pilots and 
160 airplanes present. The Saluki Flying Club at- 
tended the Mid-Winter Air Meet in Athens, Ohio, 
where Monty Wilson captured first place in the 
bomb-drop event. Beyond the preparations for the 
inter-collegiate meet, the club heard guest speakers 
including Gene Seibert, aviation coordinator. 

ley, secretary; Nelson Thorp, president; Ronald Kelly, adviser; Mike 
Ketring, vice-president; Hugli Blaney, treasurer; Monty Wilson, Rob- 

ert Van Zandt. SECOND ROW: Ron Jasinski, Buzzy Zeichner, James 
Schneider, Charles Kragness, Fred Hahn, Gary Garrison, Reaburn 
Raymer, Max Minnick, William Hay. 









> 1 

Barbara Collins, secretary; Mary Lee Mussard, president; 
Mary Wells, adviser. Donna Penson, vice-president; Claudetta 

Lawhorne, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Rosemary Thompson, 
Margaret Spaner, Jackie Jeffers, Nell Staff, Peggy Cobb, 
Patricia Bare. 

siu graduate wives siu sailing club 

In its second year of organization, the SIU Gradu- 
ate Wives Society gave a reception in October for 
all graduate wives. In June an Exodus Dinner was 
planned to honor wives whose husbands had re- 
ceived degrees. Speakers included Mrs. George 
Crause, foods and nutrition expert, who lectured 
on "Entertaining on a Budget," Dr. Herbert Porta, 
assistant dean of agriculture, who talked on the 
Peace Corps, and retired navy commander, Mrs. 
Keith Humble, who told about Saigon life. 

Saturday sailing outings in warm weather were 
the major activities of the SIU Sailing Club. At 
weekly meetings, members discussed club business 
and then were trained in sailing techniques. At 
several meetings, films on sailing were shown pre- 
paratory to actual sailing lessons in the spring. 
Plans were made for intercollegiate racing spring 
term with Washington University and the University 
of Wisconsin. Any SIU student or faculty member 
may join the club which uses Crab Orchard Lake. 

SIU SAILING CLUB, FRONT ROW: Herbert Crosby, adviser, Peter ginia Posphala, Dori Stout, Bonnie Zuchowixz. THIRD ROW: Ed- 

Melone, social chairman, Philip Nieman, Candy Holloway, secretary; 
Steve Sextonson, Marlene Blyweiss, Dick Roush, Chuck Rush, treas- 
urer; Louis Loenneke, John Mix, Mel Mangan. SECOND ROW: 
Susan Redick, Marsha Blumenhorst, Fran Boehme, Barbara Ener- 
son, Juanita Lemmon, Kathleen Beyerman, Sandra Johnson, Vir- 

ward Houcek, Mary Jane Orban, Adrianne Carter, Diana Emerson, 
Sandee Draper, Elizabeth Stewart, Carol Gondek, Jan Davis, Howard 
Harris. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Haffron, Louis Conter, Steve Gustaf- 
son, Bob Partridge, Michael Farmer, Tom Dewey, Bob Whitler, Den- 
nis Nelson. 

SIU SKI CLUB, FRONT ROW: Carolyn Quinn, Sandra Spina, Char- 
lotte Stebbins, Judi Babbitt, Geraldinc Reynolds, Mignon Westin, 
Sherry Wolff. SECOND ROW: Bob Simons, president; Peter Paron, 

David Schaler, David Voracek, Larry Bassuk, Robert Stamps, Dave 
Westin, Thomas Strong. 

siu ski club 

Formed by Dave Westin and Bob Simons, the 
SIU Ski Club has been active for one year. The 
Club was organized to facilitate skiing in the "snow- 
less flatlands of Southern Illinois." The 25 members 
met monthly to plan trips and see skiing films. 
Weekend skiing trips were taken to Chicago during 
the cold season while the highlight of the year was 
the trip to Stowe, Vermont, the "ski capital of the 
east," over spring break. Anyone interested in 
skiing may join the club. 

siu sport 
parachute club 

Skydiving demonstrations formed the main ac- 
tivities for the SIU Sport Parachute Club. The 
members performed at SIU baseball and football 
games, and at the Murdale Shopping Center. The 
organization captured the National Collegiate Para- 
chuting League Championship at the competitions at 
Texas A.&M. in April, 1966. Club member Tom 
Schapanski is the national accuracy champion and 
competed in the international competitions and the 
French nationals representing SIU. 

Al Slowik, Dave Barker, treasurer; Pat Meiron, president; Clark 
Ceelen, adviser; Michael Lanigan, vice-president; Carol Curry, sec- 
retary; Rod Orbick, Bill Huff. SECOND ROW: Bob Drew, Milton 
Criger, Roger Neumann, Roger School), Greg Weisbrod, S. Parent, 
Edward Musikantow, Robert Thompson, Diana Enlow, Cathy 

Shelton. THIRD ROW; Jim Brown. Dick Baxley, Fred Weinert, 
Mike Cosgrove, Walter Waite, Duane Grafft, Douglas Hubbard, W. 
S. Crooke, David Wartinbee, Gary Taylor. FOURTH ROW: Sidney 
Hall, John Lewis, George Homeyer, Steven Underwood, John Powell, 
Rick Northway, Edward Hoadley, Mason Curran. 

1 f f«*F F f " 

t_U V f 

. t t | t f I >t f 

ROW: John Loayza, Larry Schyving, Allen Syprzak, treasurer; Roger 
Slorahn, John Fohr, adviser; Peter Souhrada, president; Thomas 
Fitzgerald, secretary; David Reed, Jerry Gulley.SECOND ROW: 
John Book, James Zweifel, Frank Klostermann, Tom Klein, William 
Sheall, Jim Edwards, Mai Cochran, Pat Humpal, Tom Niemiec. 

THTRD ROW: Boh Burke, Jerry Kaesherg, Rich Frain, Boh Flynn, 
Randall Greer, Terry Patterson, Arthur Lewandowski, Edward 
Nowak. James Oschwald, William Bennett. FOURTH ROW: David 
Smith, Glen Seymour, John Green, Brian Downs, Robert Hewes, 
James Thompson, Peter Sabella, Terry Meyer, Kenneth Ballard, 
Joseph Ewing. 

society for the 
advancement of 

Society for the Advancement of Management of- 
ficers Peter Souhrada and Thomas Fitzgerald re- 
ceived a national award in New York City for the 
SIU chapter as making "Outstanding Contributions 
to the School of Business"'. SAM, a member of the 
"100 Club*' with over 100 members, traveled to 
St. Louis winter term to visit McDonnell Aircraft 
Corporation and the Anheuser-Busch Company. The 
spring awards banquet was given at the Logan House 
located in Murphysboro, Illinois. 

William Latham, national executive director of 
SAM, presented SIU's chapter with an award. 


CIETY, FRONT ROW: Kevin Bosomunth, James Block, John 
Nystedt, treasurer; William Greenwald, Jim Rodemaker, Don For- 
manek, secretary; Ward Rice, Richard Karr, James Murray. SECOND 
ROW: Sidney Jessop, Brenda Gerardi, Diana Emerson, Marianna 
Clerico, Mary Sistler, Sandra Draper, Kathryn Peters, William Mc- 

Daniels, Dennis Dean, Sue Ann Spytek, John Gullo. THIRD ROW: 
Walt Jaskierny, Chick Suihlik, W. S. Crooker, Mark Williams, Walt 
Peters, Vern Cornell, Chuck Carter, Al Kastning, Bill Bryant, John 
Freise, Sara Kiss. FOURTH ROW: Tom Wicks, vice-president; Rob- 
ert Young, David Ruge, Bob Ewen, James Halleck, Ted Orf, Joe 
Walsh, Bill Sevcik, Terry Pitchford. 

Speleological Society members visited various caves to 
study stalagmite and stalactite formations. 


little egypt grotto of 
national speleological 

The Little Egypt Grotto of the National Speleo- 
logical Society centered its activities around club 
field trips. Members of the society traveled to 
Mexico during Christmas vacation on a cave ex- 
ploring expedition. The Speleological Society visited 
cave formations at McMinnville, Tennessee, and 
took weekend trips to Missouri caves. Little Egypt 
Grotto was represented at the Missouri Valley Ozark 
Regional Convention at Silver Dollar City, Missouri. 


SOCCER CLUB, FRONT ROW: Clarence Byfeld, Buerrero Audres. SECOND ROW: Ebenezer Apie, K. Colin Bishop, 
Aad Dijksma, Ali Mozafarian, Howard Harris, Naji Al-Shaffeik Michael Ojo, Ozzie Klugas. THIRD ROW: Matthew 
Apolola, Ian Beattie, coach; Dickie Coke, Youssef Aliabadi, Dave Claur, Larry Braniff, Laszlo Hanzely, Nosrat Ardol- 
hossein, Hossein Moltaji, Fremon Kasato, Wilfred Brusch, Frank Lumsden. 

soccer club 

technology club 

A plan to join the Midwest Football Conference 
is the major aim of the newly organized Soccer 
Club. The 60 members of the club are comprised 
of students from the United States and 22 other 
countries. The apex of this year's activities was 
winning two games against Indiana State University. 
SIU's soccer team in its first year of competition 
also played against the University of Chicago. Any 
Southern student interested in soccer is eligible. 

The Technology Club, originally named the In- 
dustrial Technology Club, was host to speakers 
from area industries such as General Motors, Allen 
Industries, McDonnell Aircraft, Laclede Steel, and 
IBM. Steve Richardson, representative from the 
Placement Service, spoke to the club in October. 
Field trips included tours through the Granite City 
Steel Company, the Chevrolet plant in St. Louis, 
and the annual Chicago Business Industrial Project. 

TECHNOLOGY CLUB, FRONT ROW: Tom Roche, Mike Atkinson, Ron Guinn, vice-president; Dick Roush, president; James 
Huwaldt, secretary; Anthony Beaman, treasurer; Andy Green. SECOND ROW: Dale Besterfield, adviser; Bill Mueller, 
Garry Fancher, T. Ngortrakool, Dane HUdebrecht, Donald Losacco, Richard Speckman, THIRD ROW: Harold Brewick, 
Barry Dennis, James Martling, Roger Monte, Dale Kuhn, Gaylord Horstman. 


THAI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION, FRONT ROW: Tanya Tandhasetti, treasurer; Prasert Kanchanavasita, president; Frank 
Sehnert, adivser; Chalerm Phromlert, vice-president; Pairote Leetavorn, secretary. SECOND ROW; Sunnee Prachuabmoh, 
Saowanee Watanaku], Charas Rittiudom, Kumrone Punyamalai, Narong Sopak, Sunee Fongsiri, Somchai Thipkhosithkun. THIRD 
ROW: Chirtchart Smitogol, Pat Noisaengsri, Sujin Phatanarajia, Prasert Kanchanacharoen, Jarinitra Chukorn, Songwud 
Iramaneerat, Katanyu Sirasudhe. 

thai students 

Newly organized late fall quarter, the Thai Stu- 
dent Association has 25 members. Because the S. E. 
Asians had no representative student group and no 
representation in the Council of Presidents of for- 
eign organizations, Prasert Kanchanavasita, a cap- 
tain in the Thai Army, began to organize a group. 
Winter term was spent writing a constitution and 
getting it approved by the student council. -One 
Thailand student, Tanya Tandhasetti, won recog- 
nition as Miss Freshman. 

visiting international 
students association 

Plans were formulated by the Visiting Interna- 
tional Students Association for a summer "Friend- 
ship Program." Under this program, members of the 
association will travel across the United States as 
guests of various American families. Rotary Inter- 
national Scholarships were awarded to Esther 
Murillo of Mexico, Daniel Edem of Nigeria, and 
Razaul Hague of India. Providing foreign speakers 
for meetings in the local area is one of the functions 
of Visiting International Students Association. 

liam McKeefery, Francis Williams, president; Frank Sehnert, Mohammed Razaul Hazue, vice-president; Omar Elloumi, 
treasurer; SECOND ROW: Ashvin Naik, Anamaria Costasa, Darin Benn, Amy Shanu-Wilson, Saysana Songvilay, Prabha 
Basnyat. THIRD ROW: Arif Husain, Mahesh Podar, Micheal Ojo, Oscar Castro. 

VTI DATA PROCESSING, FIRST ROW: Gene Rees, Richard Sulli- 
van, Mel Mangan, treasurer; Gary Rose, president; Mr. J. A. Robb, 
adviser; Jerry Buckles, vice-president; Judy Royston, secretary; 
Lonny Jones, Michael Quiram. SECOND ROW: Fred Jay, Kay- 
Smith, Leonard Squires, Ruth Adams, Fran Boehme, Marie Domeroy, 

Janet Zurkammer, Jim Wright, Don Colby, Beverly Sass, Terry Ran- 
dall, Marilyn Schroeder, Philip Petrazio. THIRD ROW: Gary Haars, 
George Moorleghen, Jerry Brown, Roger Schultz, Frank Mushow, 
Tim Heinz, Bill Barker, Stanley Coers, Steve Reiners, Jon Castner, 
Muff Storme, Edward Adams. Dennis Harre. 

vti data processing vti electronics club 

After adopting the new name of Delta Phi Kappa, 
the VTI Data Processing Club completed its plans 
to introduce to the members the aspects of the 
data processing profession outside of the classroom. 
Sam Patterson. Carbondale representative for IBM, 
presented an illustrated lecture on "Manufacturing 
Process Control." The club's visitation trips in- 
cluded a tour through the main data processing 
center in Wham Building. 

Meeting monthly in the Electronics building, the 
Electronics Club consists of 25 members. Field 
trips were taken to several electronic's industries in 
addition to the meetings. In November the club 
sponsored a hay ride complete with electronics 
amplifiers for sound effects installed by Dean 
Ohlers and John Reagan. At one meeting, members 
saw film strips of the Homecoming parade. Students 
must be enrolled in the VTI electronics curriculum 
to be members of the organization. 

lie, Clarence Clark, president; Albert Becker, adviser; John Regan, 
vice-president; Charles Fuller, Thomas Glines, treasurer. SECOND 

ROW: John Kroening, John Henrikson, Dennis Schafrik, Ron Bilyeu, 
Lynnferd Keeran, Willis Hern, Lonnie Clifton, Lenny Mauschbaugh, 
Johnny Houghlan. 


AQUAETTES, FRONT ROW: Jo Dougherty, Lenore Nelke, secre- 
tary; Bonnie West, president; Virginia Young, adviser; Laura Scott, 
Linda Dooley, vice-president; Virginia Scott. SECOND ROW: Dee 
Mueller, Donna Harrison, Nancy Hefter, Roberta Lewis, Sue Gunner, 

Cheryl Eddings, Edna Wood. THIRD ROW: Jeanne Orf, Pat Giber- 
son, Vicky Kosek, Mary' Reynolds, Marcia Miller, Sue Langhorst, 
Marggi Henry. 

wra aquaettes 

women's professional 
physical education club 

Sixth, eighth, fifth and seventh places were earned 
by Sue Roll, Laura Scott, Bonnie West and Linda 
Dooley for the Aquaettes in the Midwest Intercol- 
legiate Synchronized Swim Championship in April. 
Using the theme "Fanta-Sea", the 14 member group 
put on three shows during Spring Festival. The 
Aquaettes take part in various workshops and lend 
a helping hand to swimming teams in the area. 
Membership is based on swimming skill tryouts. 

Highlighting the year's activities for the Women's 
Professional Physical Education Club was a trip to 
Peoria to the Illinois Association for Health, Physi- 
cal Education, and Recreation Convention. The 
"Pro Club" sponsored a high school athletic clinic 
in basketball, gymnastics, and volleyball, and served 
as officials for the various events. In December 
members rolled up their shirt sleeves for a slave 
day. They also sponsored a Christmas Party. 

Hagan, Ann Koller, Virginia Gordon, secretary -treasurer; Toni 
Smith, president; Judy Anderson, Kay Strack, Mary Leh- 
man. SECOND ROW: Sue Roberts, Mary Goodmann, Carol 
Stearns, Cathy Monroe, Teresa Burris, Sue Bulmer, Cathy 

Konando, Cyndi David, Pat Kuhajda. THIRD ROW: Mar- 
lene Verdun, Mary' Lou Sork, Glenda Jent, Patty Kramm, 
Mary Lou Sally, Bethel Stout, Jeanette Saunders, Karen 
Obrecht, Pat Gee. 

f I* i f t % i 

3 24 

Gymnastics is but one of the sports in the well-rounded 
program promoted by the girls of the WRA. 

women's recreation 

A track and field team was added to the sports 
roster in spring for the Women's Recreation As- 
sociation. WRA golf team member Paula Smith 
captured the Southern Illinois Golf Association 
Women's Championship at the Anna Country Club 
and also competed in the National Collegiate Wom- 
an's Golf Tournament. Other WRA team sports 
include basketball, hockey, swimming, badminton, 
tennis, and gymnastics. Varsity letter awards were 
given at the spring banquet. 


Maksin, Ann Hagan, Ann Koller, Virginia Gordon, Sue Roberts, 
president; Charlotte West, adviser; Pat Gee, vice-president; Judy 
Anderson, secretary-treasurer; Mary Lou Sork, Kay Strack, Sandi 
Vangeison. SECOND ROW: Sandra Clark, Carol Stearns, Cathy 

Monroe, Joyce Anderson, Barb Swanson, Teresa Burris, Cathy 
Konando, Cyndi Davis, Pat Kuhajda, Carol Keasler, Jean Nelson. 
THIRD ROW: Mary Goodmann, Marlene Verdun, Glenda Jent, Pat- 
ty Kramm, Toni Smith, Mary Lou Sally, Mary Lehman, Bethel Stout, 
Jeanette Saunders, Karen Obrecht, Paula Smith, Pamela Roy. 


«. 1 1 * 1 1 ii • 

4 k * 

% % 



The new Lutheran Student Center situated at 700 
S. University Street was dedicated January 5. 

clubs spur religious life 


Several students gather around the piano at the 
Baptist Student Union for an informal sing. 

Catholic students may attend either of two masses 
given each Sunday at the Newman Student Center. 

f *A 

t{ tit 

I mm iiitiii. 

Dianne Gregory, Joyce Hesterberg, Alan Miller, Philip McKown, 
vice-president; Floyd Patterson, president; Mike Marks, social 
chairman; Ray Wheatley, Roberta Ransom, Jo Ellen Brown, Judith 
Hobbs, secretary. SECOND ROW: Arlene Pickard, Janet Brown, 
Maria Lauer, Gwendy Lofquist, Cathy McCoy, Linda Carlisle, Patti 
Brock, Joy Taylor, Elizabeth Kuhnert, Jane Sellars, Donna Cutright, 

Lauretta Myers, Judith Anaotti, Norma Meyer, Kristine White. 
THIRD ROW: John Hargraves, Stan Hill, David Jennings, Laura 
Fry, Beverly Miller, Brenda Hall, Janie Meador, Susie Weinacht, 
Larry Askew, Tony Starkcy. FOURTH ROW: Michael Watson, Ron- 
ald Coleman, Tom Eggley, Donald Syfert III, Jim McLean, Charles 
Cash, Andy Loving, Danny Bruce, Carl Barrow, Don Cast, Monty 

christian science 
baptist student union organization 

Baptist Student Union activities included a pre- 
school retreat in September, a Summer Missions 
Conference in October, and a state convention in 
Springfield in November. An International Student 
Banquet featuring Duke McCall, president of the 
Southern Baptist Seminary in Kentucky, and a 
progressive dinner were wifiter events. Members 
expected new Baptist Student Union being con- 
structed at Mill Street and Campus Drive to be 
ready for occupancy by the fall of 1967. 

Members of the First Church of Christ Scientists 
are eligible to join the SIU Christian Science Or- 
ganization. The group held two workshops with 
regional church assistance at which students dis- 
cussed their religion with others. Members get 
together weekly for testimonial meetings and 
quarterly for business meetings. During Religion-in- 
Life Week, the group listened to Herbert Rieke, a 
member of the Board of Lectureship of the Mother 
Church in Boston, Massachusettes. 


George Kane, treasurer; Mark Mabee, vice-president; Jewel 
Moeller, president; Sue DIuehosh, secretary. SECOND ROW: 

Jill Griffith, Lynnferd Keeran, Sunny Catenacci, Debbie 


GAMMA DELTA, FRONT ROW: Phyllis Bochtler, Rosemary- Web- 
ster, Jean Kriege, secretary; Suzanne Ebersole, Lynn Korris, Jane 
Biehler, Joyce Blanchard, Mary Popp. SECOND ROW: Roland 
Barkow, Ronnie Stellhorn, Paul Zuehsow, Kent Heltzer. Mark Onken, 

Rodney Oldehoeft, president; Dean Wetherell. THIRD ROW: Reuben 
Baerwald, pastor; Ted Poehler. Harold Miller, James Huwaldt, vice- 
president; Mark Helmkamp, Frederick Schmidt, Robert Blanehard, 

gamma delta 

general baptist 
student organization 

The completion and dedication of the Lutheran 
Student Center was the highlight of Gamma Delta's 
activities. Presiding speaker at the January dedi- 
cation was Dr. Donald Defuer. chairman of religious 
education at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. 
Members attended a leadership conference in St. 
Louis and also traveled to a regional convention at 
Southeast Missouri State in Cape Girardeau. Other 
yearly events were a banquet and a dinner dance. 

All SIU Baptist students are invited to become 
members of the General Baptist Student Organi- 
zation. A picnic get-together for all present and 
past members in July and a Halloween Party were 
the highlights of the year. At regular monthly meet- 
ings, the group sponsored several speakers including 
the Bev. Don Willingham. a former missionary at 
Guam, who talked during winter term as did Dean 
Hughes, an alumni now in the Peace Corps. 

Mary Lou Sork, secretary; Michael Simpson, president; William 
Bradley, adviser; John Sutton, vice-president; Harold Sutton, treas- 

urer; Brenda Sutton. SECOND ROW: Connie Steinbrook, Leon 
Jones, David Sutton, Carroll Phelps, Vernon Waltney, Don Brockett, 
Gary Vaughan, Beverly Sutton. 




-- > 

Janice Kane, secretary; Bob Peterson, vice-president; Ruth Bauner, 
adviser; Harvey Dangel, president; Richard Dedore, Lucy Dinkel, 

treasurer. SECOND ROW: Gwendy Lofquist, Claudi; 
Stikkers, Richard Welton, Clara Hill, Diana Ross. 

christian fellowship 

After attending a leadership training camp in 
Michigan, officers of the Inter-Varsity Christian 
Fellowship returned to SIU to put their knowledge 
to practice. A supper for new students was followed 
later that month by a picnic at which Paul Caldwell 
of VTI spoke. Other speakers were David Bentley- 
Taylor of England, William McCulley, IVCF staff 
representative from Missouri, and Richard Wolfe. 

Jewish students 

Meeting weekly, the Jewish Student Association 
is open to all full-time students. The group attends 
religious services each Friday night to supplement 
its regular meeting. In addition to celebrating the 
Jewish holidays, the association meets on Saturday 
for seminar discussion and on Sunday for an eve- 
ning meal. In November they listened to Stanley 
Abramovitch, a celebrated Jewish scholar. 


Wendy Schuman, treasurer; Steve Feder, vice-president; Peter Aran- 
son, director; Gregory Goodman, president; Allen Landerman, sec- 
retary; Ruth Gordon, vice-president; Nancy Tutt. SECOND ROW: 
Leslee Berliant, Sheryl Simon, Rachel Friedman, Linda Treitman, 

Marlis Greenspon, Linda Cohen, Linda Brunell. Francine Schissel, 
Sheri Wolpin. THIRD ROW: Alan Bearman, Ralph Newman, Jack 
Goodman, Gary Linsky, Thomas Goldstein, Harlan Bernstein, Barry 
Ellegant, Charles Linder, Steven Gross. 

Aminarsala, Saeed Ahmad Nizami, Shayesteh Ammadi, Melvin 
Brooks, adviser; Arif Husani, president; Jennifer Floyd, secretary; 
Reza Ammadi, treasurer; Ikhan Sezgin, Nabil Halaby. Samia Tah- 
mus. SECOND ROW: Abdullah Aliyu, Mukhtar Ibrahim, Walid 

Deifallah. Hohamed Rahama, Tawfig Halawa, Mohammad Al.u- 
Hantash, Marwan ElQazzaz. THIRD ROW: Mohammad Razaul 
Haque, Adwan Kurdi, Iraj Moqhaddam, Alhaji Ahmad Bukar, 
Mohammad Siraj, Ben Odch. 

moslem student 

On January 13, the Moslem Student Association 
celebrated the most important feast day of the 
year. Eid-al-Fitr. Members attend weekly meetings 
to pray and discuss campus life and problems. The 
group, which is composed of 120 members from 17 
different nations who share the Moslem religion, 
also sponsors social functions every quarter. SIU 
faculty members and students who are interested in 
the Moslem faith are welcome to attend. 

Moslem students met together for prayers to mark 
the end of the Moslem holy month, Ramadan. 


I t f f 

Lawler, treasurer; Linda Keiner, secretary; Jim Sholer, president; 
Father Cletus Hentschel, Newman director; Father Lamberto 
Pasion, Dawn Kowalkiewicz, vice-president; Rich Weishaar, vice- 
president ;. Edward Zgonina, William Raben. SECOND ROW: Lorrie 
Elia, Mary Koeberlein, Jeanette Luecking, Mary Siebe, Elsie Krrsch, 
Terry Biver, Fern Weihe, Janice Tencza, Barbara Langton, Mary 

Joan Hamilton. THIRD ROW: Barbara Royal, Donata Defilippi, 
JoAnn Siebe, Nannette Magnuson, Ann Lopinot, Maria Ruess, 
Cabrini Waite, Kathleen O'Keefe, Mary Lou Hennessy, Marcia 
Gilles, Joann Riggio, historian, Darlene Karcher, Sue Ann Spytek. 
FOURTH ROW: Joseph Hines, William Cissell, Ronald Caruso, 
Thomas Wobbe, Preston Newell, Denny McCue, Jim Raben, Peter 
Berletich, Bob Flynn, Wayne Booth, Roger Hanson. 

newman foundation 

Featuring periodic debates, lectures, and panel 
discussions, the Newman Foundation is open to all 
Catholic students. In January, the members elected 
officers, announcing the winners at a chili supper 
followed by a dance. During winter term, the group 
was host to CYO convention. The highlight of the 
year was the student retreat to the Shrine of Our 
Lady of the Snows in Belleville. In March, students 
saw a slide travelog entitled "The World and Why." 

student christian 

The major projects carried on by the Student 
Christian Foundation were service projects. The 
Foundation sponsored parties for orphans, as well 
as caroling to the patients at Anna and conducting 
worship services for the inmates at Menard. Over 
a six-week period during winter term, members 
saw experimental art films. In March, the group 
took part in a national conference at the Ecumeni- 
cal Institute and in the draft conference. 

Kenneth Markwell, treasurer; Alf Haerem, president; Mac 
Gillespie, adviser; Richard Chu, vice-president; Joyce Ful- 

lerton, secretary. SECOND ROW: Delores Clonce, Sandra 
Parran, Jim Davenport, Walt Champion. 


Randy Frazier, Joyce Pratt, secretary; Bert Schniepp, vice-president; 
Ron Seibert, Robert Corrington, president, Ellery Duke, treasurer; 
Walter Youmans, Steven Wiyatt. SECOND ROW: Martha Wiyatt, 
Patricia Rawson, Lucy Dinkel, Deena Sackman, Nancy Anderson, 
Linda Obrecht, Judy Beckett, Jane Puckett, Judith Pratt, Diana 
Thomas, Janet Allen. THIRD ROW: Yoshi Ohya, Larry Glabe, 

Marilyn Crull, Karen Downey, Sharon Altenbaumer. Adrienne Rey- 
nolds, Carla Apple, Alice Lawless, Karen Obrecht, Janice Finch, 
Anita Martin. Gary' Nettleton, Tom Melvin. FOURTH ROW: Don- 
ald DeJarnett, John Walter, David Ruge, Gary Wheeler. Kennetli 
Obrecht, Harold Blick, David Baldridge, George Astling, Richard 
Boyd. Bob Aikman, Phillip Bennett, David Wilson. 

wesley foundation 

Students in the Wesley Foundation have at their 
disposal several enrichment programs. A tutoring 
program and frequent study and discussion seminars 
are available to members. Every Sunday evening a 
"World Come of Age" forum is staged. Members 
form Lay Theojogical Encounter Groups for the 
purpose of acting as ministry to married and foreign 
students. The group sponsors The Well coffee house 
which features art exhibits and folk music. 

president; Joyce Pratt, secretary; Ron Seibert, Robert Corrington, president; 
Ellery Duke, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Judith Pratt, David Baldridge, Ken- 
neth Obrecht, George Astling, Deena Sackman, Janet Allen. 


rambling, far-into-night 
discussions of the meaning of 
life, the importance 
of belief, and the like — 
the priceless sense of 
unforced companionship. 

the residences 


A fraternity pinning illustrates the long-last- 
ing significance and meaning of the Greek bond. 


junior inter-greek members construct picnic area 

Although Greeks are a minority group on SIU's 
campus, they take part in most service projects and 
special activities given throughout the year. During 
1966 the Junior-Inter-Greek Council, composed of 
fraternity and sorority pledges, built a recreation 
area on campus lake in dedication to Frank Schmitz, 
die S1U gymnast killed in a plane crash. As their 
community project, the Greeks pooled efforts to 
collect soap and money for servicemen in Viet Nam. 
Individual members are active in student govern- 
ment, athletics, and honorary organizations. 

Lee Chenowelh is in his third consecutive year 
as director and adviser of small group housing. 

Amid the noise, feeling, and movement of a cam- 
pus dance, this Tri Sigma loses herself in the crowd. 


fraternities, sororities 
rush potential pledges 

Small group housing, otherwise known as Greek 
Row, rolled out its red carpet for rushees during 
fall, winter, and spring quarter rush. Sororities and 
fraternities dusted trophies, rearranged furniture, 
and recognized outstanding members so that rush- 
ees might see their house from the best vantage 
point. Co-eds needed a 3.2 overall average and 12 
hours before they could participate in rush. 

Flickering candles and sorority songs are some 
of the sights and sounds of each rush week. 


A warm handshake at the door and a comfortable 
atmosphere greet rushees at fraternity houses. 

Filling out an information sheet, this prospec- 
tive "frat" man signs in at one of the houses. 

Informal introductions and talks help actives 
select pledges for their socjal organizations. 


PAN HELLENIC, FRONT ROW: Mary Anderson, vice-president; 
Susan Loomis, treasurer; Jan Sprague, Jane Liotta, adviser; De- 
Loris Palmer, president; Mary Hulling, secretary. SECOND ROW: 

Barbara Wingo, Mary Susan Wheeler, Martha Edmison, Linda 
Zeller, Sharon Stumpf, Kathy Ganey. THIRD ROW: Marcia Rod- 
riguez, Sharlyn Singley, Jamille Hall, Brenda Jeffries, Judy Carter. 

pcm-hellenic council 

Several representatives from each of the five 
campus social sororities are selected each school 
year to serve on the Pan-Hellenic Council. The 
governing body for the five sororities, Pan-Hellenic 
makes rules and regulations that the sisters must 
practice. The major job of the council is to an- 
nually arrange rush activities — to co-ordinate and 
plan rush week so that every girl wishing to rush 
has a fair opportunity to see each sorority house. 
Deloris Palmer was the 1966-67 president. 

inter-fraternity council 

Governing all of the social fraternities, the Inter- 
Fraternity Council was formed for the purpose of 
leading the way with new ideas for the eight cam- 
pus fraternities. This year they spear-headed the 
move toward lifting certain social restrictions on 
not only the fraternities, but also on all students on 
Southern's campus. Setting a new precedent, the IFC 
came out with an all Greek calendar that lists social 
events and a Greek paper published bi-monthly. 

Giannelli, adviser; Jim Hackett, Leroy Thomas, president; Jack 
Montgomery, secretary; Ken Adams, David Baer. SECOND ROW: 
Bob Kary, Gary Crawford, Dave Husted. Sil Aprati, William Hayes, 

George LaMarca, Tom O'Rourke. THIRD ROW: Robert Buckles, 
Kenneth Harrison, Ronald Brohammer, Rich Maloney, Gary Leach, 
Bob Carter, Tlarvey Procter. 


Alpha Gamma Delta sisters "dress up" their house 
and practice for skits before rushees arrive. 

alpha gams win second 
straight ole-impics 

Placing high in the winner's category, Alpha 
Gamma Delta won first place in Teke Ole-impics, 
and first place in Homecoming decoration. In- 
dividual sisters also managed to take home awards. 
Sue Freeberg was elected Miss Season of Holidays 
and Janis Dunham was chosen Homecoming At- 
tendant. Jan Sirles, Angel Flight Area Commander, 
was picked as Delta Chi Sweetheart. Other Alpha 
Gam events were a Valentine's Dinner and a May 
Formal at which Jerry Kravat was chosen Alpha 
Gam Man of the Year. The sisters also gave Sloppy 
Joe dinners to earn money for their altruistic 
project which is helping the handicapped. 

West, Judy Patterson, Mary Hulling, Claire Tabel, social chairman; 
Lynne Murdock, second vice-president; Martha Edmison, president; 
Thelma Paige, resident adviser; Ellen McGuire, first vice-president; 
Jan Sirles, treasurer; Liz Lutz, Rosemary Brown, Corinne Anderson. 
SECOND ROW: Mary Jane Tally, Mary Susan Wheeler, Jan Geh- 
ring, Shirley Allison, Elsa Durham, Judy Janak, Joyce Gemmill, 
Sharlyn Singley, Cameron Watt, Jeanne Merz, Marty Katzenmeyer, 
Cynthia Vogler, Gail Fritz, Janis Dunham, Carol Martindale. THIRD 

The sisters often gather in the living room to 
study and exchange confidences about their day. 

ROW: Suzanne Leoni, Donna Fehrenbaker, Lesley Retzer, Kristine 
Masko, Vicki Smith, Nancy Hunter, Paula Grassinger, Beverly 
Young, Laura Blackman, Gloria Kessel, Jane Beach, Alice Stewart, 
Cynthia Blankinship, Penny Traiber, Anne Turner, Barbara Zeni, 
Louann Mattes. FOURTH ROW: Donna Warns, Susan Lurtz, Karen 
Lindblad, Karen Krejci, Cinda Murphey, Natalie Traiber, Margaret 
Henry, Laura Link, Judy Garrison, Marti Erickson, Nancy Reynolds, 
Emma Jean Tally, Jackie Connor, K. T. Taylor, Eileen Smiley, Ann 
Tierney, Sally Veilends, Cathy Patryk. 


ft* III f ## f # \ 


alpha kappa alpha 
selects sweetheart 

At a November Sweetheart Dance, Alpha Kappa 
Alpha elected its sweetheart, Sheadrick Tillman, as 
Mr. Kabachio. In February, the sorority worked in 
conjunction with Negro History Week to supplement 
its Founder's Day Program. As a service project, 
the Alphas collected soap for people in Italy. How- 
ever all was not work for the sisters as they cele- 
brated Homecoming with an open house and par- 
ticipated in the Kappa Karnival. Sister Gail Purnett 
was voted Kappa Karnival Queen. The Alphas 
annually give a scholarship banquet at which they 
present a Five Corners Award. The 1966 winner 
of this award was Sharon Hill. 

A bevy of lettered beanies, each one denoting a 
sorority's pledge, are seen after rush each quarter. 

Jeffries, secretary; Rosalyn Phiniser, presidei 

Edwards. Brenda 
Rosalvn Smith. 

SECOND ROW: Charlene Kaye Clark. Vonceil Boga, Jamille Hall, 
Ozie Simmons, social chairman: Gayle Purnell. treasurer. 


#; f? 

ALPHA PHI ALPHA, FRONT ROW: Marshall Gurley. David 
Baer, Harvey Procter, treasurer; William Hayes, president; Jesse 
Gurley, vice-president; Clarence Ellis, Roscoe Burn, social chairman. 
SECOND ROW: Samuel Johnson, Oscar Moore, Robert Triplett, 

Franklin Simpson, William Parker, Preston Jackson. THIRD ROW: 
Ceroid Nave, Andrew Lanum, John Randall, James Killion, Bill 
Slaughter, Thomas Slaughter. 


When studying for an upcoming final gets unbear- 
able, there is usually a brother around to help. 

alpha phi alpha wins 
best chapter award 

After being named ''Best Performing Greek 
Organization". Alpha Phi Alpha went on to win 
most outstanding chapter in the mid-western region, 
and finally most outstanding chapter in the nation. 
The Alphas, who are the only integrated fraternity 
on campus, presented their annual Playboy Ball 
last spring and voted Rosalyn Smith, playmate of 
the ball. In March, the Alphas held Alpha Weekend 
which consists of a Sweetheart Ball, a banquet and 
a Greek Sing. The Alphas, no newcomers to Greek 
Sings, presented their routine in St. Louis to win 
first place in a three-school Greek Sing competition. 

The brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity chose 
coed Gloria Estelle as their 1966 sweetheart. 



■7 ' t! IT ^ 

f ft' 

DELTA CHI, FRONT ROW: Frank Beatty, Rich Myers, Charles Gene Margelli, Michael Stafford, Michael Brown, Don Kapral, Dan 

Walder, Bill Moss, Rod Ruppel, secretary; Mary Taylor, house- 
mother; Bernie Ness, vice-president; Steve Whittenberg, treasurer; 
Roger Costello, Terry Ijams. SECOND ROW: Steve Whitlock, Gregg 
Pero, Van Bell, Rick Goff, Gordon Hagler, Bruce Rowe, Louis 
Ennuso, Bruce Seanor, Richard Tucker, Kent Kimball. THIRD ROW: 

Fox, Gerald Ferrick, Walter Schirrich, Gary Pollack, Steve Heuer. 
FOURTH ROW: Robert Conway, Mike Yates, John Slavik, Rich 
Sayder, Larry Saxe, Mike Musgrave, Dave Schonauer, Steven Coy, 
Bob Niemann. 

warehouse dance highlights delta chi social events 

A fraternity with unique entertainment ideas, 
Delta Chi gives a warehouse dance in February for 
which all furniture is taken out of the house and a 
bundle party for which the couples send each other 
the proper outfits to wear. As a service project, the 
Delta Chis treated the orphans to a trip to the St. 
Louis Zoo in February. For academic enlightenment, 
the fraternity asked faculty members out to the 
house • for dinner and discussion. Besides being 
accredited with several outstanding members, Delta 
Chi as a whole managed to place second in Greek 
Track Week, second in Theta Xi and third in Greek 
Sing which was held in October. 

Active in Alpha Gamma Delta and Angel Flight, 
senior Jan Sirles . is the Delta Chi sweetheart. 


As a respite from studies, Delta Chi brothers take 
to the backyard for a little touch football. 

r # .t • t Ft 

t ft f "* '" 

$ <g $ 

DELTA ZETA. FRONT ROW: Evelyn Camp, Marlene Messersmith, 
Marcia Daab, Diana Armstrong, treasurer; Marcia Rodriguez, Kathy 
Ganey, president; Donna Cliff, Starlitt Hicks, Sharon Kramer, 
Jeanine Dusek, Jenna Tedrick. SECOND ROW: Gloria Sinclair, 
Mary Anderson, Sue Rende, Joann Baker, Sharlene Tate, Kerry 
Gray, Jeanne Johnson, Jody Erwin, Bonnie Bernaard, Maggie Simp- 
son, Marcia Butts, Jackie Schryer, Mary Gard, Judy Rank. THIRD 

delta zeta merits award 
for "improved chapter" 

Named '"most improved chapter in the province" 
by the national office, was the Gamma Omega 
chapter of the Delta Zeta sorority. The sorority 
invites a faculty member to speak at a scholarship 
banquet each quarter. In June a small delegation 
from the chapter attended the Delta Zeta National 
Convention in the Bahamas which lasted one week. 
The DZ's believe in giving the pledges respite from 
their chores and so each fall, they give a Pledge 
Dance. Other DZ activities include a Founder's Day 
Banquet and an annual Rose Formal. Mrs. Betty 
Burnside. chapter director, was named outstanding 
chapter director in the province. 

ROW: Sharon Dezutti, Lavona Shea. Claudia Grafton, Barbara 
Lansford, Dusty Rodriguez, Gail Nielsen, Mary Lou Earnheart, 
Barbara Allen. Sharon Irving. Laurie Morgan. Marcia Winfree, Linda 
Whyte, Marcia Berk, Barbara Wingo. FOURTH ROW: Linda Camper, 
Kandy Wood, Margaret Perez, Beverly Schrader, JoAnn Fischel, 
Becky Fulkerson, Kippy Halloran, Judy Debus, Kay Slisz, Diane 
Thyberg, Sally Olson, Jeramae Clark. 

Hamming it up for rush skits, Delta Zeta sisters 
bring out the guitars and don their "grubbies." 

Putting up informal pictures, pledge books, and 
sorority paddles, the DZ's get ready for rush. 


Brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi have erected a crest- 
ed banner in the foyer of their fraternity house. 

kappa alpha psi men 
win greek track meet 

Instead of pledges. Kappa Alpha Psi recruits are 
called scrollers. The scrollers are given a chance 
three times a year to return the active's harassment 
when they play them in football, basketball and 
baseball. In February, the scrollers are feted with 
the Brothers' and Scrollers' Sweetheart Ball. The 
big event of the year is the Kappa Karnival in 
April. Other Kappa events are a Back to School 
Dance and a Christmas Charity Dinner. The Kap- 
pas won first place in the Greek Track Meet. The 
brothers, however, also award honors, giving the 
Outstanding Service Awards to Sheadrick Tillman 
and John Robinson, both K.A.Psi brothers. 

Carole Young was chosen as the Kappa Alpha 
Psi sweetheart at their annual formal dance. 

KAPPA ALPHA PSI, FRONT ROW: Edgar Roulhac, Willie 
Clausell, John Bell, treasurer; James Thomas, president; John 
Burnette, secretary; Sheadrick Tillman, Edward Moore, Melvin 
Hicks, Richard Carter. SECOND ROW: Virgil Hemphill, John 

Robinson, Theodore Primas, Lewis Hines, Arthur Phillips, Donald 
Ncsbit. THIRD ROW: Cleon Flowers, Jesse Reed, William Gath- 
right, Frank Satterwhite, Eddie Richards, William Turner, Biars 



> r i ■ i ■ * ■ * 


phi sigs re-decorate, 
carry out fund drive 

Not a service fraternity and yet a performer of 
many services. Phi Sigma Kappa sponsored a March 
of Dimes Drive, a Heart Fund Drive and a Christmas 
Orphans' Party. In the midst of these activities, the 
Phi Sigs found time to capture second places in 
inter-Greek volleyball and inter-Greek football. Fall 
term the brothers re-decorated the house in tones of 
avacado green and gold. The re-decoration pro- 
vided an elegant atmosphere for formal rush and 
dinner exchanges. The brothers also engaged in 
intellectual endeavors witnessed by the awarding 
of a S400 scholarship to Paul Bahan. 

Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity members selected 
Gay Usher Birchler as their sweetheart. 

The scene of many informal get-togethers for the 
Phi Sigs is their newly decorated living room. 

PHI SIGMA KAPPA, FRONT ROW: Ron Holder, Roland Gill, 
Jack MacDonald, Tom Tatarczuch, treasurer; Bob Kary, vice-presi- 
dent; Dan Salden, adviser; Catherine Womack, house mother; Ed 
Blyshak, president; Paul Bahan, secretary; Ken Rank, Jr., Carl 
Zambo, Tim Ayers, Jim McConathy. SECOND ROW: J. D. Howell, 
Rich Murphy, Joseph Nixon, David McCameron, Mike Meyer, Ray 
Lucas, Steven Palm, Tom Rogiewicz, Jack Montgomery, Ed Andrew- 
son, Larry Osmundson, Paul Bridges, Robert Zurko, Thomas Ague, 
George Schippits, Tom Kohl, Jon Vrabel. THIRD ROW: Craig 

Bullis, Rod Boone, Dan Fields, Jim Leary, Tom Kelly, Chet War- 
zynski, Rip Harris, Jim Hackett, Ray Fuller, John D'Orazio, Bob 
Neander, Greg Leonchik. James Ehlers, Jim Sartoris. Chuck Prizzia, 
Charles LeBrun, Fred Dennis. FOURTH ROW: David Williams. Ed 
Meadows, Jim Auble. Chuck Markley, Allan Alexander, Denny 
Freeman, Ron Panice, Bill Beucler, Jim Cash, Mike Warner, Bill 
Dilworth, Carey Stein, John Gilbreath, Robert Atherton, Allan 
Zavarro, Robert Green, Deb Frailev. 

O fa 


t t t « t- 1-1 f -M f t I 


PP 1 iff « f « "i ^ !.*♦ fi 

# # ft $/# 

SIGMA KAPPA, FRONT ROW: Betsy Olofson, Nancy McPherson, 
treasurer; Jeanne Ertel, Sherry Quick, Renee Schmisseur, vice-presi- 
dent; Linda Zeller, president; Sandy Robertson, Sherry Sutcliffe, 
Deanna Schlemmer, social chairman; Sharon Stumpf, Judy Moeller, 
Rose Astorino. SECOND ROW: Jenny Harroun, Karyn Pitts, Janice 
Jacobs, Bebe Hanes, Diane Rappman, Linda Campbell, Julie Zelmer, 
Sue Kozlowski, Tia Powell, Janis Staser, Su Pearcy, Sandy Kirkland, 
Janet Mercer. THIRD ROW: Peg Brodigan, Lynn Welge, Jaci 

Shervey, Sharon Thompson, Cheri Johnson, Barbara Norris, Glenna 
Strole, Connie Zeller, Susan Hunter, Joane Benziger, Susan Farris, 
Jan Sprague, Connie Woodward, Corky Hilliard, Jananne Carson. 
FOURTH ROW: Cathy Clendenning, Barbara Smith, Michelle 
Wenzel, Beth Nixon, Susan Stremmel, Judy Bolin, Janet Britton, 
Cindy Jarosz, Linda Svoboda, Cathie Grosboll, Kathi Poppe, Kaye 
, Duval, Sondra Richey, Sue Cramer. 

sig kap's rack up first in greek sing f scholarship 

A house that is not used to being second-best, 
Sigma Kappa Sorority won first place in the Greek 
Sing, first place in Homecoming Stunts and also 
won the honor of keeping the scholarship trophy 
permanently by gaining its possession three con- 
secutive terms. Individual members of the sorority 
have also distinguished themselves. Judy Carter and 
Marge Beleckis were tapped for Sphinx Club while 
Janet Mercer was elected Homecoming Attendant 
and Jeanne Ertel, Miss Southern. 

When funds are a bit short, this Sigma Kappa 
finds it economical to sew rather than buy. 

Answering the telephone in the sorority house 
is one of the duties pledges must fulfill. 

ft a 

ff) (^ ^ 

:f ttfft f t f tti.f i 

Iff t t f f t 1 ■'!' 

SIGMA PI, FRONT ROW: Dennis Oeding, Bill Nunerille, Harry 
Helerich, Glenn Schaefer, treasurer; Ed Walter, president; Tom 
McGinnis, vice-president, James Smith, secretary; Frank Gibbs, 
social chairman; Barry O'Sullivan, Thomas Streba. SECOND ROW: 
Silverio Aprati, Shelly Levenbrook, Michael Quane, Steve Anthony, 
Wayne Sramek, George Toler, Jerry Hornick, Brian Dorosz, Robert 

Mees, Bob Lahlein, Ron George, Al Clements, John Hultz, Joe 
Polizzano. THIRD ROW: Edward Hoffman, Darrell Arne, Thomas 
Morrison, Tom Veihman, Jim Panther, Dick Graham, Rob Branch, 
Jim Youssi, Roger Backes, King Lard, Wolbur Whamond, Mike 

A brother dusts off one of the trophies displayed 
in the living room of the Sigma Pi House. 

A member of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority. Sue Roll 
was chosen by the Sig Pis to be their sweetheart. 

sigma pi's honor fathers, 
capture athletic trophies 

After winning the All-Greek Sports Trophy spring 
term, Sigma Pi came back to capture the All-Greek 
Football Trophy in the fall. In winter quarter, the 
brothers toasted their dads at the Dads' Day Ban- 
quet and for Founder's Day in February, they 
celebrated with the Orchid Ball. To supplement 
Homecoming activities, the Sig Pis gave a smoker 
and a buffet. A Pledge Dance to give the weary 
pledges respite was held in January, following an 
Orphans' Party in December. Other events of the 
season were the Senior Banquet and a Pizza Supper. 
In January, the Sig Pis gave the Henry Hinkly 
Award to Frank Schmitz. 

Tri Sig Karen Geier retreats to the kitchen for 
a quiet atmosphere for some hard studying. 

sigmas place second 
in teke ole-impics 

A Homecoming Tea, a Christmas Orphans' Party, 
an Alumni Tea and a Dads' Day are only a few of 
the events on the annual agenda of Sigma Sigma 
Sigma. Also marked on the Sigma calendar is the 
all-Greek Teke Ole-impics in which the sisters took 
second place. The Tri Sigs have made their name 
known for the number of social and academic 
honors earned by individual girls. They boast 
Homecoming Queen, Nancy Sunderland, Teke Ole- 
impic Queen, Maggie Amadon, Miss Southern 
Finalist, Marsha Journey and Theta Xi Sweetheart, 
Sue McGough. Sigma Sue Blake holds academic 
honors as president of the Cap and Tassel Club. 

Sorority actives help the new pledges move into 
the house and hegin a new way of life as a "sister." 

TRI SIGMA, FRONT ROW: Kathy Callahan, Carol McCrorey, 
Trish Morrison, Jane Hughson, vice-president; JaMel Sladek, Kate 
Truopa, house mother; Marsha Journey, president; Sue Blake, Sue 
McGough, treasurer; Brenda Loverkamp. SECOND ROW: Barhara 
Nicholson, Elain Covone, Carolyn Amason, Ginny Riehl, Janet 
McCarthy, Tammy Williamson, Ann Pool, Judy Horn, Kay Vander- 


vort, Margaret Amadon, Linda Filippi. THIRD ROW: Linda Day, 
Eleen O'Sullivan, Jeanne Barth, Betty May, Jan Filardo, Nancy 
Sunderland, Pam Lindsay, Sue Christian, Gail Harinek, Laurie 
Chovanec, B-Ann Ridgway. FOURTH ROW: Denise Myers, Sharon 
Marshall. Eileen Maloney, Ann O'Boyle, Susan Loomis, Karen Geier, 
Darlene Kunkle, Nancy Parks, Carol Stech, Pam Barton, Lynn Oliver. 




i ^."P 


i 1 * 




|'f ■ i # i i 

* i i 9 f f j t i jt % 

iM # f I f i> f $ 

TKE, FRONT ROW: Kel Ballantyne, Ron Sandstead, Bill Dietz, 
Jon Carlson, Tom Tuscher, Robert Roberts, David Godke, Charles 
Gildemeister. SECOND ROW: Richard Maloney, vice-president; 
Frank Rosenbaum, Terry Anderson, David Bateman, faculty advisor; 
Odd Mulhallard, Gary Leach, president; Paul Kunetz, treasurer; 
Jack Zinkann, social chairman; John LaSota, secretary; Snyder 
Herrin, Jr., Stephen Ebbs. THIRD ROW: J. W. Zimmanck, Jr., Don 
Stevens, Freddy Shapiro, Tom Connor, Howard McKay, Ralph Trost, 
Gary Hoffman, Ron Knaack, Bob Day, Michael Cox, Kenneth 

Mueller, Jonathan Enyedi, Rodney Noodle, Lealand F. Leland. 
FOURTH ROW: Ted Querciagrossa. Bill Donovan, Roger Anderson, 
Scott Leitner, George Sargent, David Kraemer, David Wellman, Tom 
Hill, Ken Atwood. Phillip Reynolds, Ed Lichtenberger. Ron Holup- 
kovic, Mike Vollan. FIFTH ROW: Michael Cronin, Terry Mc- 
Donald, Bill Hohs, George Haenisch, Scott Rothert, Chandler Roesch, 
Tosh Mcintosh, Bob Shields, Jim Bartmess, Jerry Lott, Ron Borg- 
mann, Lory Slutzky, Kenneth Lehr, Bruce Miller, Robert Bartlett. 

tekes win ifc honors, 
manage ole-impics 

As orginators and managers of Teke Ole-impics, 
Tau Kappa Epsilon is in charge of judging events 
and providing trophies. The Tekes, however, do 
not always act as judges. In the annual football 
game, pledge fathers challenged their sons and at 
the Oldtimers Baseball game, the actives played the 
Teke alumni. The Tekes also competed in the state- 
wide basketball championship at Illinois Wesleyan. 
Taking off sport wear, the Tekes donned formal 
wear to fete members and guests at the Red Carna- 
tion Ball and the Christmas formal. The Tekes 
themselves were feted with the honor of winning 
the IFC scholarship. 

Jan Kelly, a member of Alpha Gamma Delta so- 
rority, was selected Tau Kappa Epsilon sweetheart. 

Brothers find time to sit back and relax a while 
by watching television in the Teke living room. 

£V fLfLfl 

I I f 

■ f t n t 

THETA XI, FRONT ROW: Ron Geraci, Carl Adkins, Rod Bradley, 
treasurer; W. Allen Manning, secretary; Andy Bernhardt, Mrs. 
Maria Knutson, resident adviser; Ken Adams, president; Gary 
Hanell, social chairman; Dave Husted, Pete Stoltz, Dan Ross. 
SECOND ROW: Ron Glenn, Jim Flick, Greg Drinan, Rick Johnson, 
Gary Chouinard, Ron Hron, Bob Hall, Doug Ray, Dave Christensen, 
Jim Lund, Gary Mayer, Don Glenn. THIRD ROW: Jack Knott, 

Dan Krorncke, Rich Diederich, Rick Hopper, Larry Haynes, Ed 
Cain, Don Schlatt, Cory Olson, Steve Krelle, Larry McDonald, Ken 
Hightower, Bruce Herring, Julian Pei. FOURTH ROW: Steve 
Templeton, Bob Doty, Skip Thomas, Bob Holmgren, Lee Seward, 
Steve Jasper, Tom Catlin, Bob Williams, Mike Ailing, Jed Hadley, 
John Reiss, Vern Kramer, Sam Habermehl. 

theta xi wins greek sing, sponsors variety show 

Putting their hands to politics, the Theta Xis' 
opened their house as campaign headquarters for 
brother Bob Drinan who went on to win student 
body president. The brothers also delved into the 
entertainment business to produce the twentieth 
annual Theta Xi Variety Show. Other entertainment 
sponsored by the Theta Xi's included a street dance 
for new students, a Sweetheart Dinner, a Christmas 
Orphans' Christmas Party and a Memorial Day 
picnic. Though the Theta Xi's were not able to 
compete in the Variety Show, they replenished their 
trophy case by winning the scholarship trophy. 

The Theta Xi's selected Sue McGough, Sigma Sig- 
ma Sigma sorority, as their fraternity sweetheart. 


Just an inch above the pocket and this Theta Xi 
pledge has his pin the the appropriate place. 

leac features speaker, 
sponsors winter formal 

Participation in Wheels Night, an annual Sawdust 
Party, and various smokers, suppers, and get-to- 
gethers were events sponsored by the Little Egypt 
Agricultural Co-operative. During the fall quarter, 
guest speaker. Harvey Hartline, talked to the group 
on agriculture in South America and supplemented 
his lectures with slides. The LEAC gave a winter 
formal and once again set up a Nativity Scene at 
Carbondale"s Holden Hospital. The Prairie Farm 
Dairy Award was presented to Dan Johnson, and 
in June. 1966. Don Knepp received the outstanding 
senior in the School of Agriculture Award. 

LEAC's mascot. Bam-, is a 200-pound St. Bernard, 
who has been with the group for three years. 

LITTLE EGYPT AG CO-OP, FRONT ROW: Gerald York, pledge 
trainer; Roger Ashley, pledgemaster; Lewis Osterman, secretary; 
Ron Brohammer, president; Marcella Kling. house mother; Marvin 
Riepe, vice-president; Robert Disbrow, treasurer; Robert Buckles, 
house manager; Gene Mathews, reporter. 
SECOND ROW: Bud Blickensderfer, Dale Crites, Dave Hunt, James 

Robert Walker, Gerald 

Blizzard, Kenneth Buckles, social chairman; 
Henry, Edward Harmon, Charles Rush. 
THIRD ROW: Bill Cunningham, Greg Crawford, Gene Trotter, Terry 
Keeneth, Gary Greenwood, Gary Shellhause, Bill Forrest, Phil Law- 
rence, Dan Johnson, Ken Harrison. 

wright expands u-park living capacity to 1,823 

Of the four on-campus living areas, University 
Park, only in its second year of operation, is the 
newest one. A seventeen-story girls' dorm and three 
four-story boys' dorms make up the housing area, 
which has a living capacity of over 1.800. Wright 
Hall, the newest of the boys' triads, was opened fall 
quarter. A new addition at University Park, now 
being built north of the present dormitories, are two 
seventeen-floor dorms called Brush Towers. The ex- 
pected completion date of these is September of 
1968. The student governing body at U. Park, the 
executive board, sets dow ; n regulations that all resi- 
dents must follow. It also planned several "open 
house" days for Neely Hall and the triads. 


EXECUTIVE BOARD, FRONT ROW: Mary Sue Honntrop, Dee Cooper, treasurer; James Proffitt. 

vice-president; William Wilson, president; JoAnn Juskowiak, secretary, Rebecca Daron. 

SECOND ROW: William Hurry, adviser; Leigh Treadwell, Clara Rummel, Cathy Briwkman. 

Carrie Kappas, Jane Moellegoff, John Evans, adviser. 

THIRD ROW: Jonathan Siedlecki, Thomas Collins, Ronald Gustin, Daniel VanAtta, Thomas Stadel. 

C W. Thomas, University Park Residence Halls area 
head, co-ordinates social and academic programs. 

Two seventeen-story dorms patterned after Neely 
Hall are now under construction at University Park. 


For those who choose to walk to the 17th floor, 
thirty-two stair flights prove a strenuous climb. 


The lobby vending machines offer a wide variety 
of snacks to those with "that irresistible urge." 


Room check finds Neely Hall coeds loaded down 
with trash cans, headed fur the garbage chute. 

Most students agree that a periodical "care pack- 
age" from home is even better than a letter. 

residents sponsor exchange parties, street dance 


ALLEN I-A, FRONT ROW: Paul Brubaker, Raymond Baker, Jerald 
Orstead, Jim Beyers, president; Hank Wilson, resident fellow; Bob 
Pemberton, vice-president; Ronald Augustyn, social chairman; Jim 
Proffitt, Tim Borchert. 

SECOND ROW: Joe Bauerle, Ralph Autullo, Joseph Battle. Michael 
Ludolph, Howard Barrows, David Berg, Robert Bakon. Hub Wilkinson. 
Ray Barger, Jack Bourbon, Lowell Amdor. 

ALLEN I-B, FRONT ROW: Larry Becker, William Bernet, Chuck 
Anders, Jim Crane, Les Czocher, AH Majidi, resident-fellow; Robert 
Weller, secretary-treasurer; Larry Bassuk, Robert Blanchard, Ken 
Baker, Jack Slechta. 
SECOND ROW: Clayton Behm, Gregg Blankenship, Bill Boorazanes. 

Gary Fenton, Eugene Barns, Tony Audo, John Bogct, Joseph Artello, 

Donald Armstrong. Winfield Ndovi. 

THIRD ROW: Gregg Bonelli, Harlan Bernstein, Ralph Custar, Doug 



lk L -viAiV 


i * 1. 1 ttft 

ALLEN II-A, FRONT ROW: Mike Coulson, Ron Carpenter, Harve 
Chaloupka, Bolt Bartholomew, Charles Sallgren, John Murray, resident 
fellow; Charles Carter, athletic chairman; Thomas Collins, Robert 
Dougher, Dean Derino, Larry Kincer. 

SECOND ROW: Donald Cunningham, Mark Collins, Dave MacAllister, 
Bill Buske, Marvin Hoel/.el, Marshall Daniel, Cho-Yau Lee, David 

Dillard. Samuel Dillingham, Christopher Pesavento, Kurt Kuehnert, 

Bernard Chevalier. 

THIRD ROW: Mike Dixon, Harvey Dangel, Jack Rapelje, Dwavne 

Dickerson, Don Doruff, Arlen DeWall, Paige Nealy, Rodney Clutts, 

J. Kevin Coffey, Bill Horton, Stephen Constant, Robert Cook, Ken 


ALLEN II-B, FRONT ROW: Ernest Camfield, Ed Trzaskus, Bob 
Koppers, social chairman; Jeff Woodruff, vice-president; Ray Dinner- 
ville. resident fellow; Gary Heideman, president; Robert Brown, secre- 
tary-treasurer; Steven Cooper. Bill Knnkel. 
SECOND ROW: Francis Gribben, Nick Stokes, Dennis Cartwright, 

Peter Viu-Wah Leung, Gordon Noon, Dennis Cole, John Bruder, Art 
Stafford, Bill Hubbartt. Charles Calligaris, Kenny Johnoff. 
THIRD ROW: James Gongola, Roland Colom, Lonnie Clifton, Dennis 
Johnson. Robert Henson, Mark Cox, David Tonge, David Ortinau, 
Doyle Williams. Ronald Cunningham, John Cline, Gene Ferguson. 

ALLEN III A. FRONT ROW: Charles Fairfield, Richard Medsker. 
Tim Fox, Andrew Sabol, resident fellow; Tim Topping, president; 
Steven Ferry, vice-president; William Messerschmidt, Rich Gryszkie- 

SECOND ROW: Joseph Englum, Steve Grogan, Jim Edwards, Dick 
Easley, Joseph Grudzinski, Jeff Farren. Ellert English, Richard Clark. 
THIRD ROW: John Meacham, Tom Rickard, William Head, Robert 
Garrison, Rob Forsyth, Raymond Duke, Jim Groff, David Wargo. 

alien hall 

ALLEN III-B, FRONT ROW: Richard Garvin, Jim Freeman, William 
Epling, Roosevelt Eiland, Robert Schnoor, Charles Bennett, resident 
fellow; Turner Gilmore, David Farmer, James Goodman, Pete Geb- 
hardt, Charles Davvkins. 

SECOND ROW: Joseph Zeigman, Dean Smith, Edward Eaelman, 
Dewayne Deaton, Bob Gahlberg, Jim Brodsky, Michael Glauberman. 
Norman Ehrlich, James Davis, Russ Graziano, Gary Dobos. 

THIRD ROW: Nick Digiovanni, Eric Stephens, Richard Smith, Frank 
Demas, Max Brantner. Bill Gibson, social chairman; Frederick Fran- 
cis. Duane Grafft, Curt Todd, Tom Fauls. 

FOURTH ROW: Robert Ewen. Daniel Darnell, Steve Prater, Ronald 
Goldstein, Greg Dahlstrom, Mike Havlik, Dick Gunderson, Ronald 
Gustin, Ferry Hartmann, Rick Golightlv, Wright. Pete Gossell, 
Randal Daniels. 

r, n p j» 


f tj f.f ft 

T i 


BOOMER I-A, B, FRONT ROW: Robert Johnson, Harold Miller, 
Terry Hendricks, Lyle Hecht, David Roberts, resident fellow; Tex 
Sandstead, resident fellow; Jerry Howard, vice-president; Gary Hart- 
lieb, Michael Miller, Jonathan Siedlecki. 
SECOND ROW: Rolland Marshall, Timothy Reading, Gary Heinrich, 

Victor Molaschi, Dan Harris. William Lui. Dave Krug, Karl Koy, 
Dunn Miller. Richard Hiatt, James Weicker. Keith Kawamoto. 
THIRD ROW: Dale Holtzscher, Danny Lusby, Fred Holzer, Roger 
Hood. Mike Krekel, Tim Heinz. Jim Krizmis. John Litvay. 

BOOMER II-A. FRONT ROW: James Kieft, John Kaiser, Gary 
Randall, Bill Clark, Ronnie Mitchell, Tom Johnson, resident fellow; 
Jim Mack, secretary; Michael Lay, Larry Hesterberg, Allan Killion. 
SECOND ROW: Ben Kettelkamp, Lester Lovell, Lester Ludetin, Allen 
Landerman, Neal Kaufman, Edward Kornfeind, Rick Koker, Jim 

Kliefoth, Bryce Klowtz. Tim Lauing. 

THIRD ROW: David Lingafelter, Ted Poshler, Bob Vondrak. 
Richard Gay, Dennis Kollross, Elliot Kaye, Soterios Komon, Rand 
Kington, Terence Learnan, Joel Levin. 

BOOMER. II-B. FRONT ROW: Jim Mullane, Peter Lazaris. 
chairman; James Pardee, vice-president; Dale Daniels, reside 
low; Rick Legereit, president; Donald VanValkenburb. 
SECOND ROW: James Kolar. Daniel Kondritz, Lester Ludetin. 
Marek, Miltan Lockett, Michael Kleiss, Richard Tomala, 
Nachreiner, William Wilson. 

icial THIRD ROW: Dwight Menely, Charles Linder. Terry King. Ken 

fel- Hinrichs, Ronald Landau, Kent Hetzer, William Lindemann, Russell 

Keller. Michael Couksey. 
evin FOURTH ROW: Richard Lange, Richard Hacker, James Schwarz, 
imes Wayne Lund, John Holt, Walter Steffen, John Larson, Bill Langel, 

Ernest Koch. 

f t I I -t f f I 
t t f-J < 

boomer hall 

BOOMER III A, FROM ROW: Paul Neder, Gerald Oemig, Bub 
Beckenbaugh, resident fellow; Scott Silvers, Laurie Rudolph, social 
chairman; Bill Norris, Fred Ormiston, Stan Nevins. 

SECOND ROW; William Swartz. Stanley Meinert, James McLaughlin, 
Boh Siegworth, Herman Shields. Werner Stadtlander. Steve Paullin. 

Dale Motley. 

THIRD ROW: Glenn Schroeder, Clarence Neal, Dave Mayo, Bruce 
MacCallum, Mark Meyer, Tom Sobehrad, Dan Van Atta. Jim M, - 
Namara, Bob McGarrigle. 

."> & 

n n & 

mm iftfe I 

BOOMER III-B, FRONT ROW: Fred Maxheimer, Richard Maggi. 
Larry Marchel, Barry Sandow, Steve Sextonson, Gregory Lozier, 
resident fellow; William McCord, Jarrett Paull, president; James 
Page, secretary; Robert Ohm, John Schleffendorf. 
SECOND ROW: Buzz Metz. Dan Meyer, Jeff Messenger, Ron Runkel. 


Malcolm Replogle, Donnie Wilson, Yasimichi Veno, Al Nelson, Bud 
Norcrass, Rav Trip. David Mattis. 

THIRD ROW: Arthur McReaken, Tom Rippy. Jim Nagel, Jerald 
Rushing. Tom Miller, David Muls, treasurer; Michael Nolan, social 
chairman; Larry Nelson, Rick Paule, Doug Parker. 


WRIGHT I-A, FRONT ROW: John Plant, athletic chairman; Michael 
Pilkington, secretary-treasurer; David Bradshaw, William Smith, Ron- 
ald Sherhofer, resident fellow; James Sundquist, Richard Carlyle, 
Gerald Rossi, Eldon Plante. 
SECOND ROW: Roger Pelizzari, Doug Blume, Jim Powell, vice- 

president; Norman Ritterbusch, Ernest Sperry, Joe Spair, Rodger 
Streitmatter, Terry Peters, Ronald Pierce, Ronald Stonecipher. 
THIRD ROW: Thomas Turos, Robert Rickhoff, Allan Englehardt, 
Eddie Rohach, Robert Snyder. 

WRIGHT I-B, FRONT ROW: Robert Reed, Darrel Ranke, Steve 
Russell, resident fellow; Earl Raphael, president; Zachary Regan. 
SECOND ROW: Mark Ruch, Steven Perry, Rick Strode, Art Romito. 

THIRD ROW: Johnny Boehringer, Carlton Prouty, Bob Richards. 
Billy Padgett, Marc Leavitt, William Rice, Dale Meredith. 

WRIGHT II-A. FRONT ROW: Roger Schoob, Hutch Dvorak, res- 
ident fellow; Terry Reed, Melvin Woolfolk, Tony Turek, Kelly 
Tucker, Chuck Songrelet, Tim Terchek, Gary Taylor, Gordon Von 

SECOND ROW: Fred Siegmund, Carl Wallin, Robert Schubert, 
Robert Seydlitz, Paul Schroeder, Allan Vogel, Mario Sarabia, Paul 
Seibert, Tim Lindgren, vice-president. 

THIRD ROW: Tom Ulrich, Michael Zivic, Donald Watkins, Ron 

Tremback, Greg Wendt, Byron Underwood, Dan Winans, Ray 


FOURTH ROW: Walter Sherman, John Gatlin, Ron Trentacosti, 

William VanDusen, Glen Martin, Phil Wheat, Glenn Zeleznak, Paul 

Williams, Doug Zeni. 


n * % f t ? r ' t 

WRIGHT II-B. FRONT ROW: Mike Wellman, Claude Baker. How- 
ard Keating, Jim Bigsby, Sam Panayotovich, president; Dwight 
Telford, social chairman; Henry Simpson, secretary-treasurer; Dave 
Karr, resident fellow. 

SECOND ROW: Henry Setzer, John Washburn, Mike Tweedy, Frank 
Ziccarelli, Jack' Scott, Gary Sandberg, Rick Thomas, Albert Teoli, 
Ronald Shibley. 

THIRD ROW: Nehemiah Sanders. Tom Tistinic, Bob Ziech, Bob 
Weaver, Mart Watson, Dave Trout, Sam Wadsworth, Robert West- 
erlund, Robert Simmom. 

FOURTH ROW: Sylvester West, Roger Young, Vic Williams, Jim 
Zegar, Bob Wiedeman, Allen Weissman, Lyle Selk, Bob Saternus, 
Lee Whitaker. 

wright hall 

r* a * » <* 


1 f ■■? t f f f 

WRIGHT III-A, FRONT ROW: Gordon Skinner. Ronald Weiss, 
Mike Trumbold, David Schulze. Michael Rosborough, Jerry Burk, 
resident fellow; J. Tracy, vice-president; Peter Schmidt, James Vach, 
Jim Senger, James Shelton. 

SECOND ROW: Elmer Truels, Tom Wich, Jack Stevens, Robert 

Young, Mike Suttle, David Schuler, Donald Peplow, Steve Stoner, 

secretary-treasurer; Scott McClure, John Slingerlano, Wally Welch, 
Dennis Wilcockson, Tom Sotka, Jerome Koscielniak. 

WRIGHT III-B, FRONT ROW: Steve Stromquist, Richard Kalina, 
resident fellow; Joseph Stokes, Roger Wilhelm, Edward Weiland, Marc 
Vuletich, president; Mike Pugh, Wayne Watt, Peter Paron, vice- 

SECOND ROW: Garry Sloan, Steve Tuggle. Mark Wimmer, Bob 
Steinberg, Sam Riley, John Shelton, Greg Swindle, Randy Willimann, 
Lindsay Russell. 


fi ^ t A 5 ^ § * && 

§ j i § * # ■ 


SECOND FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Karen Allen, Mary Beth Cange, 
Carole Sedlak, resident fellow; Joyce Agne, president; Angela Aud. 
vice-president; Becky Daron, Jane Biehler, social chairman; Margaret 
Baugher, Lois House. 
SECOND ROW: Carol Anthony. Lynn Wilcoxon, Francine Badgett, 

Darlene Schmidt, Janice Ruppel, Susan McEvilly, Jean Trent, 
Narelle Baum. Janet Bartels, Edna Bednar, Barbara Anderson. 
THIRD ROW: Laurine Balsevicis, Sandy Bisturis, Shirley Becken, 
Nancy Chirigos, Linda Ackerman, Maribeth Allen, Brenda Banks, 
Linda Baltzell, Barbara Armstrong, Nancy Bieze. 

m # t * , | It 1 

t *')* i 


i m 

THIRD FLOOR. FRONT ROW: Laurie Morgan, Pat Sweeney, Sallie 
Trice, Nancy Zacha, Becky Hindman, secretary; Louise Donnelly, 
president; Johnny Belle Blake, resident fellow; Dori Stout, vice-pres- 
ident; DeeDee Hanner, treasurer; Connie Theis, Kris Bon belt. Kathv 
SECOND ROW: Judith Phillips. Jeanne Blackwell, Shelia Bridges, 

Linda Zink, Jacqueline Holland, Fran Boehme, Kathy Bossle, Karen 

Boswell, Linda Bremer, Susan Meyer. Linda Brunell. 

THIRD ROW: Ann Altekruse, Gail Goetz, Claudia Bricks, Peggy 

Brinegar. Barbara Bernhart, Jane Farr, Marsha Blumenhorst, Nancy 

Hefter, Carole Breeze, Joyce Blanchard, Shiela Belbas, Bonnie Zach- 


neely hall 

# *' I fill | 

lit * 


FOURTH FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Linda Heckel, Paulette Koblcr, 
Maureen Conway, Linda Jay Cohen, Cathy Brinkman, Pamela Helquist, 
president; Deana Corsa, secretary; Kathy Knudsen, Pam Curskis, 
Cheryl Brudi, Sue Gupp. 

SECOND ROW: Kathy Craig, Marilyn Fox, Kay Callahan, Marilyn 
Crull, Sara Ficke, Sharon Cox, Margery VerMerris, Maureen Cor- 
coran. Marilyn Bruno, Judy Coplea, Marian Cripe, Marsha Cosby. 

FIFTH FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Claudette Coons, Mary Lynne 
Churney, Lynn Davis. Teresa Leonard, vice-president; Rita Wdlf, 
resident fellow; Sandra Clark, social chairman; Barbara Ostedock, 
president; Carole Koprawski, Diana VanOrmer. 
SECOND ROW: JoAnn Bucher, Janie DiFulco, Marsha Humphrey, 

Barbara DiFiglio, Barbara Voellinger, Ruby Rigg, Connie Celi, Jane 
Cnchan, Becky Dugan, Linda Williams, Mary Ann Distclzweig. 
THIRD ROW: Laura Link, Sharon Grabert, Beth Coblentz, Lucianne 
Cobb, Ann Lindeman, Gary Clifton, Carol Dombrosky, Patricia Drow, 
Fritzi Drosten. 

SIXTH FLOOR. FRONT ROW: Judith Feldworth, Sue Dickey, Max- 
ine Fine, Camille Rock, Marsha Duncan, president; June Buhner, 
resident fellow; Carol Rohlfing, vice-president; Sheri May, secretary; 
Debe Fant, Joyce Ann Dammann, Linda Jolly. 

SECON DROW: Sandra Kalous, Carole Devasto, Ruth Gordon, Sheleigh 
Clutts, Linda Farris, Michelle Wenzel, Lynn Jarrett, Bonnie Gore, 

SEVENTH FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Florence Gray, Rachel Friedman, 

secretary; Jan Johnson, president; Judy Keca, resident fellow; Kay 

Rayhill, vice-president ; Karla Garnati, Marilyn Scott. 

SECOND ROW: Pat Gebhardt, Susan Eubank, Joyce Rochi, Beverly 

Guinn, Paula Egan, JoAnne Gaa, Judv Grierson. 

THIRD ROW: Linda Lewine, Barbara Gebhardt, Coleen Frederick, 

Carol Kayser, Gloria Legg, Barbara Spencer, Linda Fuhrer, Kathy 


THIRD ROW: Linda Skipper, Nancy Peters, Karen Dehm, Carolyn 

Devore, Barbara Whisenant, Carla Donaldson, Sandy Patrinelis, Joan 

Fabrizio, Janice Finch, Carol Dickson, Judy Findelstein, Linda 

Whitten, Nancy Weese. 

Mary Griggs, Jane Garab, Marlene Daab, Judy Garrison, Kathryn 


FOURTH ROW: Judy Foster, Judy Flynn, Margaret Evans, Linda 

Gerulski, Connie Luechterfeld, Losi Goldman, Bonnie Kean, Barbara 

Gurtner, Sharon Fron, Vicki Flynn. 


EIGHTH FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Nancy Hunter, Marjann Ronnow, 
Nancy Haskell, Cathy Korando, president; Karen Steffes, resident 
fellow; Karen Krueger, secretary; Vadine Goodman, vice-president; 
Jennifer Hastings, Jane Hipps. 
SECOND ROW: Norma Grogan, Judy Weitkamp, Connie Kirvin, 


Karen Glick, Linda Singer, Terese Haney, Marilyn Hoban, Patricia 
C.utilla, Roberta Gottlieb, Linda Hussong, Maureen Houx. 
THIRD ROW: Marsha Landorf, Michaelyn Korda, Gayla Keiger, 
Patricia Hawkins, Peggy Hlady, Christy Gee, Linda Love, Jean 
Kriege, Joyce Gibson. 

NINTH FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Susan Harper, vice-president; Kath- 
leen Jung, Bonnie Henderson, Karen Landis, Judy Eakin, resident 
fellow; Linda Kohler, Janis Jupin, Sandra Gustin, program chair- 
nun. IVjzgv Hamilton. 
SECOND ROW: Juliet Jackson, Phyllis Milldrum, Doris Knapp, 

Joyce Leonard, Nancy James, Carol Groom, Sally Henderson. 
THIRD ROW: Kristi Koster, Gloria Barringer, Jeanne Jerrell, Gay 
Kohrig, Diane Cooper, Marjorie Kroll, Barbara Wallace, Linda 
McMahon, president; Wanda Krane. 

TENTH FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Nancy Keltner, Carole King, his- 
torian; Sharon M c Connell, secretary; Norma Ketay, vice-president; 
Corky Sauer, resident fellow; Cabrini Waite, president; Geri New- 
man, treasurer; Karen Metzroth. 

SECOND ROW: Sharolyn Sharknas, Nancy Klocke, Sherry Dailey, 
Judy Miller. Jane Finnicum, Pat Keber, Sheryl Melander, Lois Kleiss, 

Linda Hopkins, Bonnie Greenlee. 

THIRD ROW: Janis Keller, Jan Long,'' Janice Kidd, Ruth Knill, 
Mary Moon. Pat Kent, Lois Kane, Sharon Lewis, Gavle Conard. 
FOURTH ROW: Jeri Murphy, Bonnie Kaplan, Diane Meekar, Pamala 
Kiefer, Lois Lindberg, Willa Godbey, Marcia Lynch, Barbara Lans- 
ford, Wanda Litherland, Judy Lewis, Ann Lopinot. 


» I t f | § f 


ELEVENTH FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Sherry Marian, historian; Mary- 
Sue Horntrap, executive council; Marty Mosenfelder, vice-president; 
Sandra Kranz, resident fellow; Sheila Obranovick, president; Carole 
Nance, secretary. 

SECOND ROW: Barbara Mitchell, Adele Mathieu, Sherry Miller, 
Peggy Latz, Carol Lauer, Lorrie Elia, Cindy Lenear, Lois Murphy, 
Gail McCabe. 

THIRD ROW: Patricia Martin. Barbara Eubank, Susan Martin, 
Rosalie Matusiak. Beck) Miller, Telia Massall, Carolyn Meadows, 
Carla Madison, Cecelia Mowder. Linda Milner. 

FOURTH ROW: Nancy Manu.-l. Phyllis Maschhoff, Glenda McVickar, 
Patty Munn, Joellyn Brothers. Carol Nelson, Barb Jackson, Jane 
Myler, Sandy Hughes, Judy Hulskotter, Marilyn Musson, June Larson. 


TWELFTH FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Joyce Nelson, Barbara Mander- 
nack, Christine Merkel, Madalyn Yezdauski, Maggie McKeone, pres- 
ident; Jacqueline Antoine, resident fellow; Kathleen McCaffrey, vice- 
president; Carol Prost, secretary-treasurer; Joan Pumm, Nancy Peter, 
Anita Phalp. 
SECOND ROW: Theresa Page, Janet Rainwater, Mary Meyer, Karyn 

neely hall 

THIRTEENTH FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Susan Robinson, Carla War- 
ren, Deana Propst, Linda Thompson, Nyla Potts, secretary; Pat Thun- 
herst, president; Jenna Tedrick, resident fellow; Terri Thompson, 
vice-president; Roberta Rollins, treasurer; Mimi Sandifer, Christine 
Patterson, Peggy Merideth, Julie Patton. 


Reding. Rita Meredith, Terry Obery, Kris Nielsen, Lenora Parker, 
Kathv Nobbe. Marcia Peterson, Nancy Oexeman, Kay Nagle. 
THIRD ROW: Jean Nelson, Danna Mientus, Debbie Noosbond, Mary 
Neikes. Lynda Nocerino, Sue Bulmer, Sue Redick. Sharon Mellenthin, 
Debra Poole. Carolyn Newman, Sharon Oehler, Nancy Nelson, Connie 

SECOND ROW: Nancy Neumann, Linda Spangler, Ellen Tamkin, La- 
Donne Portell, Judie Pavilon, Nicki Ruoff, Linda Patton, Clara Rum- 
mell, Cathy Parrill. Linda Philipps, Barbara Rivera, Garce Pohlmaw, 
Barbara Porter, Janice Tencza, Susy Poole, Diane Pezze, Charleen 

lUyiAQii AM 

pitif ft it t > * 

Ragno, Marianne Sutton, social chairman; Mary Schreffler, president; 
Marilyn Whitlow, resident fellow; Karen Schrader, vice-president; 
Charlene Winkelman, Linda Dooley. 

SECOND ROW: Alice Roberson, Kathy Swanson, Janet Rhodes, 
Maries Reichert, Dianne Scott, Charlotte Swanson, Janet Staehle. 

THIRD ROW: Angie Stilts, Carole NawojskL. Bernice Strom, Cheryl 
Spidel, Patrica Schrader, Nancy Stevenson, Jeannie Kann. 
FOURTH ROW: Barbara Spencer, Patricia Nagode, Elaine Reed, 
Deborah Fansler, Nancy Van derVere, Beth Wise, Carol Vidmar, 
Kathy Ray. 

SIXTEENTH FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Geraldine Reynolds, Nancy- 
Pearl, social chairman; Paula Madden, secretary; Charlotte Miller, 
president; Sandra Sutton, resident fellow; Anita Vega, vice-president; 
Judy Thompson, treasurer; Marcia McCullough. 

SECOND ROW: Jayce Veseling, Jane Voget, Toni Vozikis, Gail 
Evans, Judi Mecca, Nancy Tutt, Debra Montgomery, Elaine Walker, 
Natalie Traiber, Allene Van Scyoc. 

THIRD ROW: Charlotte Cacioppo, Elois Washington, Bonnie Warp, 
Lorraine Torrisi, Janice Masterson, Pamela Wallace, Sally Webb, 
Nancy Trotter, Terry Madden. 

FOURTH ROW: Nancy DuBois, Barbara Taylor, Linda Thompson. 
Diana Tuel, Mary Martin, Kay Buczek, Patricia Dombek, Brenda 
Wagner, Sandra Tripled, Suzanne Pala, Francesca Vallo, Janet Sager. 

neely hall 





' m 


* t \ 


f • t f < 


v/ \ ,-i:k 11 

SEVENTEENTH FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Carol Williams, Pat Wohl- 
wend, Betty Sereg, secretary-treasurer; Debbie Smith, vice-president; 
Mary Ballance, resident fellow; Ann Hennessy, president; Nora Kit- 
terman, social chairman; Susan Swisher, Diana Wessler, Cathy Taylor. 
SECOND ROW: Patti Wilson, Peg Vaughn, Karen Eckert, Marilyn 
Wilson, Janet Webb, Kristine Masko, Lynn Workman, Linda Weaver, 
Pat Cowan, Linda Whitehead. 

THIRD ROW: Harriet Cruenhut, Cynthia Churan, Salli Rvan, 
JoHanna Kinley, Pat Wenzel, Elaine Sane. Betti Scaglione, Carlotta 
Holmes. Donna Thomson, Katherine Scott, Glory - Behm. 
FOURTH ROW: Maria White, Cynthia Kandelman. Crystal Wright, 
Marcia Wilson. Mary Maruska, JoRana Waterbury, Lois Woker, Nancy 
Tkac, Nancy Westpha], Barbara Winter, Lora Ruge. 

5r ^ 

4 ir% 

<\ f\ <\ 




A glance up at U. Park's Neely Hall shows the 
massiveness of the building which holds 816 girls. 

The night before Homecoming game, all lights were 
doused to enable Neely's message to be seen. 


SOCIAL PROGRAMMING BOARD, FRONT ROW: Cindy Hill, secretary; Dave Parker, Irene 

Crandall, treasurer; Gale Miszklevtz, Jerry Dosch. 

SECOND ROW: Jane Schneider, Cookie Bartelson, Jane Gross, Mike Johnson, Alexis Fuchs, Linda 



Kimble, chairman; Joyce Rowell, Carol Malburg. 

SECOND ROW: Floyd Chan, Gary Holland, Bill Gasa, Dan Schofield, Marvin Edwards. 

TP POINTER, FRONT ROW: Tom Barber. Marsha Hursey, John Davis. 

SECOND ROW: Thomas Cassidy, adviser; H. W. Bunselmcyer, adviser; Robert Bloemker, Ronald 

Koblitz, editor. 


tp brings bobby vinton, 
brothers four to siu 

With the Lake-on-the-Campus and Thompson 
Woods for a backdrop. Thompson Point housing 
area is located on the southwest side of campus. The 
six boys' dorms and five girls' dorms which make up 
TP were completed in 1961 and now- house 1.450 
students. Besides maintaining their own newspaper, 
the TP Pointer, the housing group sponsored vari- 
ous sports tournaments this vear and held its annual 
wheel chair races. A stage show featuring Bobby 
Vinton and the Brothers Four, was presented dur- 
ing spring quarter. The Educational Programming 
Board arranged a series of programs and forums, 
including a talk on student rights by Dr. Don Hide 
and a showing of award winning pictures of a film 

Summer 1966 saw the appointment of a new 
head resident for Thompson Point, John Jones. 

PRESIDENTS' COUNCIL, FRONT ROW: George Child, Roger Stevenson, John Anderson, Roger 

Cinder, Pamela Hudgens. 

SECOND ROW: Cathy Lavin, Susan Green, Steven Boyd, Mary Lou Sork, Judy Florreich. 


tp programming board presents lectures, forums 


The Lake-onthe-Campus and Thompson Woods offer 
quiet spots for relaxation on a lazy afternoon. 

A little black book with pertinent bits of infor- 
mation helps many students find weekend dates. 

Lenta Hall, open after supper until women's hours, 
is the scene of many study dates for TP residents. 

Boys as well as girls must take time out from 
studies and activities to launder and iron clothes. 


I 1 f 


fit 1 If 

* , 

FIRST FLOOR. FRONT ROW: Wai Kwok, secretary-treasurer; 
Robert Tickner, social chairman; Kennith Schlitz, president; Alan 
Ackman, Doyle Vines, vice-president; James Behrmann, resident 
fellow; Albert Verbeke, president; Larry Majercik, social chair- 
man; James Sewell, Rick Myers. 

SECOND ROW: Robert Underwood, Clement Vericker, George 
Moulton, Bing Lamb, John McAIeer, Robert Blass, Bruce Macey, 

Clarence Maciag, Daniel Ellington, Donald Woofers, Stan Morrison. 
THIRD ROW: Douglas MacNiff, Richard McAllister, John Rutkowski, 
William Murgensen, Robert Miller, Dennis Rohde, Steven Wiyatt. 
William Vaughn, Aubrey MacCannell, Lawrence Musial. 
FOURTH ROW: Johnnie Myers, Ronald Ross, Paul Mollory, Gary 
Maier, Stanly Winteroth. Thomas McEvers, Donald Morris, Daniel 
Teich, Robert Moss. Daniel Morse. 

SECOND FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Paul Schuh, Michael Schmitz, Paul 
Pavesich, David Wheat, treasurer; Ralph Johnson, president; Randy 
Culley, resident fellow; John Carnaghi, vice-president; Mike Bell, 
secretary; Mike Sprengelmeyer, social chairman; John Murphy. 
SECOND ROW: Dennis Unger, Walter Wood, Bob Mulkewich, Craig 
Walters, secretary; Alan Montella, Bruce Mueller, Leighton Rockafel- 
low, Dan Mohr, Fred Schouten, Tim Mullen, John Moy, Bill Moore. 

abbott hall 

THIRD FLOOR. FRONT ROW: James Seibert, Larry Wray, Barry 
Sykes, Gerald Worms, secretary-treasurer; Bruce Converse, vice- 
president; Dave Bertelsen, resident fellow; Chris Corrie, president; 
Frank Nawrocki, social chairman; Marvin Edwards, hall vice-pres- 
ident; Dick Tolliver. 

SECOND ROW: William A. Nicholson, William R. Nicholson, Bob 
Richandson, David North, Terry Nelms, Steven Young, Leslie Zetter- 

THIRD ROW: Alan Murdoch, Richard Montgomery, Keith Mitran, 
Lindy Sisk, Gene Welborn, Richard Muir, Randy Millman, David 
Mize, Scott Steagall. Kenneth Westermeyer. Peter Peterson, William 
Moeglin, Robert Wiese, hall treasurer. 

FOURTH ROW: Wayne Muentnich, Dan Wilson, Russ Mortz, Tim 
Moore. Bill Wildhage. 

gren, William Michael, William Sexton, Larry' Meier. 

THIRD ROW: James O'Hearn. Garry Willis, Dave Olsen, Jerry 

Paetzhold. Allan Nilson, Ron Deforest, Robert Nesler, Gregg Noland. 

Richard Milanich, Thomas Migliore, Gary Nelson. 

FOURTH ROW: Gary Clark, Chuck Michalek, Thomas Roos, Tom 

Meldau, John Prafilet. Roy Frank, Ron Merritt. Claude Nafziger, 

Robert Woodward, Richard Miller. 




If 1 1 f f * 

f f I f 1 1 

1 f 1 1. * ; 

f t 1 f r 

■ft t ft 

R a ff> 

FIRST FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Jerome Dosch, hall social chairman; 
Steven Boyd, president; Mark Allen, hall vice-president; Bob Bloemk- 
er, Thomas Cassidy. resident counselor; Robert Barthel, secretary- 
treasurer; Alan Bullington, Mike Freeman, president; Mike Abbott, 
social chairman; John Davis. 
SECOND ROW: Merrill Allen, James Allen, David Alexander, John 

Adduci, Hdok Char, Tom Abbott, Roy Ackman, Gary Howard, H. W. 

Bunselmeyer, resident fellow. 

THIRD ROW: Ronald Agge, Ron Fuchs, Oscar Castro, Lonnie Wit- 

tenauer, Ronald Koblitz, Thomas Barber, John Anderson. 

FOURTH ROW: James Tai, Shieshien Yang, Joseph Woo, Michael 

Adams, Douglas Newman, Charles Benson. 

SECOND FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Tom Burton, J. Weaver, secretary- 
treasurer; Gary Blackburn, social chairman; Richard Barnstable, 
president: Jerry Fendrich, resident fellow; Bill Bequette, vice-pres- 
ident; William Baxter. Kent Biggerstaff, sports chairman; Terry 

SECOND ROW: Jerry Bailey, Walter Baker, Dan Anderson, Dirk 
Anderson, Gary Anderson, Steve Althoff, Jerry Herbert, Glenn Bell, 

bailey hall 

Bob Arroyo. 

THIRD ROW: Bill Blackford, Steve Bailie, Paul McCall, Kent Baker, 

Doug Anderson, Jerry Austwick, Louis Belva, Paul Anderson, Michael 

Christian, David Brook. 

FOURTH ROW: Ronald Manwaring, Robert Blomeyer, Bob Mougey, 

Sam Sullivan, George McPheeters, Thomas Anderson, Allen Bulow, 

Mike Amrein, Phillip Bremser. 

THIRD FLOOR. FRONT ROW: Greg Berning, Charles Wente, Ken 
Bluhm, social chairman; Ken Beno, secretary; Jerry Finney, president; 
David Seibert, resident fellow; Michael Diesen, vice-president, Tom 
Bennet. treasurer; Grover Webb, Bob Blattner, Bill Gasa. 
SECOND ROW: John Bena, David Niederkorn, Richard Netz, Dave 
Gregory, Bob Beachey, Bob Baty, Tom Pals, Tom Wiggins, Jim 

Benham, Terry Belcher, Glenn Ever, Jim Barra, Randy Blass, Jim 
Behymer, James Bjorkman. 

THIRD ROW: Alan Belohlavek, Guy Beggs. Dick Metz, John Baldwin, 
Ron Barthelme, Les Barger, Ernst Bartels, Allen McQueen, Ron Bilyeu, 
Eric Lange, Fred Barr, Craig Taylor, Ronald Bell, Frank Bianchetta, 
Carl Corrigan, Michael Broccardo. 

fjMtt M If }} 

", f f I f f i 



FIRST FLUOR. FRONT ROW: Nancy Brisch, Diane Wortman, Char- 
lotte Smith, secretary; Candy Maddox, president; Sue Lampert, res- 
ident fellow; Denise Watkins, vice-president; Cindy Sorrels, treas- 
urer; Lola Higgs, Catherine Campisi. 

SECOND ROW: Roberta Ruben, Jeanne Stiritz, social chairman; 
Jennifer .Murphy, Sharon Mitchell, Sarah Rose, Patty Vinsavge, 
Vivian Fronczak, Laurie Spudich, Pamela Hudgens, president; Oneta 

Spence, vice-president ; Maryl Shaw. Linda Treitman. Kathy Meni- 
chetti, Marv Pirok, Rosalie Hagel, Sharon Waymire, Elsie Harre. 
THIRD ROW: Christabel Mariana, Sandy Miller, Jean Rogers, Jan 
Robinson, Nancy Phillips, Nancy Pirtle, Debbie Shaw, Nancy Roecke- 
man, Carolyn Rodgers, Sandra Rosenlieb, Carol Wickholm, Sue 
McKean, Paula Waite, Joyce Schmitt, Lorna McLacklan, Gaylan Ro- 

ill iJliil^i^ 



it 1 i i f %.Ji * 


SECOND FLOOR. FRONT ROW: Pam Rambeaux, sports chairman; 
Grace Young, social chairman; Ranelle Summers, president; Wanda 
Burgard, vice-president; Sue Cattani, resident fellow; Joyce Thomas, 
secretary; Mary Ann Shepard. Donna Warns, treasurer. 
SECOND ROW: Cathy Riley, Inez Rencher, Patsy Reifsteck, Linda 
Miller. Melissa Raschiella. Mary Schock, Pam Rich, Pat Lankford, 
Clara Carlisle, Sandy Richards. Ruth Wilhclm. 

Baldwin hall 

THIRD ROW: Carole Rees, Diana Underwood, Jan Ristow, Lynda 
Zeitler, Vickie Graham, Linda Wolf. Adrienne Reynolds, Mary Cleve-. 
land, Sharon Ramsey, Lesley Retzer. 

FOURTH ROW: Barbara Yopp, Jerry Woods, Carol Wittenborn, 
Nancy Vincent, Dolores Suchman, Laurel Walbright, Karen Williams. 
Doris Dancy. 

THIRD FLOOR, FRQNT ROW: Diane Somers, Jane Sipes, Laveta 
Small, social chairman; Jean Haege, secretary; Rebecca Moulton, pres- 
ident; Sally Scott, resident fellow; Julie Slowik, vice-president; Vicki 
Powell, treasurer; Juanita Swartz, Janis Simpson, Lindakay Strauss. 
SECOND ROW: Sandi Spina. Lynda Miller, Sharon Singer, Jerri 
Struckmeyer, Pat Smith. Kathy Swanson, Paula Smith, Carol Zmuda, 

Jodv Smith. Linda Sparrenberg, social chairman; Nancy Stack, Gloria 

Smith. Carol Smith. 

THIRD ROW: Jean Akers, Susan Sneddon, Judy Stahlberg, Carole 

Wetherwell, Donna Smothers, Linda Stonecipher, Paula Frick, Sharyn 

Steinhagen, Madonna Sheridan. Patricia Winter, Cynthia Slade. Judy 





r^ v 


I I 

FIRST FLOOR. FRONT ROW: Judy Floneich, president; Christine 
Ericson, Linda Austin, treasurer; Carol Shillinger, president; Sharon 
Marlow. resident fellow; Diane Wilcox, Cathy Ashley, historian; 
Connie Ritter. Sandy Pakula. 
SECOND ROW; Angelica Linardopoulon, Laurie Shaner, vice-pres- 

ident, Lana Ashenbramer, social chairman; Sue Novak, treasurer, 
Cathy Bachand, secretary, Sarah Gehlert, Nell Allen. 
THIRD ROW: Linda Bray. Linda Jones, Becky Adamczyk, Beverly 
Christianson. Chris Pehlke, Eva Poulos, Hermine Taylor, Patricia 
Scott, Cynthia Johnson. 

bowyer hall 

SECOND FLOOR. FRONT ROW: Kathy Angell, Linda Baquet, 
Mariann Berry, historian; Stephanie Corpora, secretary; Pamela Boyd, 
president; Pamela Hentze, resident fellow; Nancy King, vice-president; 
Alice Burnetle. treasurer; Ramona Bilyeu. social chairman; Sandy 
Young. Linda Barminski. Nancy Binder. 
SECOND ROW: Delores Bendschneider, Vanna Baker, Charlotte 

Berkheimer, Kathleen Best, Connie Benoodt, Cheryl Bailey, Phyllis 
Baker, Nan Bowers, Joyce Sayre, Barb Becker, Teri Baker. 
THIRD ROW: Mary Joan Hamilton, Phyllis Oldenburg, Marty Ben- 
son, Linda Breckenfelder, Janice Anne Browning, Jane Boma, Cheryl 
Bennett, Julie Barnett, Kathy Boeving, Mary Bond, Sandy Bladen, 
Gail Bartosch, Donna Basile. 

THIRD FLOOR. FRONT ROW: Donna Braeutigam, Suzanne Bush, 
Sally B-ack. Sheryl Tortorella, secretary-treasurer; Margy High, pres- 
ident: Charlotte Seibert, resident fellow; Betty Chase, vice-president; 
Pat Frick, social chairman; Barbara Bruhn, historian; Jane Clark, 
Karen Braeutigam. 
SECOND ROW: Sallie Blair, Pam Bridwell, Sue Brune, Carol Cum- 

miskey, Liz Boyd, Jan Bucari, Diane Crouch, Baya Levy, Betty Brown, 
Sandra Clark. Norma Chaney. 

THIRD ROW: Johnette Brown, Linda Boyd, Carol Bradley. Mary Lou 
Corradini, Terri Corra, Pam Brown, Leslie Swenson, Rosemary Brand- 
is, Pam Borowski, Deborah 

Q 0b O 

I'fTft f ft I 

FIRST FLOOR, FRONT ROW: James Kincade, Steve Parker, vice- 
president; Kenneth Hammer, treasurer; David Dombrow, Roger 
Ginder, president; John Sautter, Terry Clark, Tom Wunderlick, res- 
ident fellow; Patrick Haar, president; David Williamson. 
SECOND ROW: Jim Graham, treasurer; Gene Frankland, Frank 

Desalvo, sports chairman; Kendall Doty, Joe Halhert, Wath 
Symoun, Kensel Tshikawa, Tom Panichi. 

THIRD ROW: Frank Brutcher, Rick Shank, Darrell Venus, Duane 
Dipert, David Cumerlato, David Gesell, Terry Donohue, William 
Gillespie, David Downs, Mark Mailer, Bruce Karrels. 

■mMW v W: 

ft ft, f| ■ f^ A 

SECOND FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Larry Fisher, Robert Ford, Sherb 
Bridges, Richard Janzen, secretary-treasurer; Terry Hall, president; 
Loren Fox, resident fellow; Dan Hutchcraft, vice-president; Gary 
Holland, vice-president; Robert Davis, Tom Edwards, Ron Farmer. 
SECOND ROW: Joel Ferrin, Raymond Foxvog, Terry Foster, Jim 

Davids, Sam Perone, Lyle Hicks, Jeff Francis, Dennis Dean, Bill 
Floyd, Fred Fingerhut. Takayoshi Makeno. 

THIRD ROW: Don Yaworski, Warren Fauss, J. Daniels, Rod Day, 
Norman Field, Michael Ehlers, Phillip Frankland. 

brown hall 

THIRD FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Bill Korte, Dennis Kynion, social 
chairman; Gary Ginder, treasurer; Roy Judge, president; Martin 
Glaubitz, resident fellow; Harold Johnson, vice-president; Richard 
Milcarek, Gerald Koch, secretary; Terry Kueper, Rick Pearce. 
SECOND ROW: Henry Jin, Ronald Kirkland, Bill Garrett, Steve 

Carman, Art Ferguson, Eugene Geschwend, Louis Galvan, Phil Gzesh. 
THIRD ROW: Bruce Goldman, Charles Gavzer, Timm Fair, Richard 
Campbell, Randy Gallinger, Dave Gagala, Bob Glowaki, Jack Goetz. 
FOURTH ROW: Johnny Yang, Markel Gustafson, Charles Guth, 
Rickie Gentille, Jim Godke, Richard Gerdes, Howard Gifford. 


ft 1 1 f t f<ft 
f t t t 



FIRST FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Bob Meyer, Russ Greenwald, social 
chairman; Michael Williams, hall president; Floyd Chan, vice-pres- 
idenl; James Renshaw. president; Mike Snodgrass. resident fellow; 
John Hawley, \ ice-president ; Jo-eph Greco. Jim Worobey, Staff Love- 
land, historian. 
SECOND ROW: Walt Hawley. Fred Schulz, Steve Olson. Frank 

Grutzius. Vernon Grubisich, Robert Griffin, Patrick Gronek, Jerry 
Phelps, Wayne Hawthorne. Bob Hawk, Gerry Green, Ted Krason, 
William MacElroy. Philip Goscin,ki. Kenneth Wolfson. 
THIRD ROW: Steven Hayden, Gary Gray, Howard Havnes, Paul 
Levi. John Graham. A] Gurka, Robert Schultz, James Hall, Tom 
Hedeen. Paul Bedford. Jon Graskewicz, Warren Randle, Stanley Darr. 

SECOND FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Yoshitaka Nakagawa, Wayne 
DeValk, president: Patrick Meal, Robert Hewes, secretan-treasurer; 
Paul McDevitt, social chairman; Darrell Willis, Bill Volkgardt. secre- 
tary; Tern McKinney, vice-president; Jim Neumann. Tim Hohs, 
social chairman; Tom Oaklev. 

SECOND ROW: Vern Hines, Thomas Hinterscher, Richard Hutchins, 
B. A. Murry, Richard Hager. Ken Modglin, Bernie Hughes, Jeff 

Hangenjos, Larry Harp, Fred Home. 

THIRD ROW: Bill Hannon, Ab in G. Hooten, Les Hale, Rich Ellison, 

Mike Medlin, A. Taylor, Edward Hoadley, John Harder, Robert 


FOURTH ROW: Stephen Hamilton, Bill Hoffer, Dennis Husemann, 

Randy Hahlbeck, Dave Priebe, Bill Mease, resident fellow; Rick 

Nelson, Chuck Martsi hinke. 

felts hall 

THIRD FLOOR, FRONT ROW: George Johnston, James Moore, Mike 
O'Neal, vice president; Lawrence Massie, president; Gary Whittet, 
secretary-treasurer; Ray Neyrinck, resident fellow; Harry Pierjok, 
athletic chairman; Fred Hahn. 
SECOND ROW: Dave Jones. Terry Herbig, Charles Johnson, Ira 


Herman, Philip Heirendt, Jerry Hutton, Larry Henshel, Joe Kretsch, 
James Jensen. 

THIRD ROW: Joseph Kryzsiak, Warren Johnson, Edwin Parker, Gary 
Ragan, Tom Higgerson, Rex Hermsmeyer, Tom Jared, Bob Johnson, 
Mike Jackson. 

**% mm f ■ <* • » 3* 


FIRST FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Sue Laird, Grace Harre, Jan Blom- 
gren, social chairman; Kay Howell, president; Linda Morrow, resident 
fellow; Pamela Gray, treasurer; Linda Hall, social chairman; Sue 
Tongate, Judy Kolb, Ann Hagan. 
SECOND ROW: Carin Rose, Chris Headley, Noreen Haslinger, 

Charlene Heard, Linda Harvey, Sandra Wilson, Linda Spencer, Kath- 
leen Corrigan, Susan Johnson. 

THIRD ROW: Cindy Hill, Carol Hankins, Sallie Slowik, Cheryl 
Greeley, Mary Miller, Sharon Bolin, Betty Harre, Jean Hanoley, 
Arlene Harding. 


SECOND FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Carole Korte, treasurer; Kris 
Hendrickson, social chairman; Sharon Kowal, vice-president; Sandy 
Slice, resident fellow; Faye Kimble, president; Jo Ann Koehler, 
Phyllis Sarver, Marsha Wolven, social chairman. 

SECOND ROW: Linda Harman, Shelia Henneman, Judy Jarecki, 
Taren Johnson, Paulette Jlolland. Mary Koeberlein, Cathy Lavin. 

THIRD ROW: Joyce Rowell. Prudy Werth. Brenda Hoffman, Rita 
Johnson. Clara Hill. Karen Johnson. Ronnie Wilson. Judy Rice. 
FOl'RTH ROW: Gloria Holmes, Carol Koechman, Alana Klickna. 
Joyce Johnson, Regina Timcikas, Dorothea Kramme. Rita Kueker. 
Kathi Johnson, Sandy Marlow. 

THIRD FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Marti Logan, historian; Marsha 
Ludolph, secretary; Sandy Loyyry, treasurer; Judy Meyer, Kathy 
McCormick, president; Judy Sager, resident fellow; Chris Goff, Doris 
McLain, vice-president; Marjorie Mathis, social chairman; Jane Gross, 
social chairman; Jane Schneider. 

SECOND ROW: Glenda Mann, Linda Kimble, Kathy Lewis, Natalie 
Lukens, Mary Ann Karcher, Alma Kirn, Mai Lon Seid, Carol Lud- 

wick, Denise Kacsir. 

THIRD ROW: Sharon LeBrun, Pat Theiss, Betty Jo Lee, Nancy 

McCollum, Marty Swinnen, Melva Wright, Carol Kerrick, Kristine 

Kiester. Karen Klaus, Natalie Kilgus. 

FOURTH ROW: Sharon Schulze, Gail Keim. Penny Kane, social 

chairman, Dawn Kowalkiewicz, Vickie Loyd. Chris Linker, resident 

fellow; Terri Lewis, resident counselor. 


t I f 


FIRST FLOOR, FRONT ROW: James Solenberger, Dennis Whittle, 
athletic chairman; Steve Jurgens, secretary-treasurer; Ted Cunning- 
ham, president; Sebastian Pagano, resident fellow; James Branch, 
vice-president; Stanley Coers, social chairman; David Bode, Richard 

SECOND ROW : Steve Bloom, Mohsen Paymard, Shigezo Oshiro, Jaime 
Baby, David Bonomo, William Cunningham, Chris Estwing, Jerry 

Bond, Bob Emery, Harry Kao, Barry Roach, Keith Walker, Steve 
Walker, Frederick Ruppel. 

THIRD ROW: Marty Bloom, Frank Derbak, treasurer; Philip Cor- 
rington, Tom Burke, Steven Underwood, Forrest Smith, Roger Ewing, 
James Cosme. John Henderson, Gary Castens, George Child, president; 
Fred Bockstahler. 

SECOND FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Lynn Adams, resident fellow; Roy 
DiBuono, Gale Miszklevitz, social chairman; James Stout, vice-pres- 
ident, Joe Kirkwood, president; Tony Burroughs. 

SECOND ROW: Christopher Cheung, Joseph Yang, Alvin Bruns, Jim 
Bowker, Joseph Borsdorf, David Brawn, John Bott, Aquiles Iglesias, 
Gary Cox. 

THIRD ROW: Michael Burke, Micheal Brown, Paul Coombs, Jim 
Covone, John Osman, Gary Gillett, Danny Sexton, Ken Curelo. 
FOURTH ROW: John Busen, Ron Burns, William Crescenti, Robert 
Brutcher, David Bottom, Dennis Burch, Martin Bousignore, Robert 

pierce hall 

THIRD FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Gerald Sturm, Dave Carlson, Allan 
Durre, Lee Cash, Robert Ryan, resident fellow; Jim Johnson, Ralph 
Galloway, Tom Dunn. 
SECOND ROW: William Goebel, Robert Goeddel, Darrell Rea, Ken 

Champion, Don Zeikel, Frank Catalano, Tom Christenberry, Tom 


THIRD ROW: Dave Favaro, Don Carlson, Larry Caswell, Terry Dur- 

kee, Dann Durr, Dan Duffney, Mitchel Livingston, David Cooper. 



FIRST FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Shirley Holman, Anne LaValle, Janet 
Powell, secretary; Linda Kofsky, president; Mary Ann DiPieto, res- 
ident fellow; Paula Martinson, vice-president; Sherry Ceferin, treas- 
urer; Pat McClain. social chairman; Carol Malburg. 
SECOND ROW: Barbara Zacheis, Thelma Cattron, Swayzine Laster, 

Judy Nelson, Barb Malm, historian; Bette Mayes, Gail Landon, his- 
torian; Judi Larsen; Barbara Myers; Penny Landgraf, Sheryl Dean. 
THIRD ROW: Pat McGill, Nanci Mauton, Holly McMillan, Sylvia 
Parks, Carolyn Mead. Sherry Hudgens, Cheryl McWhirter. 

SECOND FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Sue Sabin, Jana Ogg, treasurer; 
Conni Mory, social chairman; Sue Murphy. Sandra Mentzer, secretary; 
Deborah Lee, president; Donna Roth, resident fellow; Deanna Noel, 
vice-president; Rosalie Newman, Mary Norton, Kevan Moss, historian; 
Melanie Miller, recreation chairman. 

SECOND ROW: Rhonda Mott, Cheryn Zanders, Pat Moore, Candy 
Miller, Judy Ogilvie, Debbie Manuel, Kathi Morgan, Gail Mudd, 

Nancy Melton, Mary Jo Melody. Kathy Murphy, Jacintha Riley, Jerri 


THIRD ROW: Sue Mickelsen, Linda Obrecht, Carolyn Ann Mezo, 

Gemma Mikulicz, Nancy Martin, Karla Meyer, Mary Lehman, Deborah 

Ohl, Mona Parini, Margie Miller, Sarah Mack, Arlene Mesnard, Judy 


smith hall 

THIRD FLOOR. FRONT ROW: Karen Rylard. Janis Peebles, his- 
torian; Miehele Pelit. athletic chairman; Linda Turner, vice-pres- 
ident; Carol Holubek, resident fellow; Maggie Olson, president; 
Jeanne Payne, secretary-treasurer; Debbie Otterstedt, Cathy Quillman, 
social chairman. 

SECOND ROW: Marchia Otto, Carryle Preisel, Sandra Pearson, 
Cookie Bartelson, Leanne Pate, Jamie Sheehan, Janis Pennington. 

Jill Pointer. 

THIRD ROW: Shari Purcell, Arline San Filippo, Miehele OXeary, 

Cvnthia Owens, Phyllis Perigo, Jackie Overbeck, Peggy Parkinson. 

Judy Shultz. 

FOURTH ROW: Beverly Sass, Jane Sellars, Vivian Pollock. Mary' 

Pankow. Kathi Poppe. Mollic Pharo, Mary Seibert, Mary Lou Sork, 

Linda Pearson, Sue Patterson. 

■&QAA&JL2LtL « ft 

1 f Ht' 

i ft J 

I h J 

§ j 1 1 | 

FIRST FLOOR. FROM ROW: Anita Hermany, Alix Wheeler, Marge 
Aubin, secretary-; RocheLle Daum, president; Maria Grana, resident 
fellow; Suzanne Ferrari, vice-president; Barbara Frederich, social 
chairman; Carolyn Heizer. Barbara Larschan. 

SECOND ROW: Vicky Ford, Cathy Conti, Marty Francis, Gail Fisher, 
Sally Davis. Mania Wiskochil. lirrnice Freund, Gail Clark, Diane 

Clausing, Jo Ellen Sefried, Carol Clyde, Carolyn Thompson. 
THIRD ROW: Pat Colletti. Linda Chamberlain, Sue Colombo, Joyce 
Anderson, Evelyn Hagens, Barbie Wilson, Bonnie DuMontelle, Carol 
Ann Weil. Linda Floring. Ronelle Allen, Sally Sanders, Anita Esch, 
Julie Chapman. 

, ;| f i i > f f f M 


SECOND FLOOR. FRONT ROW: Patricia Dominges, Claudia Dunn. 
Mary Jensen, Mary Ellen Dehnery, social chairman; Vicki Dietz, pres- 
ident; Mary Anne Porter, resident fellow; Judith Travelstead, vice- 
president; Janice Donneson, secretary-treasurer; Kay Fritz, Cathleen 
Cramer, Serine Hastings. 
SECOND ROW: Gladys Marie Douglas, Cyndi Davis, Mary Ann 

Dolan, Susan Fusco, Donna Mavros, Linda Zoller, Karen Dunn, Jackie 
Ciulla, Jill Frev, Carmeline Jones. Madonna Chambers. 
THIRD ROW: Mary Owen, Sharon Freund. Janice Ockerby, Patricia 
O'Callaghan. Irene Crandall, Caron Tiberi, Sally Davenport, Linda 
Larson, Cathy Donnel, Nancy Cagle. Carolyn Drake, Leta Campbell, 
Phyllis Carsello. 

steagall hall 

THIRD FLOOR. FRONT ROW: Linda Dannhauser, resident fellow; 
Beverly Griffin, vice-president; Jacklyn Gibson, secretary'; Judith 
Hearn, social chairman; Susan Green, Mary Lou Estill. Donna Feh- 
renbaker, Alexis Fuchs, Sally Fritz, president; Nancy Harper, Karen 
Grupe, Susan Gardner. 
SECOND ROW: Deborah Cooper, Lynn Edwards, Dianna Griffin, 

Susan Freifeld, Barbara Garleb, Anna Marie Mayeski, Linda England. 
Virginia Gibbs. Patti Epplin, Brenda Hemmer, Dona Gross. 
THIRD ROW: Doris Glass, Martha Erickson, Barbara Marder, Vir- 
ginia Selleck, Pat Elders, Susan Griffin, Mary Gasaway, Kristi Groff, 
Christy Elkins, Nancy Gruer, Marilyn Brainerd, Donna McQueen. 

0\ ^^ !FP§ [ H ^fc -~--?\ 

It i i-# r#Ji« s 




f Iff f t'l, 

FIRST FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Dale Gardner, Steven Redfern, 
John Wykoff, president; Steve Whitlock, resident fellow; Jeff Dux- 
bury, Steve Reetz, social chairman; D. J. Olson, judicial board. 
SECOND ROW: Pete Riggio, Robert Wagner, Kenneth Peterson, 
David Koch, Steven Kerr, Garry Kersten. 

THIRD ROW: Dan Dunagan. Randy Kidd, Larry Korte, John Red- 
mon, Terrv Rowell, John Eilers. Ed Nelson. 

FOURTH ROW: Robert Kiesecoms. David Kenshalo, Ronald Ker- 
wood, Kent Western. Alan Kettwich, Randy Konkel, Mark Knott, 
Cary Reisman, John Talbott. 

g| Q £1 

SECOND FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Lynn Loveless, James Liner, 
Charles Russell, Steve Lay, Gerald Myers, president; Paul Maruska, 
resident fellow; Jim Schonhoff, vice-president; Chuck Koziol, social 
chairman; Mike Lvle, William Wilds, David Schroeder. 
SECOND ROW: Danny Safron, Al Kellert, Robert Leonard, William 

Lirely, Bert Loyd, Randy Lay, John Graebling, Kent Saxe, Robert 
Bowlhv. Jim Maasberg, Joe Sadowskv, Joe Kelly. Tom Kasenberg. 
THIRD ROW: Dan Schofield, Roger Lieha, John Laughlin, Stan Lelm, 
Al Luka^ekikahfec, Joe Schlowski, Jack Monckton, Allen Lucas, Tom 
Lima, Dave Schellenberger, Terry Lockard. Zane Lemon. 

warren hall 

THIRD FLOOR. FRONT ROW: Roger Stevenson, Steve Sutton, 
sports chairman; Ronnie Stellhorn, president; Dennis Donham, res- 
ident fellow; Terry Smith, vice-president; Gary Rose, treasurer; Rich 
Rottschalk, social chairman; Bill McGinty, secretary; Charles Smith. 
SECOND ROW: Larry Silkwood, Ken Nan Jarrez, Lee Marten, Dennis 
Stulginskis, Terry Rader, Darrcl Seim, Gary Mann, Daniel Lanier. 

THIRD ROW: Joe Marcotte, Wayne Markham, Mike Westbrooks, 
Rich Martinez, Mike Martin, Bill Hentze, Mike Larson, Jack Larson, 
Arnie Semrad. 

FOURTH ROW: Mike Landess, Ronald Laub, Michael Manier, 
Richard Show-alter. Mickey McGuire, Willard Duensing, James Mayer, 
Martin Larson, William McGuire. 

Southern Acres residents have their own sports 
equipment and may check it out for athletic games. 

vti residents use shuttle bus service to campus 

Located approximately ten miles east of campus, 
the Southern Acres living area is composed of one 
women's dorm and seven men's dorms. The 269 
residents at Southern Acres crowned Becky Degler a 
queen winter quarter and planned their annual pic- 
nic and banquet for spring quarter. The executive 
council featured Marvin Duncan as a guest speaker 
from the wildlife program and also sponsored a 
speaker from the draft board. Students living at 
Southern Acres commuted to campus on a bus. 

In his second year as head resident at VTI, Lyle 
Adams oversees the eight Southern Acres dorms. 


draft board representative speaks 

Students' study habits vary as some prefer a desk, 
while others pick the floor or bed for reading. 

A card game between residents in the lounge at 
Southern Acres is a welcome change from studies. 


Obviously doing the kind of work he likes, a VT1 
car enthusiast works on an engine in his room. 


If * ^ ^ N 

# -i #• 1 f 

1 T " " v 


retary; Kenneth Smith, treasurer; Lary Garrett, vice-president; 
Jerry Potter, president; Fran Eisfelder. SECOND ROW: Floyd 
Smith, Steve Darr, Mike Cler, Jeff Larson, Craig Stater, William 

Thompson, Robert Carlson. THIRD ROW: Garry Bradley, Ran- 
dall Grohler, Mike Kettelkamp, Steven Bowman, Steve Knepler, 
Michael Cornwell, Charles Brewer. 

Fullerton, secretary; Gene Hillman, president; Harry Soder- 
strom, adviser; Ruth Burnett, adviser, Frank Lenertz, vice- 
president; Wayne Russell, Al Staszak. SECOND ROW: 
Sheryl Melander, Bonnie Mayberry, Charles Orth, Don Griner, 

William Murphy, James Givens, Thomas Glines, Betti Scaglione, 
Linda Harman, Sue Rezner. THIRD ROW: Pam Gillespie, 
Vicki Beland, LaDonna White, Thomas Nardini, Steve Dart, 
Bill Barker, Ted Ringman, John Regan, Myrond Dudenbostel, 
Fran Boehme, Kay Smith. 

Larry Leach, Dick FowleF, Cynthia Dooley, secretary; Jim 
Deere, president; Mrs. Ruby Summers, adviser; William 
Bleyer, Steve Brown, vice-president; Nancy Mitchell, treasurer; 

Ralph Cantrell, Chuck Hughes. SECOND ROW: Richard Co- 
rnelia, Louise Zakas, Karen Ruhs, Kathy Leyshon, Wayne Ed- 
wards, Rita Newton, Judy Thornton, Elaine McEachron. 




f f t t JLf 

ALKY HALL, FRONT ROW: AH Haerem, resident fellow; Jeff 
Larson, president; James Seymour, vice-president; Craig Stater, 
Cannon Romeo, treasurer; William Murphy, David Reed, secre- 
tary; Rod Wiedenkeller, William Bacus, Gary Peterson. SECOND 

ROW: John Schutt, Eddie Echols, Darrel Alvis, Richard Cornelia, 
Joe DiPasquo, Robert Berkley, Mike Yost, Erwiti Keller. THIRD 
ROW: Joseph Spears. Dennis Schafrik, Curtis Greathouse, Allen 
Fiath, Edward Smith, Bob Wantline, Rick Larson, Rick Traughber. 

executive board gives athletic, scholarship awards 

WOMEN'S CO-OP, FRONT ROW: Callie Madison, Janice Dempsey, 
Carole Ham, treasurer; Judy Thornton, secretary; Fran Eisfelder, 
president; Rita Newton, vice-president; Billie Smith, Elizabeth 
Watson. SECOND ROW: Marlyn Webster, Becky Chronic, Judy 
Elmore, Tami Souther, Elaine McEachron, Celia Purrington, Vicki 

Bruring, Bonnie Mayberry, Teiry Randall, Aleta Wilson, Michele 
Inman. THIRD ROW: Sharon Nuenberg, Patti Ellenberger, Jean- 
ette McDonald, Louise Zakas, Kathy Leyshon, Sandy Slavin, Barb 
DeSplinter, Marilyn Taylor, Lynn Roberts, Carolyn Meyerhoff. 


EL MAHAL, FRONT ROW: Charles Brewer, Todd Bames, Wayne 
Edwards, Cranston Byrd, secretary-treasurer; Gaines Witty, Mike 
Cler, president; Ronald Coombs, vice-president; Robert Carlson, 
Jerry Potter, Robert Mowen, resident fellow. SECOND ROW: 
Conrad Schmitt, Ronald Elliott, Myron Dudenbostel, Stanley 

Stripe, Terry Cooper, Bill Becker, Ken Stolley, Albert Willison, 
David Austin, Denny Kissack. THIRD ROW: Richard Craig, Skip 
Perks, Lee Picklesimer, Gregory Denges, Jim Ewen, Jerry Bandy, 
Hank Dews, Rodney Butler, Glenn Elliott. 

GENT HALL, FRONT ROW: Martin Butz, Garry Bradley, John 
Ballard, William Thompson, president; Jack Hungerford, resident 
fellow; Jim Deere, vice-president; Randall Grohler, Chuck Hughes, 
Richard Kotek, secretary-treasurer. SECOND ROW: Thomas Bur- 

nett, Scott Batty, Gary - Clarke, David Barnett, Robert Green, Doug 
Abernathie, Frank Neiman, Lawrence Settle. THIRD ROW: Charles 
Bender, Gene Rees, Larry Bethard, Jack Arnett, James deBoer, 
John Balster, Stephen Brown, Michael Quiram, Larry Leach. 

southern acres 

KINGS ROW, FRONT ROW: Steve Knepher, Russell Zilinsky, 
Steven Bowman, president; Lou Lutz, resident fellow; Gary Powless, 
vice-president; Rick Hall, secretary-treasurer; John Amodeo. SEC- 
OND ROW: David Knoche, William Brown, John Swanson, Bob 

S*! a A .£) 

Piper, Steve Miller, Arthur Suprenant, Ray Spohnholtz. THIRD 
ROW: Lee Branche, John McCulIough, Greg Smith, James Dun- 
lap, Hank Proball, Robert VanHook, John Aubel, Terry Pence. 


LAST RESORT, FRONT ROW: Nick Meador, Mike Cornwell, 
Dave Marchiando, secretary-treasurer; Mike Kettelkamp, president; 
Bob Whitler, resident fellow; Barry Karlberg, vice-president; Jerry 
McGee, Frank Hinz, Wayne Russell. SECOND ROW: Paul Bray, 
Rich Popdan, Mick Monahan, Dan Mazan, Gene Roth, Rick Mag- 

nuson, Jim Metzger, Rich Rubeck, Howard Pine. THIRD ROW: 
Edward Pigg, Larry Pieper, Larry Jensen, Gary Pugh, John Laslie, 
Alvin Perry, Rick McGuire, John Pohlod, Stanley Osterhage, Don 
Janes, Andy Woolverton. 

o flS 

PLAYBOY HALL, FRONT ROW: Charles Hesse, Victor Koelper, 
Denny Griffiths, Ted Handel, Lary Garrett, president; Kenneth 
Wheat, resident fellow; Gary Haars, vice-president; Ronald Asche, 
Tom Dickerson, Lynnferd Keeran, Steven Elson. SECOND ROW: 
Harry Echols. Kenny Leach, Thomas Fowles, Paul Johnson, Dennis 

Limestall, Tom Brown, John Halliday, Jim Frigolett, Dan Hosteller, 
Daniel Giallombardo, Geoffrey Lemarr. THIRD ROW: Ken Lindsey, 
Don Lotz, Stephen Loudy, Sam McGaw, Ronnie Heyduck, Richard 
Fowler, Jeff Gotseh. 

SOUTHERN COMFORT, FRONT ROW: Kenneth Smith, president: 
Al Staszak, Steve Darr. Paul Weier, Fred Wetendorf, resident 
fellow; Joe Wells, secretary; Floyd Smith, J. Lyneer Straub, vice- 
president; Don Griner. SECOND ROW: Edward White, John So- 

prych, Michael Lipe, Mark Williams, Cool Coleman, Ronald Jack- 
son, Ted Williams, James Werner. THIRD ROW: Dave Claar, 
Stan Moenning, Joseph Spahn, Harold Etling, Kenneth Allen, 
Glenn Juelfs, Fred Meyers, Dave Williams. 


Judging by the smile, a special Saturday night 
date is the intention of this Woody Hall coed. 

scholarships awarded 
to two woody coeds 

Built in 1952 and first occupied in 1953, red- 
bricked Woody Hall houses 417 coeds. The task 
of programming social and educational activities 
for residents is the function of the executive coun- 
cil and various sub-committees in the living area. 
Among the social activities organized by the coun- 
cil were the annual spring and winter formals. 
Each year the dorm sponsors two scholarship 
awards. These awards were presented at a May 
banquet to Janet Weaver and Ellen Ferguson. Be- 
sides the dinner and the formals, spring quarter 
saw the election of Joe Domko as "Mr. Woody." 
To win, Joe played the guitar and sang. 

Having burned the "midnight oil," a Woody resident 
sets her alarm for an early hour of arising. 


In preparation for the next day, many coeds reli- 
giously practice the application of a "nocturnal mask.'* 


five councils control woody activity 

Besides serving as head resident of Woody, Marian 
Thrailkill is also adviser of the executive council. 

Radakovich, Martha Harpstrite, president; Marian Thrailkill, adviser; 
Marty Buck, treasurer; Jenny Helm. SECOND ROW: Theresa 

Steingruhy, Barbara Gerhardt, secretary; Mary McDonough, social 
chairman ; Marilyn Chamness. 

Conaughty, Karen Carroll, Vicki Price, Nona Mundy, Susan Babbitt, 
Dorothy Dodd. SECOND ROW: Alva Norton, Terry Altman, Janet 

Terry, Beverly Barber, Donna Hughes, Paulette Berry. THIRD ROW: 
Linda Vanagas, Margaret Roney, Sharon Gardner, Carolyn Rohde, 
LaDonna White, Cheryl Stilabower. 


Martha McCormick, adviser: Sarah Cripps, Martha Harpstrite, 
Jackie Nemec. SECOND ROW: Donata Defilippi, Afra Fakhry, 
Josephine McFayden, Kay Funk, Kathy Kammler. THIRD ROW: 
Ruthanne Scott, Terry Olive, Hattie Rohinson, Karen Stiltz, Phyllis 

ROW: Cherl Benson, Barb Kaiser, Paula Davenport, Marty Buck, 
treasurer; Barbara Gerhardt, secretary: Linda McMillen, vice- 
president; Anita Blaszynski, Diane Johnson. Elaine Wilson. SEC- 
OND ROW: Lillian Leddell, Carolyn White, Vivian Samberg, Linda 

Dysart, Patty Kramm, Jan Brown. Janis Eckert, Inge Von Helms, 
Janice Lougeay, Marleen Meinbardt. THIRD ROW: Linda Meketa, 
Donna Maul, Sandy English, Anita Anderson, Candace Cherry, 
Laura Fry, Sue Vance. Jo Ann Pinazzi. 

BOARD, FRONT ROW: Mrs. Martha McCormick, Betty Johnson, 
Gail Daniels, Marilyn Chamness, Mary McDonough, Judy Long, Mrs. 
Ajiette Beaver. SECOND ROW: Diane Metcalf, Nancy Scalise, 
Judith Jackowski, Loretta Agnew, Nancy Bean, Nadine Wright. 
THIRD ROW: Tammy Sprague, Kathi Pelton, Laura Roberts, Cindy- 
Cox, Janet Green, Carol Brouwer. FOURTH ROW: Jan Franzen, 
Sue Eident, Carol Baldwin, Carolyn Laurent, Maureen Tefft, Marlis 

1 1 t f t % * 

Ft i # it i 

I : ■ 


A-l, FRONT ROW: Shirley Blagg, Nancy Allen, Carol Baldwin, 
social chairman; Cherl Benson, secretary-treasurer; Afra Fakhry, 
president; Judy Long, resident fellow; Lillian Liddell, vice-president; 
Nancy Beam, Susan Anderson, MyTa Batley, Katherine Baumeit. 

SECOND ROW: Shirley Ard, Sharon Benson, Kathy Beyerman, 

Linda Archer, Evelyn Bates, Linda Beuko, Bonnie Bollmann, 

Barbara Neal, Pat Armstrong, Donna Berrier, Jo Ayers, Miriam 

A-2, FRONT ROW: Anita Blasjynski, secretary-treasurer; Mary 
RutR Session, Jackie Nemic, president; Nona Mundy, resident 
fellow; Patty Kramm, vice-president; Beverly Barber, Loretta 
Agnew, Paulette Berry. SECOND ROW: Vo Uu Amg, Mary Buntin, 

Carole Chappell, Lila Leyart, Carol Thomas, Julienne Brooks, 
Janet Burtley, Joyce Whitaker, Ann Hiles. THIRD ROW: Martha 
Buck, Sherry Beurtti, Veronica Candai, Anita Anderson, Linda 
Stallard, Phyllis Haver, Jane Krukoski. 

woody hall 

A3, FRONT ROW: Gayle Rich, Cindy Cox, social chairman; 
Karen Carroll, Sandy English, secretary; Donata Defilippi. presi- 
dent; Danna Radakovich, resident fellow; Brenda Dobbins, vice- 
president; Paula Davenport, treasurer; Cheryl Stilabower, Dorie 
Destefano, Robbie Deivecchio, Joanne DiPietro. SECOND ROW: 
Janet Chyanowski, Joycelyn Johnson, Donna Cutright, Pat Foster, 

Jean Douglas, Teresa Cornwell, Kathy Rafferty, Lorraine Cole, 
Sandra Curtis, Peggy Carroll, Doris Ellis. THIRD ROW: Sharon 
Chandler, Norine Hanrahan, Julie Van Landlingham, Harriett 
Clark, Adrianne Carter, Daryl Dopper, Jacqueline Dudley, Shirley 
Brooks, Hariet Deglinger, B. A. Church, Rhonda Crass. 


B-1-NORTH, FRONT ROW: Kathy Bielfeldt, Diane Metcalf, Sharon 
Boss, Gayle Rohner, Barbara Osterhage, secretary; Hattie Robinson, 
president; Sally Galliher, resident fellow; Rita Quinn, vice-president; 
Laura Roberts, social chairman; Mary Lou Westerhouse, Sue 01- 
shaw, Margaret Roney, Maggie Re^nts. SECOND ROW: Kathy 

O'Daniel, Barbara Neuhaus, Joan Reisman, Mary Mitchell, Mary 
Phillips, Trudy Meister, Sue Dorris, Beverly Vaninger, Carol Kittinger, 
Paula Parkins, Linda Rowland, Josephine Hamilton, Phyllis Zoeekler, 
Renee Rouse, Lidia Nava. 

B-2-N0RTH, FRONT ROW: Joan Wallace, Diane Skamser, Nadine 
Wright, Kay Tragesser, Sue Vance, secretary; Karen Stiltz, president; 
Sarah Cripps, resident fellow; Vivian Samberg, vice-president; Elaine 
Wilson, treasurer; Judie Ostermann, Mary White, Tammy Sprague, 
social chairman; Susan Zei. SECOND ROW: Kathy Bellott, Lynn 

Schroeder, Paulette Vukmir, Francine Schissel, Judi Shiffer, Mary 
Ward. Sharlene Taylor, Sally Arnold, Donna Yarbrough, Sheri Wolpin, 
Chris Safranek, Lydia Johns. THIRD ROW: Donna Shaw, Emily 
Walker, Sarah Sterrett, Diana Malone, Janet Staake, Patricia 
Williams, Rosemary Zortz, Linda Schlueter, Patricia Squires. 

B-3-N0RTH, FRONT ROW: Francine Horton, Vicki Styles, Carol 
Brouwer, social chairman; Jan Brown, secretary-treasurer; Terry 
Olive, president; Marlene Rucker, resident fellow; Lynne Atkinson, 
vice-president; Susan Babbitt, Cynthia Stickle, Sheila Sage, Linda 
Buenett, Mary Beckman. SECOND ROW: Shirley Anstine, Joan 

Bauman. Deborah Atlas, Nancy Jenkins, Sandy Baker, Jennie Maid- 
low, Jeanne Kern, Lynn Bohannan, Sally Crispin, Jean Hogan, Liz 
Eagerton, Judi Lauwasser, Danna Frey, Margaret Moeller, Carolyn 


B-1-SOUTH, FRONT ROW: Pat Finn, Susie Eident, social chair- 
man; Laura Fry, secretary-treasurer; Kay Funk, president; Vicki 
Price, resident fellow; Janis Eckert, vice-president; Linda Ann 
Vanagas, Virginia Eddy, Jan Franzen, Social chairman. SECOND 

ROW: Judy Dunham, Nelda Frazee, Sandra Jenkins, Olivia Garrett, 
Pamela Floyd, Sharon Davis, Ruby McCallum, Connie Eakle, Gloria 
Franks, Amy Luk, Shirley Gill. 

B-2-SOUTH, FRONT ROW: Inge VonHelms, vice-president; Janis 
Jones, secretary-treasurer; Judith Jackowski, Glenda Harrington, 
Marlis Greenspon, social chairman; Gail Daniels, resident fellow; 
Phyllis Williams, president; Janet Terry, Cindy Wright, Judy 
Dougherty. SECOND ROW: Dianna Kurwicki, Judy Johnson, Janet 

Carlson, Martha Henrick, Maggie Heying, Connie Huson, Ellen 
Nausley, Theresa Huff, Mildred Harpstrite, Dorothy Hartman, Bar- 
bara Gulley. THIRD ROW: Mary Hardesty, Toni Huber, Virginia 
Guimend, Jill Griffith, Kathy Conaughty, Linda Krettler, Karol Krue- 
ger, Georgette Adler, Nancy Voss, Rozila Dhalla. 

woody hall 


B-3-SOUTH, FRONT ROW: Trudy McFarlone, Ann Meyer, Joan 
Klaveter, social chairman; Donna Maul, secretary; Linda Crimson, 
president; Diann Woodring, resident fellow; Sara Kiss, vice-presi- 
dent; Barbara Kaiser, treasurer; Sharon Lindsey, Donna Harlow, 
Wanda Lewis. SECOND ROW: Linda LaCost, Debbie Lanman, 

Patricia Matsko, Melanie Moy, Anita Moore, Marleen Meinhardt, 
Barbara Gerhardt, Jan Lloyd, Martha Harpstrite, Anita LaBounty, 
Dorothy Ledsinger. THIRD ROW: Connie Hinton, Marilyn Moody, 
Linda Kerley, Mary Lowe, Janice Russom, Pat Landis, Pam 
Mueller, Marcia Macie, Gail Lucas. 


C-l, FRONT ROW: Alva Norton, Carolyn Laurent, social chairman; 
Jo Ann Pinazzi, secretary; Janice Lougeay, vice-president; Cynthia 
Becherer, resident fellow; Kathy Kammler. president; Terry Altman, 
Diane Johnson, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Linda Anderson, Pat Long, 

Gwen Jones, Linda Lampman, Arlene Pickard, Judy Klauck, Sunny 
Catznacci. THIRD ROW: Jeanne Keller, Carol Keasler, Jere Collins, 
Mary Anne Reynolds, Noel Lahners, Sharon VanWillis, Beverly John- 
son, Mary' A nn Rubemeyer. 

C-2, FRONT ROW: LaDonna White, Nancy Scalise, Becky Hunt, 
Ruthanne Scott, president; Betty Johnson, resident fellow; Linda 
Dysart, vice-president; Candace Cherry, secretary-treasurer; Janet 
Green, social chairman; Shelia Bates, Donna Hughes, SECOND 
ROW: Jan Dix, Pat Girot, Marcia Epstein. Judi March, Donna 

Hildibrand, Diane Vandever, Linda Carman, Pamela Eyre, Sherry 
Wallace, Barb Flynn. THIRD ROW: Linda Spivey, Shirley Rutter, 
Lanett White, Joan Garvert, Becky Urish. Donna Uchtman, Carla 
Wilkins, Odessa Cruthird, Diana Chandler, Nancy Schingel, Dara 

C-3, FRONT ROW: Marylou Neiller, Jennifer Helm, resident fel- 
low; Josephine McFayden, president; Carolyn White, vice-president; 
Linda Meketa, secretary-treasurer; Kathrvn Pelton, social chairman; 
Carolyn Rohde, Janet Weaver, Linda McCoy. SECOND ROW: Judy 
Witter, Lucille Rasoaeninord. Alice Martin, Judi Schechter, Nancy 

Weirauch, Wendy Schuman, Bobbie Rose, Pamela McClain, Kathy 
Walkawoff. THIRD ROW: Joe Ann Smith, Jeanna McFarland, Pam 
Seyferth, Mary Scott, Sharon Ann Oakes, Penelope Meyer, Rita 
O'Toole, Lydia Robison, Diana Ross, Doris Green. 


Joe Domko, a senior from Chicago, won the Mr. 
Woody title on the basis of popularity and talent. 


417 woody coeds crown joe domko 'mr. woody' 

A nice day finds many Woody coeds studying or 
talking on the expanse of lawn in back of the dorm. 

Having done their laundry, two Woody residents walk 
back to the dorm which is conveniently close to town. 

off-campus dorms 
not filled to capacity 

Because of the flow of students to off-campus 
housing, the number of university-approved off- 
campus dormitories has again expanded. However, 
as a result of students living in unapproved housing 
and because of a drop in expected enrollment, the 
new dorms were not filled to capacity. Among the 
privately owned houses which were built in 1966 to 
accommodate the approximately 13,000 students who 
chose not to live in campus housing are Stevenson 
Arms, the Pyramids, College Square, Egyptian 
Sands South, and Park Place. Still one of the largest 
off-campus living areas is University City. 

Students sometimes slip away from the noise of 
the crowds to spend a few minutes alone together. 

Stevenson Arms, "home" for 76 boys fall quarter, 
is located on Mill Street close to the campus. 


The quiet atmosphere sometimes offered by off-cam- 
pus houses is a prerequisite for concentrated study. 

giving off-campus gives students the shoppers' 
advantage of being close to the downtown section. 

disputes result in off-campus housing approvals 

Finished in the fall of '64, Shawnee House, an off- 
campus boys' dorm, holds a capacity of 60 students. 

Passing time by reading literature on off-campus 
housing, this SIU student waits for his washing. 

— *rf^ 

Gathering garments off the clothes line, this off- 
campus coed has taken advantage of a clear day. 


mrs. kuo resigns as off-campus supervisor 

Developing the standards and rules that ail off- 
campus housing areas must live by is the main job 
of the housing liaison committee. Along with the 
executive and programming board, it sponsored a 
Host House Night with featured faculty speakers. 
The INFORMER, the off-campus newspaper, kept 
students informed about activities concerning them. 

Due to different views concerning housing phil- 
osophies, said Mrs. Anita Kuo, she resigned this fall 
after six years as off-campus housing supervisor. 

Replacing Mrs. Anita Kuo as acting coordinator 
of off-campus housing was Dennis Bafgeman. 

Grocery shopping is a duty which must be tended 
to by those students with cooking privileges. 

Like the on-campus dorms, most off-campus houses 
have r.f.'s who insist on shaking out the rug. 


dreth, Corinne Lipa, Dennis Balgeman, off-campus housing super- 
visor; Mrs. Dwight Karr, Mrs. Victor Vaughn. SECOND ROW: 
Victor Vaughn, Henry Diehl, Dwight Karr, William Rogers, Owen 
Hunsinger, James Johnston. 

During designated quiet hours, a student retires 
to his room for some concentrated studying. 


FRONT ROW: Earl Wesner, Jim Stahets, Richard Liefer, William 
Byrnes, treasurer; Duane Bowring, social chairman; Joe Mezo, Rich- 
ard Roehrkasse. SECOND ROW: Glen Michael, John Helmer, Jimmy 

Michael, vice-president; Bill Brown, Don Bowring, Dave Doye, 
Mike Emmerich, Terry Fritschle, Jim Altadonna, president. 

argonne dorm 

ash street lodge, 
university dorm 

ASH STREET LODGE: FIRST ROW: Phil Stucker, president; 
Bill Carel, Dana Reed, social chairman; Mike Jones. UNIVERSITY 
DORM, SECOND ROW: David Lohmeyer, Gregory Starks, Jim 
McKenzie, James Baird, resident fellow; Chip Monke. THIRD ROW: 
Aaron Bulow, Terry Monke, Robert Huff, Danny Kraft, George 

auburn hall 

FRONT ROW: Lydia Elam, Janie Meador, president; Howard 
VanDorr, Mrs. Van Dorr, Mary Haberman, resident fellow; Dickie 
Nettles, resident fellow. SECOND ROW: Nancy Weems, Karen 

Novelli, Lee McGhee, Suzette Amberg, Lee Truss, Karen Perschbacher, 
Kristine White. 


A- ft ft a 


FRONT ROW: Emmet Roth, Ken Strieker, Neil Ackerman, resident Emery Halmagvi, Don Barrett, Craig Colclasure, Steve Parsons, 

fellow; Thomas Goldstein, Louis Ferratier. SECOND ROW: D. Larry Douglas, Andy Loving, James Saul. 

bitter suite 

blazine house 

FRONT ROW: Sandra Fellows, Phyllis Bochtler, Pam Beukema, 
Sandra Derringer, Laurie Jarek. SECOND ROW: Pam Schaubert, 
Shelby Bishop, Vicki Wiseman, Ruth Thomas, Marianne Raymond. 
THIRD ROW: Rebecca Harness, Karen Ruhs, Patricia Benstine, 
Ada Belbas. 

boiden estates 

FRONT ROW: Alex Hankins, Alvin Moore, secretary-treasurer; 
Ramon Livingston, vice-preside'nt. SECOND ROW: Ariel Bryant, 
president; Michael Hubbard, Ronald Salter, resident fellow. 

FRONT ROW: James Fomear, Danny Johnson, Phil Deverman, 
president, Bill Fortson, resident fellow; Terry Gustafson, resident 
fellow; Ron Jarzab, Pat Kelly. SECOND ROW: Ronald Grammer, 
Glenn Glasshagel, Robert Kosten, Donald Lee, James Hickey, John 

Holben, Jay Hill, Bob Rindt, Ed Harrison. THIRD ROW: Alan 
Kadans, James Malesh, Fred Mchean, Roger Russell, Jeffrey Voland, 
Dennis Conner, Wayne Rigor, John Cooper, Sam Robb, Joe Denny. 

carrother's dorm 

chateau de la morgue 

FRONT ROW: Joseph Zerrusen, treasurer; David Smith, president; 
James Silcora, resident fellow; Morgion Hu, vice-president. SECOND 
ROW: Floyd Patterson, Phil McKown, Gregory Van Pelt, Charles 

club 16 

FIRST ROW: Mike Bean, Terry Engel, vice-president; Jim Mungor, 
president; Darryl Butts, secretary-treasurer; George Newell. SECOND 
ROW: Michael Stein, Chen-Hsiung Wu, Charnnaronk Pukdevichitra, 

Ron Hessy resident fellow; Floyd Koehle 

Yoshihiro Ohya, Walter 






FRONT ROW: James Spikings, treasurer; Steven Hancock, presi- 
dent; Frederick Schmidt, resident fellow: Don Hicks, resident fellow; 
Roger Neumann, vice-president; Robert Maschhoff, secretary. SEC- 
OND ROW: Chris Ziebold, Neil Baldwin, Paul Brandt, social 
chairman; Jerry Craig. Jay Shoemaker, Charles Hutchings. Ray 

Jasinski. Barry Westfall, Sergio Chazaro. THIRD ROW: Josef Hick- 
ersherger, Rainer Hagemann, Rex Crow, Phil Buker, social chairman; 
Ralph Smalley, Ronald Sherwood, Joe Cooley, Tom Reed, Duane 
Bensel, Wilfried Brusch. 

college view dorm 

dartmouth hall 

FRONT ROW: Rodney Stewart, treasurer; Michael Palermo, vice- 
president; Steve Munson, resident fellow; Pat Eidson, resident 
counselor; Jim Eidson, resident counselor; Michael Braun, resident 
fellow; Clark Pulliam. SECOND ROW: Mike Mason, Eric Niermann, 
Max Minnick, Tom Patton, Roger Callaway, Mark Eubanks. Bud 
Winiecki. THIRD ROW: Dan Mabnke. Bill Coughin, Larry Wattelet, 
Jon Anderson. Jack Cowe.ll, Jim Brandolino, Steve Wright. 






k 1 /I 

1» | 
f t 


egyptian dorm 

FRONT ROW: Sandra Cripe, Lucy Meier. Kathy Williams, Stephanie 
Hove, Pat Lawson, secretary-treasurer; Donna Streckenbach, resident 
fellow; Barbara Arms, resident fellow; Ruth Ann Hildreth, president; 
Karen Broadwater, Mary Ann Duis, Pat Stann, Sandy Wetzstein. 

SECOND ROW: Roseann Morgando, Debbie Glickman, Audrey Gar- 
ber, Anne Skinner, Karen Dennis. Nancy Guinn, Sharon Johnson, 
Franky Ann Beeve, Jennifer Hutton, Willo Humes. THIRD ROW: 
Cheryl Lofton, Deloris Schneider, Judy Best, Donna Burke, Alfreda 

FRONT ROW: Nancy Kollmeyer, Virginia Gordon, Sylvia Wright, 
Janita Lawless, secretary-treasurer; Corinne Lipa, president; Joan 
Carlson, resident fellow; Kathryn Grimmer, resident fellow; Sharon 
Kettenhofen, president; Peggy Patelski, social chairman; Kathy Culen, 
Karen Tate, Susan Schwarz. SECOND ROW: Catherine Ryan, Patricia 
Gee, Janet Howerton, JoAnn Skupein, Kathryn Smith, Kathy Peeler, 

egyptian dorm 

Vanita Davis, Louetta Fox, Sarah Warnke, Ann Larson, Susan Nith- 
man, Judi Babbitt. Sharon Taft. THIRD ROW: Beth Kravetz, Patricia 
Norman, Janie McConnel], Melanie Panayotovich, Ruth Adams, 
Bethel Stout, Barbara Tuetken. Pamela Haughswoit, Cherie LeFevre, 
Mary Ann Hoke, Sherry DeValk, Vicki Gray, Sonia Metzger, Barbara 

egyptian sands east 

FRONT ROW : David Slightom, Larry Busch, Robert Probst. SECOND 
ROW: Pete Klose, Den Dudas, Charles Platz, secretary-treasurer; 
Jeff Mandel, president. 

egyptian sands north 

FRONT ROW: Penny Leack, social chairman; Katie Dougherty, treas- 
urer; Gwen Aten, president; Carol Fischer, resident fellow; Richye 
Forbes, secretary; Pamela Schmidt, Stephanie Crifasi. SECOND 
ROW: Lindsay Brubell, Susan Barton, Jo-Ann Leber, Ruth Higgins, 


Deborah Klein, Cyndy Williams. THIRD ROW: Carol Neff, Sandy- 
Davis, Diane Ciesler, Lois Godier, Rosalie Gale, Christie Pearson, 
Ellen Scott. 

n ^a 

FRONT ROW: Peggy Blunt, social chairman; Lana Dunseth, treas- 
urer; Marybeth Sehindler, secretary, Mrs. Nina Kidd, Clare Drewniak, 
resident fellow; Linda Moss, president; Jayne Boyle, Martha Fry. 
SECOND ROW: Barbara Dudnick, Alice Bielecki, Judy Hyland, 
Judy Hunter, Anita Martin, Patricia Perrin. THIRD ROW: Karen 
Beard, Kathy Schreiner, Mary Jean Long, Mary Lynn Gorey, Gloria 
Arnold, Carla Apple, Bunny Dorywalski, Denise Zongas. 

egyptian sands north 

& P mm 

FIRST ROW: James O'Shea, resident fellow; Bill Bemdt. Bob Pet- 
roff, Keith Miller, Roger Korando. SECOND ROW: Leland Neely, 
Ken Garen, Ron Epstein, social chairman; Dan Malonev, Ron Jasin- 
ski, Hymie Brandelstein, Robert Walters. THIRD ROW: Steve 

Henman, Marty Pitchford, Ron Jacobs, Jim Osborn, Alan Gordon, 
Gary Linsky, Doug Sabal. FOURTH ROW: James Reynolds, Mike 
Sulak, Mike Rosenblum, John Zalewski, Mark Hansen, Raymond 
Johnson, James Fulk. 

egyptian sands south 

egyptian sands west 

FRONT ROW: Thomas Lyles, Rudy Deutselmann, Steven 
SECOND ROW: Michael Unruh, Alexander Barnett, Charle 



FRONT ROW: Harlan Powers, Joe Bucalo, Ralph Wilkinson, resi- 
dent fellow: Tom Carl, Steve Hale. SECOND ROW: Jack Smith, 
Boh Bettrager, Rohert Leggett, Larry Tabert, Ronald Carr, Bill 
Chambers, Gorden Seaberg. 

forest hall 

FIRST ROW: Bernard Carpenter, Jim Zacek, Bob Svestka, social 
chairman; Wayne Smallwood, president; Larry Szot, resident fellow; 
Larry Smothers, vice-president; Franklin Spector, secretary-treasurer; 
Robert Kuzela, Carl Sprinkel. SECOND ROW: Terry Nitzel, Larry 

Watson, Ted Tsiakals, Louis Sauer, Willie Allen, Jim Kinsella, Roger 
Frowein, Terry Watson, Sol Goldman. THIRD ROW : Stephen Gilliatt, 
Al Thorsen, Leslie Duis, Lenard Lawnicki, Charles Povelovis, Donald 
Dinnerville, Dexter Wright, Richard Jacoby, Mark Edwards. 

Hamilton house 

FRONT ROW: Estella Weitherspoon, president; Margaret Hicks, 
vice-president; Jessica Jemison, social chairman; Norma Moppin, 
resident fellow; Francine Boyden, secretary; Gloria Nelson, treas- 

urer; Mrs. Mary Silas, housemother. SECOND ROW: Millie Inge, 
Patricia Wells, Minnie Harris, Velma Lambert, Etta Singleton, Steve 
Davies, Jackie Stewart, Jacqueline Jemison. 


# . A 

haven's haven 

FRONT ROW: James Zid, Frank Hodowal, Thomas Miller, Stephen 
Meismer, Robert Hansen. SECOND ROW: Menachem Givon, Bill 
Pula, Denny Vinson, Bruce Cummings, Bert Girmscheid. THIRD 
ROW: Charles Larson, Jon Frieboes, Richard Wilson, David Co 
Dick Kozuch, Carey Williams. 

O ^| Q 


FRONT ROW: Burt Marland. Dwight Flowers, president; Norman 
Olson, resident fellow; Frank Suda. vice-president; Ralph Newmann. 
SECOND ROW: Alan Fagan, Jerry Bethel, Bary Holmer, James 

hays street dorm 

Furner, Jeff Holmes, Russell Buertin. THIRD ROW: Dennis Sullivan, 
Charles Barber, Rex Wolfe. Rudy Baker, Preston Newell, Bill Laue, 
Ron Forrest. 

FRONT ROW: Bahman Djahed, Guy Klopp, secretary-treasurer; 
Arastou Pouya, Brian Downs, Kevin Bosomworth, Bruce Laube, 
Tim Bowyer. SECOND ROW: John Gullo, Bruce Goldman, Mortaza 

Momtaz, 0. Nipper, Ken Wade, Dennis Loomer, Craig Chapman, 
James Hill, Robert Bluestein, president; Robert Greenberg, Mike 

ivy hall 


{'Hi t | 

* i t.t I lvt» 

FRONT ROW: Martha Crawford, Dinah Neuhaus, Pat Hutson, 
secretary; Reatta Samford, president; Mrs. Dwight Karr, resident 
counselor; Beverly Gruf, treasurer; Joy Taylor, social chairman; 
Maria Yehling, Doris Cottingham. SECOND ROW: Glenna Rickand, 
Martha Wiyatt, Sharon Somers, Lauretta Myers, Carolyn Finley, 

Nancy George, Sherry Simmuns, Jeanni Bedar, Carol Chittenden. 
THIRD ROW: Linda Carlisle, Esther Walker, Joyce Briggs, Jane 
Puckett, JoAnn Dearden, Candace Robb, Claudia Gideon, Beverly 
Schroder, Linda Roosevelt. FOURTH ROW: Bonnie Murphy, Rosalie 
Marshall, Wanda Belcher, Nancy Fricks, Gayla Stubblefield. 

jewel box 

kendall hall 

FRONT ROW: Thamasine Burris, Marilyn Schaefer, treasurer; 
Sharon Willson, president; Nova Barnett, house mother; Vita Nyman. 
vice-president; Willie Ann Hart. SECOND ROW: Karen Freeman, 
Nancy Sullivan, Kathy Varsa, Jan Beeler, Patricia Burg, Carloe 

Clanton, Sharon Rudolph, Sherry Browning, Patty Kersch. THIRD 
ROW: Beulah Goines, Laura Stott, Sandi MacKnick, Sue Langhorst, 
Vivian Turner, Janice Slagel, Marjorie Beck, Hayley Chao, Paulette 

LA CASA MANANA; FIRST ROW: Joan Apezynski, secretary- 
treasurer; Camiell Thompson, vice-president; Sue Kirk, president; 
Jane Nimmo. SECOND ROW: Ida Pattin, LaVonne Morgan, Leola 
Ladd, Ruth Stromeyer. Paula Brown, Suzanne Ebersole. JOHNSON'S 
CO-OP; THIRD ROW: Sherry Wolf, Vicky Bixby, president; Lillian 
Rathjen, Beverly Secora, social chairman; Kathy Brzezinski, secretary- 
treasurer; Shirley Oats, vice-president; Phan Nouyen. FOURTH 
ROW: Pam Green, Rita Kocher, Marilee Johnston, Connie Teesdale, 
Marilyn Thomas, Janice Snyder. 

la casa manana 
Johnson's co-op 

LINCOLN MANOR, FRONT ROW: John Svejcar, Stanley Wojcvech- 
owski. Robert Warn, president; Joseph Bonscher, resident fellow; 
Carl Hamilton, resident fellow; Clinton Swanson, Ronnie Ostrom, 
Victor Pocius. SECOND ROW: David Matthews, Steve Little, Don 

Larsen, Don Mallinson, Dan Wojciechowski, James Garrett, Gerald 
Sale, Gordon Quigley, Michael Simpson. THIRD ROW: Richard 
Riggs, Tom Braniff, Charles Fuller, Marion McDowell, Patrick 
Greene, Donald Weiss, Eugene Venegone, William Braggs. 

lincoln manor 

f t M. i % i 

LOGAN HALL, FRONT ROW: Jean Bucher, Cynthia Hall, Marcia 
Gilles, secretary-treasurer; Jane Elledge, president; Chris Duganich, 
Cheryl Brady, social chairman; Jane Caskey. SECOND ROW: 

logan hall 

Karyn Anderson, Linda Rongey, Terry Biver, Rena Schweizer, Karen 
Keistler, Jackie Johnson, Linda Potts, Helen Horstman, Christine 
Gawne, Barbara Beyer, Sue Ann Dluehosh. 

LOGAN SQUARE, FRONT ROW: Mark Dandurano, president; 
Bob Flynn, resident fellow; Herb Strong. SECOND ROW: Michael 
O'Rourke, Denny Kaecius, Lee Godin, treasurer; Rich Train,' 

logan square 


'# if. 

f * | 

1 1 | #• t 

f Jt If 

f * t 

# w • Y 
I <§■■ l * * * 

MARY MARGARET MANOR, THE HAVEN, FIRST ROW: Irene Kirchner, Judy Kook, Sue Ewald, Nancy Falkenhain, Juanita St. 

Molitor, Twylah Ruddetl, secretary-treasurer — Haven; Linda David- Pierre, June Anderson, Sharon McElroy, Shirley Rohr, Janet Brown, 

son, vice-president— Haven; Linda Graham, president — Haven; Con- Chris Zeigler. THIRD ROW: Susan Hale, Dana Denny, Margaret 

nie Angelo, vice-president— Mary Margaret; Imogene Clutts, house Couser, Lyn Russell, Ann Koller, Karen Obrecht, Joan Butler, Jean 

mother — Mary Margaret; Kay Strack, president — Mary Margaret; Laird, Joy Jackson, Diana Fox, Jackie Kadlubiak. FOURTH ROW: 

Jeanette Mason, social chairman— Mary Margaret; Lucille Younger, Jean Smith, Judy Bridges, Jeanette Saunders, Mary Keeton, Patsy 

secretary-treasurer — Mary Margaret; Donna Byers, Grace Patton. Emmons. 
SECOND ROW: Susan McDonald, Elizabeth Connaway, Joyce 

mary margaret manor, the haven 

pyramids, building a 

poli, resident fellow; Geoff Liss, John Crum, Jon Bailey, Gregg Daum, 
president; Randy Waks, vice-president; Joseph Eaton, social chair- 
man; Frederick Williams, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Robert Yea- 

pyramids, building a 

David Highlander, Franklin Phillips, president; Robert Vos, resident 
fellow; Denny Freeman, president, Paul Aspell, vice-president; Den- 
nis Hoffman, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Douglas Clucas, Robert 
Pottinger, Rod Williams, Brian Beier, Bill Warady, Elbert Finley, 
Stuart Pollack. THIRD ROW: Dennis Bellm, James Novak, Robert 
Casper, Terry Neubauer, John Rotter, James Harting, David Bigler, 
Michael Newton. FOURTH ROW: Larry Watson, Warren Chapman, 
secretary-treasurer; Tom Mason, Greg Laun, Mike Duckworth, Tony 
Kilbert, social chairman; Archie Duckworth, Philip Arndt, Dan Alex- 

zel, Richard Massow, Dennis Bump, Bill Garmon, Anthony Marsh, 
Charles Keys, secretary. THIRD ROW: James Plante, AJ Blumen- 
thal, Richard Barclay, Ed Kappelman, Rick Mohr, Dave Weber. 

quist, Teddy Mitchell, Dennis Palm, president; J. Michael Norton, 
resident fellow; Randy Louis, vice-president; Steve Strang, treas- 
urer; Marty Pistorius. SECOND ROW: Larry Oltmanns, William 

pyramids, building a 

DeBoit, Paul Plotnick, Garry Smith, Larry Homerin, Dennis Mazur, 
Roger Sierens, Brock Lilly, John Hamilton. THIRD ROW: William 
Konrad, James Manning, George Mcjimpsey, Patrick Brennan, Darel 

PYRAMIDS BLDG B-l, FRONT ROW: Mike Blackard, John Blake- 
ney, social chairman; Barry Rappoport, president; Joel Wells, resi- 
dent fellow; Jack Lewis, vice-president; John Hughes, treasurer; Fred 

pyramids, building b 

Noack, secretary. SECOND ROW: John Davis, Robert Kugnert, 
Frank Deaton, Jeffrey Bruce, Gerard Huse, Freddie Siegel. 

pyramids, building b 

PYRAMIDS B-2, FRONT ROW: Larry Evans, secretary-treasurer; 
Dennis Hameister, resident fellow; Charles Mitchell, social chairman. 
SECOND ROW: Ronald O'Neal, Thomas Parnell, Stephen Sweigart, 
Dan Perry, president; John Dueuer, Robert Baldridge, THIRD ROW: 
Dennis Whitehurst, Philip Jones, David Schrader, Tony VaJentyn, 
Dave Johnson, Gene Aubert, Tom House 






H ^H 


K . ~ 1 ^L 

1 • JK^ 



PYRAMIDS BLDG B 3, FRONT ROW: Don Fakler, Wayne Tobiasz, 
Glenn Peterson, president; Steve Main, resident fellow; John Gut- 
mann, Ronald Bartlett, John Floquet. SECOND ROW: Mike Duke, 

pyramids, building b 

pyramids, building b 

PYRAMIDS BLDG B 4, FRONT ROW: Dennis Volaric, treasurer; 
Rick Barrett, president; Rick Thrasher, resident fellow; Bruce 
Ehlers. SECOND ROW: Stan Irvin, Howard Samuelsohn, Chris Jones, 
Pete Richman, Leon Bornder, Jerry Lawrence, Bill Elwardt. THIRD 
ROW: Pete Sartell, John McCollum, Rich Rash, Thomas Schmidt, 
Dick Joecken, Rob Randick, Michael Markovits. 

John McVey, Steven Kitson, Bradley Huntgren, Wayne Wolf, Tom 
Schertz, Keith Stephens. 

pyramids, building d 

PYRAMIDS BLDG D-l, FRONT ROW: Kathy Wingfield, vice- 
president; Marti Knapp, president; Sue McConnell, social chairman; 
Claudia DeKoven, Susan Carkin. SECOND ROW: Kay Kelley, Tern 
Cummins, Paulette Miller, Cathy Conner, Diane Newton, Cheryl 

pyramids, building d 

PYRAMIDS BLDG D-2, FRONT ROW: Pat Edstrom, Peggy Butt, 
secretary-treasurer; Juanita Kaltenbach, social chairman; Stilly Van- 
dersnick, vice-president; Nancy Webster, president; Marlene Maintz, 
resident fellow. SECOND ROW: Helene Klein, Nancy Eckert, Wen- 
dy Brawley, Pam Benson, Lina Stipek, Monalu Mason. THIRD ROW : 
Barbara Shoemaker, Joan Beerensson, Susan Goldberg, Lynette 
Knapp, Jane Sanders, Monna French. 


PYRAMIDS BLDG D-3, FRONT ROW: Marjorie Moon, Sandra 
Guest, social chairman; Marsha Watson, president; Lenore Nelke, 
resident fellow; Paulette Voorhies, secretary-treasurer; Holly Wahl- 

pyramids, building d 

quist, Betty Bulkley, vice-president. SECOND ROW: Becky Boley, 
Debby Marchall, Gail Larson, Estelle Radakovich, Linda Snodgrass, 
Kathy McNally, Iris Zlatin, Lucy Holman. 

pyramids, building d 

PYRAMIDS BLDG D-4, FRONT ROW: Sharon Schneider, resident 
fellow; Jeanne Albon, social chairman; Margo Young, secretary- 
treasurer; Carol Halstead, vice-president; Connie Fiock, president. 
SECOND ROW: Francine Kolcz, Pat Shade, Marlena Hesse, Patty 
Jackson, Irene Stensel. THIRD ROW: Patricia Drozd, Mary Mungon, 
Susan Butler, Almatta Bailey, Jayne Springer, Sherry Farmer. 




T # 1 

1 1 


9% v 

4 1 



1 # 





t | 1 

i ♦ 

- ♦ 

SALUKI ARMS, FRONT ROW: Judith Stout, Karen Craxton, Laurie 
Bruce, social chairman; Penny Irwin, social chairman; Joan Ennis, 
vice-president; Helen Mount, president; Sherry Abbott, secretary- 
treasurer; Janet Allen, Judy Termuende, Rickie Cascella. SECOND 
ROW: Judy Smith, Eloise Giesholt, Karen Krudwig, Jo Fisher, Karen 
Henry, Ronna Hudson, Bonita Arns, Naunpen Korprapun, Midge 
Brown, Udomporn Sirasudhi. THIRD ROW: Karol Nealson, Linda 

Thomas, Leanne Wilhelm, Nancy Hutchinson, Mary Tocik, Jan 
Giachetti, Carolyn Speese, Judy Stryker, Sue Gunner, Marsha Grop- 
pel, Linda Downs. FOURTH ROW: Pat Stewart, Ramona Russell, 
Sue Dunham, Cynthia Koclanis, Sharon Disney, Jean Pocklington, 
Laurie Newman, Judy Akers, Brenda Boren, Linda Pocklington, Lynn 
Burnett, Nancy Lemcke. 

saluki arms 

SALUKI HALL, FRONT ROW: Tom Love, Bob Patton, Tim Muzzy, 
Bill Barker, president; Kurt Shafer, resident counselor, Frank 
Lenertz, Tom Beeken, John Hoellerich, Steve Josephsohn. SECOND 
ROW: Steven Green, Frank Musso, Mark Drake, Fred Johnson, Mike 

Cosgrove, resident fellow; Tony Turek, Ray Simpson, Rodney Parker. 
THIRD ROW: Tyler Smith, Dick Voigts, Mike Muzzy, Leo Schmidt, 
Joe Mackey, Win Holden. 

saluki hall 
shawnee house 

SHAWNEE HOUSE, FRONT ROW: Gerlak Greenwood, Richard 
Jesse, Charles French, James Majerczak, Gene Sawalich, resident 
fellow; Carl Thorp, Phillip Tedrick, resident fellow; George Sand- 
well, John Edwards, Rich Grant, Robert Greenwood. SECOND ROW: 
Charles Turner, James French, Harold Richardson, Roger Bank, 
David Mills, Allen Weitzel, vice-president; Tom Larkin, Dave 

Greabel, Lon Gaither, Len Gesiakowski, Shane Gray, E. V. Mussel- 
man, secretary; Robert Ostrowski. THIRD ROW: Jack Kruzich, 
social chairman; Terry Buff, James Rademacher, president; Richard 
Nicholson, Alfred Smith, Bruce Gaston, Jim Louderman, Jim Burns, 
Jerry Booker, Claude Thorp, Nelson Thorp, Edward Sprague, Harold 

(^ fS(* & f% & 

l i 1 1 f « f f 

f I f f JLf 

f t H I 

f ft t 

shelton house 

SHELTON HOUSE, FRONT ROW: Linda Martin, vice-president 
Barbara Moll, president; Carol Bross, secretary- 

600 W. FREEMAN, FRONT ROW: Ellen Neal, Sally Fox, vice- 
president; Susie Ritter, president; Sandra Nuger, secretary; Marg 
Ann Rank, social chairman; Georgene Foster, vice-president; Marlene 
Verdun, president; Paula Lazoff, Sally Fabert. SECOND ROW: 

Judy Kasanda, Marlene Blyweiss, Jane Wasz, Janice Kane, Sandie, 
Koontz, Ellen Bush, Terri Ratznelson. THIRD ROW: Nanette Magnu- 
son, Barb Flanigan, Linda Shuey, Cynthia Elsesser, Nancy Baize, 
Lynn Korris, Charity Freeboum. 

600 w. freeman 

600 W. FREEMAN, FRONT ROW: Lynn Walsh, resident fellow; 
Sue Redding, resident fellow; Judy Daniels, resident fellow; Char 
Lindstrom, resident fellow; Barbara Kovera, resident fellow; Diane 
Lechner, resident fellow; Helen Hicks, vice-president. SECOND ROW: 

Leslee Berbiant, Angela Flowers, Joan Micks, Carole Thompson, Mary 
Christoffel, Gladys Ingram, Vickie McMillen, Sally Rottner, Marlene 



p p « D a n .a 

STEVENSON ARMS, FRONT ROW: Robert Handley, Terry John- 
son, social chairman; Stephen Jegel, president; George Wanaski, 
resident fellow; Dominique Levy, vice-president; Mark Lazar, Saiid 
Farahnic. SECOND ROW: Stephen Eury, Thomas Nyquist, Ozell 

Bonds, Wayne Dietz, Craig Rhine, Alphonso Robinson, Pete Saineghi, 
Karl Nelson, P. Kantabutra. THIRD ROW: Del Tucker, Richard 
Nelson, Ray Walter, Wayne Hammack, Paul Crites, Robert Chole- 
wick, Ronald Pasierb, David Stiff, James Hod]. 

Stevenson arms 

suburban dorm 

SUBURBAN DORM, FRONT ROW: Steve Southwell, Tim Mieidroth, 
secretary-treasurer; Dale Harris, president; Brad Murphy, Mike 
Durr, resident fellow; John Dellinger, vice-president; John Hale, 
Paul Midgley. SECOND ROW: Jim Dalton, Bill Matheny, Charles 
Zipfel, Terry Shindle, Chuck Wilder, Homer Cissell, social chair- 
man; John Kaforski. THIRD ROW: Walter Matthews, Richard 
Thumian, Richard Hubckets, Richard Broyles. 

university city, building 2 

social chairman; Patricia Plocher, Cherrie Bibi, social chairman; Rita 
Gleason, resident fellow; Corky Hilliard, resident fellow; Gloria 
Clark, Ethel Whetmyer, Kathy Mark, president; Pat Aben, secretary- 
treasurer. SECOND ROW: Barb McVay, Lynn Liebenthal, Nancy 

Engel, Jean Nebel, Judi Hinmin, Janice Thompson, Connie Hood, 
Kathy Harris. THIRD ROW: Linda Engelhard, Rita Hinton, Jan 
McDowall, Marcia Tomac, Marcia Smith, Martha Taylor, Dana 
Moller, Karen Camden, Vicki Beland. 

university city, building 5 

David Mead, secretary-treasurer; Jerry Gaa, Phil Dungey, social 
chairman; Dale Abell, Arnold Schwartz, Herman Reisman, David 
Neff, Ken Lemkall, resident fellow. SECOND ROW: James Hoag, 
Wayne Wuebbels, Jim Kubajak, Robert Scellato, Hans Sawyer, BiD 
Eichmann. THIRD ROW: Tom Roush, James Plocher, Peter Baier, 
Tom Johnson, Richard Laskowski. 

UNIVERSITY CITY, BLDG. 5, 2ND FLOOR, FRONT ROW: Ray stein, Edwin Swan, president. SECOND ROW: Gerald Henley, Douglas 

Brower, vice-president; George LeFaiure, secretary-treasurer; James Brewer, Mel Mangan, William Lindhorst, Kenneth Konkey, Ken 

Strawser, resident fellow; Dale Hammer, resident fellow; Robert Born- Kruger, Larry Matuszewski, Gerry Matuszewski. 

university city, building 5 

university city, building 6 

Ray Spoerl, Chuck Strehlow, Robert Sweeney, William Kemnetz, 
Ranee Roofener, Arnold Edwards. SECOND ROW: Alan Kennedy, 

Richard Smith, Thomas Tullock, Raymond Raredon, Dennis Roesslein, 
Daniel Wachtel, Jerrell Driver. 





. j 


o n f^ d 

ml ■ 

BL* 7 J^I Hft ^1 ^n a J 


WALL STREET QUADRANGLES— ALVARY HOUSE, FRONT Michael Brooks, Kent Wilson, Bryan Lasher, Ken Laspesa, Ken 
ROW: Marvin Utsinger, Gary Boulware, Percy Lewis, resident fel- Jennrich, Mark Reitman. 
low; Jim Dertz, Chuck Rydlewski. SECOND ROW: Forrest Krell, 

wall street quadrangles 
alvary house 

bren house 

FRONT ROW: Jeff Hardel, social chairman; William Schmidt, resi- 
dent fellow; John Finnicum, resident fellow; Bill Leckrone, vice- 
president; Jim Baines. SECOND ROW: Denny Macasek, Tom Wess- 
berg, Dale Miholie, Jim Morrison. 

mckelvey house 

Brandt, Linda Kaz, Linda Ellis, resident fellow; Linda Abrahamson, 
social chairman; Susi Stephani. SECOND ROW: Linda Oswald, 
Barbara Hirsch, Cheryl Kiningham, Julie Crane, Diane Schnaufer, 

Linda Remias, Linda Yarham. THIRD ROW: Carol Janis, Vian Sea- 
ton, Gloria Kullberg, Sue Revis, Clare Marshall, Jane Mullins, Irene 
Houy, Chris Hedden, Camille Malpocker. 

WASHINGTON SQUARE, FRONT ROW: Pete Systma, Ed Kilcoyne, 
Michael Green, resident fellow; Keith Hennessy, resident fellow; 
Billy Quarles, Steven Kanya, Melvin Markham. SECOND ROW: 

Washington square 

Randy Schlarb, John Hamilton, Richard Freeman, Walter Saal, 
David Jones, Jerome Paluch, Dale Boatright. THIRD ROW: Dick 
Little, Dean Francois, Ron Gibbons. Bill Cotter, Howard McGhee. 


WILSON .MANOR, FRONT ROW: Pat Adler, Gail Schulze, Sharon Prost, Bonnie Abbott, Betsy Jones, Yvonne Alexander, Sheila Gibbi 

DeDera, social chairman; Phyllis Reed, president; Audrey Grabowski, 
resident fellow; Deborah Tighe, resident fellow; Gloria May, vice- 
president; Vicky Krein, secretary - -treasurer; Judy Niewerth, Beverly 
Baron, social chairman. SECOND ROW: Lorraine Beldo, Marjorie 

Kathryn Schroeder, Frankie Fitzgerald, Donna Lingle. THIRD ROW: 
Phyllis Wedel, Beverly Stampley, Gail Fiala, Adeline Robinson, 
Myran Teichman. 

wilson manor 


commuting students 
enjoy rare luxury 

Commuters to the Carbondale campus during fall 
quarter totaled approximately 1,833. Students must 
live two or more miles off-campus to keep cars at 
SIU. so this figure includes those students traveling 
from two to sixty miles to attend classes. 

By commuting, SIU's "traveling students" were 
faced with several handicaps. The major disad- 
vantage was the time spent on the road, but the 
ever-scarce parking places and the 8 a.m. and 5 
p.m. Carbondale traffic added to the confusion of 
driving to school for the commuter. 

A sandwich is the r 
who also uses her lu 

)on meal for this commuter 
ich hour for a quick review. 

Due to growing parking problems, commuters must 
search for the scarce on-campus parking places. 

Although they often have to help with home chores, 
commuters find home-rooked meals are worth it. 


studies, children keep married students busy 

Southern Hills, Southern Acres or one of the 
various trailer courts scattered around Carbondale 
are the most common homes available for married 
students attending Southern. Approximately 2,559 
married students were enrolled at SIU this year 
and thus combined college and married life. 

Making up an ever-growing part of the student 
body, most married students carry a high grade 
point average regardless of the fact that they often 
have more obligations than single students. 

Demonstrating that chivalry is not dead, Mike 
Pryor helps his wife, Janet, out of their car. 

Hushands sometimes find themselves fixing supper 
as studies take time" from the wife's housework. 


Children, studies, and housework preoccupy most 
of the time of Suzanne and Doug Mougey. 


n I 

" » m vmrmmmr m w m — — m 

i i i w ) iiwii w h i mm mmm \ 

foreign students serve 
as individual embassies 

Giving a wider scope to Southern's international 
activities, students come from such far away places 
as Thailand and Japan to advance in their chosen 
fields. Foreign students on the SIU campus total 
approximately 430. Experiencing new customs in 
the United States is reportedly a pleasure for most 
foreign students. Besides learning from Americans, 
they bring a bit of their own countries to life with 
such annual social functions as International Night, 
China Night, and the Model UN. 

Many of Southern's foreign students wear their 
own country's native dress to classes. 

Although accustomed to foods of their own coun- 
try, foreign students learn to eat American style. 



^■v . 

General Index 



Abbott Hall, 374 

Accounting Club, 276 

Accounting Club, VTI, 276 

Action Party, 244 

Activities Programming Board, 

Advertising Club, 292 

Aerospace Ball, 44 

Aerospace Ball Queen, 80 

AFROTC, 183 

African Student Association, 

Agriculture Economics Club, 

Agriculture, School of, 102 

Agriculture Student Advisory Council, 

Allen Hall, 358 

Alpha Delta Sigma, 274 

Alpha Eta Rho, 275 

Alpha Gamma Delta, 341 

Alpha Kappa Alpha, 342 

Alpha Kappa Psi, 276 

Alpha Lambda Delta, 277 

Alpha Phi Alpha, 343 

Alpha Zeta, 277 

Alpha Phi Omega, 278 

Alumni Day, 174 

American Institute of Interior Designers, 

American Marketing Association, 4 

Angel Flight, 295 

Aquattes, 324 

Arab Student Association, 296 

Argonne Hall, 408 

Arnold Air Society, 297 

Ash Street Dorm, 408 

Association of Childhood Education, 294 

Auburn Hall, 408 


Bailey Hall, 375 
Baldwin Hall, 376 
Baptist Student Union 328 
Baseball, 198 
Basketball, 222 
Beauties, 66 
Beta Alpha Psi 279 
Bitter Suite 409 
Blazine House 409 
Block and Bridle Club 246 
Board of Trustees 87 
Boomer Hall, 360 
BowyerHall, 377 
Brown Hall, 378 
Business, School of, 108 




Campus Buildings, 92 

Campus Senate, 246 

Campus Visitors, 56 

Carruther's Dorm, 410 

Celebrity Series, 50 

Chateau de la Morgue, 410 

Chemeka, 299 

Chinese Student Association, 300 

Christmas, 42 

Club 16, 410 

College View Dorm, 411 

Cummunications, School of, 116 

Commuters, 428 

Coordinators, 190 

Council for Exceptional Children, 299 

Cricket Club, 301 

Cross Country 197 


Daily Egyptian 250 
Dames Club, 301 
Dartmouth Hall, 411 
Delta Chi, 344 
Delta Zeta, 345 
Dynamic Party, 244 

Education, College of, 120 
Edwardsville Campus, 96 
Egyptian Dorm, 411 
Egyptian Sands East, 412 
Egyptian Sands North, 412 
Egyptian Sands South, 413 
Egyptian Sands West, 413 
Engineering Club, 302 
Entertainers, 48 
Epsilon Tau Sigma, 280 
Extension Division, 185 

Fine Arts, School of, 138 

Football, 207 

Foreign Students, 432 

Forest Hall, 414 

Forestry Club, 303 

Future Farmers of America, 303 

Gamma Delta, 329 

'General Baptist Student Organization, 329 

General Studies, 182 

Geology Club, 304 

Golf, 202 

Graduate Assistants in P. E., 304 

Graduate School, 176 

Graduation, 22 

Greek Royalty, 83 

Greeks, 340 

Greek Week, 40 

Gymnastics, 232 


Hamilton House, 414 
Haven, The, 418 
Haven's Haven, 415 
Hays Street Dorm, 415 
Homecoming, 30 
Homecoming Attendants, 76 
Homecoming Finalists, 77 
Homecoming Queen, 57 
Home Economics Club, 305 
Home Economics, School of, 142 
Honor Guard, 305 


Illinois Junior Dental Hygienists 

Association, 306 
Indian Students Association, 306 
Industrial Education Club, 307 
Instructional Materials Club, 307 
Inter-fratemity Council, 340 
International Night, 47 
International Relations Club, 309 
International Services, 188 
Interpreters' Theatre, 308 
Interprofessional Council, 308 
Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship, 330 
Intramurals, 218 
Iranian Students Association, 309 
Ivy Hall, 415 


Jewel Box, 416 

Jewish Students Association, 330 
Job's Daughters, 310 
Johnson's CO-Op, 416 
Judicial Board, 246 


KA, 253 

Kappa Alpha Psi, 346 
Kappa Omicron Phi, 281 
Kellog Hall, 380 
Kendall Hall, 416 

Korean Students Association, 310 

La Casa Manana, 416 

Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of, 146 

Lincoln Manor, 417 

Little Egypt Ag Co-op, 353 

Little Grassy, 187 

Logan Hall, 417 

Logan Square, 417 


Majorettes, 217 

Male Glee Club, 259 

Marching Salukis, 216 

Married Students, 430 

Mary Margaret Manor, 418 

Mascots, 214 

Miss Southern, 70 

Miss Southern Acres, 69 

Miss Southern Finalists, 72 

Miss Thompson Point, 68 

Miss Woody, 97 

Model UN, 46 

Modern Dance Club, 311 

Moslem Students Organization, 331 

Mrs. Southern, 81 

Mu Phi Epsilon, 281 


National Society for Interior Designers, 313 

NeelyHall, 364 

Newman Foundation, 332 

New Student Week, 26 

Nigerian Students Association, 313 


Off-Campus, 402 
Off-Campus Councils, 402 
Off-Campus Sweetheart, 62 
Opera Workshop, 260 
Oratorio Choir, 258 
Orchestra, 261 
Outstanding Faculty, 98 

Pan-Hellenic Council, 340 
Parents' Week, 36 
Phi Beta Lambda, 282 
Phi Beta Lambda, VTI, 282 
Phi Eta Sigma, 283 
Phi Mu Alpha, 283 
Phi Sigma Kappa, 347 
Pi Delta Epsilon, 284 

Pierce Hall, 381 

Pi Lambda Theta, 284 

Pi Mu Epsilon, 285 

Pi Omega Pi, 285 

Pi Sigma Epsilon, 286 

Plan "A", 186 

Plant Industries Club, 314 

Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental Society, 314 

Printing Management Club, 315 

Productions, 52 

Pyramid Club, 315 

Pyramids, The, 418 


Recreation Club, 316 
Religious Organizations, 
Research, 178 
Rush, 358 


Saluki Arms, 422 

Saluki Flying Club, 316 

Saluki Hall, 422 

Shawnee House, 422 

Shelton House, 423 

Sigma Alpha Eta, 286 

Sigma Beta Gamma, 287 

Sigma Delta Chi, 288 

Sigma Kappa, 348 

Sigma Pi, 349 

Sigma Pi Sigma, 288 

Sigma Sigma Sigma, 350 

SIU Foundation, 184 

SIU Graduate Wives, 317 

SIU Sailing Club, 317 

SIU Ski Club, 318 

SIU Sport Parachute Club, 318 

Six Hundred W. Freeman, 423 

Smith Hall, 382 

Soccer Club, 321 

Society for the Advancement of 

Management, 319 
Southern Acres, 386 
Southern Players, 260 
Spelological Society 320 
Sphinx Club, 262 
Spring Festival, 18 
Steagall Hall, 382 
Stevenson Arms, 424 
Student Body Officers, 245 
Student Chairman, 248 
Student Christian Foundation, 332 
Student Council, 246 
Student Workers, 62 
Suburban Dorm, 424 
Summer School, 24 

Swimming, 238 

Tau Kappa Epsilon, 351 

Technology and Adult Education, 168 

Technology Club, 321 

Technology, School of, 160 

TEKE Ole-Impics, 38 

Tennis, 204 

Thai Students Association, 322 

Theta Sigma Phi, 288 

Theta Xi, 352 

Theta Xi Variety Show, 58 

Thompson Point, 370 

Thompson Point Councils, 370 

Track, 194 


University Choir, 258 
University City, 424 
University Dorm, 408 
University Park, 354 
University Park Councils, 356 


Visiting International Students Association, 
Vocational Technical Institute, 164 
VTI Data Processing Club 323 
VTI Electronics Club 323 


Wall Street Quadrangles, 426 

Warren Hall, 384 

Washington Square, 427 

Wesley Foundation, 333 

Wilson Manor, 427 

Women's Professional Physical Education 

Club, 324 
Women's Recreation Association, 325 
Woody Hall, 392 
Woody Hall Councils, 394 
WRA, 240 
Wrestling, 236 
Wright Hall, 362 


Xi Sigma Pi, 289 

Year-End Review, 452 

Zeta Phi Eta, 289 


Student Index 



Abbolt. Bonnie 122, 427 
Abbott, Micbael 375 
Abbott. Sharon 166, 306, 122 
Abbott, Thorn 375 
Abdullah, Aliyu 331 
Abell, Brenda 305 
Abell, Dale 425 
Abell, Mary 281, 305 
Aben, Pat 424 
Abernathie, Douglas 390 
Abrahamson, Linda 426 
Abuhantash, M. 162, 296, 331 
Ackerman, Linda 364 
Ackerman, Neil 409 
Ackman, Alan 126, 197, 374 
Ackman, Roy 375 
Adamczyk, Becky 377 
Adams, Edward 323 
Adams, Frank 190 
Adams, George 148 
Adams, Irving 283 
Adams, Kenneth 248, 340, 352 
Adams, Lynn 381 
Adams, Lyle 385 
Adams, Michael 375 
Adams. Michael 275 
Adams, Ruth 323, 412 
Adduci, John 375 
Adkins, Carl 264, 352 
Adler, Georgette 398 
Adler, Patricia 122, 427 
Agge. Ronald 375 
Aghili. Kamran 309 



Agnew, Loretta 395, 396 
Agnew, Wally 211 
Agoan, Andrew 297 
Ague, Thomas 347 
Ahine, Frank 283 
Ahn, Sung 311 
Aichele. Nancy 166 
Aikman, Robert 333 
Aitken, Janet 282 



Akers, Judith 422 

Aki, Clifford 313 

Akinkunle, Olade 313 

Akkeron, Susan 122 

Akman, Bob 244 

Albon. Jeanne 166. 421 

Albright, George 275 

Albright, Rich 275 

Alehi, Jean-Marie 285 

Alexander, Allan 232, 347 

Alexander, Arlette 295 

Alexander, Curtis 302 

Alexander, Dan 418 

Alexander, David 375 

Alexander, Karen 122, 245. 284 

Alexander. Orvil 148 

Alexander. Yvonne 427 

Aliabade. Youssef 321 

Aliyu, Abdullabi 293. 309. 313 

Allen, Arthur 104, 303 

Allen, Barbara 345 

Allen, James 211 

Allen. Janet 333. 422 

Allen, Karen 364 

Allen, Ken 391 

Allen, Linda 122 

Allen, Mark 375 

Allen, Mary 364 

Allen, Merrill 375 

Allen, Nancy 396 

Allen. Nell 377 

Allen. Ronellc 299 

Allen. Willie 414 

Ailing. Michael 352 

Allison, Shirley 341 

Al-Shnfeik, Jaji 321 

Altadonna. James 408 

Altckruse. Ann 361 

Allcnbaumcr. Sharon 296. 333 

Althoff. Steve 375 

Altmnn, Terry 394, 399 

Aluba, Isaac 293 

Alvis, Darrel 389 

Alward, Marilyn 314 

Alycshmcrni, Rahmnt 302 

Amadon, Margaret 83, 350 

Amason, Carolyn 350 

Amberg, Suzanne 108 

Amdor, Lowell 358 

Amg, Vo Vu 396 

Aminarsnla, Ilcdnyaiul 246, 306, 331 

Ammadi, Mohammad 331 



Amodeo, John 390 

Amrein, Mike 375 

AnOwtti, Judith 328 

Audcs, Stephen 283, 413 

Anders, Charles 358 

Anderson, Anita 387, 395 

Anderson, Barbara 364 

Anderson. Corinne 277, 341 

Anderson, June 375 

Anderson, David 244 

Anderson. Dianne 118. 251. 288 

Anderson. Dirk 375 

Anderson, Douglas 375 

Anderson, Gary 375 

Anderson, Jim 271 

Anderson, John 89, 289, 371, 375 

Anderson, Jon 411 

Anderson. Joyce 325, 383 

Anderson, Judith 324, 325 

Anderson, June 418 

Anderson, Karyn 417 

Anderson, Linda 399 

Anderson, Mark 276 

Anderson, Mary 295. 340. 345 

Anderson, Nancy 333 

Anderson, Paul 375 
Anderson, Roger 351 

Anderson, Timothy 239 
Anderson, Tom 229, 375 
Andresen, John 104 
Andrewson, Edward 347 
Angel, David 104, 289 
Angell, Kathleen 377 
Angelo, Connie 418 
Angstadt, Robert 239 
Anliker, Thomas 307 
Anselmini, Richard 122 
Ansley, Marsha 166 
Anstine, Shirley 387 
Anthony, Carol 364 
Anthony, Stephen 349 
Antoine, Jacqueline 122, 367 
Anton, Thomas 274, 292, 297 
Apie, Ebenezer 321 
Apolola. Matthew 293, 313. 321 
Apezyaski, Joan 416 
Appel, Gary 298, 383 
Apple. Carla 333, 413 
Appleton. Terry 237 
Aprati. Silverio 84, 340, 349 
Aranson, Peter 330 
Arazan, George 162 
Archer, Cathy 166, 306 
Archer, Linda 396 
Ard, Shirley 396 
Areitio. Richard 286 






Arns, Bonita 422 
Arms, Barbara 148, 246, 411 
Armstrong, Barbara 364 
Armstrong, David 293 
Armstrong, Diana 345 
Armstrong, Don 358 
Armstrong, Doug 358 
Armstrong, Patricia 396 
Arndt, Phillip 418 
Arne, Carol 295 
Arne, Darrell 349 
Arnett, Jack 398 
Arnold, Frances 284 
Arnold, Gloria 413 
Arnold, Meredith 316 
Arnold. Sally 397 
Arnold, Sybil 148 



Arns, Paula 122 
Arroyo, Robert 375 
Artello, Joseph 358 



As-Saadi, Khalil 288 
Asche, Ronald 282, 391 
Aschenbrenner, Susan 260 
Ashcnbramer, Lana 377 
Ashley, Catherine 244, 257, 377 
Ashley, Glenn 296 
Ashley, Roger 353 




Ashmore, Vieki 122 
Askew, Larry 1 
Aspell, Paul 124. 418 
As-Saadi, Khalil 296 
Astling, Georgo 333 
Astorino, Rosemarie 1 
Atchison, Mary 122 
Atchison, Terry 304 

Aten, Gwendolyn 412 
Atherton, Robert 148, 347 
Atkinson, Dennis 110, 276 
Atkinson, Lynne 244, 397 
Atkinson, Michael 321 
Atlas. Deborah 397 
Atwood. Kenneth 351 
Aubel, John 390 
Aubel, Marianne 383 
Aubert, Gene 419 
Auble, James 347 
Aud, Angela 364 
Audd, Anthony 358 
Audres, Burrero 321 
Augustine, Carole 123 
Augustyn, Ronald 358 
Auriene, Michael 123 
Austin, David 390 
Austin, Linda 377 




ck, Je 


Autullo, Ralph 358 
Ayexs, Joanna 396 
Ayers, Timothy 251, 284. 347 



Bach, Jacob 122 
Bach, Rachel 295 
Bachmand, Cathy 377 
Backes, Roge 


. Wil 


Baer, Dale 303 
Baer, David 340, 343 
Baer, Stephen 166 
Baerwald, Rueben 329 
Bagby, Daniel 297 
Bagheri, Hooshai _ 
Bahan, Paul 118, 347 
Baier, Peter 425 
Bailey, Almalte 421 
Bailey, Cheryl 295, 377 
ailey, Jerry 375 




Bailie, Stephen 375 
Baines, Jim 426 
Baird, James 123, 408 
Baize, Nancy 423 
Baker, Billy 314, 323 
Baker, Claude 363 
Baker, Gary 110 



Baker, Kent 375 
Baker. Nancy 288 
Baker. Phyllis 377 
Baker. Randy 148 
Baker. Raymond 358 
Baker. Rudy 415 
Baker. Sam 244, 246 


Baker, The 

landra 397 


, Walt. 

Bakon, Robert 358 
Baldridge, David 148 
Baldridge, Robert 419 
Baldwin, Carol 395, 396 
Baldwin. John 375 
Baldwin. Neil 411 
Balgeman. Dennis 406, 407 
Ball, William 309 
Ballamce, Mary 198. 368 
Ballantync. Kelso 274, 292, 351 
Ballard, John 390 
Ballard, Kenneth 123, 275, 319 



311, 364 
Balster. John 390 
Balthun. Wayne 297 
Baltzell. Linda 364 
Bandor. Robert 201 
Bandy, Jerry 390 
Bangcrt. John 218, 30S 
Banhart. Dean 302 
Baniqued, Douglas 292 
Bank. Rog 422 
Banks, Brenda 364 


.in I 

Baquet, Linda 377 

Barber, Beverly 394, 396 

Barber, Brian 283 

Barber, Charles 415 

Barber, Thomas 162, 283, 375 

Barclay, Richard 418 

Barger, Lester 358 
Barger, Raymond 358 
Barghoti, Sharon 148 
Barhemmat, Mohammad 
Barker, David 318 
Barker. Rex 221 
Barker, Will 

. 422 



Barlunan, Beverly 295 
Barkow, Roland 303, 309 
Barminski, Linda 377 
Barnes, Todd 390 
Barnet, Alexander 413 



Barnett, Julie 377 
Barnett, Mary Lou 123, 296 
Barnett, Nova 416 
Barns, Eugene 166, 358 



Barrett, Donald 409 
Barrett, Richard 401, 420 
Barringer, Gloria 260, 366 
Barron, Mary 279 
Barrow, Carl 328 
Barrows, Howard 358 
Barry, Thomas 276 

els. Eras 
els. Jane 

Cookie 373. 382 

Barthel, Robert 375 
Barthelme. Ronald 375 
Bartholomen. Rob. 



Bartinikas. Thomas 162. 302 
Bartlett. Robert 351 
Bartlett, Ronald 420 
Bartness. James 110, 351 
Bartolomucci, Carolyn 144 


i 412 

tosch. Fail 377 
ico, Michael 110 
die. Donna 377 
inyat, Prabha 322 
isuk, Lawrence 283, 318, 358 

eman, David 276, 308. 351 

Baler. Gle 


Bates, Evelyn 310, 396 
Bates, Shelia 304 
Batley, Myra 396 
Battle, Joseph 358 
Batty. Alan 390 
Baty. Robert 375 
Bauerle. Harry 110 
Bauerle, Joseph 358 
Baugber, Margaret 364 
Baum, Narelle. 364 
Bauman. Dennis 276, 30 
Bauman, Joan 397 
Baumcit, Katherine 390 
Baumer. Ruth 330 
Baxler, Richard 318 
Baxter, Cheryl 166 
Baxter. William 375 
Larry 104 

eh, Ja: 


a 196 

. Nancy 395. 396 
na, Anthony 162, 361 
Mike 410 



Bealtie, Ian 321 
Bcatty, Franklin 344 
Beatzel, Kathy 306 
Bebeyehou, Lakew 293 
Becherer, Cynthia 399 
Bechtold, Roger 225 
Beck, Janice 123. 284. 296 
Beck, Marjorie 416 
Beckcn, Shirley 264 
Beckenbaugh, Robert 149 




Becker, Fred 104. 293 
Becker, John 104 
Becker. Larry 358 
Becker. Willi 
Beckett, Judy 333 
Bcckman. Mary 397 
Becks, Bonnie 214 


cdar. Jc 


Bedford. Paul 379 
Bednar, David 110 
Bednar. Edna 364 
Bedore, Richard 381 
Bedwell. Karen 45, 295 
Bedwell, Ralph 190 
Beeken, Thomas 422 
Beeler, Janet 416 
Beerensson. Joan 421 
Beeve, Franky 411 
Beggs. Guy 375 



Begovich, Michael 123 
Behm, Clayton 358 
Behm, Glory 368 

nn, James 374 


, J. 375 

Beier, Bri 

Belaud, Vicki 388. 414 
Belaus, Steven 
Belbas, Ada ■ 
Belbas, Shelia 
Belcher, Wand 

Beldo. Lorraine 
Beleckis. Margar 
Bell, Glenn 375 
Bell, John 346 
Bell, Michael 374 
Bell, Ronald 375 

117, 144, 248, 264, 305 

iell, Vl 


lellm, Dennis 418 
lellott, Catherine 397 
lelohlavek, Alan 375 
lelt. Johnny 246 
leltrame, James 274. 292 

, Louis 375 
, John 375 

Bendorf, Richard 27 
Bendschneider, Delor 

. Or: 

301, 309, 322 
-id 312 

lennett, Charles 149, 359 

lennett, Cheryl 377 

lennett, Philip 123, 233 

lennett, Thomas 123, 247, 278, 374 

lennett, William 319 

lend. Ken 375 

lenoodt, Connie 377 

lenson, Earnest 225 

lenson, Cherl 395, 396 

lenson. Chuck 222, 223. 224, 375 

lenson, Martha 377 

. Ralph 303 
, Robyn 295 
r. Joan 123, 348 

Berghannel. George 118 
Berh, David 358 

Berkheimer, J, 
Berkley, Robe 
Berletich, Pet. 

306, 364 


, Harlan 330, 358 

. Lou 119 

, Marvin 110. 294 

, Robert 1J3, 199, 201 

lonna 396 

Bertelsen, David 374 
Beat, Kathleen 377 
Besterfield, Dale 321 
Bethard, Larry 390 
Bethel, Jerry 415 
Betrager, Bob 414 
Beucler, William 137 
Beukema, Pam 409 
Beuko, Linda 396 
Beyer, Barbara 417 
Beurtti, Sherry 396 
Beyerman, Kathleen 317, 
Beyers, JameB 358 
Betler, Roger 146 
Bhattacharjee, Arun 306 

Bianchetta, Frank 375 

Bibo, Chcrie 424 

Bicker, Keith 280 

Biehler, Jane 329, 364 

Bielecki, Alice 123. 413 

Bielfeldt, Kathryn 397 

Bieze, Nancy 364 

Biggerstaff, Kent 375 

Bigler. David 418 

Bigsby, James 363 

Billingsley. Judy 123 

Bills, Adrienne 309 

Bilyeu, Ramona 377 

Bilyeu, Ron 323, 375 

Binder, Nancy 377 

Binnebdese, James 275 

Birchler, Gay 346 

Bishop, Colin 321 

Bishop, Roger 283 

Bishop, Shelly 409 

Bisturis, Sandy 364 

Bivcr, Teresa 332, 417 

Bisby, Vicky 416 

Bjorkman, J. 375 

Blackard, Mike 419 

Bin. kburn, Gary 257. 375 

Blackford, William 119 

Blackman, Laura 341 

Blackman, William 149 

Blackwell, Jeanne 364 

Bladen, Sandy 377 

Blagg. Shirley 396 

Blair. Nancy 149 

Blair. Sallie 377 

Blake, Johnny Bell 76, 123. 217. 364 

Blake. Susan 149, 350 

Blakeney. John 419 

Blanchard, Joyce 320, 364 

Blanchard, Robert 329. 358 

Blandhard. William 211 

Blaney, Hugh 316 

Blankenship. George 303 

Blankenship, Gregg 358 

Blankinahip, Cynthia 341 

Blasjynski. Anna 396 

Blass, Anthony 189 

Blass, Randy 375 

Blass, Robert 374 

Blaszynski, Anita 395 

Blatlner. Robert 375 




Bleycr, William 388 
Blickensderfer, F. 104, 298, 353 
Bliek, Harold 333 
Blixt. Larry 211 
Black, James 320 
Bloem, Antherd 276 
Bloemker, Robert 283. 375 




Blomquist. Theodore 110, 30B 
Blondi, Thomas 283 
Bloom, Marty 381 






Blum, Ken 375 
Blume, Doug 362 
Blumenhorst, Marsha 317, 364 
Blumenthal, Alan 418 
Blunt, Peggy 413 
Blyshak, Ed 110, 347 
Blyweiss, Marlene 317, 422 
Boals, Joan 296, 341 
Boatright, Dale 472 
Boatright, Harry 149 
Bobek, Norman 162 
Bochtler, Phyllis 305, 320, 409 
Bockman, Larry 244, 246 



Bode, David 381 

Bodenhender, Andrew 278 

Boegler, Michael 232 

Boehme, Frances 323, 364, 388 

Boehringer, Johnny 362 

Boeving, Kathleen 277 

Boga, Vonceil 260, 342 

Boggs, Larry 298 

Bogolulub, Dimitrijevich 123 

Bohannan, Lynn 397 

Boley, Rebecca 421 

Bolin, Judy 348 

Bolin, Sharon 381 

Bollmann, Bonnie 396 

Boma, Jane 377 

Bomke, Arthur 104, 294, 314 

Boncher, Joseph 418 

Bond, James 504, 294, 303, 354 

Bond, Jerry 331 

Bond, Mary 377 

Bonds, Ozell 424 

Bonelli, Greg 358 


, Mar. 


o, David 381 
nore, Martin 3 
aiu, Thomas 1 

Book. James 278 
Book, John 110, 319 
Booker, Jerry 422 
Boone, Rodney 347 
Boorazanea, William 3 
Booth, Earl 110 
Booth, Wayne 332 
Bopdan, Rick 391 
Borah, Maj 303, 314 



Borah, Willi. 
Borchelt, Kr 
Borchert, Ti, 
Boren, Brenda 422 
Borger, Linda 45. 295 
Borgmann, Ronald 351 

I. il... 


Bork, Albert 149, 190 
Borkowski. Wayne 323 



Bornstein. Robert 425 
Borowski, Pamela 377 
Borsdorf, Joseph 381 
Boscarine, Leonard 118 
Boschert, Terry 144, 285, 375 
Bosomworth, Kevin 320, 415 
Boss, Sharon 397 
Bossle, Cathy 364 
Bost, Judy 411 
Boswell, Karen 364 
Bosworth. Ann 149. 245. 246 
Bott. John 381 

. toa 

i 275 


Bourbon, Jack 358 
Bouslgnore, Martin 381 
Boevidg, Kathy 377 
Bower, Ralph 294, 303 
Bowers, Nancy 317 
Bowers, Willie 147 
Bowker, James 381 
Bowlby, Robert 303, 384 
Bowman, Steven 166. 388. 390 
Bowring, Don 297, 408 

wyer, Ti, 


Boyd. Linda 377 
Boyd, Lizbeth 306, 377 
Boyd, Pam 377 
Boyd, Richard 333 
Boyd, Steven 371, 375 
Boyden. Francine 414 


Boydston, J. 
Boyle, Jayn. 
Boyne, Cath 
ickett, I. 
Braden, Glenn 
Bradfield, Luth 



dley, Carol 377 

dley, Carry 388, 390 

dley, Marshall 110. 276 

dley, Rodney 352 

dley, William 277. 303, 329 



fid 362 



ggs, Willi 
inerd. M. 383 
mmell, Roy 122 
nch, J. 302, 381 
nch. Rob 349 
nche, Lee 390 
ndelstein, Hymie 
ndi, Joe 204 
mdis, Rosemary 377 
andolino, James 411 
sndt, Linda 426 
sndt, Paul 411 

11 ! 

.niff, Lai 
niff, Toi 



wley, Wendy 421 
wn, David 381 
y, Linda 295, 377 
y, Paul 391 
ckenfelder, Linda ! 
eze, Carol 364 
met. Janice 296 
mer, Linda 364 
imser, Phillip 375 
nnan, Janice 123 
nnan, Patrick 419 

,wick, Harold 321 
cker, James 166 
cks, Claudia 364 
dges, Frank 189 
Bridges, Paul 347 

Bridges, Judy 418 
Bridges, Sheila 364 
Bridwell, Pam 45, 295. 377 



Brinegar, Pegg; 
Brisch, Nancy ' 376 
Britt. Donald 104, 298 
Britton, Janet 348 
Briwkman, Cathy 354 
Broadwater, Karen 411 
Broccardo, Mike 375 
Brock, Dennis 123, 299 
Brock, Patricia 328 

Brockett, Don 329 

Broode, Eekhard 149 

Brodig3u, Margaret 348 

Brodsky, James 359 

Brohammer, Ronald 104, 294. 298. 353 

Bromann, Gary 275 

Brook. David 375 

Brooks, Julienne 396 

Brooks, Melvin 296, 331 

Brooks, Michael 426 

Brooks, Shirley 396 

Bross, Carol 423 

Brothers. Joellyn 367 

Brouwer. Carol 395, 397 

Browder. Johnny 123 

Brower, Roy 425 

Brown, Alonza 305 

Brown, Betty 377 

Brown, Darryl 149 

Brown, Floyd 315 

Brown. Bary 149 

Brown. James 318 

Brown. Jan 395. 397 

Brown, Janet 328, 418 

Brown, Jerry 323 

Brown, Jo 328 

Brown, Johnette 377 

Brown, Johnny 285 

Brown, Michael 283, 314. 381 

Brown, Midge 422 

Brown, Pam 377 

Brown, Paula 416 

Brown, Robert 359, 381 

Brown, Rosemary 341 

Brown, Ruth 123 

Brown, Stephen 149, 166, 388, 390 

Brown, Tom 391 

Brown, William 390, 408 

Browne, Charles 276 

Browning, Janice 377 

Browning. Sherry 295, 416 

Broyles, Richard 424 

Brnbaker, Paul 358 

Brubell, Lindsey 42 

Bruce, Danny 328 

Bruce, Jeffrey 419 

Bruce, Lauren 422 

Bruder, John 359 

Brudi, Cheryl 364 

Brueckner. Pat 123 

r, Ri< 




Brunell, Linda 332, 364 
Brunaugh, Harold 277 
Brune, Sue 377 
Brunell. Linda 334, 364 
Brunner. Ken 122 
Bruno, Marilyn 364 
Bruns, Alvin 381 



Brunty. Joe 119 
Brunty, Sheila 149 
Brusch. Wilfried 321, 411 
Brutcher, Frank 378 
Brutcher, Robert 381 
Bryant, Ariel 409 
Bryant, William 189, 320 
Brzezinski, Katherine. 416 
Bucalo, Joe 414 

, Jane 


Buchanan, Kathleen 260 

Bucher, Jean 417 

Bucher, Jo Ann 365 

Buck, Martha 394, 395, 397 

Buck, Sally 377 

Bucks. Ron 381 

Buckles, Jerry 166, 323 

Buckles, Ken 104, 294 

Buckles, Noretta 144 

Buckles, Robert 104, 277, 293, 340, 353 

Buczek, Kathleen 368 

Buczek, Susan 124, 285 

Buemeh, Linda 397 

Buertin. Russell 415 

Buff, Terry 422 

Bugby, Daniel 124 

Bukar, Alhaji 293. 313. 331 

Buker. Philip 411 

Bulat, William 124 

Bulkley, Betty 421 

Bullington, Alan 375 
Bullis. Craig 347 
Bulmer, Belva 149. 285, 365 
Bulmer. Belty 324, 367 
Bulow, Aaron 237, 375 
Bulow, Allen 237, 375 
Bump, Dennis 418 
Bunge, Joseph 211 
Bunselmeyer. H. 375 
Buntin, Mary 3% 
Burcb, Dennis 381 
Burd, Barbara 110, 285 
Burg, Patricia 124, 275 
Burga, Francis 162, 302 
Burgard, Wanda 124 
Burger, Clifford 91 
Burk, Jerry 363 
Burke, Gary 283 
Burke, Michael 381 
Burke, Robert 309 
Burklow, Janet 124, 275 



t, Lynn 422 

:t, Nancy 124, 305 

:t, Ruth 388 

i, Ron 381 
side, John 278 
s, Teresa 324, 325 

. ] ban 


Burroughs, Anthony 381 

Burson, George 149 

Burtley, Janet 396 

Burton, Ton 375 

Busch, Larry 224, 246, 253, 412 

Bush. Ellen 423 

Bush, Suzanne 377 

Buske, Bill 358 

Bustin, Ronald 307 

Butchko. Bruce 229 

Butler, Joan 124, 418 

Butler, Rodney 390 

Butler, Susan 421 

Butt, Petty 421 

Butts, Darryl 410 

Butts, Marcia 345 



W. 211 

Cacioppo, Charlotte 144, 368 
Cagle, Barbara 124 
Callahan, Kathleen 350 
Cagle, Nancy 383 



Cain, Edward 352 
Callahan, John 2 
Callahan, Kathleen 
Callahan, Kay 364 
Callaway, Roger 
Calligaria, Charles 
Cama.ato, Keith 2 


Camfield, Er 

o 424 
:st 359 

Campbell, Alice 301 

Campbell, Daniel 297 

Campbell. Glenn 294, 303 

Campbell, Lets 383 

Campbel, Leta 383 

Campbell, Linda 348 

Campbell, Martin 345 

Campbelh Marvin 303 

Campbell, Richard 377 

Camper, Linda 345 

Cnndia, Veroncia 396 

Cange, Mary 364 

Cannatnro, Ken 358 

Cantore, Donna 424 

Cantrcll, Ralph 388 

Carol, William 249, 269, 316, 408 

Carey, Ann 286 

Carhaght, John 374 

Carkin, Susan 420 

Carl, Barbara 142 

Carl, Thomas 414 

Carlisle, Clora 124, 296, 376 

Carlisle, Linda 328, 416 

Carlson, Dave 381 

Carlson, Donald 381 

Carlson. Gary 118, 260 

Carlson. Janet 398 

Carlson, Joan 124, 299, 412 

Carlson, Jon 124, 351 

Carlson, Robert 388, 390 

Carlyle, Richard 166, 362 

Carman, Linda 399 

Carnaghi, John 110, 276, 294, 308 

Carpenter, Bernard 297, 414 

Carpenter, Christine 281 

Carpenter, Ronald 358 

Carpentieri, Dominick 149 

Carr, Butch 244 

Carr, Gary 195, 196 

Carr, John 303 

Carr, Ronald 302, 414 

Carrigan, Carl 375 

Carroll. Karen 394, 396 

Carrol, Peggy 396 

Carron, Sandra 124 

Carruthers, Sue 277 

Carsello, Phyllis 383 

Carson, Janann 144, 281, 305, 348 

Carson, Terry 149 

Carter, Adrianne 317, 396 

Carter, Bernard 149 

Carter, Charles 124, 320, 358 

Carter, Dwayne 286 

Carter, Joy 299 

Carter, Judy 249, 262, 289, 340 

Carter, Richard 308, 346 

Carter, Robert 27, 244, 246, 340 

Cartwright, Dennis 359 

Caruso, Ronald 332 

Cary, Walter 162, 302 

Cascella, Regina 422 

Casey, Edward 314 

Casey, Warren 286 

Cash, Charles 124, 328 
Cash, James 347 
Cash, Lee 381 
Caskey, Jane 417 
Casper, Robert 418 
Casper, Thomas 149 
Cassity, Tom 375, 31 
Cast, Donald 328 
Casteel, Barbara 149" 
Castcns, Gary 381 
Castner, Jonthan 323 
Castro, Alfonso 166, 280 
Castro, Oscar 333, 375 
Caswell, Larry 381 
Catalano, Frank 381 
Catenacci, Sunny 328 
Catlin, Thomas 352 
Cattani, Sua 289, 376 
Catilloa, Anthony 149 
Cattson, Thelma .382 
Caulk, William 124 

:ta, Jai 


Cavitt, James 149 

Ceelen, Clark 318 

Ceferin, Cheryl 382 

Celi, Conni 365 

Celuch, John 196 

Cerda, Javier 124 

Cerven, Andrew 314 

Chadra, David 162, 302 

Chamberlain, Leslie 190 
Chaloupka, Harvey 358 
Chamberlain, Linda 383 
Chnmbcrlin. Robert 110, 294 
Chambers, Madonna 383 
Chambers, Thomas 166 
Chambers. William 414 
Chamness. Marilyn 394, 395 
Champion, Kenneth 381 
Champion. Walt 332 
Chan, Chien 300 
Chan, Floyd 300, 373, 379 
Chan, Te-Lai 300 
Chandler, Diane 306, 399 
Chandler, Roesch 124 
Chandler, Sharon 396 
Chaora, Kananur 306 
Chancy. Norma 377 
Chang. Cheng. Ming 300 
Channcs, Marilyn 295 
Chad, Hayley 416 
Chaplain, Dave 353 
Chapman, Craig 415 
Chapman, Warren 418 
Chappell, Carole 396 
Charman, Julie 383 
Case, Betty 377 
Cliazaro, Sergio 411 
Che. Wilfred 300 
Check. Michael 110 
Cheng, Sing Lien 300 
Chen, Gcorgo 300 
Chen, Juh Wah 300 
Chenowelh. Carol 118 
Chcnowcth. Leo 337 
Cherncy, Susan 282 
Cherry, C. 395, 399 
Chcsmer, Frank 289 

Chesnek, Frank 104, 303 
Chester, Judith 124 
Cheung. Christopher 300. 381 
Chevalier, Bernard 358 
Chi, Chee Ming 300 
Child, George 371, 381 
Childers, Terry 149 
Chin, Alice 300 
Chirigos, Nancy 364 
Chisholm, David 197 
Chittenden, Carol 416 
Chmielewski, William 124 



Choi, Chan 311 

Cholewick, Robert 294, 424 

Chott, Gary 283 

Chouinard, Gary 352 

Chovanec, Laura 149, 255, 284, 350 

Chow, Esther 300 

Christenberry, Tom 381 

Christensen, David 352 

Christian, Michael 375 

Christian, Sue 350 

Christainson, Beverly 166, 284, 377 

Christoffel, Mary 423 

Chu, C. H. 300 

Chu, Richard 332 

Chu, Ruth 300 

Chukorn.-Jarinita 332 

Chukwurah, Chris 313 

Chumbley, Buster 229 

Churan, Cynthia 368 

Church, Bev 396 

Churney, Mary 365 

Chyanowski, Janet 365 

Ciesler, Diane 412 

Cimberg, Robert 150 

Cissell, Homer 424 

Cissell, William 124, 332 

Ciulla, Jacqueline 383 

Ciulla, Nicholas 307 

Claar, David 391 

Clanton, Carole 305, 416 

Clarida, Kent 104, 303 

Clark, Charlene 342 

Clark, Clarence 166, 323 

Clark, Elmer 120, 455 

Clark, Gail 383 

Clark, Gary 246, 150, 374 

Clark, George 276J 308 

Clark, Gloria 424 

Clark. Harriett 396 

Clark. Jean 377 

Clark, Jane 377 

Clark. Jeramae 345 

Clark, Maurice 175 

Clark, Randy 118, 287 

Clark, Richard 359 

Clark, Sandra 325, 365, 377 

Clark, Terry 277, 378 

Clark, William 360 

Clarke, Robert 150 

Clarke, Gary 390 

Clarke, Waiter 190 

Claur, Jeff 321 

Clausell. Willie 346 

Clausing, Diane 383 

Clavio, Norman 294 

Clayton, Charles 287 

Clegg, James 166 

Clements. Alan 349 

Clendenning, Cathy 166, 306, 348 

Cler, Michael 166. 388, 390 

Clerico, Marianna 320 

Cleveland, Claudette 124 

Cleveland, Mary 295, 323 

Clevenger, Gary 297 

Cliff, Donna 345 

Clifford, John 118 

Clifton, Lonnie 323, 359 

Clifton, Mary 365 

Cline, John 303, 359 

Clinton, Carol 124 

Clonce, Delorea 332 

Clore, ThomaB 189 

Clucas, Douglas 418 

Clutts, Imogene 418 

Clutts, Rodney 358 

Clutts, Shelcigh 144, 365 

Clyde, Carol 383 

Coale, Stephen 302 

Coan, Terry 275 

Cobb, James 283 

Cobb, Larry 309 

Cobb, Lucianna 365 

Cobb, Peggy 317 

Coblentz, Beth 365 

Cochran. Jane 365 

Cochran, Karen 305 

Cochran, Malcolm 276, 319 

Coere, Stanley 166. 323, 381 

Coffey, Billy 110, 294 

Coffey, Kevin 358 

Coghill. Ronald 239 

Cohen, Linda 330, 364 

Coke, Dickie 301 

Coke, Kockie 321 

Colby. Donald 166, 323 

Colclasure, Douglas 162, 302, 333 

Colclasure, Craig 409 

Cole, Ke 

251. 252, 118 

Coleman, Claude 91 
Coleman, Ronald 150, 328 
Coll, Gary 274, 292 
Collard, John 276 




Collies, Monty 320 
Collier, Ronald 124 
Collignon, Pam 124 
Collins, Barbara 317 
Collins, Jere 399 
Collins, John 276 
Collins, Mark 358 
Collins, Richard 297, 303 
Collins, Susan 144 
Collins. Thomas 354, 358 
Colom, Roland 359 
Colvin. Paula 124 
Colombo, Sue 383 
Colvin, Sandra 294, 295 
Cornelia, Richard 388, 389 
Comerford. Virginia 144, 305 
Compisi, Catherine 376 
Conard. Gayle 166 
Conaughty, Katby 394, 398 
Conci, Margaret 302 
Conkel, Scott 29 
Connaway, Elizabeth 41 
Conner, Cathy 420 
Conner, Dennis 410 
Conner, Jackie 341 
Conner, Thomas 315 
Conrad, Gayle 366 



Corner, Louis 110 

Conti, Catherine 383, 284 

Converse, Bruce 287. 374 

ay, Jan 
ay. Ma 



Conway, Robert 344 
Cook, Dan 150 
Cook, Robert 358 
Cooley, Joe 275, 411 
Coombs, Paul 381 
Coombs, Ronald 166, 390 
Coons, Claudette 166, 365 
Cooper, David 299, 381 
Cooper, Deborah 383 
Cooper, Dee 354 
Cooper. Diane 366 
Cooper, John 410 
Cooper, Steven 359 
Cooper. Terry 166, 390 
Coors, Vincent 110, 276 
Copeland. Alfred 286 
Coplea, Judy 364 
Corbell. Denny 307 
Corbelt. Tom 276 





Cordill, Jil 

Corich. Edwad 295 

Cornell. Bill 196 

Cornell. Vera 320 

Cornwell. BUI 304 

Cornwell. Vera 320 

Cornwell, Michael 166, 388, 391 

Cornwell. Teresa 396 

Corpora. Stephaine 377 

Coronel. Anita 311 

Corra. Terrie 377 

Corradini. Mary Lou 377 

Corrie, Chris 150, 374 

Corrigan. John 110 

Corrigan. Kathleen 380 

Corrington, Philip 381 

Corrington, Robert 333 

Core, Vince 308 

Corsa, Deana 364 

Cosby, Marsha 364 

Costello, Jack 110 
Costello, Roger 344 
Cotham, Terry 211 
Cotter, William 150, 341, 427 
Cottingham. Doris 416 
Cotton, Charles 124 
Coughin, Bill 411 
Couksey, Michael 360 
Coulson, Michael 358 
Coulter, Harold 286 
Counte, Michael ISO 


, Da 


n. Ma 

Courtney, Brian 150 
Courtney, James 110 
Couser, Margaret 305, 118 
Coventry, Robin 195, 196 
Covone, Elaine 350 
Covone. James 381 
Cowan. Patricia 303, 368 
Cowell, Jack 411 
Cowie. J. F. 275 
Cox, Cheryl 125, 275 
Cox, Cynthia 395, 396 
Cox, Edith 150 
Cox, Gary 381 
Cox, Gerald 104 
Cox. Larry 211, 213 
Cox, Mark 359 
Cox, Michael 351 
Cox, Sharon 364 
Coy, Steven 344 
Craig. Cathy 364 
Craig, Gerald 4111 
Cram, Daniel 280 
Cramer, Cathleen 167, 383 


II ., 




ndall, Darla 399 
ndall, Irene 373, 383 

Crass, Rhonda 396 
Craven, Lowell 150 
Crawford, David 110 
Crawford, Gary 340 
Crawford, Gregory 298, 353 
Crawford. Martha 416 




Crede, John 285 
Crescenti. William 
Crifasi. Stephanie 412 
Criger. Milton 318 
Cripe, Marian 364 
Cripe, Sandra 305, 411 
Cripps. Sarah 395. 397 
Crispin. Sally 397 
Crites, Dale 353 
Crites. Paul 424 
Cronin, David 211 
Cronin, Michael 351 
Crooke, W. S. 318 
Crooker, William 320 
Crosby, Herbert 317 
Crouch, Diane 377 
Crow, Rex 411 
Crowell, Janice 305 


Crull, Marilyn 333, 364 
Crum, John 305, 418 
Cruse, Lon 283 
Cruthird, Odessa 399 
Culberson, Dennis 150. 297, 305 
Culen, Kathleen 412 
Cullerton, Jeff 144, 244. 377 
Culley. Donnell 286 
Culley, Randy 374 
Cumerlato, David 378 

i 415 

Cummins. Teresa 420 
Cumminskey. Carol 377, 306 
Cundif. John 292 
Cunningham, Don 358 
Cunningham, James 283 
Cunningham, Pamela 125 
Cunningham, Ronald 359 
Cunningham, Theodor 381 
Cunningham. William 297. 353. 381 
Curelo, Kenneth 381 
Cureton, Donald 104, 303 
Curran, Mason 318 
Currie, Bruce 194, 314 
Curry, Carol 318 
Curskis, Pam 364 
Curtis, Sandra 396 
Curto, Gary 125 
Custar, Ralph 358 
Cutright, Donna 328. 396 
Czocher. Lester 358 

Daab, Marcia 

Daab, Marlene 365 

Dahl, Richard 276 

Dahm. Emelee 150 

Dailey. Sherry 125. 366 

Daley, Gail 235, 

Dallmier, Donald 104, 294, 314 

Dalton, James 424 

Dame. Frank 285 

Damiano, Frank 278 

Damien, Sister Marie 286 

Dammann, Joyce 365 

Dandurand, Marlk 417 
Dangel. Harvey 330. 358 
Daniel. Marshall 358 
Danielewicz, Judith 150 
Daniels. Dale 360 
Daniels. Gail 125. 395, 391 
Daniels. Jerald 378 
Daniels. Judy 423 
Daniels. Randal 359 
Daniels. Richard 150 
Dannhauser, Linda 125, 3( 
Dark, Philip 181 
Darnell, Daniel 359 
Daron. Rebecca 354. 364 
Darosa, Edmund 275 


Darr, Stanley 379 
Darr. Stephen 388 
Dart, Steven 388, 391 
Dasch, Jerry 373 
Daubs, Carol 125 
Daum, Gregory 418 
Daum. Rochelle 383 
Davanipour. Iraj 309 
Davenport, James 332 
Davenport, Paula 395, 396 
Davenport. Sally 383 
David. Cyndi 324 
David, Malcolm 125 

. Ian 

'idson. Karen 118 
■ idson, Linda 418 
ies, Dorothy 122 

Cynthia 299, 325. 383 
Dave 118 

Davis, Harlan 178 

Davis, James 303, 316, 359 

Davis, Janice 311, 317 

Davis, John 150, 265. 375, 419 




Davis, Kenneth 87 
Davis. Leon 140, 283 
Davis, Lynn 365 
Davis. Philip 178, 308 
Davis, Robert 150. 378 
Davis, Sally 299. 393 
Davis, Sandra 412 


, Share 
, Vanil 


Dawe, Jerry 54, 253, 260 

Dawkins, Charles 359 

Day, Linda 350 

Day, Rod 378 

Day. Tom 351 

Deadrich. Burke 237 

Dean, Dennis 320. 378 

Dean. Francois 302 

Dean, Roberta 125 

Dean. Sheryl 382 

Dearden, Joann 416 

Deaton. Dewayne 359 

Deaton, Frankie 419 

Deaton. Larry 162 

Deboer, James 167. 390 

Debolt, William 419 

Debus, Linda 345 

Dedera, Sharon 427 

DeDore, Richard 330 

Deere, James 167. 388, 390 

Defenbaugh, Ray 277 

Delilippi, Donata 277. 332, 395. 396 

Deforest, Ronald 374 

Deglinger. Hariet 396 

Dcgrazia, James 110 

Dehm, Karen 365 

Dehnert, Mary 383 

Deilallan, Walid 331 

Deillippi, Donata 277 

Deivecchco, Robbie 333, 420 

Deleoda, J. 306 

Dclgoda, F. 306 

Dellinger, John 424 

Demas, Frank 359 

Denges, Gregory 390 

Dennis, Barry 321 

Dennis, Fredrick 232, 233, 347 

Dennis, Karen 411 

Denny. Joe 410 

Depisa, Vincent 110 

Derbak, Frank 381 

Derenfin. Ronald 167 

Derino, Dean 358 

Derringer, Sandra 409 

Deiry, Ronald 150 

Dertz. James 314. 426 

Disai. Dilip 306 

DeSalvo. Frank 378 

Destefano, Doris 3% 
Deuischmann, Rudoph 396 
Dentselmann, Rudy 413 
Devalk, Sherry 412 
Devasto, Carol 295, 365 
Deverman, Phillip 104, 293 
Devillez, Carol 125 
Devore, Carolyn 365 
Dewall, Arlen 358 
Dewey, Theron 410. 317 
Dews, Henry 390 
Deyoung, Edward 303 
Dezutti, Sharon 345 
Dhalla. Rozila 281, 305, 398 
Dibuono, Roy 382 
Dickerson, Dwayne 358 
Dickerson, Tommy 391 
Dickey, David 125 
Dickey, Sue 365 
Dickey, Carol 365 
Dickson, John 303 
Diederich, Richard 352 
Diefall, Walied 296 
Diehl, Henry 407 
Diesen, Michael 283, 375 
Dietz, Bill 351 
Dietz, Vicki 383 
Dietz, Wayne 424 
Difiglio. Barbara 365 
Difuleo, Jamie 365 
Digiovanni, Nick 359 
Dijksma. Aalt 285, 321 
Dikelsky. Burton 118 
Dillard, David 305, 358 
Dillingham. Samuel 305, 358 
Dilworth. Bill 347 
Dinkel, Levy 144 
Dinkel, Lucy 330, 333 
Dinnerville, Donald 414 
Dinnerville. Raymond 110, 359 
DiPaszuo, Joe 389 
Dipert, Duane 378. 303 


Mark 299 



Dirks, Ruth 125 
Disbrow. Robert 111. 533 
Distelzweig, Mary 365 
Dix, Janis 306, 399 
Dixon, Mike 358 
Djahed. Bahman 309, 415 
Dluehosh, Sue 311. 328, 417 
Dobbins, Brenda 396 
Dohos, Gary 359 
Dodd, Dorothy 299. 394 
Dodson. Dave 305 
Dodwell, Linda 312, 313 
Dohlstorru. Gregg 359 
Dolack, Charlotte 125 
Dolan, Mary 383 
Dolbeare, Richard 302 
Dombek, Patricia 368 
Dombrosky, Carol 365 
Dombrow, David 378 

II.. i, 



Domko, Joseph 237, 400 
Dona, John 125 
Donaldson, Csrla 365 
Donham, Dennis 384 
Donnell, Cathy 383 
Donnell, Janise 281, 305, 313 
Donnelly, Daniel 111 
Donnelly, Louise 306, 364 
Donneson, Janice 383 
Donohue, Terry 378 
Donovan, William 351 
Dooley, Cynthia 167, 388 
Dooley, Linda 324, 368 
Dopper, Daryl 396 
Darazio, John 347 
Doretti. Robert 286 
Dorn, Oliver 104 




Dorufl. Don 358 
Dosch, Jerry 375 
Doss, Jon 297 
Doty, Kendall 378 
Dougher, Robert 35 
Doughtery, Clarence 


Doughterly. Judy 324. 398 
Dougherty, Kathryn 412 
Douglas, Dennis 283, 297 
Douglas, Gladys 309, 383 
Douglas, Hamilton 283 
Douglas, Jean 396 
Douglas, Larry 409 
Downey, Jack 202 
Downey, Karen 333 
Downs, Brian 111, 319, 415 
Downs. David 378 
Downs, Jack 303 
Downs, Linda 422 

David 408 
, Carolyn 383 
, Mark 422 
r. Sandra 125, 317, 320 


1, Gregoi 

y 352 

I, Robert 

245. 246 

vine, Jul 

ie 298 

11, Edwii 

i 201 

. Jerrell 

299. 425 

, Paul 418 

Drow. Patricia 365 
Drozd, Patricia 421 
Dubois. Nancy 368 
Duckworth, Archie 418 
Duckworth. Mike 418 
Duda. Frank 276 
Dudas. Dennis 412 

Dudenbostle. Myron 167. 388, 390 

Dudenbostel, Rayburn 297 

Dudley, Jacqueline 396 

Dudnick. Barb 413 

Duensing. WUlard 384 

Duever, John 419 

Duffney. Daniel 381 

Dugan. Rebecca 365 

Duganich. Christina 417 

Duis, Leslie 411 

Duis, Mary Ann 411 

Duke, Ellery 150, 333 

Duke, Mike 420 

Duke, Raymond 359 

Dumontelle, Bonnie 383, 305 

Dunagan, Danny 384 

Duncan, Marsha 365 

Dungey, Philip 425 

Dunham, Janis 78. 235. 341 

Dunham. Judith 398 

Dunham. Sue 422 

Dunlap, James 390 

Dunn, Claudiaso 330, 383 

Dunn. Donald 125 

Dunn. Karen 383 

Dunn. Robert 125 

Dunn. Tom 381 

Dunseth, Lena 413 

Dupree, Joseph 232 

Durham. Elsa 341 

Durkee, Linda 167. 306 

Durkee, Terry 381 

Durr. Daniel 381 

Durr. Mike. 424 

Durre. Allan 381 

Dusek, Frank 189 

Dusek, Jeanine 296. 345 

Dutko, Donna Gail 306, 411 

Duval, Kaye 348 

Duxbury. Jeff 196. 197 

Dvorak, Hutch 232, 362 

Dubuig, Homer 190 

Dycus. Harold 91 

Dyroff, Terry 304 

Dysart. Linda 395, 399 

Dziarnowski, Richard 111, .'76, 279 

Eaelman, Edward 359 
Eagerton. Elizabeth 39 
Eagles, Dona 285 
Eakin, Judith 150, 299, 366 
Eakle, Connie 398 
Earnheart, Mary 345 
Easley, Dick 359 
Easton, Roberta 167 
Eaton, Joseph 418 
Ebbs, Stephen 297. 351 
Eberhardl. William 111 
Ebersole, Suzanne 329, 416 
Eccher, Jerry 313 
Echols, Eddie 389 
Echols, Harry 391 
Eckert. Janis 395, 398 
Eckert, Karen 368 
Eckert, Nancy 421 
Eckhardt, John 125 
Ecklund, Carl 302 
Eddingficld, David 302 
Eddings. Cheryl 324 
Eddy, Virginia 398 



ison, Martha 61, 125, 265, 310, 
Edstrom. Pat 421 
Edwards, Ann 312 
Edwards, Anna 151 
Edwards, Arnold 425 
Edwards. Jamea 319. 359 

Edwards, John 303, 422 
Edwards. Mark 414 
Edwards, Marvin 244. 373, 347 
Edwards, Mary Lynn 383 




Edwards, Thomas 378 
Edwards, Troy 122 
Edwards, Wayne 388, 390 
Egan, Paula 365 
Eggemeyer, Lois 125 
Eggcrich. Ann 125 
Eggley, Thomas 328 


Ehrenlreund, David 148 
Ehrlich, Norman 151, 359 
Eident, Susan 395, 398 
Eidson, James 411 
Eidson, Pat 411 
Eiland, Roosevelt 359 



Eilers, John 384 

Eislelder, Frances 167, 282, 388 

El-Quazzaz, Marwan 331 

Elam, Lydia 296, 408 

Elarili, Salib. 296 




Elia, Lorrie 332, 367 
Elias, David 162 
Eliasik. John 211 
Elkins, Christy 383 
Elledge, Jane 417 
Ellegant, Barry 330 
Ellington, Danny 374 
Elliott, Glenn 390 
Elliott, Ronald 390 
Ellis, Clarence 125, 313 
Ellis. Doris 305, 396 
Ellis. James 294 
Ellis. Linda 118. 286. 426 
Ellison, Richard 196. 379 



Ellsworth, Judith 281 

Elsesser, Cynthia 423 




Elwardt, Bill 420 

Emerson, Diana 317, 320 

Emery, Robert 381 

Emmerich, Michael 283, 408 

Emmons, Patricia 418 

Enerson, Barbara 317 

Engel, Nancy 424 

Engel. Terry 410 

Engelhard, Linda 424 

Engelhardt. James 104. 277. 294. 303 

Engelhart, Patricia 125 

England. James 275 

England. John 294 

England, Linda 383 

Englehardt, Edward 362 

Engleman. David 151 

English. Ellery 359 

Englum, Joe 359 

Enlow, Diana 318 

Ennis. Joan 422 

Ennuso. Louis 344 

Ensor Donald 104 

Enyedi, Jonathan 351 

Epngrave. Timothy 303 

Epling. William 359 

Eppcrheimer, John 251, 287, 284 

Epperheimer, William 214, 292 

Epplin. Patricia 383 

Epstein, Marcia 330, 399 

Epstein. Ronald 413 

Erickson. Martha 341. 383 

Ericson. Christine 377 

End. Jeanne 125. 164, 348 



Esch, Anit 
Esscnpreis, Darlene 125 
Essick. Ray 239 
Estill, Mary 343, 383 
Estwing, Chris 381 
Etling. Harold 391 
Eubank, Barbara 367 
Eubank, Susan 365 
Eubanks, Mark 41, 
Eury, Stephen 424 
Evans. Cail 367 
Evans, Gerald 201 
Evans. Lorry 419 
Evans, Margaret 365 
Evertz. Richard 125, 239 
Ewald. Sue 418 
Ewan, Joseph 303 
Eways, Saad 296 


3 B . Joseph 316 

n, Robert 320. 359 

Eye. Pamela 399 

Fabert, Sally 423 

Fabrizio. Joan 365 

Fadase, F. 293 

Fagan. Alan 283. 415 

Fair. Timm 378 

Fairbanks, Russell 280 

Fairfield, Charles 359 

Fairman, Kenneth 118 

Fakhry. Afra 296. 395, 396 

Fakler. Don 420 

Falkenhain, Nancj 418 

Fallinc, Terry 144. 247, 305, 312, 313 

Fanchcr, Gary 321 


1 IK 

Fang, Jen-Ho 300 

Fansler, Deborah 368 

Fant, Deborah 365 

Farahnik, Saiid 424 

Faris, Gerald 125, 316 

Farmer. David 359 

Farmer, Michael 162, 302, 317 

Farmer, Ronnie 378 




Farr, Alfred 126 

Farr, Franklin 151 

Farr, Jane 364 

Farren, Jeffery 359 

Farris, Linda 365 

Farris, Susan 45, 348, 295 

Fauls. Tom 359 



rcn 378 
.id 381 

Fee, Carol 126 
Fehrenbaker, Donna 341, 383 
Firich, Charles 91 
Feldworth, Judith 365 

Fellows, Sandra 409 

Fendrich, Jerry 111, 195, 196, 276, 375 

Fenton. Gary 358 

Fenton, Suzanne 244 

Ference, John 211 

Ferguson. Arthur 229, 278 

Ferguson. Gene 359 

Ferguson, Thaddeus 204 

Ferneau, Bonnie 119, 284 

Ferrari. Patricia 282 



Ferrarini. Barbara 167, 282 
Ferratier, Louis 409 
Ferrick, Gerald 34 
Ferrin. Joel 378 
Ferry, Steven 359 
Fiala. GaU 306, 427 
Fiath, Allen 389 
Ficke, Sara 364 
Field, Norman 378 
Fields, Alfreda 126. 296. 411 
Fields, Charles 413 
Fields, Danny 347 
Filardo, Janice 350 
Filbey, Harry 111, 297 
Filippi, Linda 350 
Finch, Janice 333, 365 
Fincham, John 237 
Findlay, Joseph 104 
Fine. Marine 325 
Fingerbut. Fred 378 
Finkelslein. Judy 365 
Finley, Carol 419 
Finley, Elbert 418 
Fink. Herbert 140 
Finn, Patricia 398 
Finney, Jerry 283, 375 
Finney, John 201 
Finnicum, Jane 295, 366 
Finnicum, John 297, 426 

Fiock, Connie 421 

Fischel, Jo 28-1, 288, 345 

Fisher, Carolyn 126, 296, 299. 412 

Fisher, Harold 87 

Fisher, David 111 

Fisher, Gail 383 

Fisher, Jo 422 

Fisher, Larry 378 

Fisher, Sheila 126 

Fitzgerald, Frantic 427 

Fitzgerald, Thomas 319 

Fitzgerald. William 305 

Fitzsimmons, David 167 

Flanigan, Barbara 423 

Fletcher, Kathleen 307 

Flick. Jamea 111, 352 

Flickingcr. Theodore 316 

Fligor. Nancy 307 

Flint, Tom 286 

Floquet, John 302. 420 

Floneich, Judy 377 
Floreth, Janelle 126, 296 
Floring, Linda 383 
Florreich, Judith 371 
Florreich, Rodger 293 
Flowers, Angela 308, 423 


a, Cle. 


Flowers, Dwight 15 

Floyd, Jennifer 331 

Floyd, Pamela 398 

Floyd, William 378 

Flynn, Barb 399 

Flynn, Judith 365 

Flynn. Robert 111, 332, 319, 417 

Flynn, Vicki 365 

Foffel, John 315 

Fohr, John 319 

Follas, John 162, 302 

Fong, Victor 300 

Fongsiri, Sunee 322 

Foral, Judith 167, 306 

Forbes, Ricyhe 412 

Forbes, Harold 162, 302 

Ford, Elsa 288 

Ford, Robert 378 

Ford, Vicki 383 

Formanek. Donald 320 

Fornear. James 410 

Forrest, Ronald 304, 415 

Forrest, William 293, 353 

Forston. Billy 111, 410 

Foster, Georgene 423 

Foster. Judith 365 




Foster, Stephen 151 
Foster, Terry 378 
Fought, John 251 
Fowler, Maryann 120, 316 
Fowler, Richard 167, 311, 388 
Fowles, Thomas 391 
Fox, Dan 344 



Fox, Loren 379 
Fox, Louetta 412 
Fox. Marilyn 634 
Fox, Sally 247, 296, 423 



Foxvog. Ray 378 

Frailey, Delbert 294, 347 

Frain, Richard 319, 417 

Francis, Fred 359 

Francis, Jeffrey 378 

Francis, Martha 383 

Francis, Robert 298 

Francisco, Serrano 314 

Francois, Dean 162, 421 

Frank, Roy 374 

Frankland, Earl 151, 378 

Frankland. Phillip 378 

Franks, Gloria 398 

Frantz, Connie 126 

Franzen, Janet 395, 398 

Franzke, Robert 315 

Fraore, Zantigio 307 

Frazee, Nelda 398 

Fraizer, Randy 333 

Fraunfelter, George 304 

Frazier, Walter 222, 223, 225, 226. 227, 

Frcderich, Barbara 383 
Frederick, Coleen 365 
Freebert, Susan 43 
Freebourn, Charity 423 
Freed. Gerald 111, 276 
Freeman. Dennis 315, 347. 418 
Freeman, Karen 416 


Freeman, Marjorie 295, 306 
Freeman, Michael 375 
Freeman, Richard 427 
Freemeyer, Sherrill 297, 305 
Frcifield. Sue 383 
Freise, John 320 
French. Charles 422 
Freoch, James 422 
French. Monna 421 
Frenkel, Vicki 308 
Freund. Bernice 383 
Freund. Gene 315 
Freund. Sharon 383 
Frey, Donna 397 
Frcy, Jill 383 
Fribbs. Gary 151 
Frick. Patricia 377 
Frick. Paula 376 
Fricks. Nancy 416 
Friebnse, Dona 199 
Friebocs, Jon 415 
Friedman. Rachel 330. 364 
Frigolett. James 391 
Frihart. Margaret 126 
Frisch, Laurie 61 
Frisch. Michael 349 
Fritschlc, Terry 408 

Fron, Sba 



ink, Vi. 


Frowein, Roger 414 

Fry, Laura 328, 395, 398 

Fry, Martha 167, 413 

Fuchs, Alexis 373, 383 

Fuchs, Ronald 375 

Fuhrer. Linda 365 

Fulk, Larry 126 

Fulk, James 413 

Fulkerson, Rebecca 345 

Fuller, Charles 323, 418 

Fuller, Delisle 111 

Fuller, Tom 347 

Fullerton, Joyce 167, 332, 388 

Fults, Anna Carol 144 

Fung, Julian 300 

Funk, Katherine 395, 398 

Funkhouser, Anette 126 

Furner, James 278, 415 



Gaa, Gerald 425 

Gaa, Joanne 365 

Gabriel, Onyarngo 293 

Gagala, David 378 

Gaither, Lonnie 422 

Galbraith, John 57 

Gale, Rosalie 412 

Gale. Sharon 277 

Galetto. Joesph 276 

Galles, Sylvia 126 

Galligani, Leona 111 

Galliher, Sally 397 

Gallina, Richard 304 

Gallinger. Randy 378 

Galloway. Ralph 211, 381 

Gallup. Carol 167 

Galvan. Luia 378 

Ganey, Kathleen 119, 260. 340 

Garab, Jane 306, 365 

Garbacz, Joseph .111 

Garber, Audrey 411 

Garcia, Miriam 396 

Card, Carol 151 

Card, Mary 345 

Gardner, Carolyn 244 

Gardner. Dale 196, 384 

Carduer. S. 394 

Gardner. Susan 383 

Caren. Kenneth 413 

Garleb, Barbara 383 

Garlinghouse, Mike 278 

Carman, Gar 304 

Gaman. Laurel 211 

Garman, Steve 378 

Garmon, Bill 418 

Carnati. Kajla 364 

Garner, John 304 

Garett, Dennis 303 

Garrett. Edlo 223 

Garrett, James 418 

Garrett, Lary 167, 388, 391 

Garrett, Oliva 398 

Garrett, Richard 225 

Garrett, William 378 

Garrison, Ed 410 

Garrison, Gary 316 

Garrison, Judy 341, 365 

Garrison, Margaret 282 

Garrison, R. 359 

Garrison, Teryl 299 

Garulski, Linda 295 

Garvert, Joan 399 

Garvin. Richard 359 

Casa. William 373, 375 

Casway, Mary 383 

Gass. George 57 

Gaston. Bruce 422 

Gatea, Donald 305, 312, 313 

Gathright, William 346 

Gatlin, John 362 

Gatz, Inge 151 

Gautreaux, Tcna 260 

Gavzcr, Charles 378 

GawDe. Christine 417 

Cay. Holey 126 

Cay. Richard 360 

Gaylo. Tom 119, 287 

Gearhart, Edward 278 

Gebhardt, Ha: I. in 151, 314, 364 

Gebhardt, Pat 365 

Gebhardt. Peter 359 

Gee, Christy 366 

Gee. Patricia 324. 352, 412 

Cehlicrg, Robert 359 

Gehlcn, Sarah 377 

Gehrig, Shirley 1+1 

Gehring, Jan 341 

Geier, Karen 350 

Geisel, Gerry 211 

Gemmill. Joyce 73, 126. 281, 341 

Gensel, Duane 4111 

Genlille, Rickie 378 

George. Derek 126 

George, Kaye 295 

George, Nancy 416 

George, Ronald 349 

George, Williams 42 

Gerard, Ann 144 

Gerardi, Brenda 126, 320 

Genlille, Riekie 378 

Gergovich, Don 111 

Gerhardt, Barbara 394, 395. 398 

Gersch, Wayne 239 

Gerulski. Linda 365 



Gesell, David 378 
Gesiakowsi. Leonard 422 
Gher, Nancy 289 
Giachetti. Janice 77, 422 
Giallombardo, Daniel 391 
Gibbons, Michael 286 
Gibbons. Ronald 427 
Gibbs, Frank 349 
Gibbs. Sheila 427 
Gibbs.Virginia 383 
Giberson, Pat 126, 324 
Gibson, Jacklyn 383 
Gibson, James 232 





Gierach, Stepfen 28 
Giesholl, Eloise 422 
Giflord, Howard 378 
Gilbreath, Donna 126 
Gilbreath, John 347 
Gilbreath, Mary 126, 214 
Gildemeister. Charles 351 
Gill, Roland 119, 255, 260. 347 
Gill. Shirley 398 
Gillenberg. Bonnie 111 
Gilles, Marcia 260. 332. 417 
Gillespie, Malcolm 332 
Gillespie, Pam 388 
Gillespie, William 378 
Gillett, Gary 381 
Gilliatt, Paul 111 
Gillian, Stephen 414 
Gilmore, Shirley 126 





Givson, William 359 

Glass. Doris 383 

Glasshagel, Glenn 410 

Glauberman, Michael 359 

Glaubitz, Martin 378 

Glazik. Rudolph 104. 302, 314 

Gleason, Rita 424 

Glenn, Donald 352 

Glenn, Ronald 352 

Click, Karen 366 

Glickerson, Skip 304 

Glickmao, Deborah 411 

Glinea, Thomas 323. 388 

Glowaki, Bob 378 

Goeke, Jim 378 

Godare, Sharon 167 

Godbey, Will 366 

Godier, Lois 412 

Godin. Lee 417 

Godke, David 351 

Godlewski, Gerald 111, 276, 294 

Goebel, Willi! 


Goering, Herb 302 
Goetsch. Patri 


Goetz Jack 364 
Goetz, Gail 364 
Coll, Christine 38 
Goll, Richard 344 
Goin, Randall 126 
Goin, Shelia 126, 301 


ah 416 

Coldberg, Susan 421 
Golden, Sandra 311 
Goldenberg, Edward 151 
Goldman, Bruce 378, 415 
Goldman, Lois 365 
Goldman, S. 414 
Goldsmith, Judy 126 
Goldstein, G. 305 
Goldstein. Ronald 359 

Goldstein. Thomas 330. 409 
Colightly, Richard 359 
Gollus. Lynne 295 
Gondek. Carol 317 
Gongola. James 359 
Goodiel. Beverly 289 
Goodman. Anita 144 
Goodman, Gregory 330 
Goodman, Jack 330 
Goodman. James 359 
Goodman. Vadine 284. 366 
Goodman. Mary 324, 325 
Goodrich. John 284, 287 
Goodson, Darlene 126 
Goon, Fred 300 
Gordon, A. 413 
Gordon, Ruth 330, 365 
Gordon, Virginia 324, 325, 412 



Corey, Mary 413 
Gorman, Timothy 278 
Goscinski, Philip 379 
Gossage, Robert 151 
Gossell, Peter 359 
Gotch, John 119 
Gotsch, Jeflery 391 
Gottlieb, Roberta 366 
Gourley Carolyn 151 
Grabert, Sharon 126, 365 
Grabowaki, Audrey 427 
Grael, John 285 
Graehling, John 384 
Graening, Fred 286 
Graf, Larry 140 
Graflt, Duane 318. 359 
Gralton, Claudia 345 
Gragg. Rich 246, 269 
Graham, Jack 89 
Graham, James 378 
Graham. John 379 
Graham, Linda 126, 418 
Graham. Richard 349 
Graham, Vickie 282, 376 
Crammer, Ronald 410 
Grana, Maria 126, 284. 383 



Graskewicz. Jon 379 

Crassinger, Paula 341 

Graves, Robert 151 

Gray, Florence 364 

Gray, Gary 379 

Gray, Kerry 277, 295, 312, 313. 345 

Gray, Martha 167 

Gray, Pamela 80 

Cray, Shane 422 

Gray, William 140 

Graziano, Russe! 359 

Creabel, Dave 422 

Greathouse, Curtis 389 

Greco, Joseph 379 

Greeley, Cheryl 380 

Green, Andrew 321 

Green. Doris 399 

Green, Gerry 379 

Green, Janet 395, 399 

Green, John 111. 319 

Green. Michael 427 

Green. Pam 416 

Green, Robert 167, 347, 390 

Green. Steven 422 

Green, Susan 73, 371, 383 

Greenberg, Gerald 111 

Greenberg, Robert 283, 415 

Greene. Patrick 418 



Greenlee, Dale 276. 308 

Greenspon, Marlis 330. 395, 398 

Greenwald. Russell 379 

Greenwald, William 320 

Greenwood, Gary 353 

Greenwood, Gerald 126, 280 

Greenwood, Geriak 422 

Greer, Jacalyn 307 

Greer, Randall 319 

Gregory, David 375 

Gregory, Dianne 328 

Gregory, Ken 229 

Gregory, Stephen 275 

Grey, Vicki 412 

Gribben, Francis 359 

Grieco, William 126 

Grief, Beverly 306 

Grieraon, Judy 365 

Griffin, Beverly 383 

Griflin. Robert 379 

Griffin, Susan 383 

Griffin, Williams 225 

Griffith, Diane 383 

Griffith, Jill 325, 398 

Griffiths, Denney 391 

Griggs, Mary 365 

Grimmer, Kathryn 140, 281, 412 

Grimson, Linda 398 

Griner, Don 388, 391 

Griunell, John 184 
Grist, Arthur 89 
Groll, James 359 
Grofl. Kristine 383 
Grogan, Norma 257, 366 
Grogan, Steve 359 
Grohler, R. 388, 390 
Gronek, Patrick 379 
Groom, Carol 366 
Groppel, Marsha 422 
Grosboll, Cathie 348 
Grosowsky, Harold 110 


i« : 

Gross, Henry 162 
Gross, Jane 373, 380 
Gross, Kathy 126 
Gross. Steve 330 
Crosse, Bardwell 253 
Crubisich, Vernon 379 
Crudzinski, Joseph 359 
Gruenhut, Harriet 368 




Grutzius, Frank 379 

Gryszkiewicz, Rich 359 

Grzesik. Jacob 111 

Gu, Hiram 300 

Gubricky, Kathryn 365 

Guennewig, Thomas 278 

Guest, Donald 311 
Guest. Sandra 421 
Guetter. Paul 151, 247 
Guimond, Virginia 398 
Guinn. Beverly 365 
Guinn, Nancy 411 
Guinn. Ronald 321 
Gulley. Barbara 398 
Gulley. Gerald 111, 319 
Gulley, Jim 103, 104, 277 
Gullo, John 320, 415 
Gulon, Steve 294 
Gundtrson, R. 359 
Gunner. Snellen 324, 422 
Gupp, Sue 364 
Gurka, Albert 379 
Gurley, Jesse 151, 299, 343 
Gurley, Marshall 343 
Gurskis. Pamela 305 
Gurtner, Barbara 365 
Gustafson, Markel 378 
Gustalson, Steveng 276, 317 
Gustafson, Terry 283. 410 
Gustin, Donald 317 
Gustin, Ronald 354. 359 
Gustin. Sandra 366 
Guth. Charles 378 
Gulmann. John 420 
Cuttilla. Patricia 366 
Gutzler, Donald 278 
Guyer, Gale 144 

Haar, Patrick 378 
Haara, Gary 167. 323, 391 
Haas, William 286, 308 
Haberman, Mary 151, 408 
Habermehl, Sam 352 
Hackbarth, Susan 126 
Hacker, Jeffrey 126 
Hacker, Richard 360 
Hackett. James 340, 347 
Haderly, Ellen 306 
Hadley, James 352 



Haenisch, George 351 
Haerem, Alf 332, 389 
Haffron, Dennis 317 
Hagan, Ann 324, 325. 380 
Hagans. Evelyn 127, 299 
Hagcl, Rosalie 36 
Hagemann, Rainer 411 
Hagens, Evelyn 383 
Hager, Richard 379 
Haggenjos, Jeffrey 37 
Hagler, Gordon 344 
Hanlbeck, Randolph 379 
Hahn, Fred 316, 379 
Hake, June 127 
Hakim, Massood 302 
Halaby, Nabil 296, 331 
Halama, Walter 278 
Halawa, Tawfig 296, 331 
Halbert, Joseph 378 
Halderson. Oliver 189 
Hale, Johnny 424 
Hale, Lester 379 
Hale, Stephen 214 

Hall, Cynthia 417 



Hall. Jamille 340. 342 
Hall. Linda 380 
Hall. Richard 390 
Hall. Robert 283. 352 
Hall. Sidney 318 
Hall, Terry 379 
Hall, William 310 
Halleck. James 320 
Halliday, John 391 
Hillock, Thomas 151 
Halloran, Kippy 345 
Halmagyi, David 309, 409 
Halstead, Carol 421 
Hambly. Marilyn 127, 282 
Hameister, Dennis 419 
Hamilton, Carl 418 
Hamilton, Janet 151 
Hamilton, John 427 
Hamilton, John 151, 419 
Hamilton, Josephine 305, 397 
Hamilton, Mary 299, 332. 377 
Ham. linn. Peg 366 
Hamilton, Stephen 379 
Hammack, Wayne 424 
Hammer, Dale 151, 425 
Hammer, Kenneth 314, 378 
Hampleman. Gerald 162 
Hancock, Larry 127 
Hancock, Robert 018 
Hancock. Steven 411 
Handel. Theodore 391 
Handley. Robert 424 
Handy. Lawrence 211 294. 301 
Hanell. Gary 352 
Hanes, Bebe 313, 348 
Hanes, Mary 260 
Hanes. Mike 283 
Haney. Sidney 303 
Haney. Terese 366 
Hanfland. Lawrence 151. 297 
Hankins. Alex 151. 409 
Hankins. Carol 380 



Hanoer. Dolores 364 
Hannig. Virgil 111 
Hannon, William 379 
Hanoley. Jean 380 
Hanrahan, Norine 144. 305. 396 
Hansen. Robert 111, 294 
Hansen. Ronald 178 
Hanson. Gene 201 
Hanson, Karen 127 
Hanson. Mary 167. 306 
Hanson, Paul 151 
Hanson, Robert 308, 415 
Hanson, Roger 332 
Hanzely, Laszlo 321 
Hapke. Albert 260, 283 
Haque, Mohd 306, 331 


Hardel, Geoffrey 426 

Harder. John 379 

Hardesty. Mary 398 

Hardesty, Tom 276 

Harding. Arlene 380 

Harding, Carroll 287 

Hatdt. Dale 232 

Hargraves, John 283, 310, 328 

Hari, Ronald 140 

Hariuek, Gail 350 

Harlieb. Gary 247 

Harlow, Donna 312, 398 

Harlow, Jerry 151 

Harman, Linda 380, 388 

Harmon, Edward 353 

Harmon, James 280 

Harms, Edward 167 

Harms, Fred 287 

Harness, Rebecca 298, 409 

Harp, Larry 379 

Harper, Carl 167, 282, 292 

Harper, Carol 295 

Harper. Nancy 373, 383 

Harper, Susan 366 

Harper. Walter 410 

Harpstrile, Martha 281. 394. 395, 398 

Harpstrite, Mildred 398 

Harre, Betty 308 

Harre. Dennis 167, 323 

Harre, Elsie 376 

II i 


Hale, Su 


Harrington, Glenda 398 
Harris, Dale 424 
Harris, Daniel 360 
Harris, David 283 
Harris, Howard 317. 321 
Harris, Jeffrey 151 
Harris, Kathleen 424 
Harris, Linda 127 



11 1 

Harris, Rip 347 

Harrison, Donald 101 

Harrison, Kenneth 340, 353 

Harrison, Nancy 324 

Harroun. Jennifer, 167, 278, 348 

Harstad. Ronald 232 

Hart, David 305 

Hart, Kenneth 119 

Hart, Willard 189 

Hart, Willie 260, 416 

Harting, James 418 

Hartlieb, Gary 360 

Hartman, Dorothy 398 

Hartman, Jack 225. 455 


nil, J" 


Haitsoclr, Kathryn 305 
Hartzog, Lewis 196 
Harvey, Linda 306, 380 
Haskell, Nancy 366 
Haslinger. Noreen 380 
Hasscbrock, Roland 111, 276, 297 
HsstingB, Jennifer 366 
Hastings. Serine 383 
Haughawout, Pamela 412 
Hauptmann, Susan 305 
Havlik, Gregory 111 
Havlik, Michael 359 
Hawk, Bob 379 
Hawkins, Patricia 366 
Hawley, John 379 
Hawley, Walt 379 
Hawn, Donald 276 
Hawn. Jacklyn 127 

Hay, Loen 
Hay, Willi* 
Hayden, Sti 


Kathryn 277 

William 140, 283, 340, 243 
i, Howard 379 

I .11. 


Hazue, Razaul 322 
Head, Gerald 359 
Headley, Christine 380 
Heard, Charlene 380 
Hearn, Judy 383 
Heath, Gus 211 
Hecht, Lyle 360 
Heckel, Linda 364 
Heckel, Stephen 202 
Hedden, Chris 426 
Hedeen, Tom 379 
Heffington, Don 111 
Hefter, Nancy 298, 324, 364 
Heidell, Barbara 127 
Heideman, Gary 359 
Heil. Richard 111 



Heinrich, Gary 360 

Heinz, Timothy 323, 360 

Heirendt, Philip 379 

Heizer, Carolyn 119, 383 

Held, Virginia 151 

Helfrich, Harry 349 

Helkamp, Mark 277 

Heller, Glenn 276 

Helm, India 151 

Helm, Jennifer 127. 394, 399 

Hclmcr, John 408 

Helmkamp, Mark 104, 293, 329 

Hclmus, John 151 

Helquist, Pamela 36-1 



Hcmmcr, Brcnda 383 
Hemmerling, Peter 232 
Hemphill, Virgil 346 
Hempstead, Gail 167 
Henderson. Bonnie 366 
Henderson, John 162, 302, 381 
Henderson, Sally 366 
Hendricks, Terry 257 
Hcndrickson, Kristin 380 
Henley, Cerald 425 
Henley, Janice 168 
Hcnman, Steven 413 
Henncbcrgcr, Walter 288 
Henneman, Sheila 380 
Hcnncssy, Ann 368 
Henncssy, Keith 110. 427 
Hcnncssy, Mary Lou 127, 332 
Hcnrick, Martha 398 
Hcnrikson John 323 

11. „, 


Henry, Gerald 298, 353 
Henry. Karen 422 
Henry, Margaret 324, 341 
Hensel. William 151 
Henshel, Lawrence 379 
Hcnson, Robert 359 
It. ,ii- 1,. I, Cletus 332 
Hcolzc, Pamela 377 
Hentzc, WUlioms 384 

Herbert, Jerome 375 

Herbig. Terry 379 

Herbst, John 162 

Hcrider, Michael 151, 297 

Herman, Ira 379 

Hermany, Anita 383 

Hcrmsmeyer, J. Rei 379 

Hern. Willis 168 323 

Hernandez, James 315 

Herrin, Snyder 151. 351 

Herring, Bruce 246, 352 

Herter, Albert 014 

Hertter, Laura 127 

Hess, Mary 127 

Hess, Ronald 276, 410 

Hess, Roy 111, 308 

Hesse, Charles 391 

Hesse, Marlena 421 

Hesterberg, Joyce 328 

Hesterbcrg, L. 360 

Hctzcr, Kent 360 

Hever. Steven 151, 344 

Hewes, Robert 111, 319, 379 

Heyduck, Ronnie 391 

Heying, Martha 308 

Hiatt, Richard 360 

Hickersberger, Josef 411 

Hickey, James 410 

Hickey, Terry 152 

Hickman, Clifford 289 

Hicks. Don 411 

Hicks, Helen 423 

Hicks, Lyle 316, 378 

Hicks, Margaret 111, 308, 414 

Hicks, Melvin 346 

Hicks, Starlitt 345 

Higgerson, Richard 152 

Higgerson, Tom 379 

Higginbolham, Dorothy 289, 180 

Higgins. Ruth Ann 412 

Higgs, Lola 376 

High. Margery 377 

Highland, Gary 152 

Highlander, David 418 

Highsmith, Jerry 105 

Hightower, Ken 352 

Hildebrecht. Dane 321 

Hildebrand, Donna 399 

Hildreth, Ruth Ann 127, 407. 411 

Hileman, Donald 274, 292 

Hileman, Terry 162 

Hiles, Ann 396 

Hill, Charles 111 

Hill, Clara 330, 380 

Hill, Cynthia 373, 380 

Hill, James 415 

Hill, Joy 410 

Hill, John 297 

Hill. Margaret 122 

Hill, Randall 297 

Hill. Stan 119, 328 

Hill, Thomas 351 

Hill, Victor 111 

Hilliard. Carol 127 

Hilliard, Clifford 280 

Hilliard, Cora 152, 263. 348. 424 

Hillis. Carol 299 

Hillman, Eugene 388 

Hindman. Rebecca 73, 364 






11 i,i .... Judi 424 

Hinncrs, Scott 299 

Hinrichs. Ken 360 

Hinterschcr, Thomas 3 

Hinton, Connie 281. 39 

Hinton. Rit 424 

Hinz, Frank 168. 391 

Hipps, Jane 366 

Hirsch. Barbara 426 

Hirt, Al 49 

Hitchens, Ralph 152 

Hitt. Guy 87 

Hittsmnn, Judy 301 

Hlody. Peggy 366 

Ho. Kochai 300, 302 

Ho, Michael 314 

Ho, Yiu 318, 379 

Hoog. James 425 

Hobnn, John 278 

Hoban, Marilyn 366 

Hobbs, John 127 

Hobbs. Judith 328 

Hodl, James 424 

Hudowal, Francis 415 

Hoellcrich, John 422 

Hoclzcl, Murvin 358 

Hoffer, William 379 

Hoffman, Brcnda 380 

Hoffman, Charles 111 

Hoffman, Dennis 418 

, Beatrice 260 
, Joseph 152, 332 

Lockhart 301 
Vern 379 

Hofman, Edward 319 
Hoffman, Gary 286, 351 
Hoffman, Larry 111, 276, 279 
Hoffman. Paul 110, 826 
Hogan, Jean 397 
Hogan, Karen 127, 296 
Hohs. Timothy 379 
Hohs, William 211, 351 
Hoke, Mary 412 
Holben, John 239 
Holden. Winfield 422 
Holden, Samuel 211 
Holder, Joseph 112, 275 
Holder, Lynn 202 
Holder, Ronald 249, 347 
Holford, David 152 
Holland, Gary 373, 378 
Holland, Jacqueline 127, 364 
Holland, Paulette 380 
Holliman, Donald 112, 276 
Hollmann, Leonard 283 
Hollowoy, Candice 317 
Holman, Lucy 421 
Holmer, Barry 415 
Holmes, Carlotta 368 
Holmes. David 112, 294 
Holmes, George 408 




Holmes, Jeff 415 

Holmes, William 278 

Holmgren, Robert 352 

Holt, Frank 305 

Holt, John 360 

Holtz, Steven 112 

Holtzcher. Dale 360 

Holubek, Carol 382 

Holupkovic. Ronald 112, 286, 351 

Holzer, Fred 360 

Homer, Douglas 260 

Homerin, Larry 419 

Homeyer, George 318 

Honey, Jackie 162, 302 

Honey, Lorn 162, 302 

Honntrop, Mary 354 

Hood, Connie 124 

Hood, Roger 360 

Hoopmann, Dale 306 

Hooten, Alvin 379 

Hopkins, Linda 366 

Hopkins. Marsha 295 

Hoppa, Janet 282, 284, 285 

Hopper, Richard 352 

Horn, Judy 350 

Home, Fred 379 

Hornick, Terry 319 

Horntrop, Mary 367 

Horslman, Gaylor 162, 321 

Horstman, Helen 417 
Horton, Carol 217 
Horton, Francine 397 
Horton, William 358 

Horwitz, Steven 308 

Hosben, John 410 

Hosteller, Daniel 391 

Hotko, Wayne 315 

Hotton, Donald 50 

Houcek, Edward 316 

Hougland, Johnny 323 

Houghland, Lynda 140, 281 

Houghton. John 314. 277 

House. Lois 364 

House, Thomas 419 

Houseman. Donald 105. 297 

Houser, Harry 305 

Hour. Maureen 366 

Houy, Irene 426 

Hove, Stephanie 411 

Howard, Gary 375 

Howard, Jerry 360 

Howard, Richard 302 

Howell, James 347 

Howell, Kay 380 

Howcrton, Janet 412 

Hoyle, Audrey 152, 308 

Hron, Ronald 352 

Hsu, George 300 

Hu, Morgion 410 

Hubbard, Doublas 318 

Hubbard. Michael 409 

Hubbart. Bill 359 

Hubekes. Richard 189 

Huber, Toni 398 

Huch, Irene 305 

Hudgens, Billy 189 

Hudgens, Pamela 295, 371, 376 

Hudgens, Sherry 127, 295. 296, 382 

Hudson, Ronnn 422 

Hudson, Ruth 168 

Hucbncr, Robert 379 

Huff, Robert 408 

Huff, Theresa 398 

Huff, William 318 

Huge, Ceroid 419 

Hughes, Charles 388, 390 

Hughes, Donna 394, 399 

Hughes, Guy 379 

Hughes, John 419 

Hughes. Sandra 367 

Hughsmith, Jerry 303 

Hughson, Jane 350 

Huitt, Sue 127 

Hull, Mary Ann 127 

Hulling, .Mary 127, 240, 241 

Hulskotter, Judy 367 

Hultz, John 232, 249 

Humes, Willo 411 

Humpal, Pat 319 

Humpal, Raymond 112 

Humphrey, Morsha 365 

Humphrey, Steve 152 

Hung, H. 300, 307 

Hungerford, John 283, 390 

Hunsinger. Owen 407 

Hunt, David 298 

Hunt, Rebecca 299 

Hunte, Judy 413 

Hunter, Michael 162, 307 

Hunter, Nancy 341, 366 

Hunter, Snsan 281, 295, 305, 348 

Huntgren, Bradley 420 

Hurley, Lawrence 298 

Hurry, William 354 

Hursey, Marsha 313 

Husain, Arif 306, 322, 331 

Husemann, Dennis 379 

Husan, Connie 398 

Hussong, Linda 366 

Husted. David 283, 340, 352 

Hutehrraft, Dan 378 

Hutchings, Charles 411 

Hutchins, Richard 379 



n. Pa 

icy 41 

Hutti, Mortin 112, 725 
Hutton, Jennifer 295, 411 
Hutton, Jerry 239, 379 
Huwaldt, James 321, 329 



Hyland. Judith 311 
Hyland, Judith 413 
Hyman, Michael 302 

Ibrahim, Mukhtar* 331 

is, Aquiles 381 
Ihne, Douglas 152 

, Terry 112, 344 
i, Mahmood 288, 309 
Inge, Mille 389 
Ingram, Gadys 423 

ineerat, Songwud 322 
, Stanley 420 

ng, Sha 
in, Penelopi 



Iubelt. George 225 

Jackowski, Judith 305, 395, 

Jackson, Barbara 277, 367 

Jackson, Charles 286 

Jackson, Delbert 317 

Jackson. Joy 305, 418 

Jackson, Juliet 366 

Jackson, Michoel 379 




Jackson, Preston 343 
Jackson, Robert 225 
Jackson, Ronald 391 
Jackson, Thomas 127 
Jacobs,. Janice 284, 248 
Jacobs, Ronald 413 
e 169 


Janak, Judith 341 

Jansscns. Thorn 

s 112, 286 

Janzen, Richard 


Jardschik. Ariel] 

e 312 

Jarccki, Judith 


Jarcd, Tom 379 

Jorck, Laurecn 


Jarosz, Cynthia 


Jarrett, Rachel 


Jarvinen, Larry 


Jarzab, Ronald 


Jasinski, Raymo 

nd 411 

Jasinski, Ronald 


Jaskierny. Walter 320 

Jasper, Stephen 352 

Jay, Fred 323 

Jay. Sarah 311 

Jean, David 152 

letters, Jackie 317 

Jeffrey, Linda 169, 282 

Jeffries, Brenda 127, 308, 317, 340, 312 

Jeffris, Jeffrey 286 

Jemison, Jacquelin 414 

Jemison, Jessica 295, 414 

Jenkins, James 127 

Jenkins, Nancy 397 

Jenkins, Sandra 398 

Jennings, Carl 132, 299 

Jennings, David 328 

Jennings, Laurence 305 

Jennings, Michael 152 

Jennings. Pamela 127 

Jennrich, Kenneth 426 

Jensen, James 379 


Jent, Clenda 324, 325 
J-erjericb, Charles 283 
Jerrell, Leanne 296, 366 
Jesse, Richard 422 

Jeter. Scott 112 
Jin, Henry 378 
Joecken, Richard 420 
Johnoff, Ken 359 
Johns, Lydia 397 
Johnson, Ann 127 
Johnson, Betty 144, 395, 399 
JohnsoD, Beverly 399 
Johnson, Charles 379 
Johnson, Cheri 169, 282, 348 
Johnson, Cynthia 377 
Johnson, Daniel 353, 410 
Johnson, David 419 
Johnson, Dennis 359 
Johnson, Diane 395, 399 
Johnson, Fredrick 422 
Johnson, Gary 229 
Johnson, George 278 
Johnson, Gregory 211 
Johnson, Harold 378 
Johnson, Jacqueline 417 
Johnson, James 381 
Johnson, Jan 364 
Johnson, Jeanne 345 


n, Jii 



Johnson. Joycelyn 127, 396 

Johnson, Judy 398 

Johnson, Karen 380 

Johnson, Kathleenn 380 

Johnson, Mary 140 

Johnson, Michael 373 

Johnson, Norman 211 

Johnson, Paul 127, 391, 297 

Johnson, Ralph 112, 222, 226, 225, 227. 

Johnson, Raymond 413 
Johnson, Rick 352 
Johnson, Rita 152, 380 
Johnson. Robert 360, 379 
Johnson, Samuel 343 
Johnson, Sandra 317 
Johnson, Sharon 77, 411 
Johnson, Stephanie 144 
Johnson, Steven 163, 302 



Johnson, Tan 

Johnson, Warren 127, 379 
Johnson, William 298 
Johnston, George 379 

Jolly, Linda 365 

eline 299, 383 

is, Gwen 311. 399 

■s, Janis 398 

Jones, Joe 314 
Jones, John 371 
Jones, Leon 329 
Jones, Lonnie 323 
Jones, Mary Ann 244 
Jones, Mary 152 
Jones. Michael 408 
Jones, Philip 419 

Jones, Richard 119 
Jones, Robert 112, 2 
Jones, Veronica 128 

Jones, Wanda 140 

Jordan, Dennis 309 

Jordan, Thomas 122 

Josephsohn, Steven 422 

Journey, Marsha 73, 128, 265, 350 

Joyce, Richard 211 

Judge, Roy 378 

Juelfs, Glenn 391 

Jung. Kathleen 366 

Junzi, Alfred 188 



ch. Charle, 

Ju-k ak. Jo 354 

Kacsir. Denise 380 

Kadans. Alan 163. 410 

Kadlubiak, Jackie 418 

Ksesberg, J. F. 112, 319 

Kaecius. Denny 417 

Kaeser, Thersa 128 

Kaestner, Larry 112 

Kaforski, John 214. 424 

Kaggwa, Kasaato 152 

Kahn, Randall 244 

Kahn, Ron 276 

Kaiser. Barbara ,395. 398 

Kaiser. John 360 

Kalina, Richard 128. 363 

Kalina, Timothy 169 

Kalous, Sandra 365 

Kaltenbach. Juanita 421 

Kammler, Kathleen 277, 284, 296, 395, 399 

Kanallakan, D. 144, 303 

Kanclianavisita. Prasert 322 


Kandelman, Cynthia 368 
Kane. George 260, 328 
Kane, Janice 128, 330, 423 
Kane, Lois 366 
Kane. Penny 380 
Kann, Jeannie 368 
Kantabutra. Pittaysko 424 
Kanya. Steven 427 
Kao, Harry 300. 381 
Kao, Lee 300 
Kaplan. Bonita 366 
Kaplan. H. M. 148 
Kappas, Carolyn 354 
Kappleman, Edward 418 
Kappie. Kenneth 112 
Kapral, Donald 344 
Karcher, Darlene 332 
Karcher. Mary 380 
Kaglberg, Barry 391 
Karlquist, Carl 419 
Karnath, James 112. 294 
Karr. David 278, 315, 363 
Karr, Donald 302 
Karr, Dwight 407 
Karr, Mrs. Dwight 407, 416 
Karr, Richard 246, 320 
Karraker, Beverly 214 
Karrels, Bruce 378 
Karsel, Arthur 128 
Kary, Robert 340, 347 
Kasanda, Judith 128, 423 
Kasenberg. Thomas 384 
Kasota, Fremon 321 
Kastning, Allen 320 
Katsigiannis. Michael 152 
Katzenmeyer, Martha 341 
Kaufman, Daniel 112, 276 
Kaufman, Neal 360 
Kawai, Haruo 307 
Kawamoto, Keith 360 

, 1.11,. 


Kays, John 152 
Kayser, Carol 365 
Kaz, Linda 426 
Kean, Bonnie 365 
Keasler, Carol 325, 399 
Keating. Howard 293. 363 
Keber, Patricia 366 
Keca, Judy 364 
Keene, Russell 198, 201 
Kenneth, Terry 353 
Keepper, Wendell 103 
Keeran, Lynnferd 323, 328, 391 
Keeton, Mary 418 
Kehlenbach, Richard 152, 301 
Keiger, Gayla 366 
Keiner, Linda 332 
Keiser, Barbara 301 
Keistlcr, Karen 417 

Kelber, Gene 232 
Kell, M. K. 415 
Keller, Erwin 389 
Keller, Janis 366 
Keller, Jeanne 399 
Keller. Ronal 282 
Keller. Russell 360 
Kellerstrass, M. 299 
Kellert. Albert 384 
Kelley, Joann 128 
Kelley, John 190 
Kelley, Kay 419 
Kelly. Dan 294 
Kelly. Jan 350 
Kelly, Joseph 384 
Kelly. Mary 144 
Kelly, Pat 410 
Kelly, Ronald 275, 316 
Kelly, Stephen 169 
Kelly, Thomas 152. 347 
Kelly. Timothy 211 
Kelm. Gail 380 
Keltner, Nancy 366 
Kemnetz, William 425 
Kennedy, Alan 425 
Kennedy, Brenda 128 
Kennedy, Eddie 112 
Kennedy, George 163, 302 
Kennedy, Pamla 140, 281 
Kenshalo. David 384 
Kent, Pat 366 

n, Je, 


i 384 


ick, Carol 380 

ch, Patricia 305, 416 

ten, Gary 384 

.ood, Ronald 384 

el, Gloria 386 

inger, Susan 127, 128 



Ketcham, Edward 112, 286 
Ketcham, Robert 65 
Ketring, Michael 275, 316 
Keltelkamp. Ben 360 
Kcttelkamp. Michael 169, 280, 
Kettenhofen, Sharon 152, 412 
Ketwich, Alan 384 
Khalaj, Noskatollah 312 
Kidd, Janice 366 
Kidd, Nina 413 
Kidd, Randy 389 
Kief, Duane 298 
Kiefer. Pamela 366 
Kieft, James 360 
Kiersch. Ronald 304 
Kiesecoms. Robert 303, 384 
Kiester, Kristine 380 
Kilbert, Anthony 166, 418 
Kilcoyne, Edward 427 
Kilgus. Natalie 380 
Killion, Allan 293, 360 
Killion, James 112. 343 
Kilpatrick, Norman 314 



Kim, Sallie 311 
K,m. Tack 311 



Kim. Young-Ae 311 

Kimball, Kent 344 

Kimble, Linda 380 

Kimble, Lois 373, 380 

Kimmell, Dennis 279 

Kincade, James 378 

Kincer, Larry 358 

Kinder, Ronald 302 

Kindt, William 119. 251, 287 

King, Carol 366 

King, General 302, 305 

King, Glenda 169 

King, Michael 286, 291 

King, Nancy 377 

King, Susan 128 

King, Terry 360 

Kingsbury, Robert 258 

Kington, Rand 360 

Kiningham, Cheryl 426 

Kinley, Jo 368 

Kinney, Bonnie 298 

Kinsella, James 411 

Kirchner, Joyce 418 

Kirk, Frank 91 

Kirk, Harrie 314 

Kirk, Sue 416 

Kirkland, Donald 199, 201 

Kirkland, Ronald 378 

Kirkland, Sandra 169, 282, 348 

Kirkpalrick, Susan 306 

Kirsch, Elsie 282, 332 
Kirschner, Sheldon 152 

Kiss, Sara 305, 320, 
Kissack, Dennis 390 
Kitowski, Theodore 

Kittinger, Carol 397 
Klatt, Robert 105, 303 
Klauck, Judy 399 
Klaus, Karen 380 
Klavck. Judy 305 



Kleen, Michael 298 

Klein. Deborah 412 

Klein! Helene 421 

Klein. Marilyn 152 

Klein. Randolph 105 

Klein, Thomas 278, 319 

Kleiss. Lois 366 

Kleiss, Michael 360 

Klickna, Alana 380 

Klieforth, James 360 

Kling. Marcella 353 

Klingberg, Frank 309 

Klinge, Cehl 163, 307 

Klocke, Nancy 366 

Klopp, Guy 308, 415 

Klostermann, Frank 112, 276, 279, 319 

Klowtz, Bryce 360 

Klugas, Ozzie 321 

Knaack, Ronald 351 

Knabel. Ronald 152 

Knapp, Doris 366 

Knapp, Lynette 421 

Knopp, Marti 420 

Knauer. Patricia 128 

Kneeland, Yolonda 211 

Kneezle, Anita 112 

Knemeyer, George 287 

Knepler, Steven 388, 390 

Knight, George 314 

Knight, Karen 285 

Knill, Ruth 366 

Knoche, David 390 

Knott, Jack 352 

Knott, Mark 384 

Knox. Harold 169 

Knox, Robyn 293 

Knudsen, Kathy 352 

Knutson, Mas 352 

Kobler, Paulette 364 

Koblitz, Ronald 119, 375 

Kobrossi, Ibrahim 296, 302 

Kobza, Thomas 211 

Koch, David 384 

Koch, Ernest 360 

Koch, Gerald 378 

Kocher, Rita 416 

Kocl'anis, Cynthia 122 

Koeberlein. Mary 332, 380 

Koechman, Carol 380 

Koebler, Joann 380 

Koehler, Floyd 410 



VI i. 


Kofsky, Linda 366 
Kohl, Timothy 340, 347 
Kohler, Linda 366 
Kohrig, Gay 366 
Kiker, Ricky 360 



Kolb. Judith 380 
Kolcz, Francine 421 
Koller, Ann 324, 325, 418 
Kollmeyer, Nancy 412 
Kollross, Dennis 360 




Konando, Cathy 324, 325 
Koncel, Marlene 152 
Kondritz, Daniel 360 
Konishi, Frank 144 
Konkel, Randolph 303. 384 
Konkel, William 359 
Konkey, Kenneth 425 
Konrad, William 419 
Kook, Judith 418 
Koons, Daniel 294, 298 
Koontz, Sandi 423 
Kopecky, Doug 267 
Kopecky, Stanley 278 
Koppers. Robert 359 
Kiprowski, Carole 365 
Korando, Catherine 366 
Korando, Roger 413 
Korda, Michaelyn 366 
Koressel, Charles 211 
Kornfeind, Edward 360 
Korprapun, Naupen 422 
Korris, Lynn 329. 423 
Korte, Carol 380 
Korte, Dwight 189 
Korte, Larry 381 
Korte, William 378 


Kortkamp, De 
Koscielniak. J 
Kosck, Vicky 321 
Kosteczko, Michael 297 
Kosten, Robert 410 

,, Ki 


Kotek, Richard 292, 390 
Kourl, Jo Ann 128. 299 
Kovcra, Barbara 284, 285. 423 




Kowalkiewicz, Dawn 332, 380 
Kowzan, Joseph 112 
Koy. Karl 360 
Koziol, Chuck 384 
Kozlowski. Susan 348 
Kozoman, Ronald 276 
Kozuch, F. Richard 415 
Krachl. Conrad 282, 285 
Kracmer. David 351 
Kralt. Daniel 408 
Kragness, Charles 163, 316 
Kragness, Donald 283 

■r. Sha 
:r. Susi 



Kramm, Pally 325, 325. 395, 396 

Kramme, Dorothea 380 

Krane, Wanda 366 

Kranz, Sandra 367 

Kraska, John 112 

Kraaon. Thaddeus 379 

Kraus, Charlea 140 

Krausc, Fritz 307 

Krausz, Norbert 283 

Kravetz, Beth 412 

Krebs, Dennis 112 

Kieher. Paul 303 

Krein, Victoria 427 

Krcjci, Lee 341 

Krekel, Michael 360 

Krell, Forrest 426 

Krelle. Stephen 200, 201, 352 

Kretller, Linda 938 

Kriege, Jean 329, 366 



Krocning, John 323 
Krohn, John 112 
Kroll. Marjorie 366 
Krorncke, Don 352 
Krudwig, Karen 247, 422 
. Krucgcr, Karen 366 
Krucger, Karol 398 
Krug, Dave 360 
Krugcr, Kenneth 425 
Krukoski, Jane 396 
Krump. Donald 152, 297 
Kruzich, Jack 422 
Krzysiak, Joseph 379 
Kuba, Roger 209, 211. 213 
Kubajak, James 425 
Kucharik. Thomas 140 
Kuehncrt, Kurt 358 
Kueker, Rita 295, 380 
Kueper, Terry 378 
Kucthe, Carol 301 
Kuethc, Wayne 112, 276 
Kugnert, Robert 419 
Kuhajda, Patricia 324, 325 
Kuhlengel. Dennis 112, 276 
Kuhn. Dale 321 
Kuhncrl. Elizabeth 328 
Kullberg, Gloria 426 
Kumararalnam, C. 306 
Kunalz, Paul 357 
Kuncc, Ceorgc 280 
Kuudargi, Cundu 306 
Kunklc, Darlene 350 
Kurdi. Adnan 296. 331 





Kurwicki, Dianna 398 
Kurz. Donald 152 
Kuamanolf. Antone 152, 297 
Kuzcla. Robert 414 
Kwadrat, Carl 288 
Kwok. Wai Chi 300, 374 
Kynion, Dennis 378 


nty. Anita 390 


t, Lin 

a 398 





i>. 1.,, 

da 128 


rce, R 

ymond 286 


in, Ro 

bert 349 


r«, Ar 

n 399 





l am 


I lie, 


112, 276 






Lamorte, George 128 
Lampcrt. Susan 376 
Lampmon, Linda 399 
Lamsden, Frank 301 
Landau. Ronald 360 
Landerman, Allen 330 
Landess, Michael 384 
Landgraf, Mary 382 
Landis, Charlene 119 
Landis. Karen 366 
Landis, Pat 398 
Landon, Gail 382 
Landorl, Marsha 366 
Landreth, Gary 153 
Lane, Thomas 297, 305 
Lange, Charles 148 
Lange, Eric 152, 375 
Lange, Richard 360 
Langel, Bill 360 
Langhorst, Sue 324, 416 
Langton, Barbara 332 
Lanier, Daniel 384 
Lanigan. M. 318 
Lanklord. Patricia 376 
Lanman, Deborah 328, 398 
Lanslord, Barbara 345, 366 
Lanum, Andrew 343 
Lanum, Theodore 409 
Lard. Lynn 128, 349 
Larin, Cathy 288 
Larkin, Tom 422 
Larry, Barbara 285 

Larscn. Judi 382 

Larson. Ann 412 

Larson, Charles 415 

Larson, Jeffrey 169. 388, 389 

Larson, John 360 

Larson, June 367 

Larson, Kenneth 293 

Larson, Linda 383 



Larson, Mike 384 
Larson, Richard 389 
Lasher, Bryan 46 
Laskowski, Richard 425 
Laslie, John 164, 323. 391 
Lasota, John 119, 351 
Lapesa, Kenneth 426 
Laster, Swayzine 382 
Latham. John 104 
Latz. Margaret 306. 367 
Lau. BingLun 300 
Laub. Ronald 384 
Laube. Bruce 415 
Laue. Bill 415 
Lauer, Carol 367 
Lauer, Maria 328 
Laughlin, John 384 
Laun, Greg 418 
Laurent, Carolyn 395, 398 
Lauwasser, Judi 397 
Lavalle, Anne 382 
Lavani. Odhavji 302, 306 
Lavin. Catherine 371 
Lawhorne, Claudetta 317 
Lawlcr, William 332 
Lawless. Alice 333 



Lawnicki, Leonard 414 
Lawrence, Jerry 420 
Lawrence, Philip 353, 398 
Lawson, Patricia 410 
Lay, Kenneth 384 
Lay, Randy 381 
Layer. Robert 110 
Layfer. Howard 246 
Layne, Dennis 112. 294, 308 
Lnzar, Mark 424 



Leach. Floyd 105 
Leach. Gary 340, 350 
Leach, Joseph 276 
Leach. Kenneth 391 
Leach. Lorry 169, 388, 390 

ch, Lc 


Leack, Punny 412 
Leary, Jamea 347 
Lcosurc, John 104 
Lcavitt, Barbara 412 
Lcavitt, Marc 362 
Loban, Ronold 278 
Leber, Joonn 112 
Lcbrun, Charles 347 
Lebrun. Sharon 380 
Lechncr, Diane 423 
Lcckrone, William 42 
Lecluse, Jonis 128 
Lcddcll, Lillian 395 

Lederman. Mary 153 
Ledsinger. Dorothy 398 
Lee, Anita 128 
Lee, Betty 390 
Lee, Chonot 311 
Lee. Chong 358 
Lee, Deborah 382 
Lee, Donald 278, 410 
Lee, Kee 311 
Lee, Kwang 311 
Lee. Mark 311 
Lee, Murray 122 
Lee, Richard 89 
Lee, Ronald 300 
Lee, Sandra 129 
Lee. Tso-Hwa 358 
Lee, Yin-Po 300 
Lee, Yun 300 
Leeds, Karma 153 
Lectavorn, Pairote 322 
LeFaivre, George 425 
Lefevre, Cherie 412 
Lefevre, John 204 
Lefflcr. Tom 189 
Legereit, Rickey 360 
Legg, Gloria 365 
Leggelt. Robert 414 
Lehman, Mary 324, 325, 382 
Lehr, Kenneth 351 
Leidcnheimer, Thomas 278 
Leigh, Kieth 211 
Leitner, Keith 112 

I ,.„ 


Leitner. Scott 351 
Leland. Lealand 351 
Lelm. Stanley 384 
Lemarr. Geoffrey 391 
Lemcke, Nancy 422 
Lemkall. Ken 286 
Lemkau, Kenneth 425 
Lemmon, Juanita 282, 317 
Lemon, Zane 384 
Lemos, William 274, 292 




Leonard, Joyce 366 

Leonard, Robert 153, 384 

Leonard, Ronald 112 

Leonard, Teresa 169, 365 

Leonard, William 153, 314 

Leonchik, Gregary 347 

Leoni, Suzanne 341 

Lesinger, Jennifer 153 

Lete. Joseph 280 

Leung, Peter 300 

Levenbrook, Sheldon 349 

Levi, Paul 379 

Levine. Charles 304 

Levy. Dominique 424 

Lewandowski, Arlhur 112, 294, 319 

Lewinc, Linda 365 

Lewis, David 283, 299 

Lewis, Jack 419 

Lewis, James 112 

Lewis, John 318 

Lewis, Judith 366 

Lewis, Kathleen 380 

Lewis, Mickey 105, 294, 303 

Lewis. Percy 153, 426 

Lewis, Roberta 324 

Lewis, Sharon 366 

Lewis, Torri 380 

Lewis, Wanda 398 

Leyart, Lila 396 

Leydig, Jack 196 

Leyshon, Kalhy 388 

Li, Jackson 300 

Lichlenberger, Edward 351 

Liddell, Lillian 396 

Liebenthal. Lynn 424 

Licberman. Ronald 112 

Liefer. Richard 408 

Liehr, Roger 384 

Lilly, Brock 419 

Lima, Thomas 384 

Limcstall, Dennis 391 

Linarsloppulon. Angelice 377 

Lindberg. Lois 366 
Lindblad, Karen 341 
Lindcman, Ann 365 
Lindemann, William 360 
Lindcr, Charles 330, 360 
Linder. Chris 380 
Lomdjprst, William 425 
Lindley, Mary 153 
Lindner, Karen 244 
Lindsay, Pamela 350 
Lindsay, Sharon 398 
Lindaey, Kenneth 391 
Lindslrom, Carol 423 
Line. Deborah 306 

Liner, Jamea 384 
Lingle. Donna 427 
Lingeling, Esther 300 
Link, Laura 277, 341, 365 
Linogren, Tim 362 
Linsky, Gary 330 


Lipa. Corinne 407, 412 
Lipe, Michael 391 
Lipper, Alfred 237 
Liplon, Ronald 112, 276 
Lirely, William 384 
Liskey. William 201 
Liss, Geoffrey 418 
Litherland, Barbara 129, 311 
Ligherland. Wanda 366 
Little. Dick 105. 278. 303. 412 
Little, Steven 417 
Litllehale, Robert 305 
Litvay, John 360 
Livingston, Mitchel 196, 381 



Lloyd, Ann 129 
Lloyd, Fred 280 
Lloyd, Janice 398 
Loayza. John 319 
Lobenstein, Thomas 153 
Lockart. Melvin 87 
Lockard, Terry 384 
Lockett, Milton 360 
Lockwood, Robin 153 
Loenneke. Louia 317 
Lofquist. Gwendolyn 328, 330 
Lofton, Cheryl 410 
Loftus. Robert 297 
Logan, Bobby 153 
Logan, Martha 390 
Logdon. Frederica 312 
Logston, David 169 
Logsdon, Harley 129 
Lohman, Claudia 129 
Lohmeyer, David 408 
Lonergan, John 239 
Long. Howard 178 
Long. Janet 366 
Long. Judy 395, 396 
Long, Mary 413 
Loomer, Dennis 215 
Loomis. Susan 83, 340, 350 

Lorton. Roger 276 

Losacco, Donald 163, 321 

Lolt, Gerald 351 

Lotz, Donald 391 

Louderman, James 422 

Loudy. Stephen 391 

Lougeay, Janice 395. 398 

Louis. Randall 419 

Love. Linda 366 

Loveland. Stafford 153. 246. 315. 379 

Loveless. Lynn 384 

Loverkamp. Brenda 129. 248. 264, 350 

Loving, A. 328, 409 




Lowry, Sandra 380 

Loy. Dick 316 

Loyd. Elbert 384 

Loyd. John 287 

Loyd, Vickii 380 

Lozicr. G. 361 

Lpisok, Bert 295 

Lucas, Gail 398 

Lucas, Raymond 347 

Luczaj. Paillette 416 

Ludolph, Marsha 390 

Ludolph, Michael 358 

Ludetin, Lester 360 

Ludwick. Carol 340 

Lnechtefeld, Connie 153. 365 

Luecking. Jeanettc 332 

Luehr, Karen 277 

Lui, William 300. 360 

Luk. Amy 300, 398 

Lukawski, James 345 




Lumsden, Frank 321 
Lund, James 352 
Lund. Wayne 360 
Lundstrom. Charlene 144, 312 
Lungwitz. Vicki 129 



Lusby, Danny 360 
Lutlrell. Ramonda 129 
Lutz, Elizabeth 341 
Lutz, Louis 390 


Maberry, Terry 131 
Mabus, Lindell 297 
Maeallister. David 360 
Macasck. Dennis 426 
MacCallum. Bruce 299. 361 
MacCannell, Aubrey 371 
MacDonald, Jack 347 
MacElroy. Robert 379 
Macey, Bruc 
Maciag, Cla 





Mack, Sarah 382 
MacKenzie, Ross 195. 196 
Mackey. Joe 422 
MacKnick, Saundra 416 
MacMillan. Alexand 
MacNiff, Douglas 3 
MacVicar, Robert ! 
Madiah. M. 306 


M , 

ii. 1 ir 


Madden. Paula 367 
Madden. Theresa 368 
Maddox, Candace 376 
Madison. Catla 367 
Magee, Peter 260 
Maggi, Richard 361 
Mafgio, Leonard 278 
Magnke, Dan 111 
Magnuson, Nannette 332, 423 
Magnuson. Rick 391 
Magoon. Terry 237 
Mahrenholz, Helen 153, 306 
Mahurin. Kathleen 311 
Maibes, Marilyn 267 
Maidlow. Jennie 397 
Maier. Gary 374 



Maintz. Marlene 131, 421 

Majercik. Larry 374 

Majerezak, James 422 

Majidi, Ali 358 

Makino. Takayoshi 378 

Maksin, Debby 325 

Malburg, Carolyn 119, 288, 373. 382 

Malesh, James 410 

Mailer. Mark 378 

Mallinson. Donald 417 

Malm, Barbara 382 

Malnar. Michael 303 



Malone. Judith 382 
Malone, Larry 131 
Malone, Willis 90 
Maloney, Eileen 350 
Maloney, Richard 340, 350 
Malpocker, Camille 426 
Manana. Chris 293, 376 
Mandel. Jeff 412 
Mandernack. Barbara 367 
Mangan. Mel 169. 317, 323. 425 
Manier. Michael 384 
Mann. Gary 384 
Mann. Glenda 380 
Mann. James 302 


tig. Ja 


Manning. Al 352 

Manuel, Deborah 367, 382 

Manwaring. Ronald 375 

Mao, Johnson 300 

Maple, Karl 131 

March. Judi 399 

Marchel. Lany 361 

Marchindo. David 169. 391 

Marcotte. Joseph 384 

Marder, Barbara 383 

Marek, Kevin 247. 360 

Maremont. Arnold 87 

Margelli. Gene 344 

Mark, Kathy 421 

Markham, Melvin 427 

Markham. Wayne 384 

Markwell, Kenneth 292 

Markwell. Kenneth 283, 322 

Marland, B. 415 

Marlatt, Sherry 367 

Marlow, Chip 211 

Marlow, Robert 105. 289 

Marlow, Sandra 380 

Marlow, Sharon 141, 281, 295, 377 

Marquedant, Herbert 239 



Marshall, Clare 426 
Marshall, Deborah 421 




Marten, Anthony 303 
Marten, Lee 384 
Marth, Marty 193 
Marti, Dick 193 




n. Anita 333, 413 
n, Ed 276 

Martin. Gary 131, 299 
Martin. Glen 303, 362 
Martin, Gordon 163 
Martin, Linda 423 
Martin, Mary 368 
Martin, Mike 389 
Martin, Nancy 382 



Robert 112, 294 





Martindalc, Carol 341 

Martinez, Richard 381 

Martinson. Paula 382 

Martling. James 163. 321 

Martschinke, Charles 302, 379 

Martyn, Gary 131 

Maruska, Mary 368 

Maruska, Paul 384 

Mary, Conni 382 

Maschhoff, Phyllis 312, 313, 367 

Maschhoff, Robert 411 

Masko, Cristine 341. 368 

Mason, Elizabeth 153 

Mason, Jeanette 418 

Mason, Michael 411 

Mason. Monalu 131. 421 

Mason, Robert 112 

Mason, Tom 418 

Massal, Telia 367 

Massey, David 275, 297 

Massey, Kris 
Massey. Tho 





Matheny. Billy 424 
Matheson, John 250 
Mathews. Gene 314, 353 
Mathieu, Adele 367 
Malhis. Marjorie 380 
Matsko, Patricia 398 
Mattes, Louann 341 
Matthews, Charles 190 
Matthews, David 417 
Matthews, Walter 424 
Matlis, David 361 
Matusiak, Rosalie 367 
Matuszewsti, Gerald 425 
M;plus?ewski Lawrence 425 
Mauck, Carl 208, 211 
Maul, Donna 395, 398 
Mauschbaugh, Lenny 323 
Mauton, Nancy 382 
Mavros. Donna 383 
Maxheimer, Frederick 361 
May, Elizabeth 350 
May, Gloria 427 
May, Sharon 365 
Mayberry, Bonnie 282, 388 
Mayer, Gary 352 
Mayer, James 384 
Mayer. Paul 232 
Mayes. Belle 382 
Mayeski. Anna 383 
Mayo. David 361 
Mazan. Daniel 391 



Mazur. Dennis 419 

McAleer, John 275. 305. 374 

McAlevey. Thomas 274. 292 

McAllister. Richard 303. 374 

McBride. Cheryl 281, 305 

McBride, Donna 289 

McBride, Marilyn 281 

McCabe, Gail 367 

McCaffrey, Kathleen 367 

McCallum. Ruby 398 

McCameron, David 347 

McCarthy, Janet 350 

McCarthy, Thomas 112, 286 

McCay, Cathy 328 

McClain, Pamela 399 

McClain, Pat 382 

McClure, Earl 363 

McClure, Gary 169 

McCollum, Errol 302 

McCollum, John 420 

McCollum, Nancy 380 

McConachie. Karen 55, 141, 260 

McConathy, James 153, 347 

McConnell, Janie 412 

McConnell, Marilyn 131 

McConnell. Sharon 366 

McConnell. Sue 420 

McCord. Richard 361 

McCord. William 305 

McCormick, Kathleen 277, 295, 380 

McCormick, Martha 395 

McCowen, Hamilton 153 

McCoy, Linda 399 

McCoy, Ralph 90 

McCrorey. Carol 131, 350 
McCue. Dennis 332 
McCue, Robert 119. 315 
McCullough, Marcia 368 
McDaniels. William 320 
McDannel, Frances 153, 285 
McDermott, John 190 
McDevilt, Paul 379 
McDonald, Lavol 81, 317 
McDonald, James 304 
McDonald, Larry 265, 352 
McDonald. Michael 111, 113 
McDonald, Susan 296, 418 
McDonald, Terry 351 
McDonough, Mary 394, 395 
MeDowall, Janice 424 
McDowell, Glenn 153, 314 
McDowell, Marion 417 
McEachron, Elaine 169, 388 
McElroy, Sharon 418 
McEvers, Thomas 374 
McFarland. Jeana 399 
MeFarlane. Trudy 306, 398 
McFayden, Josephine 395, 399 
McGarrigle, Robert 361 
McGaw, Sam 391 
McGee. Jerry 169, 39' 
McGhee, Howard 427 
McGhee, Lee 408 
McGill, Patsy 382 
McGill, Roger 105 
McGinrris, Thomas 349 
McCinty. William 384 
McGough, Susan 246, 350. 352 
McGrath, Robert 190 
McGuire. Charles 298 
McGuire, Ellen 131. 341 
McGuire, Marcia 281, 305 
McGuire, Mickey 384 
McGuire. Peter 153 
McGuire. Rick 391 
McGuire, William 298. 384 
McHean. Fred 410 
McHugh. Campbell 246 
McHughes, William 260 
Mclntyre, Richard 154 
Mcjimpsey, George 419 
McKay, Howard 351 
McKay, Scott 50 
McKean. Sue 376 
McKeefery. William 90, 322 
McKelvie, Susan 364 
McKenzie, James 408 
McKenzie. Kurt 246 
McKeone, Margaret 367 
McKinney, Terry 379 
McKinney. William 298 
McKown, Philip 154, 328, 410 
McLachlan, Lorna 376 
McLain, Doris 380 
McLaughlin. James 361 
McLean. Fred 112. 113 
McLean. James 328 
McLeod. Archibald 118, 260 
McLuckie, Sandra 144 
McMahan. William 178 
McMahon, Linda 366 
McMillan, Holly 306, 382 
McMillcn. Linda 395 
McMillen, Vickie 423 
McNally, Kathleen 421 
McNally, Shaun 239 
MclNamara, John 361 
McPall, Paul 375 
McPheeters, George 375 
McPherson, Nancy 131. 317 
McQueen, Allen 375 
McReaken, Alice 154 
McReaken, Arthur 361 
McRoy. Jean 281 
McVay, Barbara 424 
McVey, John 420 
McVickar, Glenda 367 
McWilliams. Heidi 306 
McWilliams. Linda 169 
Meacham, John 359 
Mead, David 425 
Mead. Mary 382 
Meade. William 232 
Meades, Janie 296 
Meador, Janie 128. 328, 408 
Meador, Nick 391 
Meadows, Carolyn 367 
Meadows, Edward 347 
Meares, James 112, 113 
Mease, William 379 
Mecca, Judith 367 
Medlin, Michael 379 
Medrano, Carlos 163, 307 
Medsker. Richard 314, 359 
Meeker, Diane 169, 282, 366 
Mees, Robert 128, 296, 349, 454 
Meharry. James 112, 113 
Meier, Larry 374 



Meinert, Stanley 361 
Meinhardt, Marleen 395, 398 
Meirink, Jerry 112 
Meismer. Stephen 105, 415 
Meister. Trudy 397 
Meketa, Linda 395. 399 
Melander. Sheryl 169, 282, 292, 366, 388 
Meldau, Carl 374 
Mellenthin, Sharon 367 
Melody, Mary 382 
Melone, Peter 128, 317 
Nancy 382 



Melvin, Tommy 277, 333 
Menely. Dwight 360 
Menestrina. Robert 154 
Menichetti. Kathleen 376 
Mentzer. Carol 277, 281. 305 
Mentzer. Sandra 382 
Meranda, Timothy 112 
Mercer, Janet 78, 318 
Mercer, John 118 
Meredith. Cameron 89 
Meredith. Dale 362 
Meredith, Rila 367 
Merkel, Christine 367 
Merriman, Timothy 278 
Merritt. Ronald 374 




y 361 

Messerschmidl, William 359 
Messersmith. Marlene 345 
Metcalf, Diane 395. 397 
Mctcalf. George 361 
Melz. Richard 105. 298. 375 
Metzger, James 391 
Metzger. Sonia 412 
Mctzroth. Karen 305, 366 
Meyer, Ann 398 
Meyer, Beverly 169, 306 
Meyer, Danny 361 
Meyer, Frederic 154 
Meyer, Judith 380 



Meyer, Mark 305, 361. 367 
Meyer, Michael 347 
Meyer, Norma 141, 328 




Meyer, Penelope 399 

Meyer. Robert 379 

Meyer, Ruth 144 

Meyer, Susan 295, 364 

Meyer, Terry 112, 279, 319, 376 

Meyers, Fred 391 

Meyers, William 119. 287 

Mezo. Carolyn 382 

Mezo, Joseph 408 

Michael, Glen 408 

Michael. Jimmy 408 

Michael. William 374 

Michalek. Charles 376 

Michel, Jancy 144 

Michonski, James 332 

Mi. kelson, Sue 382 

Micken, Ralph 118 

Micko, Joan 423 

Middleton, Donald 128 

Midgley, Paul 424 

Midulica, Gemma 382 

Mieidreth, Tim 424 

Mientus, Donna 367 

Miesner, Kenneth 144, 247, 312 

Mifflin, Cheryl 271 

Migliore. Thomas 374 

Miholic, Dale 126, 315 

Milanich, Richard 374 

Milcarek, Richard 378 

Miles, Edward 41 

Miles. Kimo 239 

Miles. Mike 239 

Milewski. Charles 128, 197 

Milldrum, Phyllis 311, 366 

Milledge, Henry 112, 297 

Miller, Alan 328 

Miller. Allyn 304 

Miller. Becky 282, 292, 367 

Miller, Beverly 328 



Miller. Candis 382 

Miller, Charlotte 367 

Miller, Daniel 148 

Miller, Donald 112, 214, 286, 294 

Miller. Donn 169. 360 

Miller. Kenneth 91. 184 

Miller. Ronald 303 

Miller. Gregory 169 

Miller. Harold 329. 360 

Miller, Judith 366 

Miller, Keith 413 

Miller. Linda 376 

Miller. Marcia 324 

Miller, Margaret 144, 382 

Miller, Mary 380 

Miller. Melanie 382 

Miller, Michael 303, 318, 360 

Miller, Paulette 420 

Miller, Richard 374 

Miller, Robert 277, 283, 293, 374 

Miller, Sandra 376 

Miller. Sheryl 367 

Miller, Stephen 128 



Miller, Thomas 292, 361, 415 
Millheam, Julienne 306 
Milligan, Kathleen 364 
Millis, Richard 225 
Millman, Randy 374 
Mills, David 298, 422 
Milner, Linda 306. 367 
Miner, Russell 308 
Minnick, Max 316, 411 
Minton, Suzanne 128 
Miszklevtz, Gale 373, 381 
Mitchell, Barbara 367 
Mitchell, Charles 419 
Mitchell Daniel 131 
Mitchell. Dennis 119 
Mitchell, Janet 131 
Mitchell, Kathleen 131 
Mitchell, Mary 307 
Mitchell. Nancy 388 
Mitchell, Sharon 376 
Mitchell, Stephen 113, 276 
Mitchell. Teddy 419 
Mitera, Frank 113 
Mitran, Keith 374 
Mil,' John 317 
Mize, David 374 
Mizerski, Victoria 284. 305 
Mobley, Alice 306 
Modglin, Kenneth 379 
Modzelewski, Rich 274, 392 
Moe, Alan 113. 294 
Moe. Christian 260 
Moeglin, William 374 
Moellegolf, Jane 354 
Moeller, Everett 105, 298 
Moeller. Jewel 328 
Moeller. Judith 348 
Moeller. Margaret 397 
Moenning, Stanley 391 
Moghaddam, Iraj 309, 314 
Mohammnad, Sira 293 
Mohlenbrock. Robert 148 
Mohr, Doug 237 
Mohr, Daniel 374 
Mohr, Rick 418 
Molitor, Irene 307, 418 
Moll. Barbara 423 
Moll, Carolyn 311 
Moller, Dana 313, 424 
Mollory, Paul 374 
Moltaji, Hossein 321 




Monahan, Michael 391 
Monckton, Jack 384 
Monke, Chip 408 
Monke, Terry 408 
Monroe, Cathy 324, 325 
Monroe. Charles 105, 314 
Monroe, Martin 154 
Monte, Frank 105. 303 
Monte, Roger 321 
Montella. Alan 374 
Montgomery, Debra 367 
Montgomery, Jack 340, 347 
Montgomery, Richard 374 
Moody, James 131, 260 
Moody, Marilyn 398 
Moon, Marjoric 421 
Moon, Mary 170, 366 

M . 



Moore, Anita 398 

Moore, Bill 266 

Moore, Edward 346 

Moore. James 379 

Moore, Mary 295 

Moore, Oscar 195, 196, 197, 343 

Moore, Patricia 382 

Moore. Richard 303 

Moore. Tim 374 

Moore, William 374 

Moore. Willis 118, Ceorgc 323 

Moppin, Norma 414 

Moqhnddam, Iraj 331 

Morehouse. Louise 41 

Morgan, Kathi 382 

Morgan, Laurie 315, 363 

Morgan, Lavonoc 416 

Morgan. Marvcllc 311 

Morgan, Pamela 313 

Morgan, Sandra 131 

Morgnndo, Roseann 284, 410 

Morozov, Platon 46 
Morr, Douglas 280 
Morrill, Paul 91 
Morris, Delyte 22. 32, 86 
Morris, Donald 374 
Morris, John 286, 294 
Morrison, Garry 294, 298 
Morrison, Patricia 131, 350 
Morrison, Stanley 374 


, Ton 


Morrissy. Michael 239 
Morrow, Linda 380 
Morse, Daniel 374 
Mortz, Russ 374 
Mosenfelder. Merideth 367 



Moss, Linda 413 
Moss, Robert 374 
Mossotti, Edmond 239 
Motley, Dale 361 
Mott, Rhonda 382 
Mougey, Bob 375 
Mougey, Douglas 211, 431 
Mougey, Suzanne 431 
Moulton. George 374 
Moulton, Rebecca 376 
Moultrie, Arlene 170 
Mount, Helen 422 
Mowder, Cecelia 367 
Mowen, Robert 390 
Mowrer, Kurt 07 
Moy, John 374 
Moy, Melanie 398 
Mozalarian. Ali 321 
Muckler, Alice 284 
Mowder, Cecelia 367 
Muchleman, Tom 202, 203 
Mueller, Bruce 374 
Mueller, Dianne 324 
Mueller, Glenn 170 
Mueller, Kenneth 351 




Muller, Pamela 398 
Mueller, William 321 
Muentnich, Wayne 374 
Muir, Richard 374 
Mukhtar. Ibrahim 313 
Mulholland, Oda 351 
Mulholland, Pamela 281 
Mulkewich, Robert 374 
Mullane, James 360 
Mullen, Tim 374 
Mullios, Jane 462 
Muls, David 361 
Mummert, James 276. 283 
Mundy, Nona 154, 394, 396 
Mungon, Mary 421 
Mungor. Jim 410 
Munn, Patricia 367 





e 144 

2i6. 281, 285, 313. 


Murgensen, William 374 

Murphey, Cinda 341 

Murphy. Bonita 416 

Murphy. Brad 424 

Murphy, Edward 182 

Murphy, Edwin 283, 297, 315 

Murphy, Gayle 154 

Murphy, James 154 

Murphy, Jennifer 376 

Murphy, Jcrilynn 306, 366 

Murphy, John 275, 374 

Murphy. Katherine 382 

Murphy, Lois 367 

Murphy, Richard 347 

Murphy, Sue 382 

Murphy. Thomas 315 

Murphy, William 170, 280, 388, 389 

Murrah. Thomas 283 



Murray, John 141, 358, 360 
Murray, Richard 302 
Murray, Thomas 163 
Murry, Burleigh 379 
Muryllo, Esther 321 
Museka, Aubrey 293 
Muscka, Sandra 293 
Musgrave, Michael 344 
Mushow, Frank 323 
Musinl, Lawrence 374 
Musikantow, Edward 318 
Mussard. Mary Lee 317 
Mussulman, Arlyn 277 
Mussclman, Edward 277, 303, 422 
Musso, Frank 422 
Musson, Marilyn 367 
Muzzy, Michael 283, 422 
Muzzy, Timothy 422 
Myers, Barbara 382 
Myers, Catherine 66. 295 

Myers. Denise 350 
Myers, Gerald 384 
Myers, Johnnie 374 
Myers, Lauretta 328, 416 
Myers, Richard 344 
Myers, Rick 374 
Myers, Terry 131, 254. 284 
Myler. Jane 367 

Nachreiner. James 360 
Nalqiger, Claude 374 
Nagle, James 361 
Nagle, Kay 367 
Nagode, Patricia 368 
Naik, Ashvin 293, 301, 322 
Nakagana, Yoshitaka 379 
Namminga, Sam 154 
Nance, Carole 170, 367 


Ken 381 

Nardini, Thomas 388 
Nash, Donald 105, 294, 293 
Naughton, Pat 211 
Naur, Michael 251 
Nausley. Ellen 398 

ia 397 
old 343 

Nawojski, Carole 368 
Nawroki, Frank 374 

Nadovi. Winfield 105 

Neal, Charle 
Neal, Claren 


Neal. Ellen 423 
Neal, Freeman 131 
Neal. Partick 379 
Nealson, Karol 422 
Nealy, Page 260, 358 
Neander, Rovert 347 
Nebel, Jean 424, 306 
Neckers, J. 174 



Neely, Leland 299, 413 


If, C 




ff, D 









Marylou 399 







, Fra 

lk 170 




e 421, 









i 308, 





e 303 







1 367 

Nelson, Gary 374 


Nelson, Jean 325, 367 
Nelson, Joyce 306, 367 
Nelson, Judy 382 
Nelson, Kristina 288 
Nelson, Lawerence 361 


V I.. 

i, Male 293 

l, Nancy 376 

i, Richard 424, 379 

J, Sheila 131, 296 

:, Jacqueline 395, 313 





Nettles, Dickie 141, 408 
Nettleton, Gary 154, 333 
Nctz. Richard 375 
Nctznik. Michael 274, 2! 
Neubauer, Terry 418 
Neudeckcr, Bruce 292 
Neuhaus, Barbara 397 
Neuhaus, Dinah 416 
Neumann, Roger 111 
Neumann, F. Philip 289 


Neumann, James 
Neumann, Nancy 
Neumann, Roger 
Neville, William 131 
Ncvins, Stanley 361 
Newberry, Robert 286 
Ncwbold, Roy 105, 289, 383 
Newell, George 314, 410 
Newell, Preston 332, 415 
Newell, Sharon 171, 306 
Newland, Kathleen 154 
Ncwlin, Thomas 307 
Newman, Carolyn 367 
Newman, Douglas 375 
Newman. Gcraldinc 366 

Newman, Rosalie 382 
Newmann. Ralph 330, 415 
Newsom, Clifton 154 
Newton, Diane 420 
Newton, Michael 418 
Newton, Rita. 388,771 
Neyrinck, Raymond 379 
Ngortrakool, Thumn 321 

Ni. In. la 


Nichols, Janice 131 
Nicholson, Barb 350 
Nicholson, Richard 422 
Nicholson, William A. 3 
Nicholson. William R. 3 
Nickel!, William 287 
Niederkorn, David 375 
Nielsen, GaU 214, 345 
Nielsen, Kristin 367 
Nieman, Philip 371 
Niemann. Robert 344 

s 319 

Newerth. Judith 427 
Nikrant, Thomas 303 
Niksch, Charles 303 
Nilson. Allan 374 


Nipper, Orval 415 
Nithman, Susan 412 
Nitzel. Terry 414 
Nix, Marilyn 260 
Nixon. Joseph 347 
Nixon. Beth 306, 348 
Nizami, Saeed 306, 331 
Noack, Fred 419 
Nobbe, Kathy 367 
Noblitt, Robert 211 
Nocerino, Lynda 367 
Noel, Deanna 277, 382 
Nuisaengari, Pat 322 
Nolan, Mike 361 
Noland, Gregg 374 
Noodle. Rodney 351 
Noosbond, Debra 367 
Norcross, Marshall 361 
Norday, Gerald 409 
Nordin, Carolyn 397 
Nordstrom, Paul 105 
Norkiewicz, L. 




Norris. Alice 171 

Norris, Barbara 348 

Norris, William 361 

North, David 374 

Northway, Rick 318 

Norton, Alva 394, 399 

Norton. J. Michael 244. 246. 419 

Norton, Mary 382 




ik, la 


Novak. Ronald 283 
Novak, Susan 387 
Novelli, Karen 408 
Nowak. Edward 113, 

ski, Je 


Nquyen, Phan 416 
Nudd, Michael 179 
Nuernberger, Daniel 1 
Nugen, Sandi 311 
Nuger, Sandra 423 
Nuhn, Larry 163, 297 
Nunerville, Bill 349 
Nurnberg, Sh. 


r 309 

Nyquist, Tom 424 
Nystedt, John 320 



el 281, 422 

Oakes, Sharon 399 

Oakley. Tom 379 

Oats, Shirley 416 

Oboylc, Ann 350 

Obranovich, Sheila 367 

Obrecht, Karen 324, 325, 333, 418 

Obrecht, Kenneth 195, 293, 333 

Obercht, Linda 277, 333, 382 

Obcry, Terry 367 

OCallaghan, Patricia 131, 383 

Ockcrby, Janice 131, 214, 383 

O'Connell, Kathleen 154 

O'Donncll, William 189 

O'Danicl, Kathleen 306, 397 

O'Daniel, John 190 

Odch. Ben 331 

Odeh, Hikmat 396 

Odcll, Gerald 388 

Odin, Howard 113 


Odum. Claud. 
Oeding. Dennis 349 
Oehlberg, Richard 2 
Oehler, Sharon 367 
Oemig, Gerald 361 
Oeverman. Phil 410 

Pi ln< 


en. Ja 


Ogilvie, Judy 302 
Ogur. Maurice 148 
O'harc. Mike 131 



Ohl, Dean 237 

Ohl, Deborah 382 

Ohl, Nancy 131 

Ohm. Robert 361 

Ohya, Yoshihiro 333, 410 

Ojo, Michael 293. 313, 321, 322, 339 

O'Keefe, Kathlene 332 

Okstel, E. J. 154 

Oldehoelt. Rodney 285, 329 

Oldenburg, Phyllis 377 

O'Dear, Michele 382 

Oleson. Kenneth 163, 30 

Olive, Terry 394 J 397 

Oliver, Lynn 370 



Olmsted, John 148 
Olofson. Betsy 348 
Olsen, David 374 
Olshaw, Linda 397 
Olson, Corydon 352 
Olson, Darrell 38 
Olson, Howard 107 
Olson, James 163 
Olson, Margaret 382 
Olson, Norman 415 
Olson, Sally 131, 296, 345 
Olson, Stephen 379 
Oltmanns, Larry 419 
O'Mahoney, Eon 57 
O'Neal, Marvin 278 
O'Neal, Mike 379 
O'Neal, Ronald 419 
Onken, Mark 329 
Opp, Bonnie 277 
Orban, Mary 317 
Orf, Jeanne 321 
Orf, Ted 320 
Orlandini. Harold 422 
Orlowski, Marcia 24 
Ormiston, Fred 361 
Orourke. Michael 417 
Orourke. Thomas 292, 340 
Orr, Karl 294 
Orr, Tom 39. 286 
Orric, Wanda 113, 247 
Orstead, Jcrald 358 
Orth, Charles 388 
Osby, Harold 171 
Oschwald, James 319 
O'Shea, James 413 
O'Shiro, Shigezo 381 
Osman, John 381 
Osmundson. Larry 131, 347 
Osmus, Kim 274 
Ostendorf, Don 154 
Osterdock. Barbara 365 
Osteehage, Barbara 295, 397 
Osterhave, Stanley 391 
Osterman, Lewis 294, 314, 353 
Ostermann, Judy 397 
Ostrom, Ronnie 417 
Ostrowski, Robert 422 
O'SuIlivan, Barry 349 
O'Sullivan, Eileen 350 
Oswald, Linda 426 
O'Toole, Rita 399 
Otrich, Janet 131 




tedt. Debbil 




Overbcck, Janis 38: 
Owen, Mary 383 
Owens, Charlotte 2i 
Owens, Cindy 382 
Ozburn, Mary 154 

Pace, Gene 211 
Padgett, Billy 362 
Padgett, Rose 144 
Paetzhold, Jerry 374 


Page, James 361 
Page, Mai 87 
Page, Thelma 341 
Page, Theresa 367 
Paine, Frank 191 

Paisley, Maryann 131 
Pakula, Sandra 154, 377 
Pala, Suzanne 368 
Palermo, Mike 411 
Palm, Dennis 419 




Palmer, Georgeann 119, 2 
Pals, Tom 375 
Paluch, George 113, 268 
Paluch, Jerome 427 
Panayotovich, Mel. 
Panayotovich, Sam 363 
Panice, Ronald 347 
Panichi, Tom 378 
Pankow. Mary 382 
Panther, James 201, 39 
Pappas, Linda 285 
Pardee, James 360 



Park, Byung 311 
Park, Dec 214 
Park, Dong Hwan 311 
Park, Hyun 311 
Parker, David 373 
Parker. Douglas 361 
Parker, Ed 379 
Parker, Lerona 367 
Parker, Rodney 422 
Parker, Steve 30, 375 
Parker. William 343 
Parkhill, Gene 191 
Parkins. Paula 397 
Parkinson, Peggy 260. 382 
Parks, Glenn 113, 276, 294 
Parks, Nancy 350 
Parks, Sylvia 382 
Parnell, Tom 419 
Paron, Peter 318, 363 
Parran, Sandra 332 
Parrill, Catherine 367 
Parson, Donald 276 
Parsons, Steve 409 
Partridge, Robert 171, 317 
Partyka, Leonard 286 
Parz, William 113, 276 
Pasierb, Ronald 424 
Pasion, Lamberto 332 

Passe, Ja 
Pate, Bru 

163, 302 

Patelski, Peggy 412 
Patrinelis, Sandy 365 
Patryk, Catherine 341 
Patterson, Chris 304 
Patterson, Christine 367 
Patterson, Floyd 328, 410 
Patterson, Judy 341 
Patterson, Mary 154 



Pattin, Ida 416 

Patton, Grace 418 

Patton, Julie 367 

Patton, Robert 422 

Patton, Roger 113 

Patton, Rosemary 144 

Patton, Tom 411 

Paukelat, Joyce 132. 282, 285 

Paulchi, Larry 113 

Paule, Eric 361 

Paull, Jarrett 361 

Paullin, Steven 361 

Paulson, Don 105, 319 

Paulson, Margaret 144. 281, 305 

Pavelonis, George 213, 312 

Pavesich, Paul 201 

Pavilon, Judie 367 

Paymard, Mohsen 381 

Payne. Jeanne 132. 382 

Pearce, Richard 378 

Pearcy. Susan 295. 348 

Pearl, Nancy 367 

Pearson, Christie 412 

Pearson, Gerald 239 

Pearson, Linda 382 

Pearson, Sandra 382 

Pearson, William 297, 302 

Peck, Mike 267 

Peebles, Charles 88 

Pebbles, Janis 382 

Peeler, Kathy 412 

Pehlke, Christine 377 

Peik, Julian 352 

Peirick, John 113 

Pekoz, Charlene 159 



ri. Roge 362 
Pelton, Kathryn 395, 399 
Pemberton, Charlea 211, 212 
Pemberton, Robert 132, 358 
Pena, Al 204 



Pence, Teny 390 
Pennington, Janis 

Penson, Donna 317 

Peplow, Donald 363 

Perardi, William 344 

Percy. Charles 57 

Perdiue, Robert 159 

Perez, Margaret 251, 284, 288, 315 

Perigo, Phyllis 382 

Perkins, George 105 

Perkins, Harold 188 

Perkins. William 297 

Perki. Leslie 340 

Perlmutter, Mark 250 

Pero, Gregory 344 

Perone. Sam 378 

Peroutka, Gerald 132 

Parrin, Pat 413 

Parrine, Margo 132 

Perry, Alvin 391 

Perry. Dan 419 

Perry, Donald 178 

Perry, Steven 395, 362 

Perschbacher, Karen 408 

Peaavento, Christopher 275, 358 

Peter, Bernard 154 

Peter, Nancy 367 

Peters, Kathryn 320 

Peters, Nancy 365 

Peters, Terry 632 

Peters, Walter 320 

Peterson, Arthur 119 

Peterson, Donald 113 

Peterson, Gary 389 

Peterson, Glenn 420 

Peterson, Jamea 154 

Peterson, Ken 278, 384. 

Peterson, Marcia 171, 367 

Peterson, Peter 374 

Peterson, Richard 303 

Peterson, Robert 329 

Petrazio, Philip 323 

Petrelf. Bob 413 

Pettigrew, Jamea 105, 277, 298 

Pettin, Michele 382 

Petty, Joseph 154 

Petty, Terry 171 

Pezze, Diane 367 



Plorr. David 237 
Phalp. Anita 367 
Pharo, Mollie 387 
Phatanarajta, Sujin 322 
Phelps, Carroll 132, 329 
Phelps, Jerry 379 


Hi ii 

1 ,1 

Philipps, Linda 367 
Phillips, Arthur 346 
Phillips, Dana 144 
Phillips, Franklin 314, 418 
Phillips, Judy 364 
Phillips, Kathleen 133 
Phillips, Laurie 344 
Phillips, Stan 312 
Phinisee, Rosalyn 342 
Phommasouvanh. B. 154 

Pin I- 



Pickard. Arlene 328, 399 
Picklesimer, Gordon 390 
Pierce, Martha 391 
Pierce, Ronald 362 
Pierjok, Harry 379 
Pierson, John 278 
Pigg. Edward 391 
Pigott, Teryl 284 
Pickington, Michael 362 
Pinazzi, Jo 395, 398 
Pine, Howard 391 
PinkstafI, Jane 77 
Piotrowski. Dolores 113, 291 
Piper, Robert 390 
Pippin, Kalby 365 
Pirok, Mary 376 
Pirtle, Nancy 376 
Pisel, Patricia 133, 282 
Pistorius, Mary 419 
Pitcbford, Martin 413 
Pitchford, Terry 283, 320 
Pitta, Karyn 296, 348 
Planinc, Carl 191 
Plant, John 362 
Plantc, Jamea 362, 418 



a 112 

I'lolhi. k, Paul 419 




Pocklington, Jean 422 

Pocklington, Linda 422 

Podar. Maheshprasad 301, 309, 322 

Podgorski, Arthur 106, 298 

Poe, George 201 

Poe, Roger 106 

Poehler, Theodore 329 

Poll, Marshel 323 

Pohlman. Grace 367 
Pohlod, John 391 
Pointer, Jill 382 
Polizzano, Joseph 349 
Pollack, Gary 344 

P.. II 

I 111 

Pollock, Darrell 278 
Pollock, John 280, 307 
Pollock, Vivian 382 
Poneleit, Terry 275 
Pool, Ann 350 
Poole, Debra 367 
Poole, Susan 367 
Pope, James 154 
Pope, Raymond 113 
Popp. Mary 305, 329 
Poppe. Kathi 348, 382 
Portell. Ladonne 367 


Porter, Mary 315, 383 
Porter, Ross 113, 276 
Portz, Herbert 294 
Posphala, Virginia 317 
Potter, Gerald 388, 390 
Potter, William 244, 246, 283 
Pottinger, Robert 418 
Potts, Linda 417 





Pouya, Arastou 45 
Povelovis, Charlea 414 
Powell, David 113 
Powell, James 362 
Powell, Janet 382 
Powell, John 294, 318 
Powell, Tia 348 
Powell, Vicki 295, 376 
Powless, Gary 390 
Prabhuswamy, N. 306 
Prachuabroh, Sunnee 32 
Prafilet, John 374 
Prater, Steve 299, 358 
Pratt, Davis 140 


Pratt, Judith 333 

Preisel, Carryle 382 

Pred, Lawrence 304 

Price, Vicki 119, 286, 394, 398 

Priebe. David 379 

Primas. Theodore 346 

Prizzia, Charles 347 

Proball, Henry 390 

Probst. Robert 412 

Procter, Harvey 154, 340. 343 

Proflitt, James 354, 358 

Propst, Deana 367 

Prost, Carol 367 

Prost, Majorie 306, 427 

Prouty, Carlton 362 

Provart, Beverly 133 

Pruett, Barbara 282 

Pryor, Janet 430 

Pryor, Michael 430 

Puccini, John 113, 286 

Puckett, Jane 333, 416 

Pugh, Gary 39] 

Pugh, Michael 363 

Puilam, Wallace 179 

Pui-tak, Peter 368 

Pukdevichitra, Charnnaronk 410 

Pula, William 415 

Pulley, Charles 88 

Pulliam, Clark 411 

Pumm. Jo 


Purnell, Gayle 342 
Purvis. Alan 113, 244 


Nawal 296 


>, Robert 274, 292 


Michael 349 


s, Billy 427 


sgrossa, Ted 113, 294, 351 


Mary 133 


Sharon 348 


r, Charles 113 


r, Eileen 143- 


r, Gordon 417 


on, Cathy 382 


an, Clement 133 


Carolyn 289, 318 

Michael 171, 323, 390 



303, 314, 332 


, Willia 

m 332 


ovicb. Donna 281, 394, 396 

li a.I.,1 

ovich, Estelle 421 



James 422 





y, Kathleen 3% 






113, 279 



a 368 


a, Moh 

amed 296, 331 


i. Farh 

ad 309 





, Robe 

t 106, 289 


Ellis 211 


ater, Ja 

net 196, 367 





aux, Pam 376 



n 280 


y. Jeo 

225, 229 


y, Ron 

Id 113 


y. Sha 

on 376 

Randall, F. S 

. 90 


1, John 

304. 343 

Ran da 

1, Terry 323 


. Rich 

rd 294 


, Warr 

•n 379 


ph. St 

nley 307 


a, Hughues 163 





Kenneth 347 



n 423 





], Denn 

s 106 


i, Rob 

rta 133, 285, 328 


, Jack 



el. Earl 



an, Di 

ne 348 

Rappoport, B 

irry 419 


n. Ray 


Raschiella, Melissa 37, 
Raschke, Ronald 425 


Rawson, Patricia 277, 333 
Ray. Douglas 352 
Ray, Kathy 368 
Ray. Leonard 314 
Ray, Skip 214, 232 

Rayhill, Katherii 
, Reabun 

: 364 

Reagan. Randy 276 
Reaves, John 154 


, Joy 


Reckamp, Thomas 133, 276 
Redding, Sue 305. 413 
Redfern, Steven 384 
Redick, Susan 317, 367 
Redman. Carol 133, 285 


Reed, Alen 104 


Reed, Conn 


Reed, Dana 257, 408 
Reed, David 113, 319, 389 
Reed, Elaino 368 
Reed, Jesse 346 
Reed, Jesse 346 
Reed, Phyllis 133, 427 
Reed, Raymond 135, 297 
Reed, Robert 362 

]{,■,.,]. Tri 


Reed. Thomas 275. 411 


323, 390 
in 384 

Rcfka, Martin 276 
Regan, John 323, 388 
Regan, Zachnry 362 
Rehg, PhylliB 133, 299. 310 
Reichert, Maries 257, 368 
Reid, Nina 133. 281, 303 
Reid, Pam 45, 295 
Reifstcck, Patsy 376 
Reincrs. Stephen 323 
Rcisman. Cnry 384 



is, Linda 312. 313, 426 

Rendc, Sue 3< 
Rendlemnn. Ro 

Renfrow, Doug 312 
Renfrew, Mike 113, 276 
Renman, Ronald 305 
Renshaw, James 379 
Renshaw, Thelma 307 
Renzaglia, Guy 191 
Replogle, Ralcolm 361 
Resor, Sam 303 
Retsky, Herbert 155 
Retzer, Leslie 341, 376 
ReviB, Susan 426 
Reynolds. Adrienne 333. 376 
Reynolds, Geraldine 318, 367 
Reynolds, John 137 
Reynolds, Mary 324, 399 
Reynolds. Nancy 342 
Reynolds, Phillip 351 
Rezner, Sue 171, 306, 388 
Rhine, Craig 424 
Rhine, Tim 246 
Rhodes, Janet 368 






William 254, 362 

Gayle 396 

Pam 295, 376 
irds, Eddie 211, 344 
chards, George 155 
chards, Mary 171, 306 

ds, Robert 362 

chards. Sandrt 


chardson, Harold 422 
chardson, Lilliam 133, 282 
chardson, Lloyd 163, 320 
chardson, Robert 394 
chardson, Ted 298 
chey, Sondra 295. 348 




Richard 417 

Carl 410 
iley, Jacintha 38 
Katherine : 
.iley, Nellie 277 
iley, Sam 363 
liley. Ward 288 

] !'l 

y, Wil 
i C. H. 300 
;indt, Robert 286, 410 

Samuel 191 

Ling, William 286 

, Ted 288 

Upper, Lynn 285 

lippy, Thomas 361 

ting, Robert 113 


Uthudom, Cha 


Sheldon 155 

Rnadick, Rob 120 

Robb. Candac 
Robb. J. A. 
Robb, Samuel 
Robbins, Bur, 



Roberto. Bobby 211 

Roberts, Clifford 307 

Roberts, David 360 

Roberts, Karen 133, 296 

Roberts, Laura 395, 397 

Roberta, Robert 351 

Roberts, Sue 324, 325 




Robertson, Sandy 348 
Robinson. Adeline 155, 427 
Robinson, Alphonso 424 
1 163. 307 



o 394, 397 

Robinson, Janice 376 
Robinson, John 346 
Robinson, Kenneth 397 
Robinson. Lydia 399 
Robinson. Paul 181 
Robinson, Roger 122 
Robinson, Susan 67 
Rocchi, Joyce 364 
Roche. Tom 163, 321 
Rock, Carille 365 
Rockafellow, Leighton 374 



Rodgers. Carolyn 376 
Rodniquez, Dusky 345 
Rodniquez. Kathy 315 
Rodriguez, Marcia 345 
Roe, Phebe 316 
Roeckeman, Nancy 301 
Roedl, Charles 410 
Roedl. Dale 133. 285 
Roehrkasse, Richard 4 
Roesch, Chandler 351 
Roesslerin, D 





Rogers, Jean 370 
Rogers, Tom 384 
Rogers, William 113 
Rogiewicz, Thomas 278, 347 
Rohach, Eddie 362 
Rehagy, Mohammad 309 
Rohde. Carolyn 295, 394, 399 
Rohde, Dennis 374 
Rohde. John 304 
Rohlfing, Carol 365 
Rohlfing. Jerry 202 
Rohner, Gayle 397 
Rohr, Shirley 256, 418 
Rolizzano, Joe 232 
Roll. Kenyon 133 
Roll, Sue 141, 349 
Rollins, Roberta 367 
Romed. Carmen 171, 289 
Roney, Margaret 394, 397 
Ronnow, Mariann 466 
Roofener, Bruce 425 
Roop. Wade 287 
Roos, Thomas 374 
Roosevelt, Linda 416 
Ropp. Thomas 155 
Rosborough, Juarez 229 
Rosborough, Michael 363 
Rose, Bobbie 399 
Rose, Carin 380 
Rose, Gary 171, 323, 384 
Rose, John 155 
Rose, Sarah 376 
Roselle, Jeanne 133, 299 
Rosenbuam, Frank 351 
Rosenberger, Gaylan 376 
Rosenlieb, Sandra 376 
Rosentreter, Richard 171 
Ross, Daniel 352 
Ross, Diana 330, 339 
Ross, Don 237 
Ross, Ellen 155 




Rossenbeb, Sandra 305 
Rosenblum, Mike 413 
Rosi, Gerald 362 
Rosson, Ann 133, 307 
Roth, Donna 133, 382 
Roth, Emmet 297, 409 
Roth, Eugene 391 
Rothert, Scott 113, 351 
Rotter, John 418 
Rottmann, Gerald 314 
Rottner, Sally 423 
Rottschalk, Richard 384 
Roulhas, Edgar 346 



Roush. John 114 

Roush. Richard 317, 321 

Roush, Tom 304, 425 

Rowe, Bruce 211, 344 

Rowell, Joyce 373, 380 

Rowell, Terry 384 

Rowland. Linda 305, 397 

Rowland, Rex 276, 308 

Rowland, Ronnie 114 

Rowland, Shirley 281, 305 

Roy. Pam 325 

Rohny. Barbara 332 

Royston. Judy 171, 323 

Rubeck, Richard 391 

Rubcmcycr, Maryann 296, 299, 399 

Ruben. Roberta 376 

Rubiano. Anthony 237 

Ruble. David 133 

Rublcm, Robert 114 

Ruckcr, Marlene 397 

Ruckes, Dorothy 155 

Rucks, Lonnie 155 
Ruddell, Twylah 418 
Rudert. William 283 
Rudolph. Laurence 361 
Rudolph, Sharon 416 
Ruess, Maria 332 
Ruf, John 163 
Ruffner. Ralph 89 
Ruga. Marcia 134, 299 
Ruge, David 320, 333 
Ruge, Lora 368 
Ruhs, Karen 171. 388, 409 
Rummel, Clara 354, 367 
Runkel. Ronald 297, 361 
Ruoff, Nicola 367 
Ruppel. Frederick 381 
Ruppel, Janice 364 
Ruppel, Rodney 394 
Rush, Charles 305, 317, 353 
Ruah, Jennifer 295 
Rush. John 214 
Rush. Richard 274, 292 
Rushing, Jerald 361 
Russell, Charles 384 
Russell, Dennis 119 
Russell, Helga 144, 312, 315 
Russsll, Lindsay 363 
Russell, Nipsy 48 
Russell, Patsy 284 
Russell, Ramona 422 
Russell. Roger 410 
Russell, Steven 134, 362 
Russell, Wayne 280. 388, 391 



Rutkowski, John 374 
Rouuer. Shirley 134, 399 
Ryan, Catherine 412 
Ryan, James 134 

Ryan. Joa 


Ryan, Robert 381 
Ryan, Sallie 368 
Rylard, Karen 382 

Saal, Walter 42 
Sabella. Peter 114, 276, 319 
Sabal. Doug 413 
Sabin. Barbara 382 
Sabol, Andrew 359 
Sackman, Deena 333 
Sackson, Duane 293 
Sadowsky. Joe 384 
Safranek. Christine 397 
Safron, Daniel 384 
Sage, Sheila 397 
Sager, Janet 134. 368 
Sager. Judith 315. 380 
Sahuri, Shucri 296 
Saig, Bob 246 
Saineghi, Peter 424 
Salden, Dan 347 
Sale, Gerald 417 
Sallgren, Charles 358 
Salinger. Pierre 56 
Sally, Mary Lou 324, 325 
Salter, Ronald 114, 409 
Samberg, Vivian 395, 397 
Samford, Clarence 122 
Samford. Reatta 281, 416 
Sampier, Jack 287 
Samsula, James 275 
San Filippo, Arlenc 382 
Sanabria. Pamela 260 
Sandberg. Gary 363 
Sanders, Jane 421 
Sanders. Nehemiah 363 
Sanders, Sally 383 
Sanders. Sandra 134 
Sandifer, Mimi 256, 367 
Sandow, Barry 361 
Sandslead, Holister 134 
Sandstead. Ronald 201, 351 
Sandstead, Tex 360 
Sandwell, George 422 
Sane, Elaine 368 
Sapp, Robert 155. 299 
Sarabia. Mario 362 
Sarders. Bill 211 
Sargent, George 351 
Sarossy. Steven 237 
Sartell, Peter 420 
Sartoris, Jim 347 
Sarver, Phyllis 305, 380 
Sass. Beverly 171, 323, 382 
Sateruus, Robert 363 
Sattgast, Mabel 175 
Satterlee, Mark 155 
Satterwhite, Frank 346 
Saucr, Corliss 134, 366 
Sauer, Louis 414 

Saul, James 409 

Saunder, Jeannette 324. 325. 418 

Sautter, John 119, 246, 348 

Sawalich, Eugene 114, 276, 422 

Sawyer, Hans 425 

Saxe, Kent 294, 298, 384 

Sale, Larry 155, 344 

Sayder, Rich 344 


Sayre. Joy 
Scaglione. Beatrice 368, 388 
Scalise, Nancy 305. 395. 399 
Scellato. Robert 425 
Schaake, Larry 201, 316 
Schaefer, Glenn 349 
Schaefer, Marilyn 416 
Schaefer, William 305 
Schaenzer, Donna 235 
Schafer. Joe 275 
Schafrik, Dennis 323, 389 
Schaler, David 318 
Schaubert, Pamela 409 
Schechter, Judi 399 
Scheiman, Bruce 163, 302 
Schellenberger. David 384 
Schellhardt, Thomas 114. 276 


IJi I 



Scheuerman, Lee Ann 310 

Scheurer. Philip 40 

Shevab, Frank 278 

Schick, Dennis 274 




Schiller. Judi 397 

Schill. Jerome 286 

Schiller. Linda 301 

Schilling, Tom 106. 277, 314 

Schiltz. Kenneth 276. 374 

Schmipf, William 276 

Schindler, Mary Beth 413 

Schingel, Nancy 399 

Schippits. George 347 

Schirrich, Walter 344 

Schissel, Francine 397 

Schlarb, Randy 427 

Schlatt. Donald 352 

Schleffendorf, John 361 

Schlemmer. De-anna 348 

Schleuning, Henry 307 

Schlouski, Joseph 384 

Sclueter, Linda 397 

Schmidlein, Edward 276 

Schmidt, Darlene 364 

Schmidt, Frederick 155, 314, 329, 411 

Schmidt, Loz 278 

Schmidt, Leopold 422 

Schmidt, Pamela 412 

Schmidt, Peter 363 

Schmidt, Thomas 420 

Schmidt. William 426 

Schmisseur, Renee 144, 312, 348 

Schmitt. Bernard 211 

Schmitt, Conrad 390 


, Joyc 


Schmitz, John 155 
Schmitz, Michael 114, 374 
Schmitzer, Dale 134, 316 
Schnauler, Diana 313, 426 

J. I.ji 


Schneider, Deloris 410 

Schneider, James 316 

Schneider, Janet 373, 380 

Schneider, Sharon 134, 299, 421 

Schniepp, Albert 134, 333 

Schnoor, Robert 283, 358 

Schoch, Tedd 211 

Schock, Mary 376 

Schoen, Paul 61, 114, 243, 268, 279. 283 

Schofield, Danny 373, 384 

Schonauer, David 114, 344 

Schonhofl, Jim 384 

Schoob, Roger 318, 362 

Schorolf, Jim 202, 203 

Schouten, Fred- 304 

Schrader. Bevarly 345 

Schrader, David 419 

Schrader, Karen 305, 368 

Schrader, Patricia 368 

Schreffler, Mary 368 

Schreiner, Kathy 413 

Schreuder, Wilma 322 

Schroder, Beverly 416 

Schroeder, David 384 

S, In 

, Gle 


Schroeder, Kathryn 427 
Schroeder, Marilyn 307, 323 
Schroeder, Paul 362 
Schuffert, Michael 155 
Schuh, Paul 374 
Schuler, David 303, 363 
Schulthehis, Elaine 134 
Schultz, Barry 114 
Schultz, Robert 379 
Schultz, Roger 276, 323 
Schulz, Fred 379 


, Shar, 


Schuman, Wendy 330, 399 
Schunk, Joe 237 
Schutt, Jobn 389 
Schwartz, Arnold 425 
Schwartz, Maggie 134, 284, 2% 
Schwartz, Patrick 134 
Schwartz, Robb 286 


S, In, 


Schyving, Larry 319 

Scott, Disnne 368 
Scott, Ellen 412 
Scott, Hazel 260 
Scott, John 363 
Scott, Katherine 368 
Scott. Laure 324 
Scott, Linda 235 
Scott, Marilyn 134, 284, 285, 364 
Scott, Mary 399 
Scott, Patricia 377 
Scott, Ruthanne 395, 399 
ally 119, 289, 376 



Seaberg, Gordon 414 

Seals, Janice 299 

Seanor, Bruce 344 

Searcy, Charles 119, 274. 292 

Seaton, Viau 426 

Secora, Beverly 416 

Sedlak. Carole 364 

Seely, E. 292 

Serried, Jo Ellen 299, 383 

Sehie, William 278 

Sehner. Brenda 281, 305 

Sehnert, Frank 322 

Seibert, Carroll 302 

Seibert, Charlotte 380 

Seibert. David 106, 375 

Seibert, James 374 

Seibert, Janice 295 

Seibert, Mary 382 

Seibert, Paul 362 

Seibert, Ron 333 

Seid. Mai 380 

Seiferth, Bernice 284 

Seim, Darrel 384 

Self. Ronald 246 

Self. Scott 144 

Selk. Lyle 363 

Sellers. Mary 328 

Selleck, Virginia 383 

Sellen, Joan 134, 299 

Seller, Jane 382 

Selmer, Russell 315 

Seloover, Richard 237 

Semenerio, Tony 260 

d. An 


Senger, James 363 
Sereg, Betty 368 
Sereg, Ronald 119. 287 
Serieg, Bob 244 
Session. Mary 396 
Settle, Lawrence 171, 390 
Setzer, Henry 363 
Sevcik, William 305, 320 
Seward, Lee 352 
Sewell, James 374 
Sexton, Danny 381 
Sexton, Judith 171 
Sexton, William 297, 374 
Sexteonson, Steven 317, 631 
Seydlitz. Robert 362 
Seyferth, Pamela 399 
Seymour, Glen 319 


Sezgin, Ilhan 331 



Shade. Patricia 421 
Shafer. Kurt 422 
Shafer, Ronald 155 
Shaffer, Don 239 
Shahbazian, Faramarz 30! 
Shaker. Nayif 296 
Shaner, Laurel 380 
Shank, Rick 378 
ShanuWilson, Amy 293 
Shapiro, Freddy 351 
Sharknas. Sharolyn 366 
Sbarpe, Ian 196 
Shashack, Willard 171 

Shaw, Debn 
Shaw, Donn 


Shaw, James 134 
Shaw, Maryl 376 
Shea, Edward 122, 304 
Shea, Lavona 266, 345 
Sheall, William 319 
Shear. Herbert 278 
Sheehan, Jamie 382 
Sheehy, Diana 293 
Sheer, Herb 237 



Sheihan, Ja 
Shell, Claude 110 
Shellberg, Howard 156 
Shellhause, Gary 298, 353 
Shelton. Cathy 282, 318 
Shelton, James 363 
Shelton. John 363 
Shepherd, Mary 376 
Sherbarth, Jim 247 
Sherhofer, Ronald 362 
Sheridan, Harry 283 
Sheridan, Madonna 376 

. Walt, 


*wy, Jacalyn 348 
Sherwood, Ronald 411 
Shibley, Ronald 363 
Shick, Dennis 292 
Shields, Andrea 260 
Shields. Herman 361 
Shields. Robert 351 
Shillinger. Carol 134. 377 
Shindle, Terry 424 
Shinton, Edmund 134 
Shipman, Cheryl 156 
Shoemaker, Barbara 421 
Shoemaker, Jay 286, 411 
Sbokouh, Cyrus 302, 309 
Shokoub. Homa 309 
Sholar, James 114. 297, 332 
Shook, Ronald 302 
Showalter, Richard 384 
Shyock, Burnett 139 
Sbukair. Ali 296 
Shukis, Paul 304 
Shultz, Judy 382 
Siebe, Jo 134, 332 
Siebe, Mary 332 
Siebert, Gane 191 
Siedlecki, Joathan 354, 360 
Siefker, Marvin 293, 2298 
Siegel, Freddie 419 
Siebel, Ronald 156, 314 
Siegmund, Frederick 362 
Siegworth, Robert 361 
Sierens, Roger 419 
Sieveking, Robert 134 
Silas, Mary 414 


:a, Ja 


Silkwood, Larry 384 
Silvers, Scott 361 
Silvester, Jobo 283, 314 
Simeone, William 176 
Simmons, Jack 189 
Simmons, Joy 282 

is, Oz. 


Simmons, Richard 276, 279 
Simmons, Sherry 416 
Simon, Ernest 164 
Simon, Mary 277 
Simon, Sheryl 33 
Simons, Kent 114 
Simons, Robert 318 
Simpson, Frank 343 
Simpson, Henry 363 
Simpson, James 302 
Simpson, Janis 376 
Simpson, Margaret 345 
Simpson, Michael 417 
Simpson, Raymond 329, 422 
Simpson, Thomas 156 
Sinclair, Gloria 345 
Singer, Linda 366 


. Sha 


Singh, Silas 306 
Singleton, Etta 414 
Singley, Sharyln 340, 331 
Sipes, Jane 376 
Sirajo, Mohammed 313, 331 
Sirasudhi, Katanyu 322 
Sirasudbi, L'domporn 422 
Sirles, Janice 134, 249, 268, 277, 285. 287, 
295, 341, 344 

. llu 


Sisk, Linden 374 
SiBtler, Mary 320 

Skamser, Diane 397 
Skinner, Anne 410 
Skinner, Gordon 363 
Skipper, Linda 134, 365 
Skogseth, James 315 
Skupcin, Ann 412 
Slack. Norman 305, 312, 313 
Slade, Cynthia 376 


k. i.i 


Slagel. Janice 416 
Slaughter, Bill 343 
Slaughter, Thomas 343 
Slavik, John 341 
Slechta, John 358 
Slihgton, David 412 
Slingcrland, John 363 
Slisz, Kathleen 134, 345 
Sloan, Gary 363 
Slocum, Donald 299 
Slorahn, Roger 114, 276, 319 
Slotneas, Phil 156 
Slowik, Alan 318 
Slowii, Julie 376 
Slowik, Sallie 295, 380 
Sluga, Dennis 114 
Slutzky, Lorence 351 


Smalley, Ralph 411 

Smallwood, Wayne 414 

Smavelsohn, Howard 420 

Smelsen. Jim 225, 229 

Smiley, Eileen 274, 341 

Smiley, Michael 292 

Smith, Alfred 422 

Smith, Barbara 348 

Smith, Candace 171 

Smith, Carol 44, 308, 376 

Smith, Carolyn 135 

Smith, Can- 303 

Smith. Charlotte 376 

Smith, Clarence 114, 225, 227, 294 

Smith, David 106. 156, 283, 319, 410 

Smith, Dean 358 

Smith, Deborah 368 

Smith, Douglas 156 

Smith. Edward 389 

Smith, Floyd 171, 388, 391 



Smith, Garry 419 

Smith. Glori 141, 260, 281, 376 

Smith, Gregory 390 

Smith, Jack 414 

Smith, James 349 

Smith, Jean 418 

Smith, Jo 399 

Smith, Jody 376 

Smith, Judy 295, 422 

Smith, Kathleen 388 

Smith, Kathryn 412 

Smith, Kenneth 388, 391 

Smith, Linda 135 

Smith. Lyle 107 

Smith, Marcia 424 

Smith, Marsha 156 



Smith, Michael 305 

Smith, Patricia 376 

Smith, Nancy 234, 316 

Smith, Paul 281 

Smith, Paula 272, 305, 325, 376 

Smith, Ronald 294. 314 

Smith, Rosalyn 260, 342 

Smith, Sam 222 

Smith, Sandra 323 

Smith, Susan 173 

Smith, Sylvia 173 

Smith, Terry 384 

Smith, Toni 284, 324, 325 

Smith, Tyler 422 

Smith, Velda 45, 295 

Smith, Vicki 295, 341 

Smith, William 274. 292. 362 

Smithson, Rodney 115 

Smitogol, Shirtkharr 322 

Smothers. Donna 376 

Smothers. Larry 244, 414 




Sneddon, Margaret 310 
Sneddon, Susan 376 
Sneider, Kenneth 276 
Snodgrass, Linda 424 
Snodgrass, Michael 163, 302, 379 

Snyder, Charles 143 

Snyder, Janice 416 

Snyder, Richard 115, 156 

Snyder, Robert 362 

Sobehrad, Tom 361 

Soderstrom, Harry 388 

Soldwedel, Sieve 202 

Solenberger, James 381 

Soltwedel, Delbert 293 

Somers, Diane 376 

Somers, Sharon 416 

Songrelet, Chuck 362 

Songcilay, Saysana 135, 322 

Sonak. Narong 322 

Soprych, John 173, 391 

Sork, Mary Lou 324, 329, 371, 392 

Sorrels, Cynthia 376 

3oter, Ruth 173 

Sotka, Thomas 363 

Souhrada, Peter 319 

Southwell, Steve 424 

Spahn, Joseph 391 

Spair, Joseph 362 

Spaner, Margaret 320 

Spangler, Linda 173 

Spann, Jacqueline 135 

Spann, Stephen 115 

Sparks, David 303 

Sparks, Linda 54, 260 

Sparrenberg. Linda 373, 376 

Spatalora, Joseph 115 



Spear. Linda 277 

Spears, Joseph 389 

Speck, Judith 376 

Speckman, Richard 163, 224, 277 

Spector, Franklin 414 

Speese. Carolyn 82, 135, 299, 422 

Spemer, Jell 115 

Spence, Oneta 135, 373, 376 

Spencer. Barbara 260. 365, 368 

Spencer, Linda 380 

Sperry, Ernest 362 

Spidel, Cheryl 368 

Spikings, James 411 

Spina. Sandra 318. 736 

Spivey, Linda 173. 399 

Spoerl. Raymond 425 

Spohnholtz, Rny 390 

Sprague, Edward 422 

Sprague, Janice 340, 348 

Sprague, Tamara 395, 397 

Sprengelmcyer, Mike 204. 205. 374 

Springer, Jane 421 

Springer, William 156 

Sprinkel. Carl 414 

Spudich, Laura 376 

Spytek, Sue 135, 320, 332 

Squires, Leonard 173, 323 




Sramek, Wayne 201, 349 
St. Pierre, Jaunita 418 


Stack, Nancy 376 
Stadcl, Thomas 354 
Stadtlander, Werner 361 
Stachle. Janet 368 
Staff, Ian 301 
Staff, Neil 320 
Stafford, John 156 
Stafford, Micheal 344 
Stohlberg. Judy 277. 376 
Slalets, Stanley 408 
si ill:,:. 1, Linda 396 
Stamison, Phillip 202 
Stampley, Beverly 427 
Stamps. Robert 305, 318 
Staodbcrry, Herman 135 
Stancciphcr, Linda 376 
Slann. Patricia 306, 410 
Staples, Laurence 275 
Starkcy, Tony 328 
Starks, Aubrio 154, 283, 299 
Starks, Crcgory 408 
Stascr, Janis 173, 348 
Stoszak, Albert 388, 391 
Stater, Craig 388, 389 
Stcagall. Scott 374 
Stearns, Carol 325, 344 
Stearns, Claude 141 
Stebbins, Charlotto 318 
Stcch. Carol 350 

Steer, M. 304 
Steffen, Russell 173 
Stcffcn, Walter 360 
Steffes, Karen 366 
Steffes. Paula 135 
Steigelman, Alan 305 



Stein. Darrell 196 
Stein. Michael 410 
Steinberg. Robert 363 
Steinbrook, Constance 329 
Steincamp, Ronald 115, 286 
Steingruby. Theresa 244, 246. 394 
Steinhagen, Sharyn 376 
Stellhorn, Ronnie 329, 384 
Stenael, Irene 421 
Stephani, Susi 426 
Stephens, Eric 358 
Stephens, Keith 420 
Steppe, William 299 
Sternberg, Vernon 191 
Sterrett. Sarah 397 
Stevens, Donald 351 
Stevens, Jack 363 
Stevens, Robert 297 
Stevens. Wendell 247 
Stevenson, Nancy 368 
Stevenson, Roger 371, 384 


1, All, 



Stewart, Pat 422 
Stewart, Rodney 411 
Stice, Sandra 76, 295, 380 
Stickle, Cynthia 397 
Stiehl. Dwight 315 
Stiff. Cranston 424 
Stikkers. Bruce 293, 330 
Stilabower, Cheryl 394. 396 
Stilts, Angeline 368 
Stiltz, Karen 395, 397 
Stiman. Kerry 283 
Stipek, Lina 421 


Stoddard. Charles 107, 293 
Stoever, H. 302 
Stolley, Ken 390 
Stoltz, Peter 352 
Stolz, Patricia 305 
Stombaugh, Sue 144 
Stone, Carol 135 
Stone, Robert 163 
Stonecipber, Ronald 362 



■;i, .1 


Stout, Bethel 324, 325. 412 
Stout, Doria 317, 364 
Stout, James 381 
Stout, Judith 173, 422 
Strack, Kay 324, 325, 418 
Strand, Priscilla 141 
Strang, Steven 419 
Strassman, Robert 156 
Straub, John 391 
Strauss. Linda 376 
Stralow, Cecil 293 


ir, Ja 


Streba, Thomas 349 
Streckenbach. Donna 156, 410 
Strcitmatter, Rodger 362 
Stremmel, Susan 348 
Strieker, Kcnnctb 409 
Strine. Joanne 144 
Stripe, Stanley 390 
Strode, Richard 362 
Strolc, Glenna 173, 282. 348 
Strom. Bernico 368 
Stromeycr, Ruth 416 
Stromquiet, Steve 363 
Strong. Herbert 417 
Strong, Thomas 115, 318 
Struckmeycr. Jerri 376 
Strykcr, Judy 422 
■•i ,l I.I. I,. I.I. Cayla 416 
Stucker. Phillip 408 
Stulginskis, Dennis 384 
Stumpf, Sharon 340, 348 
Sturgeon, Suzanne 282 
Sturgis, Linncll 87 
Sturm, Gerald 381 

Styles, Vicki 397 
Suchman, Dolores 376 
Suchy, Kenneth 304 
Suda, Frank 415 
Sulak, Mike 413 
Sullivan. Dennis 415 
Sullivan, John 115 
Sullivan. Mary 368, 416 
Sullivan, Richard 173, 323 
Sullivan, Samuel 375 
Summers, John 278 
Summers, Mary 145 
Summers, Ranelle 305, 376 
Sunderland, Nancy 65, 350 
Sund. iiiiiiii. Judith 282 
Sundquist. James 362 
Sunnquist, Roger 285, 308 
Suprenant, Arthur 390 
Surratt, Sharon 135, 307 
Sutcliffe, Sherry 41. 135. 348 

Sutlie. Jai 


Suttle. Michael 363 
Sutton, Beverly 145, 329 
Sutton, Brenda 329 
Sutton, Cathy 282, 388 
Sutton. David 329 
Sutton, Harold 329 
Sutton, John 107, 329 
Sutton, Mary 368 
Sutton, Sandra 119, 367 
Sutton, Stephen 384 
Svejcar, John 156, 401, 417 
Svestka, Robert 414 
Svihlik, Charles 244, 320 
Swan, James 425 
Swanson, Barbara 325 
Swanson, Charlotte 368 
Swanson, Clinton 417 
Swanson, John 390 
Swanson, Kathleen 368, 376 
Swanson, Roy 115 



Swartz, William 361 
Swayze, John Cameron 
Seward, Tom 232 
Sweeney, Patricia 333 
Sweeney, Robert 425 
Sweigart, Steve 419 
Swenson, Leslie 377 
Swick, Ralph 110. 279 
Swindle, Greg 363 
Swinnen, Martha 305, 3 





Syler, Earl 136 
Symoun, Wath 378 
Svoboda, Linda 348 

Taft, Sharon 412 
Tahmas. Samir 296, 331 


Talbert. Janis 136, 281 

Talbott, John 384 

Taler, George 349 

Talley, C. Horton 116 

Tally. Emma 341 

Tally, Mary 136, 296. 341 

Tally, Roy 189 

Tamkin. Ellen 367 

Tanaka, Jack 156 

Tandhasetti. Tanya 30, 67. 322 

Tangora, Michael 115 

Tanner. Joyce 136 

Tarro. Nancy 173. 282 

Tatarczuch. Thomas 347 



Tate. George 307 
Tate. Karon 412 
Tate. Margaret 306 
Taylor, Alva 379 
Taylor. Barbara 368 
Taylor. Bob 284 
Taylor. Carl 274, 292 

Taylor, Cathy 368 

Taylor, Craig 225, 375 

Taylor, Garvis 115 

Taylor, Gary 318, 362 

Taylor, Hermine 377 

Taylor, Joy 328, 416 

Taylor, K. 341 

Taylor, Martha 424 

Taylor, Mary 344 

Taylor, Sharlene 397 

Taylor, Thomas 297 

Teague. James 305 

Tedrick, Jenna 145, 345, 367 

Tedj-ick, Phillip 422 

Teesdale. Connie 296, 416 

Tefft, Maureen 244, 395 

Teich, Daniel 374 

Teichman, Myran 427 

Telford, Dwight 363 

Telle. Sarmite 136 

Templeton, Louise 136. 284, 296 

Templeton, Steve 352 

. Jon,, 


. Junn 300 

Teoli, Albert 363 
Teply, John 289 
Terchek, Timothy 362 
Termuende. Judy 422 
Terry, Janet 156, 394, 398 
Tesar, Richard 136 
Teske, Murl 302 
Teske. Robert 163, 302 
Thames, Linda 422 
Thames, Wayne 211 
Thatcher. Scott 302 



i 136 



Thieda, Shirley 156 
Thiele. Craig 302 
Tbien. Duane 305 
Thipkhosithkun, Somchai 
Thode, Carolyn 145, 305 
Thomas, Carol 396 
Thomas, David 260 




, Diana 333 
. Frank 140 

. Marilyn 461 
, Richard 191 

Thomas, Ricky 363 
Thomas, Ruth 305 
Thomas. Wayne 239 
Thompson. Camiell 299, 416 
Thompson, Carole 296, 423 
Thompson. Carolyn 383 
Thompson, Everett 115 
Thompson, Douglas 278 
Thompson, James 115, 319 
Thompson, Janice 424 
Thompson, Jess 278 
Thompson, Judy 367 

, Linda 367, 378 
, Robert 307, 318 


my 409 
mary 317 

Th, „i 


, Terri 367 

, Ton 


Thompson. Willism 388, 390 
Thomson, Donna 368 
Thornburg. Linda 66 
Thornton, Judy 173, 388 
Thorp, Carl 107. 314. 422 
Thorp. Claude 422 
Thorp. Elizabeth 145 
Thorp, Nelson 316, 422 



. All,,- 


, Richard 420 

icburg. Ronald 277. 294, 303 

Thunherst. Pall 
Thurman. Rich 
Thailkill. Marie 

. Gloria 137, 284, 285 

Tighe, Deborah 156, 199, 427 
Tillman, Sheadriek 164, 346 
Timcikas, Regina 380 

i. Thomas 363 
■th. Ronald 156 

cy 368 
George 189 




Toci, Mary 422 
Todd, Beverly 295 
Todd, Curtia 358. 359 
Todd, William 156 
Toeneboehn, Judith 137 
Toldness. Joanne 295 
Tolcr, George 201 
Tolliver, Dick 374 
Tomac, Marcia 306, 424 
Tomala, Richard 360 
Tomlin, Ted 156 
Tongate, Sue 388 
Topping, Timothy 359 
Torrisi, Lorraine 306, 368 
Tortorella, Sberyl 377 
Toth, Mary Ellen 234 
Towers. Dick 211 
Townsend, Carl 285 
Tracy, John 363 
Tracy, Phillip 239 
Tragesser, Kay 397 
Traiber. Natalie 341, 367 



Trammel, Hugh 107 
Traughber. Richard 389 
Travelstead, Judith 383 
Travelatead. Leslie 137 
Trcadwell, Carol 354 



Treiiman, Linda 330. 376 

Tremback, Ronald 362 

Tewntham, Charles 283 

Trice. Sallie 364 

Trimmel. Gary 294 

Trip, Ray 361 

Triplet!, Robert 156, 343 

Triplett. Sandra 368 

Triplett, Susan 260 

Tripoli, Micbeal 41 

Trogoldl, James 302 

Trost, Ralph 351 

Trotter, Eugene 107, 294. 353 

Trotter, Nancy 368 

Trout, David 363 

Troutt. Bill 304 

Trover, Charles 302 

Trowbridge. John 196 

Toxler. Jeff 260 

Truckenbrodt, Phyllis 137 



Trumbold, James 363 
Trupa. Kate 350 
Truss. Lee 408 
Tryba, Mike 107 
Tryba, Thomas 115, 276 
Trzaskus. Edward 278 
Tsao. Jiun Han 300 
Tachang, Tai Po 283, 300, 314 
Tseng, Min Huey 300 
Tshikawa, Kensel 411 
Tucker, Del 274, 292, 424 
Tucker. -John 156 
Tucker. Kelly 362 
Tucker. Richard 232, 233, 214 
Tuel, Diana 260, 368 
Tuetken, Barbara 137, 412 
Tuggle, Steve 363 
Turbiville, Graham 156 
Turek. Anthony 362, 422 


r, Charles 
■r. Gene II 


Tweedy. James 314 
Tweedy, Michael 297, 363 
Tymowicz. Michael 294 

Uchtman, Donna 399 
Udolia. Ikpe 295, 313 
Ulivi, William 163, 302 
Ulmer, David 287 
Urich, Thomas 362 
Umbaugh, Rick 305 
Underwood. Byron 362 
Underwood, Diana 376 
Underwood, Robert 303. 374 
Underwood. Steven 305, 318. 381 
Unger, Dennis 374 
Unland, Dorothy 137 
Unruh. Michael 244, 413 
Upsinger. Marvin 107 
Urish, Becky 399 
Urish, Darel 119 
Urish. John 193 
Usborne. Charles 156 
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Utterback. Rosemary 299 

Vach. James 363 
Valentyn, Anthony 419 
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Van Scyoc, Allene 368 
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Vander Vere. Nancy 305. 368 
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Vandermeulen. Darrell 115 
Vandersnick, Sally 121 
VanderVot, Kathlyn 350 
Vandever, Diane 399 
Vangeison, Sandra 325 
Vanick, William 286 
Vaninger, Beverly 305, 397 
Vanlandingham. Julia 396 
Vann. James 292 
Vanvalkenburg, Donald 360 
Vanwillis, Sharon 399 
Vanzanat, Robert 115. 294 
Vaughn, Gary 329 
Vaughn, Peg 368 
Vaughn, William 303, 371 
Vaughn, Mrs. Victor 407 
Vaughn, Victor 407 
Vega. Anita 367 
Veihman. Thomas 349 
Veilands, Sally 288 
Venegone, Eguene 417 
Venegoni, John 137 
Veno, Yasinichi 361 
Venus, Darrell 378 
Verbekei Albert 374 
Verbeski, Virginia 137 
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Verive, Joseph 156 
Vermerris, Margery 361 
Vernietti, Carol 299 
Vernon. John 194, 196 
Veseling. Joyce 368 






Vinsavage, Patricia 376 
Vinson. John 304 
Vinton. Bobby 48. 49 
Voellinger. Barbara 137, 365 
Vogel, Allan 362 
Vogel, Charles 115 
Vogel, Herbert 235 

Vogct. Jan 


Vogler, Cynthia 341 
Voigt, John 183 
Voigts, Richard 422 
Vojtas. John 115 
Voland, Jeffery 410 



Von Helms, Ingeborg 395. 398 

Von Qualen, Gordon 303, 362 

Vonkreigsfield. Linda 217 

Voorhies, Paulette 121 

Voracek, David 119, 274, 292, 291. 318 

Vos, Robert 418 

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Vuletich, Marc 363 


Wachtel, Daniel 425 
Wacker. Thomas 303 
Wade. Ken 415 
Wadell. Keith 237 
Wadsworth. Samuel 363 
Waggoner, Tadd 260 
Wagner, Brenda 368 
Wagner. Chuck 304 
Wagner, Ralph 115 



Waite, Cabrini 332, 366 
Wane, Paula 295, 376 
Waite, Walter 318 
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Walborg, James 115 
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Walch, Donald 115 
Walch, James 115 
Walden, Edward 119 
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Walker, Robert 353 
Walker, Ronald 288 



Wall, James 163 
Wall. Shirley 305, 281 
Wallace, Barbara 366 
Wallace, Jack 107. 293 
Wallace, Joan 397 
Wallace, Pamela 368 
Wallace, Sharon 399 
Wallin, Carl 362 
Walsh. Joseph 320 
Walsh, Lynn 423 
Walsh. Yvonne 137, 260 
Walter, Ed 349 
Walter, John 333 
Walter, Ray 424 
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Wanaski, Catherine 311 
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Watkins, Jacquelyn 295, 415 
Watson, Edmund 37. 302 
Watson, Edward 37 
Watson, Gary 115 
Watson, Larry 414. 418 
Watson. Margie 260, 421 



Watson. Michael 328 
Watson. Richard 288 
Watson, Terry 414 
Watson, Thomas 189 
Watt, Cameron 341 



Watt, Wayne 363 
Wattelet, Larry 411 
Wattler, John 286 
Waymire, Sharon 376 
Weasel, Mike 107. 924 


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Weaver. John 375 

Weaver, Linda 368 

Weaver, Robert 363 

Webb. Caroljn 281 

Webb, Grover 375 

Webb. Janet 368 

Webb. Jerry 163 

Webb. Nellie 260 

Webb. Sally 368 

Weber. David 418 

Weber. Gene 201 

Weber, Lynda 137, 282 

Webster, Kenneth 278 

Webster, Nancy 421 

Webster. Rosemary 173. 306. 329 

Wedel, Phyllis 427 

Weeks. Wayne 115 

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Wcese, Nancy 365 

Wehrman, Keith 115, 277, 279, 308 

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Weissman. Allen 363 

Weitherspoon, Estella 111 

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Welborn, Gene 297, 305, 374 

■Welch, Waller 363 

Welge, Lynn 348 

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Weller, Robert 358 

w. :in 

David 351 
Wellmao, Michael 363 
Weill, Dorothy 296 
Wells, Douglas 299 
Wells, Joel 419 
Wells, Joseph 391 
Wells, Mary 317 
Wells, Patricia 414 
Wells, Richard 305 
Welton, Richard 330 
Wenaas, Ronald 115 
Wenc, Robert 244 
Wcndling, John 285 
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Wendt, Paul 122 
Wendt, Racheal 264 
Wente, Charles 375 
. Wenzel, Michelle 348. 365 
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Wepprecht, Sharon 173 
Werkmeister, Phillip 305 

W. i 

T, Ja: 


Weskey. Jack 305 
Wesner. Earl 408 

Wi.**sl,rrg, Thomas 
Wessler, Dianne 361 


Bonnie 324, 34 
Charlotte 324 
Sylvester 363 

West, Vincent 115, 286 
Westbrooka. Mike 384 
WeBtcott, Jay 225 
Westenrieder, Richard 239 
Westerhouse, Mary 397 
Westerlund, Robert 363 
Westerman Jackie 315 
Weatermeyer, Kenneth 374 
Western; Kent 384 
Weslfall, Barry 411 
Westhoff, Greg 283 
Westin, David 294. 318 




Wetphal, Nancy 368 
Wetendorf, Fred 391 
Wetherell, Carole 376 
Wetcrell, Dean ft>8, 329 
Wetastern, Sandy 306. 410 
Whamond. Wilber 439 
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Wheatley. Stanley 328 
Wheeler. A1U 383 
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Whilaker, Joyce 396 


395, 399 



White, Ca 

White, Dil 

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White. Ladonna 388, 394 399 




White, Maria 368 
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WUlson, Sharon 416 


, John 7, 311 



Wilson, Daniel 374 
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Henry 358 
James 276. 308 
, Jeanne 145, 305 




Kent 314, 426 

Linda 158 
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Wilson. William 354, 360 
Wimmer, Mark 363 
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Winfree. Marcia 137. 347 
Winfield, Katherine 420 
Wingo, Barbara 340. 345 




Winiecki, Ale 


Winkeler. Leonard 115. 2276 

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Winter, Patricia 376 

oth, Stanley 374 


II,, nn 


Wlrth. Thomas 211 
WiBe, Ann 301 
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Wiskochil, Marcia 383 

Wiszynski, Stanley 119 
Witte, Gary 158 




Wiltcnborn, Carol 376 

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Witters. Charlea 158 

Witters, Sally 145 

Witty, Gaines 390 

Wiyalt. Martha 305, 333, 416 

Wiyalt, Steven 333, 374 

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Woiciechowski. Dan 117 

Wohlwend, Pat 368 

Wojeicchowski, Stanley 117 

Woker, Lois 368 

Wolf, Linda 376 

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Wolf, Wayne 120 

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Wong, Sing 300 

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Woods, Jerry 376 

Woodward, Constance 137, 348 

Woodward, Robert 371 

Woolfolk, Melvin 362 

Woolverton, Andy 301 

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Workman. Mary 368 

Worms, Gerald 283, 374 

Wordbey, James 315, 379 

Wortman, Diane 376 

Wray, Larry 374 

Wright, Crystal 368 

Wright, Cynthia 398 

Wright, Dexter 414 

Wright, James 173, 323 

Wright, Melva 380 

Wright, Mike 358 

Wright. Nadine 395, 397 

Wright, Roland 279 

Wright, Stephen 411 

Wright, Sylvia 413 

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Xanders, Ray 362 

Yacgcr, Dale 297 
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Yaworski. Do 


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Young. Janice 145, 312, 313 
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Zaboth, Denise 276, 282 
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Zaleski, Joseph 191 
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Zeichner, Steve 316 

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Zeikel, Jeremy 316 

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Ziegler. Rita 284 

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Zimmanck, Jack 119, 274, 292, 351 

Zimmerman, John 118 

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Zink, Karen 310 

Zink, Lynda 296, 364 

Zinkann, Jack 351 

Zipfel, Charlea 424 

Zivic, Michael 362 

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Zmuda, Carol 158. 376 

Zmuda, Francis 173 

Zody. Richard 309 

Zoeckler, Charlea 260 

Zoeckler, Phyllis 397 

Zoller, Linda 383 

Zongas, Denise 113 

Zortz, Rosemary 397 

Zuchowicz, Bonita 317 

Zuchsow, Paul 329 

Zumwalt, Barbara 282 

Zumwalt, George 163 

Zupancic, David 275 

Zurkammer. Janet 173. 323 

Zurko. Robert 347 

Zweifel. Jamea 115. 126, 279, 319 

year-end review 

V saluki mascot rush 
honored for service 

SIU athletic fans will miss the lively, laughable 
antics of the Saluki mascot John Rush who will 
finish graduate school in June. An SIU gymnast, 
John was injured in a meet and was forced to quit. 
But John was not content being a spectator and 
instead donned his Saluki suit to become a perm- 
anent field funnyman and court comic. In the 
process, he also became a permanent part of SIU 
spirit. At the 1967 Theta Xi Variety Show, John's 
contribution to Southern was recognized with a 
plaque from the Delta Chi fraternity and letters 
from President Morris and Ralph Prusok. 

Delta Chi Keith Phoenix presented a plaque and a letter 
from President Morris to Rush for his service to SIU. 

As the Saluki mascot, Pharoah, John Rush won the spirit 
and the hearts of Southern's athletic fans. 

Announcers Tom Kelly and Frank Gifford talk 
with Coach Hartman for CBS after the NIT final. 

The team felt at home with mascot John Rush, the 
cheerleaders and Saluki Hall's go-green carpet. 


The excited crowd carries Walt and "Big C" off 
the court after an unbelievable championship win. 

basketball salukis keep southern in the news 

The image of Southern Illinois University as a 
"small college" seems to be hurtling into oblivion, 
judging from the publicity appearing in national 
magazines and metropolitan newspapers. No less 
than six national slick paper magazines have car- 
ried articles on SIU and features keep popping 
up with regularity on the pages of such dailies as 
those in Chicago, St. Louis and New York. 

The leading item is the basketball Salukis, whose 
court capers have proved too much for some of 
the major teams and the multifaceted Buckminister 
Fuller, inventor of the goedesic dome. In addition 
to these stories, others on less spectacular themes 
have been appearing in Sunday supplements such 
as This Week and in newspapers from coast to 
coast. Such is the growing recognition of SIU today. 
But as Eddie Cantor once opined, "It takes years 
to become a star overnight." 

Little All-American Walt Frazier, an SIU guard, 
was the highest vote getter on the 1967 AP team. 

On Hartman Day, the city and state, represented 
by Dean Elmer Clark, honored the coach. 


victory at nit brings 
national publicity 

The winning of the National Invitational Tourney 
was probably the biggest sports accomplishment in 
SIU's history. It brought national publicity not 
only to the team but the university itself. "What's 
a Saluki?" the country asked and soon found out. 
"Jack Hartman, who's he?" they asked. They found 
out as he was named coach of the year by "Sporting 
News." Southern became the first small college team 
to win the NIT title and the last to win the title 
in the .present Madison Square Garden, to be torn 
down next year. The Salukis showed they could 
take the pressure, come back after being way down 
and perform with cool heads and hot hands. 


Frazier, honored by Gov. Kernel, was named NIT 
most valuable and to three All-American teams. 

The Madison Square Garden marquee announces 
the NLT final putting Southern right by the pros. 

Jack Hartman and Fred Huff, sports information 
director, answer some of the newsmen's questions. 


a tribute to . . . 
frank schmitz 

"In the past decade Southern Illinois University 
has had many champions and more than its share 
of outstanding athletes. Among these Frank Schmitz 
was one of the brightest stars even though his career 
was still in its ascendancy and even greater honors 
would have been his. 

"None of us who ever knew him will ever forget 
seeing him move and perform with the perfection 
that is the gift of only a few. Frank did not know 
the meaning of fear, and this combined with inef- 
fable grace and the finest of coordination made him 
one of the super athletes that we see so rarely and 
never forget. The tragedy of his death and the 
sorrow of his family are felt and shared by all of 
us at SIU." 

Donald Boydston 
Athletic Director 

Construction started October 15 for the barbecue 
area called "Frank Schmitz Memorial Point." 

Holder of the world trampoline title, Frank 
Schmitz died September 3 in a plane crash. 


Based on the theme "Creative America," Fuller's 
dome features exhibits on late space experiments. 

Walter Cronkite and CBS cameramen came to 
SIU on October 18 to interview Bucky Fuller. 


fuller designs entry 
in Canada's expo 67 

An artist in residence. Buckminster Fuller was 
the object of nation-wide publicity after being 
chosen to design the U.S. pavilion for '"Expo 67" 
in Montreal. Fuller, designer, architect, and in- 
ventor also had a major role in six segments of a 
television series on what life will be like in the 
year 2000. The series started January 27. In October, 
Walter Cronkite came to SIU to interview Fuller 
about his role in the series. Fuller's main topics 
for the program were "materials for the future," 
"housing of the future," and "roads of the future." 
He also spoke about his World Design Science 
Decade project and How to Make the World Work 
game, all of which are based at SIU. Fuller is cur- 
rently in the process of writing an essay for Playboy 
Magazine on the same topics. 

A maze of steel joints. Fuller's "Expo 67" pavilion 
is a 20-story bubble, tallest building on the site. 

Buckminster Fuller, world-renowned inventor, 
architect and designer, came to Southern in 1959. 



Stationed at each door of the University Center 
were protest leaders asking students to boycott. 

Orderly groups of students met fall term to protest 
edicts banning unsupervised housing and cycles. 

Signs such as this flourished all over Carbondale 
after the administrative frown on motorcycles. 


housing and cycle restrictions initiate protests 

Fall term began inauspiciously with a quiet pro- 
nouncement that all students not meeting housing 
requirements must move into supervised housing 
and that students living on campus who did not 
own cycles may not obtain them in the future. The 
announcement, however, was not accepted amicably. 
In fact, a general uproar arose that was to last 
much of fall term. Students boycotted the Uni- 
versity Center, held sit-ins at the Office of Student 
Affairs, wrote letters to Gov. Kerner, signed pe- 
titions and met in large assemblies for mass pro- 
test. The administration, however, turned nearly 
deaf ears on the students' voices, promising only 
"to review the situation" and hear petitions in 
special cases. The protests died down as the dis- 
placed students found housing and others sold 
their cycles. Finals week and the hope of leniency 
for winter term put a damper on the remaining 
agitation. Leniency did come winter, when the ad- 
ministration studied the situation and approved 
many off-campus residences and trailer courts. 

Students hoped that a peaceable "Ride for 
Wheels" would influence a change "bike ban." 

SIU experienced its first sit-in as over 100 students 
jammed hallways at the Office of Student Affairs, al I 

disciplinary action, 
suspensions end riots 

Starting with a water fight and blossoming into 
a three-day disturbance, the SIU "Spring Riots" 
(June 1966) received national coverage in addition 
to much administrative attention. The students who 
participated in the riots mobbed the streets, har- 
assed girls' dorms and damaged some property. 
The riots ended with suspensions, disciplinary pro- 
bations and general hard feelings by many people. 





■">*» 5-" 


p ■-- 

■ I ' 




D\ 1 


- » V '• ■ . 

... , 



**• ' 

Exam tension and a general anger at the adminis- 
tration produced "The Spring Riots" in June. 

State and city police were called to keep SITJ stu- 
dents off the streets and out of troublesome riots. 


and as an afterthought . . . gratitude, relief 

In the 1967 obelisk, we have tried to portray the 
"new southern," a southern that has been growing 
tremendously in the past few years. In the same 
way, we wanted the 1967 obelisk to be an outgrowth 
of this "new southern." 

We began putting together the book with the 
hope that it would somehow represent the quality 
of youth and energy that now seems to be contagious 
on the campus. To accomplish this we broke tradi- 
tion with lower case headlines and a "captionless", 
lower-case opening section. 

But while we wished to put something new and 
alive into the book, we also wanted to retain some 
of its traditional, "old mainish" quality. For this 
reason, you will find in the book many features 
familiar to you in obelisks of the past. 

Thus we have combined the modern and the 
traditional elements to bring to you the 1967 obelisk. 
Indispensable in the production of the obelisk were 
W. Manion Rice, fiscal sponsor; the associate 
editors, Rose Astorino, Roland Gill, Shirley Rohr, 
Mimi Sandifer, Laura Chovanec, Gary Blackburn; 
and all of the volunteer workers. 

Terry Myers 
Editor, 1967 obelisk 
Picture Credits 

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Photographic Service 

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Jack Cooper, Larry Turner 
Charles Culley, Werner Mertz 

Betty Fiorino, Peggy Corson 
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Richard Marchal, Roger McCredie 
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Richard Rush, Martha Swinnen 
Herbert Trochelman, Jack Walsh 

Printing Memoranda 

Paper: Warren's No. 1 double-coated 80 lb. enamel. 

Typography : 

Body Copy for pages 1-16 set in 12/14 Spartan. 

Body Copy on remaining pages set in 10/12 Bodoni. 

Captions set in 8/10 Bodoni. 

Headlines set in 24 pt. Futura Demibold. 

Sub-Heads set in 18 pt. Futura Demibold. 

Volunteer Staff 

Dana Reed, Cathy Ashley 
Roland Halliday, Carol Nelson 
Don Lukasik, Marlis Reichert 
Patricia Wells, Terry Hendericks 
Warren Chapman, Art Cady 
Norma Grogan, Jenny Harroun 
Joanne Kline, Cathy Myers 
Bob Zawacki, Dick Morris 

Senior Pictures 

D.V. Neunlist (A-Q) 

Neunlist Studio 

213 W. Main, Carbondale 

George Rolando (R-Z), (VTI), 
Rolando Studio 

717 S. Illinois, Carbondale 


Taylor Publishing Company 
Dallas, Texas 
Asher Blewett 
Mac Upshaw 


William Snell 

The S.K. Smith Company 




. and the individual is a student of . . . 

the new southern